Viyet: A new way to get rid of second hand items

yard sale

A couple of weeks ago we had a garage and it was exhausting. From gathering all of the items to setting everything up and then dealing with loads of people that thought we hosting own version of a dollar store we were wiped by the end of the day. Wiped and we still had a good amount of items left over, because there were certain furniture pieces I wasn’t willing to drop in piece, because I knew they were quality pieces that held value.

I don’t love the idea of craigslist and having strangers come to my house and the idea of posting on ebay didn’t sound any better. I just wanted the items to magically disappear and get a little cash.

Enter Viyeta new service in the NYC area that offers White Glove Service where a member of their staff will come to your home and photograph your items and take measurements and then pick up the pieces you want to sell and house them until they sell. They also offer Premier Service where they will still come and measure/photograph your items, but you will keep the item in your home until it sells. It’s a consignment based system so once your item sells you will get a 50% cut.

Nice, right? 50% commission is a little on the high side, but you can literally wipe your hands clean from dealing with getting the idea sold and they have a bigger base of potential clients that will appreciate your pieces and know the correct going rate for an item so you will end up selling your items at a much higher price than ebay or craigslist.

I can’t wait to try it out!

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