Treat yo self: Charles Emerson Designs

Don’t you love jewelry? Now most times people lust after jewels that come in robin eggs blue boxes, but I love a good piece of costume jewelry. I pick them up at all sort of different stores and lately I’ve been getting my fix online.

My latest obsession is Charles Emerson Designs which is the online boutique of Erin from the Richmond Thrifter. A huge amount of her inventory is $20 or less and I didn’t find anything over $38 on the site.

Here are some of my favorites:

charles emerson designs

No.1: The Lindsay necklace and earring set for $38

No.2: The Kelly available in red, blue, black and white for $14 and the Rubyfor $12.

No.3: The Stella for $28.

No.4: The Adele for $25.

The best part of today’s Treat yo self item is that if you want to treat yo self you can get 10% off of Erin’s already low prices by using the code: PARTYWITHCAMILA.

So head on over and let me know what piece you want to treat yo self with. Do you have a favorite? Have another fab costume jewelry store I should know about?

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3 Responses to Treat yo self: Charles Emerson Designs

  1. Carmel says:

    I love Charles Emerson – I have the Lindsay necklace and it’s even more beautiful in person!

  2. effortless says:

    Oh happy to hear! That’s my favorite one!

  3. Nikki says:

    How cute!! I will have to check this out since I am kind of a jewelry junkie. I am super obsessed with Bauble Bar. Everything they have is so cute, reasonably priced and I can tell you from experience that is it great quality and looks expensive! They also do great promotions and you earn points for shopping and sharing!

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