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As a decorator I have access to all of the to the trade fabric showrooms. It’s always fun to go into a showroom and be able to play around with the fabrics you saw in a magazine or new to you pieces that you know won’t be found at a local craft/fabric shop. As fun as it is, to the trade, doesn’t always mean that a decorator/designer gets the fabric at a super low price. So, I’m always on the hunt for designer fabric at amazing prices.

One source that I was recently reminded of is the Robert Allen Outlet that is currently running a sale with an extra 20% off until Feb 10th. While Robert Allen is a to the trade showroom it looks like anyone can purchase fabric from the outlet as a guest.

While is a lot of what some would call ugly fabric there are some hidden gems if you have a little time to go through all of the options.

robert allen outlet

1. Butterfly Palace originally $168, on sale for $42.
2.Delicate Flower originally $164, on sale for $41.
3.Sunday Garden originally $204, on sale $51.
4.Pranzo originally $40, on sale $10.

robert allen outlet

5.Akihto originally $100, on sale $25.
6.Cougar orignally $92, on sale $23.
7.Narrow Canal originally $112, on sale $28.
8. Bornholm originally $76, on sale $19.

All of the fabrics in the outlet are discontinued so if you see something you want and they have the yardage you need available don’t hesitate to order it all. On each product page there is also a section that lets you know the available yardage. Sometimes there might just be enough for a toss pillow, but other times there is a large amount of yardage available.

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  1. Wendy says:

    A close out store here in Florida sells remnants of for the trade only fabrics and usually has a selection of Robert Allen fabric. It’s great to see what gems can be uncovered.

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