Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you enjoyed the first official weekend of the summer! We enjoyed lots of time in our backyard doing a bunch of nothing, which is always nice, but boring to take pictures of. :)

We did head out on a couple of outings that I thought were photo worthy.


Asher has been enjoying his Solly baby wrap especially for when I’m running around town. Hudson still loves using his stroller and I didn’t want to use a double stroller. They just seem way to big. So, when I run out with both of them Ash goes in the wrap.

While running errands I spied this super cute storefront:

charming charlie

Striped awning, hot pink doors! I had to go in.




Not only was the store design adorably preppy, but it was filled with equally adorable jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarfs and clothing. Best part was the prices. Everything I happened to pick up was between $15-$25. Do you have a Charming Charlie near you?

While we were out both boys fell asleep and we walked by this restaurant’s inviting outdoor seating area:


It’s a new restaurant in our area called Spuntino and it features Italian tapas and a wine bar.

A quick peek inside and the fact that both boys were asleep led Jon and I go try it out.


Wine bottle display:


The food was great. It was nice to pick out so many different options with their tapas style servings. We through about 95 percent of our meal with both boys passed out, but then we had to grab the check in a hurry when both of them started crying and wanted out.

Our weekend wrapped up with more time at home where my boys washed the car and Asher and I supervised.

washing car

I asked Hudson to say cheese and this is the face I got:


We had a last minute outing Sunday evening to meet a friends new baby that was born 2 weeks after Asher.

Asher got to meet his future girlfriend. Hopefully next time they will both be awake.


Doesn’t Jon look good with a little girl in his arms?


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  1. Asher looks SO much like Jon! Crazy… Glad you guys had such a nice weekend.

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