All stocked up!

These past couple of weeks we’ve been working on some new pieces to add to the shop.

Check out the latest beauties we have added:

Busy Petal:

Spice Market:


Here is our new piece called Spring in action:

I love each and every one of them. I always have mixed feelings when one gets sold. I love that someone enjoys it as much as me and it’s going to a good home, but sad that I don’t get to see it anymore.

To check out the rest of the new pieces head on over to the shop.

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2 Responses to All stocked up!

  1. I am definitely heading over to check out this shop! I love the artwork you featured here and I am sure it only gets better! ;)

  2. Love “Spring”!! Just checked out your store and I love it! I love the fact, you and your hubby work together to create such beautiful & funky pieces. Really neat!!

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