Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Sorry for the blog silence on Friday. I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I was one of those people that never thought it was going to be that bad. Regardless I went food shopping, stocked up water, batteries, and filled my car up with gas and scheduled my blog posts for Mon-Thurs just in case I lost power. On Monday snuggled up with Hudson we put on a movie to enjoy the rainy day. Well at 11 am we lost power and as of this Monday morning we still don’t have power.

I though was one of the lucky ones, because my only problems are lack of power/heat/cable/internet and some tree damage when others are dealing with the loss of homes and family members. A woman lost two of her sons due to the storm’s floodwater and that helps put things in perspective when I start to complain that my power has yet to be fixed.

Hudson has seemed to enjoy the storm because all his favorite people happen to be hanging out a bit more since a lot of people have had worked canceled. So in his world nothing really changed. In effortless style world client and blog work was put on hold so I was left with quite a bit of free time.

Of course since there was no power and due to gas shortages we really couldn’t go anywhere we had to get creative.

We ( my mom and I) knit Hudson a bunch of scarfs:

We got creative with all of our candles:

We didn’t let our lack of power to stop our first trick or treating experience:

This Sunday we also had Hudson’s baptism. We weren’t sure if it was still on, but since the church had power our plan continued.

Here are some pictures from Hudson’s big day!

The man of the hour:

With his amazing godparents:

With his momma:

Our little family of 3:

{ I can’t believe that with all of the snapping cameras this is the best shot I could find of all of us!}

Afterwards everyone headed over to my parents house for lunch. Luckily they got power back Friday night so we able to still host the lunch. Of course due to the madness of the week projects I wanted to get accomplished for the party were not able to happen, but I think I was still able to achieve the overall look I wanted.

We were working with a black, cream and gold palette and I wanted the tables to have a bit of rustic vibe to them so we made centerpieces that looked like wildflowers that had been picked in a field.

I was able to go into my fabric closet and found that I had a handful of black/cream fabrics that were on the more masculine side that I could use for table cloths. Along with some bow tie napkins that I spent Saturday night making.

I also made a little ode to Hudson area by the front of the door with my favorite pictures of the guest of honor:

All in all it was a lovely event with our closest friends/family that all love Hudson as much as us.

I’ll be staying at my parents this week so fingers crossed blogging and design work should go on as normal this week.



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8 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. I love what you did with the bows. I saw that once before and yours is fab even on the paper plates. Goes to show a little bit of styling goes a long way. Lovely.

  2. What a darling family you have! I love those bow tie napkins – they make the tables look so elegant. I think the plaid table is my favorite.

  3. effortless says:

    Miya – I loved the napkins! They were made out of paper, but the plates were actually my wedding china on most of the tables and then some white dinner plates my parents had.

    Cyndi -I think the buffalo check/plaid was my favorite too!

  4. Loveliest of lovely tablescapes my dear. Also your little one is beyond adorable. True heartbreaker!!

  5. Katie says:

    Where did you get his little outfit? It’s adorable!

  6. katie says:

    Beautiful family! Please tell me where you got that necklace!

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