DIY Vanity Tray

I don’t know about you, but I will never be one of those girls that can leave the house without her face on. Jon always tells me I look best that way, but he is my husband so he has to say such things. For me walking out the door with a little under eye concealer, blush and a swipe of mascara makes me ready to tackle the world.

Since having Hudson though I must admit that things have changed. In the beginning I spent so much time at home that most days were make-up free. Now though I’m back in the habit of putting on make-up, but Hudson thinks it’s a super fun activity and wants to join me. This means I’m constantly grabbing brushes, eye lash curlers, and bronzer away from him. I’m not going to lie sometimes he leaves the house with a bit of blush or eye shadow somewhere on his face.

In order to get things out of his way quicker I did a little DIY project and turned a thrift store tray into a chic vanity tray that can house all of my goodies and quickly be picked up and moved away from my friendly helper. This project literally took mins and cost less than $5!

Here is what you will need:

diy vanity tray

-Tray of some sort. I picked up this copper and wood paneling tray at my local thrift store for $3.99.
-Spray paint that can be used on metal.
-X-acto knife
-Contact paper -this flower find was from the Dollar Tree!

STEP 1: Spray paint copper base. The nice thing about this tray was that the base popped out, which made spray painting the copper ring so easy. If you have a standard tray don’t fret it’s just as easy. Since we will be cover the base of the tray with contact paper you don’t need to tape anything up when spraying.

diy vanity tray

STEP 2: Cover base in contact paper.

Remove backing:

Then simply smooth on the contact paper to the face of the base:
diy vanity tray

Once that is done flip the base over again and use your knife to trim the excess contact paper:
diy vanity tray

STEP 3: Pop your base back into place:

diy vanity tray

All done!

Now for the fun part! Adding all of your goodies. I have a huge stash of make up underneath my bathroom sink, but let’s face I never take any of it. So, for this tray I just stuck to items that get used on a daily bases.

I used containers I already had in the house like a little blue dish I picked up at a dollar store and my orange DIY glassy baby votive to hold all of my brushes.

diy vanity tray

Close up: I left my make up supplies in my make up bag so that Hudson won’t be tempted seeing it out in the open, but it would still be within reach and easy to pop in my handbag on the way out the door. The newest piece on my tray is the Bliss fatgirlslim lotion that goes with my Bliss fatgirlslim lean machine.This little jar of lotion and machine(not in photo)claims to help get rid of cellulite. I’m not going to lie at 7 months pregnant I have been feeling a bit heavy and self-conscious of the warmer weather and what oh what I’m going to where. Luckily I tend to just mainly be all belly so I’m hoping to test out this machine and see how it works on my legs. I will be sure to report back to all of you so that we can all be ready for swimsuit season!

diy vanity tray

* A big thanks to Bliss for sponsoring this DIY project and providing me with a machine to test out.

Have you every used any Bliss products?


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3 Responses to DIY Vanity Tray

  1. That tray is too cute, love the color and paper you chose!

  2. brenda says:

    great project and I am anticipating your reporting on the MACHINE results.

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