You did what…Sharpie for Home Decor

For this weeks You did what I decided to head to one of my favorite products from Staples and check out what some people have tackled with a simple sharpie marker.

Here are some of my favorites:

DIY wallpaper by Shannon Berrey:

DIY snow leopard bulletin board by Cottage and Vine:

DIY Les Touches fabric by Caitlin Wilson Designs:

DIY colored sharpie chair by Anna Spiro’s son of Absolutely Beautiful Things:

Fun, right? I think I’m ready to whip out my sharpies and go to town. Sharpie also now makes oil based paint markers in a rainbow of colors. Hmm a girl could do a lot of damage with a full set.


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2 Responses to You did what…Sharpie for Home Decor

  1. Ashley says:

    Bloggers are so clever, aren’t they? I’d love to see what magic you work with a Sharpie!

  2. I love those lamps in the first picture — that could be a good sharpie DIY too!

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