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It’s back! One of my favorite parts of blogging was doing my IN HER SHOES feature. You know, the Friday post recapping a day in life of someone in the design field. It always helped to inspire me and make me feel a little less alone. Working for yourself as a team of one can sometimes be lonely and lets face it overwhelming at times. The other day someone mentioned on twitter that they missed IN HER SHOES so I made a mental note and voila this Friday we are back with Ashlina from The Decorista. Ashlina is an interior designer/blogger from California that recently moved into to NY! So happy to have her in my neck of the woods and look forward to lots of get togethers!

Here is a peek into her life:

Since I have recently moved to New York City, my normal day has changed. Los Angeles was much more laid back, my days in the big apple are much more hectic…and I kinda like it. I’ll share with you the craziness that was this past Wednesday…
7:30 am: Wake up to the church bell ringing outside the window and realize my dreams have come to an end. So, I always head straight to the coffee maker and brew myself a yummy cup of java. (always love that delicious hazelnut smell!) I relish in the art of being a girl and love prepping my face for the day first thing in the morning…and if I am spending my morning at home, I usually light candles.
8:00 am: I love the morning routine. Coffee, blogging, breakfast (which consists of bananas and strawberries on a daily basis). I always LOVE to have the news on in the background, and since I have been in NYC its pretty much always about the weather. I have also found, that I love reading Time Out New York Magazine, so this is also the time I catch up on the latest things in the city.
11:00 am: Head to the subway to run to spin class at Soul Cycle in the city, my latest obsession. It might be the best workout I have ever done and leaves me dripping with sweat. I love it. It clears my mind and always gets me so inspired. Plus, its a great was to meet potential new clients.
1:00 pm: Freshly showered and pretty-fied, I dash to have a lunch meeting at a nearby coffee shop  with a PR girl who is working with me on a new project (its top secret for now) but I am energized, motivated and excited after this long discussion. We ended up talking forever about my new-ness to the city and now, I have a new bff. I love the girls in NYC. Totally supportive of brainstorming with like minded women entrepreneurs.
3:00 pm: Head straight to the upper west side to meet with my client, Melanie. Her apartment is absolutely gorgeous and she has some questions about lighting and molding. So we decide to discuss over manicures.
4:00 pm: We walk by the gorgeous flower market and I encourage us to brighten up her home with beautiful blooms. Then we get home and get straight to business. Brainstorming, inspiration and executive decisions are made and it’s an incredible time. Every time (or at least for the most part) I leave a client meeting I feel good and energized, ready to accomplish more goals.
7:00 pm: Back to my lovely laptop. I have got to get some stuff together for an e-decorating client (like color palate options). Hours on photoshop, blogger and gmail. It may sound boring but being on my computer is one of my favorite things.
10:00 pm: Show up late to an art gallery opening (in my most favorite, stylin’ jacket) in the Meat packing district. It’s the perfect place to network and meet new people in the city. I had an absolute blast! After that, we grab a quick nosh and headed home to get ready for our busy Thursday!

A big thanks to Ashlina for taking us with her on her day. I now want to make all of my design meetings take place during a manicure. :)

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17 Responses to IN HER SHOES: The Decorista

  1. Thanks for sharing her day! I love this series.

    I mean this in the best possible way, but this post made me long for the days without two children. And I LOVE my boys. Lighting candles and taking time to put on my makeup in the morning? YES!

  2. oh I love Ashlina, she is such a star! And what a great day!

  3. Julie says:

    Yay! So happy this series is back and with Ashlina on top of that. Congrats on your move to the East Coast btw. Love your phrase “the art of being a girl”. Simple things like morning routines with face pampering, candles, and blog inhaling boys just cant understand.


  4. Kristy Swain says:

    Cool little weekly feature. Interesting to see how she spends her time. What a great day!

  5. Kristy Swain says:

    Great little weekly feature. It was fun to read about how she spends her time. Sounds like a great day!

  6. Love Ashlina’s post- her photos are fantastic and her day sounded so fabulous- meetings about design over manicures sounds just about as good as it gets.

  7. Sweet Nothings-Danielle says:

    love this series and love ashlina! and love how she did the pics..i know thres an app for that..anyone know what its called?

  8. I love this! So fab!!

  9. Yea, manicures with meetings is absolutely genius!

    Sounds like a great NYC life!

  10. love this series! sounds like such a fun day…mani/pedi’s are my fave luxury…have to go at least once every 2 weeks!
    i ADORE your blog design by the way..i can’t believe i haven’t stopped by before. in L-O-V-E!

  11. Style Maniac says:

    What a fun series, and a great intro for me, as I’ve been following Ashlina and her chic blog for awhile.

  12. What a fun series! Thank you for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend!


  13. Beth says:

    What an awesome day! xoxo beth

  14. Tonia says:

    LOVE that white jacket. Make NYC living look effortless.

  15. Glad this feature is back, Camila! And, what a great way to kick it back off! :)
    I love hearing how other designers spend their time. Reading Ashlina’s post made me long for a move back to NYC. (le sigh…)

  16. Karena says:

    camila thank you for featuring Ashlina I adore her. Spending a day with her in NYC would be aa blast!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  17. I’ve been a fan of Ashlina for a long time now, so it was super interesting to hear about what her day involves… Thanks for sharing…

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