In the details: Curtain lining

When this picture came across my pinterest feed I was instantly hit with two thoughts; 1. That’s amazing and 2. How have I never thought of that. One of my biggest pieces of design advice to people is that design is in the details. I love using interesting fabric picks on piping, or going bold with a photo mat, etc. I love to add a little zhush to design details that are sometimes forgotten. Apparently I forgot to take my own advice when it came to curtain lining, because I’ve never gone with any thing other than standard lining or black out lining.


How easy would it be to swap out the white boring lining and use a brightly colored canvas fabric to recreate the black out lining effect or add a little texture with a linen.

Both the canvas or linen alternative are comparable in price to most linings coming in between $8-$12 a yard.

Now your windows can look pretty from the inside and outside.


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15 Responses to In the details: Curtain lining

  1. Anne W says:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I pinned this last night!! Definitely doing this somewhere in my house…gorgeous!!

  3. A little bit of unexpected color – a nice surprise!

  4. LindsB says:

    How can you go wrong with an orange lining??

  5. excellent find indeed! So much fun, I would definitely utilize a pom pom trim with this! quick side note; the link to linen is down..

    • effortless says:

      Oh pom pom trim! Hmm wonder what’s wrong with the link. I know that’s the correct URL. I’ve ordered from them in the past. I will try and find an email address and see whats up.

  6. diane says:

    Great idea if your panels are not visible from the outside but I must say I prefer a clean white look from the street…also some home communities require a neutral backing on all the windows.

  7. nancy evars says:

    how fun to come across my work on your blog! :) actually, the lining is felt which is nice and heavy. most of the room is neutral with some pops of navy and orange. i didn’t want to go too overkill on the orange so i like it slightly hidden in the lining (although the way the drape hangs, you get a good peek at it). there are 2 sets of these drapes on either side of a pair of french doors that lead out to the back patio. when you’re sitting on the couch on the patio, facing the fireplace (and back of house), you get to see that happy orange smiling back at you. :)

    additionally, the 4 drape panels required 25 yards of fabric (and 25 yards of lining) and 16 yards of trim. drape fabric was osborne & little and bead trim was samuel & sons…all together pretty pricey! believe it or not, i found the orange felt at joanne’s fabric for about $4/yd. i was thrilled with the find and totally happy with the quality!

    i know what you mean re: why haven’t you done this before…i don’t think i can go back to white lining now. ;)

  8. Raiana says:

    woooow, i LOVE those curtains! I pinned them earlier today as well.

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