You did what?: DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Lately I’ve seen Moroccan wedding blankets used as a headboard:

Or as a rug:

Or a wall hanging/piece of art:

Lastly it’s been used on a bed, which is my favorite way to see it:

Now if you have the budget for them you can pick them up online at a number of places. Here is a shop that had a great assortment of blankets.

If you don’t have the budget for them, but you still have the desire for one of them then you can do what Heather from Home Modern did:

{Image via Home Modern}

For less than $100 she got a Moroccan wedding blanket inspired coverlet for her bed. Plus since decided to go with metallic paint instead of sequins it can actually be used and thrown in the wash when need be. Check out her steps here. If you love the look, but want some actual sequins for sparkle this site has them loose or in banding or trim form.

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2 Responses to You did what?: DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket

  1. Tonia says:

    Anyway you use it. It’s always lovely, yet I do love it used as a wallhanging.

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