You did what? Stamped walls

While taking in the sneak peek of Rebekka and Manley Seale the one design element that I was super jealous of was their honey bee wallpaper.

I loved the metallic sheen to them and that they were a nice classic design element in their homes. To some people it may seem a bit too traditional, but with their eclectic design style it simply looked like a touch of whimsy.

I’ve seen bee wallpaper before. The one I’ve seen time and time again is this Bumble bee wallpaper:

I’ve never been in love with it, because the bee’s wings are tucked in so when I saw the sweet bees from the sneak peek I needed to know where it was from. Turns out it’s not even wallpaper, but they hand stamped a bee with actual standard ink pad in metallic gold. Amazing, right?

On English Stamp you can even upload your own image. Hmmm I think one of my walls needs my elephant logo all over it!

Love the idea of stamping as opposed to stenciling. Seems like a much faster process. Happy stamping!

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10 Responses to You did what? Stamped walls

  1. Janell Beals says:

    I love the idea of stamping….wow, I want to try this!! Janell

  2. That is the coolest idea I’ve heard in a long time! Love it and just might have to try it!

  3. paula says:

    How fab is this!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love this! But… I too love elephants and would really love to do elephants. I’ve been slowly redoing my guest room/office and have a small alcove I’ve been wanting to paint. It might need this treatment. :)

  5. Lindsay says:

    LOVE this idea. And it does sound much easier than stenciling.

  6. Hello, LOVE THIS! I’d put metallic bees on my walls this moment if they weren’t textured. Your elephant logo would be adorable, too.

  7. Nat says:

    Wow!! What a fun idea! You should definitely do an elephant stamp somewhere in your house!

  8. You are too cute. An elephant wins me over Everytime!!

  9. I stamped my walls! With a potato! I used metallic silver craft paint on light grey/tan walls. I love it. You can read about it here if you’re interested:

    I love love love the gold bees though. I agree the stamped bees look much better than the wallpaper version. Maybe next time I’ll use an actual stamp. Thanks for sharing!

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