Top 10 Hostess Gift Ideas

The holidays are quickly approaching and since I’m not hosting anything this year I need to show up with sweet gifts for my hosts.

Here are some of my favorite items to gift!


No. 1 When my host is a foodie I like getting something food related like this handmade salt tasting dish.Love it’s pale coloring and great price point ($26).

No. 2 Everyone has candlesticks in their home, but not everyone splurges on designer looking candlesticks. I love Ana Candles striped candles and since your host gift might be for someone you don’t know that well I would go with a neutral color story.

No. 3 Hand soap is always a good gift. It can be used by the kitchen sink or in a bathroom and when you go with a glass bottle with little to no labels you get a vintage look to your gift and it works with any decor.

No. 4 Holidays always make me think of pie so why not get a cheeky tea towel for your host’s kitchen.

No. 5 Fresh flowers are always a win in my book. As you know I like to make the arrangements as well and you can to with these easy steps.

No. 6 Chocolates are the way to my heart and a classic for me is always See’s. They can do no wrong and my favorite mix is the milk chocolate nut and chews box.

No. 7 Picture frames can be tricky, because you can’t always be certain about a host’s style, but everyone loves to display photos so if you stick with something somewhat neutral like this black and white striped number it should be a win.

No. 8 Every get together requires some form of paper napkins and with everyone sporting bar carts these days I would pick up a couple of bunches of cocktail napkins for a sweet gift. All of these can even be personalized!

No. 9 Continuing with the bar cart theme a unique set of coasters will add a touch of pretty to any bar set up.

No. 10 When all else fails a bottle of wine always goes a long way. I’m not a big drinker so I can’t recommend any types, but I did enjoy this bottle.

Happy Entertaining!

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4 Responses to Top 10 Hostess Gift Ideas

  1. OOoooo I love See’s candies! There’s only one place I’ve found in Michigan that sells it but it’s worth the trip to get it!

  2. Thanks for the WOM love! I adore hostess gift guides…! Big Hugs xo @ Waiting on Martha

  3. Katy says:

    I love the variation from the traditional hostess gifts. When my husband and I visit, we always bring fresh flowers when we arrive. Who doesn’t love a few beautiful blooms?


  4. Cindy says:

    That #5 vase though!! Ugh. I love it!! Perfect for my sister Maddy who loves to host. Thanks for posting!

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