Sneak Peek: Ramirez Guest Room

Back in August I shared with everyone my first ever design decision. Let’s just say it involved a lot of formica and shades of pink and purple.

The room has remained in all of it’s glory for years and years. It always did it’s function as a spare guest room, but recently my parents decided to give it new life!

Here are some sneak peeks into what we did:

Color Inspiration:

{Shocking that I picked something with orange. :) }

We picked up some fabric while at the Duralee Outlet:

{The tan, polka dot and striped fabrics were all making their way into the room.}

The curtains and pillows were finally finished by a new workroom I was trying out and last weekend we were able to put all of the new items in the room.

{The comforter is going to be changed, but we couldn’t wait and needed to take a peek at what the new toss pillows would look like on our vintage bed that got a facelift! }

{My mom’s old wing chair got a face lift as well. It had good bones so we didn’t want to see it go, but getting it re-upholstered was way too pricey even with my designer discounts. We had to come up with plan B and get a fitted slipcover made instead. The zipper for it is hidden in the back and then bottom has velcro on it which is stuck on to the bottom of the seat giving it a nice snug fit for $100’s less.}

{The walls got a nice coat of a neutral paint color. Not sure the name of it currently. In order to keep costs down my mom went through all of her left over paint supplies from the years and found this sandy color. }

The best part of this whole room design is that room is getting a make-up for one specific guest:

{Baby Pavone}

Not only is he getting his own nursery in our home, but his grandparents are very excited about his arrival and this guestroom is mainly for him. I swear my parents are getting ready to kidnap him once he arrives. :)

The crib for this nursery arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to put it together!

{Jenny Lind crib in espresso. This crib is an old classic that comes at an amazing price point. I found the best pricing for it with shipping including at Wayfair for only $169.99}

We are now just waiting on some artwork and crib bedding so stay tuned for the final reveal in the coming weeks.

Now I just need to get a jump on my own nursery. We are going to tackle the paint job this weekend and by we I totally me Jon, because even with low VOC Jon doesn’t want me anywhere near paint.  What a sweet soon to be daddy. :)




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16 Responses to Sneak Peek: Ramirez Guest Room

  1. Libby says:

    the room looks so much better already! can’t wait to see the finished product, and i love your color inspiration :)

  2. Laura says:

    Looks great! Where did you get the slipcover for the arm chair? I’ve been searching for one that looks fitted and clean like yours.

    • effortless says:

      Hi Laura,

      To get a nice tight slipcover you really need to get it custom made. So that slipcover was made by my workroom. My workroom also does re-upholstery, but re-upholstery was literally double the price. So I went through my fabric stash and found loads of chevron fabric I bought a while back and just had a slipcover made. When you have a piece custom made then it ends up being really snug and even looks like the whole piece was re-upholstered, but you can easily remove it and throw it in the wash.

      • Hope says:

        The room has so much character, which will be wonderful for a growing child! Just to follow-up, can you give us more details on “my workroom.” I might not be decor savvy but can you leave an html because I have found several options for this slipcover venture! Thanks.

  3. samantha says:

    I have been looking for that exact fabric that you have on your wing back! Do you remember the name and who it is made by?

  4. effortless says:

    The majority of the fabrics in the room are Duralee, but the chevron on the wing back is by Premier Print and is available here:

  5. Sharon says:

    Looking pretty awesome in there, and I am dying over your wingback chair. Dying.

  6. So, so sweet! Baby Pavone is already so loved! Can’t wait to see everything finished. It’s looking fab!

  7. I really like the crib–and what a deal!

  8. Ashley says:

    Fantastic little sneak peak…I’m definitely excited to see more. And, really, that is a slipcover on the wingback chair? Who would have thought? Little baby boy Pavone is going to have a great guest room to visit!

  9. Karen says:

    The tray is great!! The print from Lodi in the San Joaquin Valley in California is my home town! Where did you get that?

    • effortless says:

      It was a tray I picked up at Christmas Tree Shop months ago. It had orange, an elephant and my dad’s name (Joaquin) on it so I had to snag three of them. I think it was around $2 bucks. There is no info on it so I’m not sure where you could find more. So sorry.

  10. Sarah Gardner says:

    Please let John do all of the painting. It is in every pregnancy book that mamas should not be anywhere near paint fumes. Paint is toxic, so please be careful and go somewhere even after the room is airing out.

    • effortless says:

      Don’t worry Sarah. Jon is going to do all of the painting. We are going to get zero VOC/ low VOC paint, but I still won’t be helping. I will flee the house when he gets to work. :)

  11. Linda says:

    Sherwin-Williams makes a zero VOC paint, called “Harmony”. But I agree with your husband. Regardless of how low the VOC’s, pregnant woman, infants, and children should not be in the house during painting.

  12. Debbie says:

    I so wish my workroom would do a slipcover for $100. Around here, a slipcover is as much as reupholstery. The chair turned out darling! Good luck with your sweet new baby!

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