Scenes from my weekend…

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We got lots done this weekend, but I must say the number one thing on everyone’s mind was Hurricane Sandy.

Here is a peek into what we accomplished:

Hudson went to guppie class number 2 and he loved it! He spent the entire splashing water everywhere.

My favorite thrift store is on the way home from Hudson’s guppie class so we stopped their to check out what was new. We recently got approved to be a vintage & marketplace vendor for One Kings Lane so now we need to gather items to fill our shop with!

These chairs caught our interest:

I sadly left them behind, because I wanted to sleep on it, but now I’m hoping they are still there.

I also played around with some place setting ideas for Hudson’s baptism next week. This is my favorite one:

{We are going for a vintage/rustic/glam vibe and I think between this striped fabric and a large buffalo check fabric we found our perfect mix. Plus a fun bow tied napkin seems fitting for a party honoring my little man.}

The rest of the weekend was spent doing an install. Luckily the install was for my parents so we had built in baby sitters!

Here are some peeks into the room updates:

{Love, love, love the square border pillows. Kelly green and cobalt blue is such a happy combo!}

{Pattern play on the other sofa.}

{Plum colored ottoman/coffee table}

{Favorite thrift store finds. This pairing cost only $14 total!!!!}

After the install we spent the rest of our weekend preparing for Hurricane Sandy! We filled up our cars, got some cash, stocked up at the supermarket, putting away all of our outdoor items and made sure we had our flashlights handy. While at my parents I asked if they were prepared and my Dad assured me that he was and told me to look on their kitchen counter for their supplies. Look at what I found…

{One emergency candle! If you knew my family you would know exactly why this is so funny. We can never find basic staples at our house like scissors so it’s only fitting that my Dad couldn’t find a flashlight and only had one lone candle. :) Love you Dad! }

To all of my east coast friends I hope you are doing well and weathering the storm! Here’s hoping that we don’t lose power.



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3 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. Love the place setting for the Christening! it brings back memories of getting the house ready for Hadrian’s Christening. my family coming in from France and we had moved into our house not even a week before the Baptism. my son was just 2 weeks old…
    I cannot open my Showroom today in new York, no train nor subway running.
    So we will wait it out.

  2. Claire says:

    Just a quick hurricane tip from the Gulf Coast – fill a bathtub with water. You never know how much you might need.

  3. Claire says:

    another hurricane tip from the Gulf Coast… put all of your freezer stuff in plastic bags (like kitchen trash can liners). That way you don’t have to worry about it melting and dripping all over everything while the power is out (trust me, it makes a HUGE mess). But, if the power never goes out, or is only out a little while, you haven’t thrown out anything unecessarily.

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