Mini Break…

Hi All,

Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of days. In my 4 plus years of blogging I’ve never gone without a post during the week. My silence wasn’t on purpose. For the last two weeks I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed, stressed and just not myself. This whole working from home/mom thing is exhausting. It takes a village and I’m so happy I have loved ones that can help me with Hudson when I need to get work done, but as a Type A person I always put a ton of pressure on myself that I need to be an amazing mom, wife, daughter, sister, blogger, decorator, etc. I need to do it all and do it extremely well.

Guess what? I can’t. My two weeks of not feeling good have turned into my anxiety issues coming back into light. It’s been years since I’ve had a panic attack, but I guess when I have stress my body deals with it by giving me anxiety. I went to the doctor last week and got medicine to help with the anixety, but of course some of the side effects have been more anixety and loss of appetite so I’m still not feeling like myself, but getting better a little each day. Ah why can’t I just wiggle my nose and go back to feeling like myself.

Due to all this and work commitments that must come firstĀ  I’m going to be taking a little mini break on blogging. I think after 4 years of constant blog posts I deserve a little break and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, but of course I do. It won’t be complete radio silence just maybe 3 posts a week instead of 5. I want to get excited about blogging again and I think a break is just what the Doctor ordered.

I will still be available via email ( if you miss me!

Hope you all bear with me. I’m taking the rest of the week off, but hope to be back next week with some posts.



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26 Responses to Mini Break…

  1. Christina says:

    Ah, I completely understand! I have anxiety issues that pop up whenever I’m under stress too (this month included) ,and I think it’s a great idea to take a little mini break. You deserve it! Whatever that will help to alleviate the overwhelming feeling ;) I hope you feel lots better and that you just take time for yourself. xoxo

  2. We ALL need a break from time to time – can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed but all that needs to get done and kids and work etc. etc. Take all the time you need and we’ll be here waiting when you get back- sending hugs! xo

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this! I deal with anxiety, too, and know how awful it feels. Plus, I just went through the same thing with my blog. I left it idle for nearly a month. The guilt was awful, but when I finally posted about what all was going on in my life, I felt so much better.

    Take some time. Try not to guilt yourself and just know that I, for one, LOVE your blog. I posted on your FB page that you are responsible for way too many of my purchases this year. But they make me smile, and I can’t resist.

  4. Take a rest girl and I know exactly how you feel. You deserve it! xoxo

  5. natalie says:

    hi – take care of yourself, live for today and enjoy the summer :)

  6. Brynne says:

    I completely sympathize and hope you have a very relaxing break! Treat yo’self!

  7. Say no more we’ve all been there and your health always should be your #1 priority, you’re no good to anyone if you’re not feeling your best! I hope you enjoy some special time with your sweet little boy and the rest of your family! We’ll be here when you get back!!

  8. Heather says:

    Camila, we don’t know each other, but I am a blogger and have been following you since I started. The pace is exhausting! Especially with kids and life and work. It feels like the whole blogging community is slowing down a bit, and I think that’s a good thing.

    Take care of yourself. Navigating all the needs and priorities is not easy, but you’re smart to take a break where you can.

    We’ll all be here when you come back!

    All the best,

  9. oh Camila, I so understand you, take all the time you need and have some well deserved rest. Sending you big bug hugs and big besos!!

  10. Maura says:

    Camila, I have been following your blog for almost 2 years now. I have never left a comment, but I am compelled to by your post. Your blog is one of my favorites, I look forward to your posts every day. But, here’s the thing, I’ve always wondered how you manage it all. I am a busy professional, and I can’t imagine adding a child to my life, much less, managing a blog as thorough and interesting as yours. I’ve wondered when you rest or take time for yourself. I think it’s really brave of you to admit that maybe it’s a little bit too much. It would be way too much for anyone! And, I also think this choice demonstrates an important level of self-awareness on your part to realize that maybe your heart just isn’t in it right now. In any case, your emotional well-being has to come first, and you’re smart for so fiercely protecting it.

    I will continue to keep your blog bookmarked, and will be happy to read any of your posts, as infrequent as they may be. And, please know there are probably 100 more people who feel the same way I do, and just haven’t said anything.

  11. diane says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Not one of us is perfect, regardless of how it may look from the outside looking in. Take your time, get healthy for that adorable little boy of yours and we all look forward to your posts whether they are daily, bi-weekly or once a month. Hang in there!

  12. BridgetG says:

    You are doing the right thing by establishing your priorities. Remember this is just a blog, albeit a wonderful one. Virtual sharing is not the same as actual sharing with your family and friends. Even our idols have foibles and stress — tame your perfectionist streak and you will be much happier — it’s true! Count your lucky stars — you’ve got a bunch. :)

  13. brenda says:

    Heather is so correct. there are others hat are feeling the need for a blogcation. \. So ig looks as if you are in good company.. we will probably experience Hudson withdrawal but he is like getting to the age where a camera can be annoying. HAPPY REST.

  14. brenda says:

    sorry about all my typos

  15. Claudine says:

    Mind, body and family first. As someone who has blogged for five years…I can tell you…blogging last!

  16. Kayla C says:

    Feel better! We all will be waiting to hear what you have in store when you return.

  17. Margaret says:

    Sometimes, the creative process needs space to develop, and stressing yourself can block it even more. Giving yourself time to let your mind wander a bit will freshen your approach and give you the room to feel excited again. I think you can see from the responses that lots of us have gone through anxiety issues, and so often it is worsened by the pressure we put upon ourselves to be perfect. So consider your break an OPPORTUNITY to free your head a bit to let in new ideas and thoughts, to feel good about yourself and all that you do. Hit your refresh button as many times as needed!

  18. Emily Werner says:

    Get well soon. Enjoy some sunshine and we will all be here when you come back!! Promise!

  19. I can sympathize entirely. You take that break girl, you deserve it!! :)

  20. I completely understand and have been dealing with similar issues myself. Take care of yourself! :)

  21. Alisa says:

    I’m not sure if it’s comforting or disturbing that so many of us seem to have the same issues.

    I quit my full-time job in February but am still working for my employer part-time, I have two young boys at home, and I’m also trying to keep up with a blog and a supposed career change. I went back on Effexor last week. So there’s that.

    Take a break. We get it. :)

  22. Sarah says:

    If you need a couple weeks off, take it! Of course, your designing brings in money, but it seems like the blog could go back burner. We all out here in blogland understand. We’re real people too! Don’t pressure yourself to perform here when your family is taking a hit because of it. Rest. We get it.

  23. Melanie says:

    Camila, 5 posts a week is just cray cray anyway. Although I’m sure we will all miss hearing from you so much, you and your family deserve for you to be in tip top shape and 3 posts a week is PLENTY! (My readers are lucky if they can count on TWO a week: sometimes it’s only one.) Don’t you dare feel guilty and don’t worry, either. As Bob Marley would say: “Everything’s gonna be alright.” ;)

  24. Lauren says:

    I think simplifying life as much as possible is healthy. Take your time, we will be here when you come back:)

  25. You absolutely deserve a break! I love what you said about being Type A and feeling like you have to be a perfect everything – I put the same pressure on myself and it’s so unhealthy and unnecessary. Relax, enjoy your time off, we’ll all be waiting when you get back. :)

  26. Jane says:

    Wish you all the best!!! Take good care of yourself. xo

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