My first design decision…

If you have taken a peek at my about me page then the images I’m about to show you won’t surprise you, but if you haven’t here is a peek at it so we can all be on the same page:

If you read the section on the summer of 1992 you will see that my first design decision was picking out a bedroom set for my new room. During the late 80’s/early 90’s formica was all the rage and I had an Uncle that made custom formica furniture. So, when I needed a new set for my new room in our new house we knew exactly where to get it. We got to work on the plans right away on all of the pieces were custom fit to my bedroom to get the most out of the space and I got to go through samples and pick out colors for it. Always stylish I went with a lilac and pink color story.

Even though I haven’t used that bedroom set for over a decade it was until very recently still residing in my parents home.

Check it out:

Bed with built in headboard that has additional storage:


Desk & Nightstand area:

The whole set recently left my parents home, because once my parents found out they were going to be grandparents they wanted a little room in their house for their first grandchild. This room is now empty, but in the near future it will be house a full size bed for my sisters or adult guests and a crib for the littlest guest that is arriving in Dec.

It’s been fun to plan two spaces for the new baby. I’m going a bit color happy in our house and a bit more neutral in this space. Can’t wait to share the progress with you all.

So, since I spilled and shared my first design decision I need you all to leave me a comment and tell me what yours was. Even though I laugh now about the formica I think I always was a decorator and love that I went with two colors and paid attention to space planning.


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14 Responses to My first design decision…

  1. I had a white formica set with mirror handles growing up. My mom was the designer on that, but I have vivid memories sketching out rooms as young as 7. I was always into space planning and am a very visual person. I moved furniture around a lot when I was a kid, liking to change things up. Maybe I should have gone in to architecture.

  2. Chelsea says:

    When I was little I redid my bedroom with a french theme. I had french phrases (j’taime, ooh lala) painted along the top of the walls and we reupholstered my chair in fabric with the same phrases, AND THEN added a blue and yellow plaid ruffle. Chic? No, not really. I think I had denim bedding at the same time.

  3. hah! I had a sunflower-themed room with white wicker furniture. I had sunflower EVERYTHING. it was nuts.

  4. A Laura Ashley patchwork quilt for my dorm room bed, freshman year. Ugh. No wonder that bed wasn’t used for much more than sleeping. Nothing says sexy co-ed like Laura Ashley, right? ;-)

  5. what a fun post! I had to have sponge-painted walls, I would say that was my frist big DIY! How funny to think back!

  6. i had that in baby blue!!!! just sold it on craigslist last year and was sad to see it go.

  7. Formica, that is too funny! I have my dad build me a Formica desk area! How exciting to make room for a baby!

  8. Kate Collins says:

    Ooh – what a great question. My first design decision was the color of my bedroom walls. I shared the room with my brother at the time (we were very little) so it had to be a collaborative decision. We discussed the topic for hours on end until we decided on yellow.

  9. I also picked out a light pink formica set! I cannot believe how pink that room was…haha

  10. Sara says:

    Love that you shared this! So fun!!

    When I was a kid, I loved my little Crayola interior design kit, and my favorite stencils were always the modern ones :).

    When I started high school and wanted to change my room from my childhood rainbow obsession, I chose this oversized multi-pastel-colored paisley design that was oh-so-chic for the late ’80’s ;). I remember hunting high and low for peach colored crates, comforter, and accessories. So funny!

  11. Meredith says:

    In elementary school I got to pick out my own bedding. I chose a comforter from the Domestications catalog that looked like it had been splatter-painted with pastel colors… so pretty! Around that time I started rearranging my room every few months and drawing up lots of imaginary floor plans. So funny to hear these stories!

  12. kelley says:

    what a fun post! I picked out pink and white checked wallpaper, a white canopy bed and a horrible faux crazy quilt bedspread for my room as a child. What’s worse, is a chose it twice as we moved and my mom said i could change it up but i loved it so dang much i kept with what i had. funny because now i could change up every room in my house yearly if i had the $$!

  13. Heather says:

    convincing my parents to let me paint my room teal in grade 5. a LOT of begging went into that one!

  14. My dad says I rearranged furniture as a young child but my earliest design decision was that same as Liz! I sponge-painted my room two-tone pink on white…it was BOLD! But I didn’t care- I loved it and I did it all myself at the age of 16….

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