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The other day I was looking at Hugo Guinness prints and loved how many of the people purchased a whole slew of them and created a gallery wall with prints all by the same artist. I loved what a great impact it made and realized that my favorite prints from Sarah’s shop could give me the same impact.

You see I’ve been in love with all of Sarah’s prints since she set up shop and haven’t been able to narrow down my favorites to add a piece to my gallery wall. Solution? Make a gallery wall full of favorites!

I’ve always wanted a house with a large enough entry way where I could place a settee on one side and make a statement in my home from a visitors first steps. I think this little round up would make quite the statement.

note to self shop


Ciao,Stilettos,and New York.
Ceramic Terriers,Sailor Tee,Hello ?and Bouquet.

The amazingly beautiful settee is a vintage find from Jessica Allyn that is sadly sold out, but still a great source of inspiration. I find settee’s all the time on craigslist. You can easily pick one up and splurge on a new upholstery job. Did you fall in love with the contrasting piping. Swoon. Design really is in the details.

My fab entry way would also need a fab rug like this polka dot rug. Truth be told I have the rug in orange and I love it!

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4 Responses to Note to Self Print Shop

  1. Julana says:

    A gallery wall is my favorite way to display art, and these pieces from Note to Self are so fabulous. They’d be the perfect addtion to an entryway.

  2. Elizabeth Hines says:

    Obsessed with that Black &white polka dot rug! Love it with the orange.

  3. That settee is killer but that rug! I can’t stop thinking about that rug. Anything with polk dots is a winner with me.

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