Home Depot Lighting Fixtures under $100

This past weekend I was at Home Depot and instead of just going for supplies I actually walked through the lighting department and checked everything out. In the to the trade world lighting can get really pricey! I think that is why a lot of people leave the fixtures that were in their home/apt when they arrived, but let me tell you lighting makes all the difference in a design of a room and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Here are some stylish yet budget friendly options available at Home Depot for less than $100!

home depot $100 or less light fixtures

No. 1: I love using wall sconces in living rooms, offices and nurseries. This sconce is a great neutral item that can work in a number or different design styles. Leave it as or paint it a different color and add trim to the shades. Only $29.97

No. 2: Vintage lighting is a big design trend that isn’t going anywhere. I love using flush mounts like this in laundry rooms or kitchens. This piece is only $39.90 and reminds me of this beauty from School House Electric.

No. 3: This pendant light is a great option for a feminine piece that isn’t overly girly. Only $66.38.

No. 4: This chandelier would look great in a breakfast nook and it’s a steal at $103.20(Ok so this piece is $3.20 over my $100 budget) It reminds me Thomas O’Brien’s lighting collection from Visual Comfort.

No. 5:  I love using semi-flush mount fixtures in bedrooms that have low ceilings. This pieceis classic and crisp looking and only $64.89.

No. 6: Love this chandelier.It would be perfect in a dining room. It has a great amount of lighting with 5 bulbs and pretty details like the ring at the very top. I would probably paint it a fun color or metallic gold, but at $51.60 it’s still budget friendly to get a can or two of spray paint.

No. 7: Thomas Edison bulbs are everywhere and they would look right at home on this pendant.Just like the vintage trend the industrial trend seems to still be going strong. You could do a whole grouping of these, because they are only $19.99. Love the red rope design detail.

No. 8: In love with these sconces.They look so high end and would work look right at home in any to the trade showroom, but they are a steal at $49.

No. 9: This chandelier has a slight Mad Men vibe to it and would look great in a dining room with a Mid-century table and chairs. This is slightly above my $100 budget at $102.97, but still really budget friendly.

All you have to do is a little digging to find some diamonds in the rough in big box stores.

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2 Responses to Home Depot Lighting Fixtures under $100

  1. Rachel says:

    Home Depot has a promo code right now (HDLIGHT10) that scored me the #6 chandelier for $41 after tax! Awesome deal, thanks for sharing!!

  2. These are great, thanks so much for sharing! We are in the beginning phases of renovating our new home, and I have definitely had lighting on the brain!

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