Treat Yo Self: British Style

If you have been reading this blog for a bit you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for all things British. Tea time, biscuit eating and reading all books that revolve around life in England have been the closest I have gotten to a trip across the pond, but a couple of years ago my sister lived abroad there while getting her Masters and I got to learn more about my favorite place.

Along with learning about their culture I learned about some of my sister’s favorite shops and on her visits home I would oh and ah over dresses she picked up that I wanted to steal for myself. One of my favorite brands has to be Louche, which just fits my body perfectly and is worth paying the conversion rate of dollars to pounds.

Since I recently gave birth to little Asher I have yet to slip back into my normal clothes. I will say that losing weight this time around has gone a bit faster, which is nice, but daily tries of fitting into my skinny jeans are still not successful. Typically I wouldn’t think about shopping until I was closer to my normal weight, but I have lots of events to attend in the next month so, I have been searching the web trying to find some stylish dresses to pick up.

One of my searches lead me to Zalando. Of course it’s a UK based store and it sells some of my favorite UK based brands.

Here are some of my favorites:
{Black & White striped dress, Citron floral dress, Lemon, white and black dress, Grey & White dress, Black tulip style dress, Striped Dress}

Typically I tend to go a bit more colorful in my clothing options, but black is always a win and since it’s slimming it would be perfect for me right now. Stripes to distract, belts to cinch and help give me a waist plus a busy extra large floral pattern to keep a persons eye moving are all good options to help give the illusion of a skinner me.

Of course I now would love to treat myself to all of them! Some of my other favorite British shops are Asos, Ted Baker (Have you seen their cute kids line at JCP?!, LK Bennett (Love their shoes!) and  JOY (Great prices, super cute dresses and they delivery to the US.

Any must have British brands or online shops that I must know about?


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One Response to Treat Yo Self: British Style

  1. Erica Cook says:

    Great roundup. I love that bottom middle black one. Thanks for sharing. xo
    (and ps- congrats again on the arrival of sweet little Asher! xo)

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