Look for Less: Vintage NYC Map

Last week I was helping my sister find the perfect gift for her boyfriend. Said boyfriend is moving into a new apartment and needed help decorating the space. So, she decided to get some pieces of artwork, which meant a call to her interior decorator sister, me.

I knew right away what piece she just needed to get. I loved the idea of a vintage NYC map. I knew there were many around, but I wanted something a bit a different and I found it in this print:

nyc vintage map print
{Don’t you just love the black and white patterns on the map?}

Only problem was the $425 price tag. While I’m certain the map was framed in an amazing design worthy matter it was completely over our budget. I didn’t let a little thing like that stop me from finding a solution. Enter this site that not only explained the origins of the map, but it also had the ability for you to download the jpeg.

Problem solved! We sent the file over to a local printer (We went with Kinkos) and $50 later we had a super sized map printed on heavy stock paper with a matte finish.

vintage nyc map

We then headed to Michaels where all of their frames were 55% off and we had an additional 20% off our enter purchase coupon and are extra frame came up to $24.

For $74 we were able to recreate the look. Our frame/map came up to 24″ x 36″ where the original was larger and measured 34″ x 47″, but overall the same look.

Can’t wait to see it in it’s new home!

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4 Responses to Look for Less: Vintage NYC Map

  1. debra goerner says:

    I can always count on you for great ideas. I don’t have a hard time following directions
    but coming up with a budget friendly decor has stumped me. Thank you. (see, I am trying to get better about commenting instead of being selfish and starting on the project right away).

  2. I adore this.

    I’m so in love with maps, and this one particularly has a really nice graphic effect. I think I may be doing this soon myself. Thanks!

  3. madeleine says:

    This is such a great find, I have been looking for an oversize map in my price range!

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