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A couple of weeks ago I found Waiting on Martha a new-ish online home decor shop that had page after page of goodies I wanted to come home with me. Whenever I find a new online shop I always go to the their about section, because I love learning about how they came to be and who is behind it. Well this lead me to Mandy and her blog Waiting on Martha. So, what came first the shop or the blog? In Mandy’s case her bracelet shop led to her blog,which then led to her online shop with plans for a brick and mortar location in the near future. I fell in love with Mandy’s explanation for her company name. Waiting on Martha isn’t about a person it’s about an idea. It’s about wanting to do whatever makes you happy and live the life you have always imagined for herself. In Mandy’s case she is inspired by Martha Stewart herself and how she is involved in all the parts that make your life more beautiful. I adore Martha too and knew I had to email Mandy to say hello! Of course my hello email also included a plea for being part of In Her Shoes. Mandy said yes and here we are! Hope you enjoy a peek into her life!
Happy Friday Loves! My name is Mandy, however many of you may know me as Waiting On Martha. Waiting On Martha is a lifestyle blog and boutique, focused on creating a beautiful everyday. I was thrilled when Camila asked me to partake in her amazing In Her Shoes series, and share what my everyday looks like. So without further ado…

7:00 am…alarm clock goes off. I continue to hit snooze about 5 times. My goal for the month of April is to become a morning person, which I SO am not. Eventually I roll out of bed around 7:30, make the bed, and head downstairs. My morning ritual is coffee and quiet time before I start my day. I plop on the couch (still in my pajamas) write in my gratitude journal, read from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and plot out my day using my Whitney English Day Designer for the Creative Entrepreneur and my Lara Casey Power Sheets. Being a relatively new small business owner I’m really working on cultivating my vision for Waiting On Martha and planning what the next year will look like!

8:30 am…check emails and all of the shops (the boutique, the bracelet shop & the craft shop), answer immediate customer service questions and inquiries. Make sure my blog post went up as planned and tweet and facebook the link out. I’m working on getting an intern and hopefully adding a full time employee by the end of the year, until then it’s up to me to manage Martha. Peruse my other favorite blogs, pin some things, and chat on social media for awhile. Drink coffee. Start laundry.

9:30 am…work on a recipe for the blog…skillet cornbread. Shockingly it turned out delish on my first try, just need to tweak it a tad for more for spice. While the cornbread is in the oven I move on to tackling emails and uploading product pictures to the boutique. I’m still in my pajamas. Drink coffee.

11:00 am…workout, finally shower and get dressed like a normal human being. Photograph the cornbread for the blog, then head to a meeting with Jezebel and the Atlantan to discuss all sorts of future goodness and they surprised me by putting me in the April issue. Have a Skype meeting with Allyson of ACPR to discuss upcoming strategy and the exciting things happening with Martha. I wish I could share the details but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

1:00 pm...arrive back home to about 10 boxes of inventory piled up on the porch. Drag them into the house and begin opening, documenting, making sure nothing is broken, etc. Of course a couple of items are broken and backordered…I’ll deal with that later right now I need to prep outfits for my upcoming photo shoot with Rustic White. We do 4-5 outfits in one day because neither of us have time to do a photo shoot each week. I also plan for our upcoming summer entertaining shoots by dealing with locations, color schemes, theme ideas and preparing my vendor list. Check emails.

2:00 pm…walk Addison to make sure she gets her steps in, the vet said she needs to loose 2 pounds. I think she looks perfect. Pick up the house because we have one of my husbands best friends arriving on the 10:00 pm plane from Chicago that night.

2:30 pm…begin prepping packages for shipment. My dining room table turns into a makeshift workstation about 4 days a week. I prep everything and print shipping labels then when the Mr. gets home he packages everything and takes them to the post office the next morning.

4:00 pm…work on bracelet orders. Every time someone orders a bracelet I make it specifically for them. I think I have about 15 bracelets to make tonight. Drink more coffee and jam out to Pandora while the beading magic happens.

5:30 pm...done with bracelets but they’ll have to be packaged later. Right now I have to get ready to meet my gal pal Jacin (Lovely Little Details) who is in town from California. This seems to be my go to outfit lately…

6:30 pm…cocktails and gossip with Jacin!

9:00 pm…arrive back at the house. The Mr. is gone to the airport to pick up his pal. I package the bracelets so they can be shipped out first thing tomorrow morning.

9:30 pm…work on tomorrow’s blog post and schedule it for email.

10:30 pm…the boys arrive back from the airport, I say a quick hello and tell them I’ll join them for a drink in a moment. I still haven’t finished my post!

11:00 pm...finally done and I can sit down and catch up for a moment. Have a glass of vino.

12:30 am…leave the boys to plan their next couple of days which includes baseball and golf. I head upstairs to catch up on some DVR and put on my favorite Marigot pajamas. I heart pajamas!

2:00 am…tv off, scroll through Instagram and finally doze off around 2:30 am (see I told you I was a night person!)

Thanks Camila for letting me me share my day with you! xo


A big thanks to Mandy! Hope you enjoyed a peek in her life. Happy Friday All! Do you have a Martha in your life?

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5 Responses to IN HER SHOES: Waiting on Martha

  1. Christina says:

    Looove this series, Camila! And I love that you asked Mandy to do this because I think she is an absolute darling! Mandy, you make it look so easy ;) Love your site and your blog!


  2. I love this ‘day in the life’ it makes me feel lazy! She really packs a lot into her day!

  3. Mandy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for letting me share my day!

    Mandy @ Waiting On Martha

  4. I just found her blog recently as well thanks to Kelly, and I have been obsessed!
    LOVE this series! Thanks for the insider peek :)

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love this series! Thanks for sharing!

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