Treat yo self: Gitte Brandt Paintings

I pinned this image months ago because I fell in love with the zebra artwork above the bed.


I loved it’s sense of whimsy, loved the color palette and loved that my H.S. French came in handy with the writing on the piece.

I thought it would work perfectly in a nursery/child’s room, but I could never find any information on the artist until this week when a trip down the blog rabbit hole sent me to the artist’s site.

The zebra piece is painted by artist, Gitte Brandt. Not only can you custom order your own zebra painting where you choose the size, paper or canvas, and color scheme, but she has a number of other pieces you can pick from or even have something completely custom made.

gitte brandt

That elephant piece is calling my name. If Hudson ever has a baby sister I think I will need to design a nursery around it.

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5 Responses to Treat yo self: Gitte Brandt Paintings

  1. Adrienne B says:

    The animal painting are awesome, but the ones with people in them seem kinda racist…. Like blackface almost??? :-/

  2. I have a few of those pinned as well and I agree, they are so fun!

  3. brenda says:

    I hope you won’t mind my passing along this info of an artist that also does wonderful animal paintings. He is self-taught and his mother very accidentally discovered his talent when he was being occupied while she was filling out some papers at an office. He has Trisomy 21 aka Down Syndrome. He has won several prizes in juried art competition
    Just being in contact with his mother Robin and being aware of this fantastic talent and hearing their story is such a blessing. My paintings of African days and African nights are amazing. the night one is alive with starlight. He produces cards and many different sizes. Also, does some personalized work. The watercolor he did of my grand daughter with a horse is amazing. No, I am not his agent just amazed and I think his art would appeal to you also


    Send message






    po box 6157

    Evanston, IL 60204-6157


  4. These are so cool! And adorable all at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

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