Get the Look: Liz Caan Interiors

This mornings look for less post inspired this afternoon’s get this look post.

I’ve always loved the artwork in this room design from Liz Caan Interiors.While I typically shy away from designing rooms with bold blue and red, but I think it works perfectly in this space. The pop of yellow really helps break up the blue and red.

liz caan interiors

Here are a couple of pieces to help you achieve the same feel:

get the look liz caan interiors

A good idea for when you are stumped with how to design a room in your home is to look at your inspiration pictures. Once you have a picture you like you can easily find items to help you recreate the room in your own space and make it your own. I made a couple of tweaks in the design for the get the look items, but overall the same vibe is there. It’s better to make your own mark on the design.

1. Vintage poster that can easily be downloaded for free from Free Vintage Posters.
Console with Asian lines to reflect the same feel as the Asian stools in the inspiration image.
2.Glass hurricane vases.
3. Glass cloche that you can use to cover whatever treasure you want.
4. Brass candlesticks are always available at any thrift store. Do a little digging and you will find some for a steal.
5.Pop of yellow in the form of striped ottomans.
6.Fretwork rug in blue.

What do you think? I’m in love with the vintage poster in the get the look option. Love the additional shades of blue in it. So pretty!

Inspiration image and design by Liz Caan Interiors

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4 Responses to Get the Look: Liz Caan Interiors

  1. sara says:

    I love that rug!

  2. I love the yellow on the stools too. I am really into yellow right now for some reason.

    • effortless says:

      I know! I’ve been loving yellow lately too. I always thought I didn’t like it, but then I look around my house and see it everywhere.

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