Trad Home Mag!

The new collaboration between the team at Traditional Home and Michelle Adams from Lonny Mag is set to launch today. I’ve been checking their site every 5 mins to see if it is live yet.

You can only imagine all of the work I’ve done today. :)

Make sure you keep checking in like me so we can discuss it tomorrow!

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7 Responses to Trad Home Mag!

  1. I am super excited as well!

  2. Allison says:

    it’s out there!

  3. Its live! And it was incredible! Cannot wait to read your review

  4. carmel says:

    It’s live ! I had to take a break to do dinner, bath, bed with the kids – but now it’s wine time and Trad Home!

  5. It was AMAZING!!!! I’ve read and reread it 5 times and still need to go back- so much gorgeous. So impressed.

  6. Going to their opening party to morrow night, cannot wait!

  7. wasn’t it amazing!!! i loved every inch. so well done and right up my alley.

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