30 Sep

Extra Large Wall Murals


Extra large wall murals makes for a great focal point in a bedroom. Talk about a “wow” factor. I love the look of it and while many of the people that have done it in the past have found some random old image in their travels that they then blow up there is now an etsy shop that can help you out with all of your extra large art needs at the click of a button.

So many great extra large artwork and wall mural options available at Anewall.

Here are my favorites:

Clouded Wall Mural:

Harvesters Wall Mural:


Shaded Landscape Wall Mural:

I know a little man that would love this beauty in his room:


Are you bold enough to go so large?

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29 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

The house hunting continued this weekend. Saturday started bright and early with my weekly weigh in at WW (down another 1.8!) and then off we went into Northport, our town of choice.

Saw this beautiful site when I came home after WW. All of the boys were dressed and eating breakfast so that could quickly hit the road.


View from Main St:

Northport beach

Sadly all of the houses were a bust! I feel like goldilock. One is too small, one is too big, etc, etc. We just haven’t found the one. After lunch in town with Asher’s godmother we headed back home to get ready for the beach!

Hudson had been asking to go all week so we invited some friends and headed to the beach for smores and some night time fishing.

Beach time:




Such a fun night!

On Sunday we got an early start and Jon took Hudson off for a haircut.


After breakfast we all got ready and then hit the road again with my sister in tow to check out 5 open houses!

Again nothing felt like home except for this place:


From outside it looked a bit blah and we didn’t even have it on our list of houses to check out, but we drove by and saw the sign and decided to go in. It needs to be totally re-done on the inside, but it had good flow, the right amount of bedrooms, extra space, close to beach, and in my favorite town. Downside the street was a bit skinny so there isn’t any street parking. Fine for us, because we can use the driveway, but not sure what visitors¬† would do and it had a small backyard.

After dragging my sister around to all of those open houses we took her into town to show her what we fell in love with and treat her to some ice cream! Poor Ash looked like he wanted ice cream so badly!


Don’t worry though he has started to eat food and got to have some carrots while we were having dinner at my parents house.


After dinner we headed home to wrap up the weekend and get the kiddos to bed. Then I got to unpack lots of goodies from the mailman that had arrived on Saturday.

Lots of packages from Home Depot for the Holiday Style Challenge:


I made the mistake of washing my favorite Going to Market tote by Blair Ritchey when you were only suppose to spot it clean it. I emailed Blair to let her know what happened and she was sweet enough to send me a replacement! So super nice of her! Can’t wait to start using it again.


After going through the mail I did a little client work and played around with some bedding I sourced for a client.


And finished off the night admiring my new bracelet.(Thanks Liz! I love it!)


100% of net proceeds of this bracelet from now through October benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for women’s cancer research and creating awareness of the importance of early detection. Great bracelet for a great cause!

I also enjoyed a little of a new favorite snack, Chicago popcorn from Trader Joes.


As someone who loves those popcorn bins that you see during the holidays with a mix of cheddar, caramel and plain popcorn this Chicago mix is amazing! Love a little bit of sweet and savory. Delicious!


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26 Sep

Friday Finds…


This week….

-We finally had a crazy good rain storm and I was able to take out my new Joules rainboots. They have been sitting in my closet all summer just dying to get used.

-I found a sneaker I could get behind. Love these!

-My lose this baby weight diet is going well and I’m down 11.5 pounds, but I still crave yummy goodies like these amazing mourning buns.

-I’ve been sourcing lamps for clients this week and I must say these beauties are one of my favorites.

-Love, love, love diagonal stripes and this pillow is perfection.

Happy Friday!

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25 Sep

Treat Yo Self: Nate Berkus Fabrics

My love for Nate Berkus goes way back. I love his sense of style and have enjoyed seeing him on TV, reading his design book, shopping his items at Target and now being able to purchase his fabric line at Joanns.


My local shop didn’t have all of the patterns in stock, but they did have a good amount and I fell in love with them. Each print stands alone beautifully, but they also all have a common thread enabling you to use a multiple patterns from the line all together.

Here are my favorites:

Baroda Square Lynwood Calypso:

Forde Paramount Moonstone:


Ondine Paramount Quarry:


Linea Paramount Caspian:


Indre Lynwood Dove Grey:


Caicos Paramount Sulfur:



The best part? It’s all currently on sale for 40% off, which makes the line range from $11.99-$32.99!!!! So make sure you treat yo self to one. I’m already brainstorming fabric schemes for clients with them.

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24 Sep


I’m normally not a fan of bed in a bag sets, but I stumbled upon one this week that I couldn’t get out of my mind. It was an overly floral bedding set that reminded me a bit of Liberty fabrics meets Andy Warhol Flowers.

Here is how I would make it work.


No. 1: With such a bold floral pattern I would make sure that whatever I picked up would be more of budget find since it would be trendy. Love this set that includes coordinating lavender sheets for only $50.

No. 2: I always like picking up two sets of sheets when I get new bedding. Makes things easier come laundry day. With such a bold and colorful sheet I would go more crisp and classic with my additional set.

No. 3: How adorable is this gingham fabric in lavender! Love it! You could use it on the bed for accent pillows or even for window treatments.

No. 4: Every bed needs a cozy throw. The geometric print works perfectly here because it breaks up the overly girly flowers on the comforter set.

No. 5: The white background on this ikat dot pillows help yet again to add another layer to the design of the bed and break up the flowers.

No. 6: A little something that looks like it was picked up during your travels is always a good find in my book. The perfect addition to this bedding suite is this beauty.

It’s fit for sleeping beauty.


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23 Sep

The roof is on fire: Solar Panels

While we toy with the decision about whether or not we will be staying in this house or moving to a new one, one thing we are sure of is solar panels.

{Would our little cottage look better with some solar panels on it’s roof?}

Jon has been pushing for solar panels for quite some time now. Every time the electric bill arrives (especially during the summer months) we also talk about it, but eventually something else comes up like one of the dogs needing emergency surgery or simply not wanting to remove money from our savings for a house we are not sure we are going to be staying in for the long term.

We started discussing solar panels again this past weekend while we were house hunting. While it use to be out of the ordinary to see homes with solar panels on their roofs during our house search it looks like it’s become more of a norm. Multiple houses on blocks had that roofs filled with solar panels.If we do decide to move we would love for our new home to have solar panels and have added it your dream home wish list.

This past week solar company, Sungevity reached out to me in order to help them spread the word on their services. Since we have been toying with it and had so many questions it seemed like kismet to get their email.

Sungevity has a great concierge service called iQuote where you put in your information like your address and electricity provider and they will review your information and give you an iquote on what type of investment it would be to add panels to your home. I just filled out the form and I will report back on what I’m told.

The main thing to remember with solar panels is while they may be an investment they do add value to your home, decrease or completely get rid of your electricity bill (Your electricity company can actually end up owing you money! ), plus it’s good for environment. Additional they are currently running a promotion where all systems are $500 off for the month of September.

Do any of you have solar panels? Love them? Want them?

Thanks to Sungevity for sponsoring today’s post! Sponsored posts like this one help make this blog possible.











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22 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

Summer is officially over! It already felt over with Hudson starting play school and already wearing jeans and the occasional sweater, but yesterday marked the official end. Hope you all took a little time to enjoy it.

We were out for most of the day on Saturday. Last week we just decided to check out what was going on in the world of real estate in some towns we liked and voila we found a whole bunch of houses that looked like they had potential. We love our current house, but we are not in a great school district which means either staying here and putting the boys in private school or moving to a town with a better school rating. We still don’t know what we want to do, but it was fun to look and see what was out there.

Here are some peeks at what we saw.

House #1:


It was in an amazing town and on a beautiful street, but the bedrooms were teeny tiny and they had converted it two apt so it would be a lot of work to get into one working house. PASS!

House #2:


I loved this house when I saw it online. It was built in 1901, which I loved. I love for a house to have character and charm so I never really go for any new construction houses. In person though the layout was really weird, because yet again this person made each level a rental so there were double kitchens and not enough bedrooms and no washer and dryer area.

I wanted to love it though because out back there was this:


A converted barn with a bathroom/kitchen, living area and lofted area. The perfect home for Effortless Style Interiors! I could work from home, but be separated from the main house and it had a huge amount of room for working on projects and potentially hiring an assistant. So sad to say goodbye to this one, but it wasn’t right for a family of 4.

House #3:


This house was cute both inside and out, but it just wasn’t for us. It had no backyard, which isn’t great with two boys and a dog. It was also a split so lots of stairs and random little rooms where the boys could hide. Hello and goodbye.

I did enjoy the hownowners taste and wanted this pretty rug in their living room:


House #4:


Super ugly outside. I couldn’t even snap a pic of it. It was massive, which was nice, but lacked any sort of character or charm. Plus it was on a super busy street and the outside was falling apart. We felt like Hudson.

House #5:


This house was the only one that actually felt like it could be home. Originally I didn’t even want to walk in because it looked so teeny tiny, but it was actually really big on the inside and had 4 bedrooms. Downside was that the neighbors on both side were super close.

Perk? It was in a beach community so a short walk down the block led you to this:


Whew that was a whole lot of houses. After all that we went into town to check it out.

Here is a piece of the main street:


We loved it. It looked like something out of a movie and Jon and I were both obsessed with the town and it’s sense of community.

We stopped to have a bite to eat.


Hudson enjoyed playing in the pet shop that was next door. I swear he thinks he is part dog.


We got home late and I spent the evening working in my office and promptly passing out at 11pm.


Sunday was a rainy and gloomy day so we spent the morning in bed and even ordered in french toast and bacon from the local deli.


The boys did a good amount of napping on Sunday, which enabled Jon and I to do a lot of work around the house like laundry and switching out all of the boys clothes for the fall.


One fun part of the weekend was getting to feed Asher some oatmeal. He seemed to enjoy it and Hudson was obsessed with “helping”.


We finished off our weekend with a trip to an ice cream shop a couple of towns away to have some homemade ice cream.


So long summer, you were a blast.



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19 Sep

Friday Finds…


Here are this weeks finds:

-Nations Photo Lab is having a massive sale on all of their large prints! 8 x 10′s are starting at a $1, 11 x 14′s are starting at $2 and 16 x 20′s are starting at $6. I order from them all of the time and have never had a bad experience. Love them! I think I need to be their brand ambassador! I love ordering my prints in their linen finish, but all finishes are good.

-I’m obsessed with this ring. I’m pretty sure I need it in my life. I have been seeing it pop up all over my instagram stream and I’m totally jealous I don’t have one.

-I’m green with envy over the green cabinets in this kitchen.I need to find pictures of the whole kitchen reveal. So bold and pretty.

-If I ever have a store front When I have a store front (positive thinking) I would love to have an awning like this.

-Ah! Waited too long to pull the trigger on this beautiful piece of art and now it’s sold! Loved the colors. Maybe I can beg the artist to make me something similar. Note to all of you if you love something buy it right away, don’t wait!!!

Happy Friday!

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18 Sep

Windex as Carpet Cleaner

Over the weekend I got into the mood to clean the house. My target was the living room that was steam cleaned a couple of months and is already back to being dirty!

You see my house is on the small side and my living room is pretty much a walk way to get to the dining room, kitchen and upstairs. So, people walk on this rug quite a bit. Add to that a dog, a toddler and a baby and you can see what it was so dirty.

I didn’t feel like moving all of the furniture, taking out the steam cleaner, using it and then dealing with a wet rug for a couple of days. On Saturday night I decided to just spot clean all the areas that offended me with carpet cleaner. I spend a good amount of time doing this and my arm was sore the next day from all of the scrubbing. At first it looked okay, but then it dried and the stains were still right there!!

Then I remembered something I had once read about Windex being the best carpet cleaner. So, I tested a little spot and it worked perfectly! I’m a believer!

Here is my before:

windex as carpet cleaner

It might not look that bad in the photo, but in person it’s horrible. There are gray spots all throughout the rug.

STEP 1: Spray windex on spoiled areas. I didn’t go too crazy with the spraying but I also didn’t go light. You know when you have enough when it actually starts showing up white.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 2: Use a cloth/towel to rub the windex into the carpet.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 3: Use the cloth to press out any excess liquid that remains in carpet.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 4: Enjoy your new carpet/rug and go around spraying everything else in your house with windex. ;)

windex as carpet cleaner

It’s been a couple of days ago and the stains are still gone. I’m a believer. Such an easy tip! I will never buy carpet cleaner again!

*Sorry for the radio silence earlier this week. Either my allergies knocked me out or I got some sort of head cold, because I was in sorts of pain. Even my hair hurt. Feeling much better now.





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15 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend started out with a very rainy Saturday, but it was good for us because I had baskets upon baskets of laundry to take care of.

I made sure to have plenty of time to make faces at this little guy.


I caught up on some magazine reading.


When the rain stopped for a bit I ran out to run a couple of errands. Loved wearing my new elephant scarf that I picked for $8 at a shop called Payhalf that’s my dirty little secret and then happily saw that Anthropologie was selling it too for $48!

elephant scarf

We finished up Hudson’s rocking chair with a high gloss protective coat and it was ready for the living room.


I had a good mail day with wallpaper samples arriving:

wallpaper samples

Plus one of my favorite photos got supersized!


On Sunday we had a nice breakfast and enjoyed some mini croissants from Traders Joe.


Plus some eggs courtesy of Hudson’s great mixing skills.

{He is not a fan of photos lately. Every time he sees me take out my iphone or camera he screams, “No photos, no cheese!}

After breakfast we threw all responsibilities like putting away laundry out the window and we headed out to the beach!

Asher and I enjoyed some cuddles:


While Hudson and Jon did some fishing:


When we got back I finished up a cakeI was making for my sister’s birthday.

smores cake

I added a little banner made out of two wooden skewers, string and decorative tape.

diy mini birthday banner

Here is a peek at the inside:

inside of s'mores cake
{It was amazing! The toasted marshmallow frosting was beyond!}

Before we ate the cake we did enjoy a late lunch/early dinner out and Asher wore the cutest outfit. Hello yellow pants and blue checkered shirt!


Our wild weekend ended up with Hudson and Asher seeing who was taller. Hudson loved standing next to him and allowed me to take all of the photos I wanted with smiles!

hudson and ash

Another weekend that passed way too quickly.

Happy Monday!

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