19 Sep

Friday Finds…


Here are this weeks finds:

-Nations Photo Lab is having a massive sale on all of their large prints! 8 x 10′s are starting at a $1, 11 x 14′s are starting at $2 and 16 x 20′s are starting at $6. I order from them all of the time and have never had a bad experience. Love them! I think I need to be their brand ambassador! I love ordering my prints in their linen finish, but all finishes are good.

-I’m obsessed with this ring. I’m pretty sure I need it in my life. I have been seeing it pop up all over my instagram stream and I’m totally jealous I don’t have one.

-I’m green with envy over the green cabinets in this kitchen.I need to find pictures of the whole kitchen reveal. So bold and pretty.

-If I ever have a store front When I have a store front (positive thinking) I would love to have an awning like this.

-Ah! Waited too long to pull the trigger on this beautiful piece of art and now it’s sold! Loved the colors. Maybe I can beg the artist to make me something similar. Note to all of you if you love something buy it right away, don’t wait!!!

Happy Friday!

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18 Sep

Windex as Carpet Cleaner

Over the weekend I got into the mood to clean the house. My target was the living room that was steam cleaned a couple of months and is already back to being dirty!

You see my house is on the small side and my living room is pretty much a walk way to get to the dining room, kitchen and upstairs. So, people walk on this rug quite a bit. Add to that a dog, a toddler and a baby and you can see what it was so dirty.

I didn’t feel like moving all of the furniture, taking out the steam cleaner, using it and then dealing with a wet rug for a couple of days. On Saturday night I decided to just spot clean all the areas that offended me with carpet cleaner. I spend a good amount of time doing this and my arm was sore the next day from all of the scrubbing. At first it looked okay, but then it dried and the stains were still right there!!

Then I remembered something I had once read about Windex being the best carpet cleaner. So, I tested a little spot and it worked perfectly! I’m a believer!

Here is my before:

windex as carpet cleaner

It might not look that bad in the photo, but in person it’s horrible. There are gray spots all throughout the rug.

STEP 1: Spray windex on spoiled areas. I didn’t go too crazy with the spraying but I also didn’t go light. You know when you have enough when it actually starts showing up white.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 2: Use a cloth/towel to rub the windex into the carpet.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 3: Use the cloth to press out any excess liquid that remains in carpet.

windex as carpet cleaner

STEP 4: Enjoy your new carpet/rug and go around spraying everything else in your house with windex. ;)

windex as carpet cleaner

It’s been a couple of days ago and the stains are still gone. I’m a believer. Such an easy tip! I will never buy carpet cleaner again!

*Sorry for the radio silence earlier this week. Either my allergies knocked me out or I got some sort of head cold, because I was in sorts of pain. Even my hair hurt. Feeling much better now.





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15 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend started out with a very rainy Saturday, but it was good for us because I had baskets upon baskets of laundry to take care of.

I made sure to have plenty of time to make faces at this little guy.


I caught up on some magazine reading.


When the rain stopped for a bit I ran out to run a couple of errands. Loved wearing my new elephant scarf that I picked for $8 at a shop called Payhalf that’s my dirty little secret and then happily saw that Anthropologie was selling it too for $48!

elephant scarf

We finished up Hudson’s rocking chair with a high gloss protective coat and it was ready for the living room.


I had a good mail day with wallpaper samples arriving:

wallpaper samples

Plus one of my favorite photos got supersized!


On Sunday we had a nice breakfast and enjoyed some mini croissants from Traders Joe.


Plus some eggs courtesy of Hudson’s great mixing skills.

{He is not a fan of photos lately. Every time he sees me take out my iphone or camera he screams, “No photos, no cheese!}

After breakfast we threw all responsibilities like putting away laundry out the window and we headed out to the beach!

Asher and I enjoyed some cuddles:


While Hudson and Jon did some fishing:


When we got back I finished up a cakeI was making for my sister’s birthday.

smores cake

I added a little banner made out of two wooden skewers, string and decorative tape.

diy mini birthday banner

Here is a peek at the inside:

inside of s'mores cake
{It was amazing! The toasted marshmallow frosting was beyond!}

Before we ate the cake we did enjoy a late lunch/early dinner out and Asher wore the cutest outfit. Hello yellow pants and blue checkered shirt!


Our wild weekend ended up with Hudson and Asher seeing who was taller. Hudson loved standing next to him and allowed me to take all of the photos I wanted with smiles!

hudson and ash

Another weekend that passed way too quickly.

Happy Monday!

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12 Sep

Friday Finds…

{Image via Girls With Glasses}

Here is what caught my eye this week:

-As many of you know along with my interior design work and blogging I work with Crane & Canopy. I recently had the opportunity to send the fabulous Girls with Glasses one of their throws to a part of a Back to School video. The video is now up and the throw looks so adorable mixed in with everything else. Make sure to check it out!

-Super cute elephant watercolor print for only $5! Love a printable pdf file. So easy to print at home and instant gratification when you place your order.

-I have been itching for a vacation to Australia. I’ve been obsessively Real Housewives of Melbourne to get my Aussie dose, because a trip isn’t happening anytime soon. I think I need to pick up a copy of the Adore Magazine book for some more Australian design flavor.

-Thinking about transitioning Hudson into his big boy bed and I think this comforter is a must!

-Saving my pennies to give this manicure salon a try. For $55 let’s hope I hate it, but knowing me I will fall in love.

Happy Friday!

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11 Sep

Treat Yo Self: Modern Vintage Chic

I love stumbling upon a gem on etsy and of course I’m always happy to share. My new favorite shop that I would love to treat myself too!

Savvy Vintage Boutique has a curated selection of pieces that reflect a modern, vintage and chic vibe at affordable price points.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Campaign Nightstands for $265:

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 10.15.13 PM

Bamboo Chinoiserie Armchair for $295:


Vintage teal faux bamboo mirror for $225:


Rattan Dining Table for $225:

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 10.16.09 PM

Can’t wait to see what else shop owner Shari finds next!

* I know this a design/life style blog so I try and keep things light around here, but just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the anniversary of Sept 11th. I am from NY and it was a pretty scary day for my entire family. Frantic calls with countless jammed lines were made trying to make sure loved ones were accounted for. Luckily everyone I know was okay, but I know so many others were not as lucky. Make sure you take a moment today to remember those that are gone. xo, Camila




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10 Sep

DIY Squad: Outdoor Bar with built in cooler

This summer the main project we tackled was our deck and getting it all set up. We set up a dining area and a seating area along with a little picnic table set up for our boys. We still had a good amount of open space on the deck and I knew just I wanted for to use it for! A bar set up! I loved the idea of having an area where guests could help themselves to drinks and when my husband told me he could add a cooler into it I was in heaven.

Here is how you can tackle it yourself.

Supplies for outdoor bar


-Qty 7: 2″x 3″x 8′douglas fir
-Qty 1: 1″x 4″x 10′common pine board
-Qty 2: 1″x 12″x 12′common pine board
-Qty 4: 1″x 12″x 8′common pine board
-Qty 1: 72″ x 25″ x 3/4″ pressure treated plywood
-Qty 1: 48 quart cooler
-Qty 1: Quart of outdoor wood stain


Take two 8 foot sections of 2″x3″‘s and cut them down to 56 1/2″ and from the remaining wood cut two 38 1/2″ sections.

Take another two 8 foot sections of 2″ x 3″‘s and cut two more 38 1/2″ sections and from the remaining wood cut four 20″ sections.

Screw sections of wood at 90 degree angles per photo below:


STEP 2: Turn the frame around so that you are now working “behind the bar”. From the remaining wood left in step 1 cut a 15″ section and a 16″ section. Use three more of the 2″ x 3″ 8 foot sections and cut them all down to 53 1/2″.

Take one 53 1/2″ section and mount it in front of the rear 38 1/2″ vertical sections from Step 1. 14″ down from the top of the 53 1/2″ section you just screwed into place affix another 53 1/2″ section to the front of the same 38 1/2″ vertical sections. Repeat this step to affix the remaining 53 1/2″ section to the front 38 1/2″ vertical sections from Step 1.

27 1/4″ from the left side of the frame, mount the 16″ section of 2″ x 3″ in between the front and the back top cross bars.

The remaining 15″ section needs to be mounted directly below the 16″ section therefore vertically connecting the upper 53 1/2″ cross bar to the lower 53 1/2″ cross bar.


STEP 3: Take the two 1″x 12″x 12′common pine boards and one of the 1″x 12″x 8′common pine boards and cut them into 9 sections of 39 1/4″.

Lay the frame down on it’s back and wrap your frame with the 9 sections. You should have 5 going across the front and 2 on each side.

Make sure that the bottom of these panels is flush. The top should over hang 3/4″.



STEP 4: Use the remaining 1″ x 12″ wood to cut into 21 1/2″ sections for shelf.



STEP 5: Building framework around cooler door. You will need to cut out 4 sections of wood from a piece of 1″ x 12″ with the following dimensions:

A: 14 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
B: 26 1/2″ x 3″
C: 30 1/4″ x 11 1/4″
D: See photo below for measurements



STEP 6: Building the bar top and finishing trim

Because you will have a cooler on one side of the bar that can be accessed from the top of the bar you will have one side of the top on hinges that opens up to the cooler and the other side will be a solid section.

Make sure you unscrew cooler top so that it be screwed in place to the underside of your finished bar top.


Below are your measurements for cutting. You will be using your 72″ x 25″ x 3/4″ pressure treated plywood here.

For the trim you will use 1″ x 4″ x 10′ and cut two pieces 22 1/2″ long (for the sides) and a 59 1/2″ piece (for the front).


Your cooler will slide in thru the top of this opening:


STEP 7: Staining the bar. If stain isn’t your thing you can always just paint your bar. We decided to use some left over outdoor deck stain on the bar. It worked perfectly and was easily applied with a paint sprayer and paint brush for the tiny nooks.





STEP 8: Invite guests over and enjoy your new bar!

outdoor bar with built in cooler

outdoor bar with built in cooleroutdoor bar with built in cooler

outdoor bar with built in cooler

outdoor bar with built in cooler

outdoor bar with built in cooleroutdoor bar with built in cooler

outdoor bar with built in cooler


DSC_0418It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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09 Sep

Come a knock on my parents door!

For the past couple of weeks I have been hinting that Jon and I have been tackling a bunch of projects, but I haven’t been able to share them yet. Well I can finally let the cat out of the bag. We are part of True Value’s DIY Squad. I will be sharing some projects on their blog and others here.

One of my projects has already gone up and it’s an easy tutorial on how to quickly paint a wooden door (In my case it was my parent’s front door) without having to remove the hardware or take it off the hinges. It was a super easy project, really cheap and it made a big impact.

how to paint a wooden door

how to paint a wooden door

how to paint a wooden door

My favorite part of new look is the gold R on the door. I had originally wanted to pick up a brass letter R door knocker from Anthropologie, but I never pulled the trigger and needed to take photos.

A quick trip to the wood working aisle at my local craft store and for only $1.25 and a can of gold spraypaint I got the look I wanted.


No one would ever know. Shh it’s our little secret.

Head over to TRUE VALUE to get step by step instructions and tips.

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08 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we had a family wedding to attend in Sag Harbor, NY. Saturday was spent getting ready for the big event and getting the boys ready to have a sleepover at my parents house. We knew we would be getting home really late so instead of having to move them around we decided to have them spend the night! Plus we were looking forward to having a night of uninterrupted sleep. :)

Here are are waiting for the ceremony to start and taking a couple of selfies.


The wedding took place at a lovely private estate. They had the ceremony outside and then guests were invited inside to the outdoor deck that was set up with the cocktail hour goodies.


The flower arrangements all over the wedding were beautiful wildflowers picked from out east and arranged by the mother of the bride and bride to be.


Little special details were sprinkled throughout the event.



My cell phone died after that so that’s about it for the wedding photos. Fun was had by all and I got to eat lots of yummy Baked by Melissa cupcakes that were the featured dessert in lieu of a wedding cake.

On Sunday we enjoyed getting to sleep in. We both woke up anyway at around 6am, but it was nice to get fall back asleep until 9:30. By that time though I was itching to go pick up the boys.

Sunday was spent doing a couple of errands and lots of nothing!

Lots of time was spent giggling because this little man recently start to laugh and it’s amazing.


Since the rest of the day was spent running errands like food shopping and such here is some pretty pics of the rest of the floral arrangements I made from the 3 dozen mini roses I picked up at the end of last week.


lovestar acrylic heart vase


Fresh flowers really are the one of ways to my heart!

Hope you all have a great Monday.

P.S. This week is Make Your Bed week and as part of my work with Crane & Canopy I set you a fun series of posts with some of your favorite bloggers. Here is the schedule:

Monday: The Pink Pagoda
Tuesday: Pawleys Island Posh also known as Julia Ryan
Wednesday: AMAZING GIVE-AWAY on Young House Love for bedding, a mattress and design plan for a bedroom from me!
Thursday: A Thoughtful Place








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05 Sep

Friday Finds

bright flowers in blue and white ginger jar

This week I was super happy to…

-Pick up bunches of mini roses at Trader Joes! I love when they have them in stock. They are a steal at $7 for a dozen and come in fun array of colors.

-Find these amazing marble shelves! Now that our deck is done I’m back to planning our laundry room re-do and I think they would look amazing there. Plus they are currently on sale!!!

-Source some chic sconces for the laundry room re-do. Love the black/brass option.

-Discover one of my favorite mailboxes is available here in the states. Can you have a favorite mailbox? This lady can! I had saved an image of mail boxes from Stockholm and you can now pick one up for less than $40 at MOMA.

-Countdown till Saturday when I’m going to let myself cheat on my lose the baby weight diet (Down 9 pounds in a month!) to bake and eat these yummy cookies.

Happy Friday!

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04 Sep

DIY Striped Glass Coffee Table Top

One of my favorite part of our newly finished outdoor space is our coffee table!

diy striped glass table top

I’m not a huge fan of buying furniture in sets, but when you are purchasing outdoor furniture everything comes in set form. When I picked out the sectional I knew I was going to have to do something to the coffee table to break it up. I thought of painting it, but didn’t want to mess with the finish. I also thought of getting a slipcover for it, but that would be pricey and seemed silly for an outdoor piece of furniture that would constantly have drinks on it.

Then I remembered this DIY project we tackled during the holidays and I knew it would work for the coffee table top. Plus it would be super cheap! You only need 2 cans of spray paint and could be removed with acetone if you hated it.


diy striped coffee table before

STEP 1: Before you get started make sure your glass is clean and dry. We decided to make diagonal stripes so we used a piece of string to mark the center of our glass.

diy striped glass table top1

STEP 2: Once we knew where our center was we started applying our painters tape. To make things easy we applied tape to the entire piece of glass.

diy striped glass table top2

STEP 3: We wanted a nice thick stripe which meant each stripe was 2 widths of tape. So we simply left two stripes of tape and then removed two stripes of tape from corner to corner.

diy striped glass tabletop6

STEP 4: In order to certain that we didn’t have any bleed thru we applied a 3rd piece of tape in between our sections of 2 pieces of tape.

diy striped glass table top3

STEP 5: Spray paint your first color. We recommend doing your darkest color first. Do 2 coats and let it dry between coats.

diy striped glass table top4

This is what it will look like right side up. The dark blue color is our spray paint color and the paler blue is the painters tape.

diy striped glass tabletop5

STEP 6: Once your paint is dry remove tape. You will now have your layer of colored stripes and then empty glass stripes.

diy striped glass tabletop7

STEP 7: On that same side of the glass you will now apply your second color of paint. We went with white. The white will then cover over the entire back of the glass including the blue stripes you just made.

diy striped glass tabletop8

STEP 8: Flip over and enjoy!

diy striped glass table top


So easy and it makes quite the impact!

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