As promised: Stair update

The last couple of weekends my days have been filled with home projects. I swear I think one of the lady cashiers at Home Depot probably thinks my husband has a crush on her, because he has had to make multiple trips in a day and always ends up on her line.

When we first bought our home we were full of energy to get everything painted, decorated and remodeled. We finally got the house move in ready and as that happened we lost all steam we had. We were exhausted so we took a break from working on the little details. Well the break has been going on for a long time and this lady need to get her home picture perfect for my portfolio so the work has begun again.

One of this weekends projects was to work on my solution for my blah stairs.

We had discussed fixing it with paint, wallpaper or a carpet runner. I went with something else….decals!!!

Decals were the perfect solution. It was easy to do, fast, durable and if I wanted to change the look later I would just need to peel it off.


house 066

It was pretty simple to prep the stairs. Since I wasn’t painting I didn’t need to sand or anything. I just made sure I used extra TLC in cleaning the stairs and paid special attention to the risers.


Wall Pops:

zebra wall pops

X-acto knife:

x-acto knife

Plastic Scraper:

plastic scraper


California 705

Yes ladies, he cleans up nice and I’m willing to rent him out on the weekends. For handy man duties only!


1. Un-roll and cut about 1” past the length needed for stair riser.

2. Pull off backing and line up strip so that there is a half inch overhang on each side.

3. Stick bottom edge first and then work your way up and out from the center with the help of the scraper to prevent air bubbles.

4. Once strip is in place go over once again with scraper to secure.

5. You will now still have the half inch overhang on the sides. Use scraper to guide x-acto blade and cut off excess without damaging the stair riser.

6. Repeat until you have finished your staircase.


house 084

Zebra print might not be for everyone, but I rarely find anything wrong with it. It’s my go-to animal print. Plus since it’s on the risers it’s just a little
surprise you see when you are about to venture upstairs and not a loud statement. It looks great next to my living room that is a combo of brown/white/blue and little pops of orange.

In the beginning of my stair brain-storming I was actually considering hand painting zebra stripes. That would have been quite the project. I’m so happy that I found this quick and easy solution.

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36 Responses to As promised: Stair update

  1. Devon says:

    Ummm, that’s totally crazy cool. Love it.

  2. Jenny says:

    So fun! Great job!! I love it!

  3. Paloma {La Dolce Vita} says:

    That is too cool! It looks great!

  4. Love Where You Live says:

    wow. Love what you did! Thanks for sharing such a great, inspirational idea! -susan (and you’ve got a cute hubby, too!)

  5. Debra says:

    Fabulous! Love it.

  6. Laura Casey Interiors says:

    looks great! nice work!

  7. The Southern Lady says:

    That. Is. Fantastic!

  8. Kwana says:

    So cool!! The stairs and the hubby.

  9. Kara says:

    LOOKS UH-MAZING! Not too loud, not too soft. Just right!! Way to go!

  10. MyLittleHappyPlace says:

    Perfecto! Needless to say, I’m inspired!

  11. Pink Wallpaper says:

    oh wow!! how fun!!

  12. GracefulElegance says:

    wow – that is so fun and looks great!!

  13. domesticinnyc says:

    That looks amazing! Great creative solution.

  14. agirliegirl says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE IT! Looks fantastic!

  15. Haven and Home says:

    Brilliant! Great job!!!!

  16. Freckles Chick says:

    Tres chic!! So edgey, yet the zebra pattern is sort of classic you know? Fantastic job, C (and Hubs)!

  17. Sweet Nothings says:

    omg, this looks amazing!!!!!!!

  18. Centsational Girl says:

    Excellent choice HHFitD! I am impressed – very chic, very cool. I love it. Props to your hubby too.

  19. LindsB says:

    OMG, I LOVE them!!!! I wish I had stairs in my house so bad right now, I think they are amazing!! You must take more pictures of them at different angles, they are SO COOL!! Sorry for all the !! and the loves, but I do LOVE them sooo much, what a great job!

  20. Blair says:

    Oh, that is amazing!! You did such an amazing job. Truly in awe. Love the pattern.

  21. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Looks so great!

  22. Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie says:

    So awesome!! I love I love!

  23. rightbank says:

    Great job! It’s so bold and fabulous!

  24. Wanderings of a Wannabe says:

    WOW! looks incredible! So creative to use the decals.

  25. Lauren says:

    Oh so cute!!! I just had to pop on & see what you were up to!! hee hee hee shhhhhhh ;)

    ps- cracking up about Jon & the cashier– too funny!!


  26. anonymously chic says:

    what a great job, it turned out really nicely!

  27. L. says:

    I just came across your blog and I’m lovin’ it! Great job with the stairs and the office!!!

  28. KJZW says:

    These are awesome. I would have never thought to put zebra on stairs but it looks so fun and vibrant.

  29. M says:

    Wow… I LOVE your staircase! FAB!

  30. Shima says:

    your stairs are absolutely fab!

  31. Starfish and Sundresses says:

    Wow, congrats! Your stairs look amazing! You've inspired me to use these in my own apartment!

  32. Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage says:

    Fabulous tip, I'm done something similar with wrapping paper.

  33. Jen of Made By Girl says:

    WOW….super cute! I loved the picture on the decorista! :)))

  34. style'n says:

    what a great idea! My stairs look just like yours (before) and I have two sets of them! I love what you did with yours. Do you know if there are other patterns/prints available?

  35. Where My Heart Is says:

    Zebra stripe is in – black and white is so hip! What a transformation it has made, you must be thrilled. Now I wish my stairs had rises and weren't open.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! How tall are your stair risers? Mine are 7 3/4", so trying to figure how to use the 6 1/2" wide WallPops stripes? I'm assuming that's what you used?

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