Treat yo self: Chilly Day Treats

It’s been freezing in NY these last couple of days and Hudson and I have been spending all day in doors. We are getting a bit of cabin fever, which has led to online window shopping. Here are the treats I’m currently I wish I had for the next cold front.

treat yo self

The blanketthat started it all. Adore the orange hue and the massive pom poms. It is a bit pricey so I love this DIY tutorial for extra large pom poms that can be added to any blanket.

Of course we need to add some furry slippers to keep us warm from our head to our toes.

The perfect addition to any chilly day is the perfect cup of hot chocolate (anything with mini marshmallows in my book) and a mug that screams me!

Add to that a book that you are actually holding in your hands and reading instead of using some sort of electronic device and I’m heaven.

I hope you are able to treat yo self a little during these crazy chilly days we have been having.

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One Response to Treat yo self: Chilly Day Treats

  1. Anne says:

    I’m all about the furry slippers! They’re a must have for me every winter.

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