Hanging a gallery wall in seconds

Everyone loves the idea of gallery walls. I’m pretty sure what everyone doesn’t love is the time it takes to hang them. I’ve done mock ups with wrapping paper in the past and then had to deal with levels, wall anchors, a drill, etc. When I say I that totally means Jon, because let’s face it anytime I try nailing something in my house I end up with a minor hole and calling Jon asking him to bring home plaster. Not bueno.

This past weekend we were hanging a gallery wall in my sister’s new apt. This apt is in an old building and their walls are solid concrete, which means it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to put wall anchors and nails.

So, we decided to use command strips instead. I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous using them on a whole gallery wall. I normally have just used them one piece and used a ton of the strips to make sure it really held.


This time instead of going overboard on the amount of strips I used I decided to use them exactly how the directions tell you too which meant most of our frames only needed one strip.

So simple to just snap two pieces of the strips together and just remove the paper backing, press and set:

command strips

The gallery wall literally took around 20 mins and since I wanted more of a organic looking gallery wall there was no need to do any measuring. I simply eye-balled everything before applying the frames to the wall.

how to hang a gallery wall
{ I used the command strips on every single piece from mirrors, canvases, wooden frames and even a floating frame.}

Now it is a bit pricier to use command strips.We found value packs at Lowes and bought 6 packs for about $25. We still probably need 2 more packs to finish the gallery wall, but over all it wasn’t a huge money commitment and it was a huge time savings. Hudson was there for the gallery wall building and he even tried to grab a frame or two off the wall and they stayed completely still.



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7 Responses to Hanging a gallery wall in seconds

  1. Wendy says:

    I have been hesitant to try these but am definitely going to try them as it takes me hours to hang a gallery wall! Thanks.

  2. Lori says:

    Looks great! I love the look of a more organic gallery wall. Meaning: I hate measuring :). Good to hear you are pleased with the Command strips. Our rental house has plaster walls and our landlady said she’d rather is not hang anything on the walls. I’ve been collecting things for a huge gallery wall for a while, so that wasn’t going to fly ;). I was leary about the strips, but if you’re pleased with them, I’ll give them a shot!

  3. Margaret says:

    Love this! Lori can I suggest that you do a test command strip on your plaster wall somewhere hidden? I’ve had great luck with Command strips on drywall and masonry, but with plaster I’ve found it to be a bit more “hit or miss”. If it pulls off a big chunk at removal, it might be worse than a nail in the wall to your landlady!

  4. Angie says:

    Beautiful wall! You just might want to check the heavier items in a few weeks. With Command Strips I hung a bunch of framed pictures my mom made me, and after about a month they fell and shattered the glass and tore a layer off of the drywall. :(

  5. Katrina says:

    The gallery wall looks good, love the love print! :)

    I’m planning trying some command stripes to hang art above my stove, I’m crossing my fingers they’ll hold up on our subway tile!!

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