Scenes from the weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you had a wonderful week. Ours was full of work, work, work and I’m happy that we have a short week ahead of us.

We started off our weekend getting this little man his first pair of real shoes:

{I couldn’t get him to stay still for a photo. He kept running around the Nordstrom shoe department. }

We continued our swim class this week and Hudson is like a little fish in the water. He loves it!

After the swim class we did some more thrifting. We needed to pick up more items for our One Kings Lane shop (We are hoping to open it in the next couple of weeks.)

{Our little walker was testing out his new kicks everywhere we went.}

We didn’t come home with the dresser Hudson was checking out, but we did come home with this dining set.

{ So in love with it. Any suggestions for new upholstery fabric?}

We then headed home and got a bunch of pieces ready to be revamped.

After everything was primed we headed out to Home Depot to pick out new paint colors. I’ve never used Glidden before, but I must say I was impressed with all of their color choices. I think I grabbed a swatch of each one.

We ended our very Saturday by going out to dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. Happy Birthday Rita!

{My hair is driving me nuts in this picture, but how could I not share it. How cute does Hudson look?!}

Sunday we started our day out with homemade waffles.

They were circus themed and I made sure to snag only the elephants.

After breakfast it was back to work.

We painted the town red:

And minty green:

And then emerald green:

We also manged to paint another couple of pieces too.

The day finally ended in bed where we finally caught up on all 7 seasons of Dexter and were able to watch the new episode.

Whew. I’m tired. What were you up to this weekend?

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10 Responses to Scenes from the weekend…

  1. You have the cutest little boy I have ever seen. Die over him. Love all of your furniture picks and paints. Can’t wait for your shop to open!!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Those elephant pancakes are just adorable… as is your little cutie in his new shoes! xo

  3. Tiffany says:

    Can’t wait to see the final pieces after paint. Which thrift store is that? Seems like they have a lot of furniture.

  4. Sara says:

    Love the new table and chairs! How about something in navy to contrast with the brass? Looks like you have some great projects!

    Hudson is such a doll with that scarf on and his sweet smile!

  5. Nat says:

    Hudson is getting so big!! Can’t wait to see your shop! Love all the colors!

  6. all that furniture is awesome!!!

  7. LindsB says:

    I’m seriously jealous of your big backyard to paint in- AND that bamboo desk- I need that in my life!

    Oh and those elephant waffles look amazing- I’m craving some maple syrup now :)

  8. Love the color of those chairs.

  9. Sam says:

    IN LOVE with your new dining set. What a fab find!! And I am addicted to Dexter, too!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, I think your blog is so great, tons of inspiration! Love those chairs from the dining set! I found some really similar ones and redid them in a leopard velvet and they came out looking killer!! I wanted to do a solid color velvet but paranoia over future stains made me decide to go with a print.

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