I’m every girl…

Totally have the lyrics of I’m every woman every time I see my blog post title. Hope you are all well and excited that it’s finally Friday! I’ve been dealing with taking care of dog that is recovering from an ACL repair surgery, a sick hubby, and a 2 month old. Yay for having a thoughtful sister that took the week off to come and help me! (Thanks Ximena!)

Today the cold that is running around my family has finally hit me. I’m very excited to snuggle in bed on this raining day and devour the new site, The Everygirl.

The Everygirl is the brainchild of Alaina and Danielle:

{Photo take by Stoffer Photography}

The Everygirl is a new website that is a guide for all career and creative driven women that are trying to make it in this world. I know that as a small business owner myself at times it can get a bit lonely. It’s great to know there is a now a resource were I can read up on financial advice, a career profile on a woman I admire along with decorating tips!

I’m already hooked! Congrats ladies on a wonderful launch!



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One Response to I’m every girl…

  1. Camila, thank you so so much for helping spread the word! Hah I often find myself singing that song, as well…

    So glad to hear you’ve been liking the site. Many more exciting things coming in the near future.

    Hope all is well with you and the family! Would love to see you next time I’m in New York! Have a good one.


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