Kate Spade Inspired Print

kate spade millionaire print

A couple of months ago Kate Spade came out with a couple of cell phone cases with witty quotes by Dorothy Parker. Dorothy Parker was a poet and in her day she was known as a wise cracker. Looks like someone I would have wanted to be girlfriends with.

My favorite cell phone case and quote had to be this one.


Isn’t it so true! I think I would be pretty darling at it as well. :) I don’t have an iphone 5 so I wasn’t able to pick up the case, but I was able to do a variation for a pdf that you can use as your desktop background or print it out and hang it up for all to see!

In researching the quote it looks like two variations of it came up so I went with a slightly different version with the same meaning.


For printable file click here.

Check mine out in action:

kate spade millionaire quote print

You can get your own copy of the print here,but you can also just make one yourself with whatever witty saying you want. I didn’t use a fancy design program to make mine. Just went into powerpoint and changed the image background of a slide and then added text using font, Bebas Neue,which can be downloaded for free.

Imagine all of the possibilities.

Adding this project onto the Kate Spade Summer Soiree Link Party. Have you added one yet?

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2 Responses to Kate Spade Inspired Print

  1. OK. I am going to start referring to you as Kate. These projects are fantastic! Thanks so much for channeling your inner Kate and providing so much inspiration for the Style Soiree!

  2. Kristy says:

    I adore all things Kate Spade – and this quote is no exception. Thanks so much for sharing the free printable, Camila!!. Will look great on my office bulletin board :)

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