Mini Me: Colorful & Playful Style Plan

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was working on a couple of style plans with a little mini me.One of my prior clients, Julia has dreams of being a designer of some sort so she decided to join me at the Duralee and come up some fabric groupings that we would use to design style plans for some faux clients.

{Julia hard at work }

Our first grouping was a colorful and playful mix of fabrics:

All fabrics are from Duralee and available for purchase thru Effortless Style Interiors:
Green birdcage fabric
Yellow sungold fabric
Multi-color bicycle fabric
Blue Swirl fabric
Mulit-color shell fabric

We decided that we were going to design style plans aimed for a pre-teen/teenage girl, but I must say that I think if you swap out the bicycle fabric you could use this plan for a bigger age range.

Here is the style plan we came up with:

Style Plan breakdown:

Walls: We decided to be bold and go with a dark shade on the walls. Our pick is Azuresque by Mythic. It’s a beautiful shade of blue and the paint is zero VOC. Win, win.

Windows: The birdcage fabric has a pretty large scale pattern on it. In order to appreciate it’s awesomeness it needs to be used for long back tab window panels and have some blue pom pom trim added for a touch of whimsy.

Floor: With so much pattern and bold colors going on in the space it’s best to keep the floor tame. Even thought we didn’t want the rug to overwhelm it still needs to ground the space and help finish the room. A simple stripe fits best.

Lighting: Every room needs a show stopper and we decided to get ours with our lighting selection. I think everyone’s eyes will immediately go up when they step and see this beautiful chandelier from Stray Dog Designs.

Desk Area: Due to the age demographic we are leaning towards it is very likely that there would be a desk area in the space. I think every room deserves a vintage touch or two and here is where we got our old/new fix. Give a vintage desk new life with a poppy red paint job. Take a seat on this kelly green faux bamboo chair. A key to good interior design is multiple sources of lights that means a mix of a ceiling fixture, floor lamp and table lamp. I’m smitten with this sunflower yellow lamp from High Street Market. I would also prop up a piece of inspirational art.

Bed time: Since pre-teen/teenage girls tend to have lots of friends over a daybed is a perfect solution for sleeping and hanging out with pals. I adore this day bed from Serena and Lily.That colored trim just makes the bed. Stunning. A daybed calls for a non traditional nightstand and this ceramic garden stool fits in perfectly with our plan. Don’t forget to dress your bed. We recommend having a daybed cover made in the sungold floral fabric and then adding some toss pillows in the bicycle print and these colorblock pillows that I’m obsessed with. Finish off the daybed area with a piece of art above it. Instead of a traditional piece of art I would frame a vintage scarf. Directions on how to do so here.

Do you have a favorite piece? I don’t think I could pick a fabric I simply love all of it, but if you had to twist my arm I adore the vintage scarf it’s just perfect in it’s blue/green color and perfectly accents everything in the space.

Stay tuned next week for our style plan on global glam:

 Happy Friday!


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5 Responses to Mini Me: Colorful & Playful Style Plan

  1. Blair says:

    I love this!! It has just the vibe I want to go for in my daughter’s room. Julia–excellent design choices!

  2. Patricia Haddad says:

    I LOVE the birdcage fabric! Does it come in any other colors? How could I purchase this?

  3. Jillian says:

    I love your mood board and those fabrics are awesome! Thank you so much for including my colorblock pillows in the mix!

  4. What a great little helper you have! I love all the color and pattern you have going on. It’s such a fun room!

  5. designstiles says:

    oh my goodness, how cute. Good eye that girl. She certainly knows what she’s doing. She could charge for that. :)

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