Scenes from my weekend…

Why does Monday come oh so quickly. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is a little peek into what we were up to…

On Saturday the snow started yet again, but we made sure to get out the door early to get Hudson’s hair cut. Hudson goes to a barber shop and gets to sit next to all the men getting their hair done. The barbers there love him and they even put on Cars for him to watch during the cut.


We made it back home before the snow really started to come down and I was very happy to see my bright and cheerful door on a gloomy day.


That days mail was full of fabric swatches which is always fun and of course I started playing around with making additions to our master bedroom.


I even had time to paint my nails quickly while Hudson napped. I loved this polish! It literally only takes one coat and dries super fast. Very helpful for a busy mom.

nail polish
{This polish is a deep plum shade called Rapid Orchid.}

On Sunday we headed out run a couple of errands. First stop was my local JoAnn’s where I got distracted by these cute pom poms:

pom poms

Along with this happy yellow box pleat trim:


I even got a little work done when I got back home and played around with some fabric schemes:

We then treated ourselves to lunch out. Gotta love some yummy pizza!

With more snow in the forecast we were running out of fun activities to entertain Hudson so off to a pet store we went to ohh and ahh puppies.


It’s good to be cute, because Hudson got the attention of one of the workers and was offered to get placed inside enclosure with the puppies!


He even got to go into another enclosure when he ran into the same worker again later on during our visit:

I was super jealous. It’s my dream to be surrounded by so many puppies!

After all that excitement we headed back home to spend the afternoon relaxing and I was able to get a little crocheting done.

{Plus my belly finally popped a bit! It takes me a while to show so having a bump makes things a little more real.}

Happy Monday!

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3 Responses to Scenes from my weekend…

  1. Sharon X says:

    I rarely comment – but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your weekend recaps every Monday. So many bloggers have gotten away from the personal updates…I love getting a peak into your real life!

    • effortless says:

      Thanks Sharon! I always feel like my readers are all my friends so I like giving everyone little glimpses into my life without hopefully boring anyone. :)

  2. Katrina says:

    love this weekend recap, Hudson is a doll!

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