Effortless: Smores Ice Cream Sandwiches

Smores Ice Cream Sandwich

With all of the upcoming 4th of July holiday get togethers I wanted to share this effortless dessert you can make for guests.

The thought of turning on my oven in this heat and baking a cake or cookies was not appealing. So, when I was thinking of dessert my mind immediately went to ice cream.

Of course I can’t make it just ice cream I need to dress it up a bit. Typically ice cream sandwiches have chocolate based sandwich pieces and vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Since I’m a huge smores lover I decided to switch things up and go with smores ice cream sandwiches.

smores ice cream sandwich

Here is what you’ll need to tackle it yourself:
-Graham crackers
-Rocky Road ice cream
-Wax paper
-Red twine

The night before your party simply sandwich your rocky road ice cream in between two graham cracker pieces and let them set in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Afterwards wrap each sandwich in wax paper and tie it off with a piece of twine.

smores ice cream sandwich

Effortless and perfect for the summer!





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One Response to Effortless: Smores Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. Tenia says:

    I made these immediately – and they are delicious!

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