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IN HER SHOES is finally up with a new round up of stylish ladies. I love getting a glimpse inside people’s lives so this feature has always been a favorite of mine. A couple of months ago I “met” Roxy and fell in love with her style via her blog. As one of her avid blog readers I was excited when she let it spill that she was venturing out as a small business owner as the brains and beauty behind Society Social.I’m certain that in the past couple of weeks you have had a chance to oh and ah over her beautiful bar carts. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a day in Roxy’s life.


Hey y’all!

Roxy here with My Cup of Te and Society Social. I’m completely honored that the most talented Camila asked me to join such an inspiring group of ladies! I’m relatively new to the scene– I began writing my blog last year and my business launched in late August so I’m flattered that anyone would even think to want a peek inside my day! I’m excited to be here so I thought you could follow along throughout my week?! Ready?

6:45 AM I have totally abandoned waking up at 5:15 to hit the gym. Since the weather has become crispy (that is what I call Autumn, it’s delicious), I no longer have to stargaze in the wee hours of the morning, while cursing under my breath, to avoid after work runs in the blazin’ southern heat. Ew. After shower, I head to my closet aka my suitcase as I have been living out of it for over a year now. You can always find me in one of three geographic locations. Yes, my life is a 3-ring circus. Yet again, I have nothing to wear, the perpetual problem. Sheesh.

7:50 AM
Thankfully my facility is only 5 mins away so after talking to Maksi, formal name Makai, for a few mins, I’m off to Society Social HQ. He sends kisses. No, seriously…I have the slobber on my cowboy boots to prove it. Isn’t he handsome?!

8:33 AM
Caffeine hit ingested, pandora turned up, this particular morning the Glee station, and I get right to prepping the day’s e-blast. I’m introducing the latest additions to Society Social, the Athena table collection! Think natural bamboo crushed into a table top and gold, gold, gold! psst, do you like my office decor? Had to inject a little snazz into the cubicle. Meet Zsa Zsa & Gabor (the gold kitties), tbd owl, and tbd turtle who have yet to be named.

9:40 AM
EEEP! The Society Social photography studio is complete!! I know it’s early, but this calls for a little happy dance with my #livesparkly pillows and Tipple Trolley bar cart! Hopefully it’s the soon-to-be home of the upcoming holiday shoot featuring the new holiday Hostess Gown colors and a fab little surprise I’ve got up my sleeve!

10:02 AM
Society Social loading dock. Don’t get confused. This is completely unrelated to work. You know all those fab DIY’s you see all over the blogosphere? I barely have time to groom myself (seriously my last haircut was in January) so my most gracious team has been wonderful in helping me makeover pieces for my new NYC apartment! So far they’ve glammed up a 1950’s French vintage desk and I’m slightly embarassed to admit it, but that’s me handing over IKEA’s Rast for yet another do- it- someone else… busted.

12:37 PM
The. Fabric. Room. Lunch bites in between somewhere. This is normal. I have a hard time stopping and going again so I just go! It’s my favorite to play around with all the new and old fabric samples. So many possibilities! I must have designed a million rooms in my head. I leave covered in fabric bits from head to toe. I’m okay with it.

1:18 PM
Hand-writing notes. I am so grateful to have the small business that I have and truly appreciate each one of my customers! I send out a personalized note with each order and in response, I get to hear from my Society Socials every now and then. They tell me stories about their recent celebrations (that’s what SS is all about!) and send me pics of their styled Society Social pieces. What an honor to have someone make your design a part of their home! It’s so wonderful! Day. Makers.

Personally inspecting and sending off the day’s orders! It’s important to me as a new business owner, not to mention Society Social is my little baby, to oversee everything from the ground-up. I want to learn as much as I can as fast as I can so I can continue to bring you the best that I’ve got! Can you tell I get excited? #livesparkly!

3:27 PM
My new NYC apartment would not be complete without a bar cart (duh) and the Madison Mixer in black and gold is just the thing for my living room design! I literally shrieked when I first saw it. The pic is grainy, but it’s ridiculous gorgeous in person. (insert shameless self promotion haha) The tray is woven cane in high gloss black and the frame is gold faux bamboo. My idea behind this design was to mix natural elements in a glammed up way! All it’s missing is the liquor!

6:12 PM
Finally…time to head outdoors. I get so antsy! It’s really such a relief after a long day at work. A run in crispy weather, this time with Pandora’s dance/club station as a soundtrack (La Bouche. Wanna be my lover?) followed by playtime with Maksi, always play time with Maksi :) He’s about 115 lbs and thinks my lap is the only place to be even with sprawling foothills as far as the horizon. Bless him.

8:22 PM
Saying what upppp to the Mr.! So happy to see his face. Thank the lawwwd for Skype! Since Society Social, we’ve been long distance as his job and my job don’t share the same zip code. It’s definitely not easy, but we dream big, and we know we’re doing what we gotta do to make it happen!!!


Wow what a day. Roxy was able to squeeze in so much into her day. Work, exercise, puppy play time and most importantly time with her hubby. All in the day of a small business owner.



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11 Responses to IN HER SHOES: Society Social

  1. Kristin says:

    Ok I MUST know where Roxy got those killer cowboy boots! I recently moved down South and feel I need to dress the part now. Any ideas??

  2. Amanda Eck says:

    yay Im so glad this series is back. I always enjoy it! and LOVE Society Social- so tres chic!
    I didnt realize she had a blog too! headed over to check it out.

  3. Christine says:

    OMG, I’m in love with her bar carts!!! Must get that Madison Mixer….so glam!!!
    What a great series Camila!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Great Post! Love Society Social and Roxy.

  5. Amber Willis says:

    Perfect blog post for a perfect gal! Love Rox so much!!!

  6. I’m obsessed with Society Social- absolutely love what they’re doing…this was such a fun behind the scenes!!!

  7. Roxy says:

    you guys are too sweet! thanks for following along :)

  8. Colleen says:

    Love this peek into Roxy’s day!! What a motivation she is!!

  9. I was so excited to see this pop-up in my feedreader, I LOVE In Her Shoes.

    Roxy, you are one busy gal and seem to be balancing it all with grace. Congrats on the new business and hopefully soon you’ll be enjoying that end of day wine in person with your hubby :)

  10. Carolyn says:

    This put the biggest smile on my face! Roxy is such a delight. I love that she hand writes notes – so gracious. And I’m completely obsessed with her bar carts (officially on my wish list)!

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