21 Apr

Etsy Spotlight: Touchee Feelee

I love etsy. It’s always my go to source for gifts and when I’m designing rooms. Searching thru pages upon pages of products can be daunting so when I find a shop I simply love I always want to share it.

My latest etsy spotlight is Touchee Feelee. Touchee Feeleeis run by South African artist Euodia Roets who designs all of the patterns in watercolors. All of the materials are locally sourced and everything from the painting to the packaging is done in Cape Town, South Africa. Her pillows literally look like pieces of art to me.

Her large herringbone pillow coversare on of my favorites. Love the abstract nature to them and their price point is amazing. Only $45!





Along with the herringbone pattern she also makes a stripe version that is equally beautiful.

Orange Abstract Stripe:

Also available in coraland turquoise green.

What’s your favorite etsy shop?

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20 Apr

Scenes from my weekend…

Another weekend has come and gone way too quickly! Why oh why do they go so fast! I’m exhausted, but that is a sign of a wonderful weekend, right?

We had a brunch at my sister’s apartment on Saturday, which was lovely.

We ate yummy food:


I actually got to put my feet up and enjoy some time in the front patio which is a rarity in Manhattan and for myself. With so many people eager to play and hold my little men this momma got to have a little breather.


Asher being polite with all of the guests. There were so many new people that were super eager to get their hands on him so he enjoyed himself very much.


My sassy man when we were picking up our car after brunch. He caught me snapping a photo and was not happy.


After brunch we headed to Central Park in Harlem because they have a lake were you can actually fish.

My men taking in the view:


Getting their fishing on. There were actually a ton of little fish in the water, but we didn’t get any bites!


After fishing Hudson found a sandy nook around the lake and kids! That was it. We couldn’t get him to move from there. He had a blast and Asher enjoyed digging his little toes in the sand as well. It was such a pretty part of the park, but I had never been to.


On Sunday we had brunch at Jon’s parents house and what’s brunch without a scroll around the lawn. Ah! I think we all had a flash forward into the future with this photo op.


The rest of our day was spent at home during some chores around the house, working on a mystery Mother’s day gift for my mom and we actually got to see my sister, her boyfriend and my parents for a little bit, which is always fun.

I also took some time to smell the flowers. My sweet friend, Liz surprised me with a delivery of flowers! Such a sweet thank you to receive from her. Totally not necessary, but completely appreciated.


I also spied Asher seating in a nook of the living room “reading”.


Before the sun set we headed out to the near by park to play!

On our way to the park:


For the walk home both of them needed a ride. :)


What a great Daddy!


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17 Apr

Friday Finds…

grasscloth dresser

This week…

-I realized that I never shared with you the dresser re-vamp I did in partnership with True Value. Make sure you head over and check it out. Such an easy project! I can’t believe it took me so longer to tackle. I had the paper and new ring pulls sitting around for at least a year!

-In love with this project. I have a stool just like it at home that I picked up for $2 at a thrift store. I think it needs to be metal plated!

-Isn’t this retro radio adorable? The weather has been getting warmer this week and I think it will be a summer must have. This one is pretty cute as well.

-Jon uses, “That’s what she said” a little too much around these parts. I think this print is a must for him.

-I have a massive girl crush on illustrator Erisha from A Thing Created. She recently came out with some more home related stationary options and they all look like a must have for the interior design lover in your life. Adorable notebookf or client meetings or your own design projects, From the pouf of… stationary cards, monogrammed birdcage notecards and monogrammed tassel pillow card. I simply can’t pick a favorite!

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16 Apr

ORC: Guest Room Week 3

Ah it’s back to the ORC weekly update. I use to love Thursdays with my normal Treat Yo Self posts, but now they stress me a bit. You see for the One Room Challenge created by Linda from Calling it Home you need to transform a space in 6 weeks and I decided to get on board on a whim and with no real plan. So every week I stress out about what I’m going to tackle in the room, because I don’t know before hand.

This week I was on the hunt for the perfect desk/vanity and I found it while thrifting last week. This lovely vintage bamboo desk had just gotten marked down to $38 and I quickly picked it up!

faux bamboo desk

I love the bamboo detailing and the hardware.

faux bamboo desk

The one little snag is that the top is a laminate of sorts and while many people swear you can paint over it I have never had any luck. In my opinion it will always chip. So I have another plan for the top that will hopefully work out. Fingers crossed!

faux bamboo desk

I wasn’t able to fully re-vamp the desk this week, but I was to get a fresh coat of paint on it. I wen with a pretty blue that was part of our OOPS collection.

faux bamboo desk

First step to get a piece of furniture paint ready is a light sanding job.

faux bamboo desk

Of course we had to take a little selfie because I had a little assistant “helping” me.

orc week 3

Then wipe off dust with a barely wet wipe and dry everything afterwards.

faux bamboo desk

Then you can apply your paint. When I’m doing a small piece of furniture I like using real paint with a paint brush and don’t use rollers or spraypaint. I just feel like it’s easier and faster. I was able to just a drop cloth down and get to work painting in the same room the desk is staying in.

faux bamboo desk

Everything is painted and now I just need to do the top and finish the hardware. Of course I now also need to figure out what I will tackle for next week. I’m thinking lighting!

Check out the rest of participants here.

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15 Apr

Decorative Pillow Covers for less than $5!!!

If you ask Jon he will tell you that all pillows should cost around $5, but around these parts I tend to spend way more for pillows. This leads me to have minor heart attacks when Hudson is in the living room and decides to have a pillow fight, which is pretty much a daily occurrence.

So, I think that along with a beautiful mix of designer pillows it’s always good to include some inexpensive options that you can use when you want to switch things up a little or so the favorite little person in your life has some ammo that is okay to toss around a room. :)

I just stumbled upon so many cute finds that are currently on sale for less than $5 a pop. They are all 18″ x 18″ in size, which is a popular size that I use a lot and all include zippers.

pillows under $5

No. 1: Gold and white geometric pillow cover for $3.49 that has a global flare to it.

No. 2: Black and ivory geometric pillow cover for $4.99 that reminds me of a very popular David Hicks pattern. I think I would add some colorful tassels to the corners to zhush them up a bit.

No. 3: Beige woven pillow cover for $2.99 that has a pretty shimmer to it.

No. 4:Natural linen pillow cover for $3.49. Love the little contrasting color stitching throughout.

No. 5:Cream and Jute pillow cover for $4.99. I can’t believe the price for a pillow with braided jute trim! Comes in a variety of colors. I can never leave things alone so I would probably get it monogrammed.

No. 6: Gray and ivory ikat pillow for $4.99. I think it would be so fun with a grosgrain ribbon square border applied to it!

There are so many more options here. This luxe option is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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14 Apr

Taking your sofa from blah to wow!

Last week I shared a studio apartment I designed on The Everygirl. One of the funniest things to me was when someone commented wanting to know where the sofa was from, because we all honestly hated it! My sister’s boyfriend bought it at the time because it was the right measurements to fit into the space and thru the doorway. No real design decision went into it, because it was purchased before I started working on the space.

The main issue with the sofa is that the back pillows are stuffed with poly fill instead of an actual cushion. So they are lumpy messes!


There is any easy fix for this! Since the back pillows were not attached to the sofa we were able to simply remove them and then add decorative pillows instead. The key to making this work is going with large pillow forms so I would do a euro size 26″ x 26″. Out went the two lumpy cushions and in went 5 euro size pillows in a mix of solid and patterned fabric. Since there was so many pillows going on we included patterned fabric to add more interest and then just used one lumbar pillow as an accent.



Such an easy trick to dressing up a sofa and taking it from blah to wow! It really helps give the sofa a totally new look and our budget friendly find now looks magazine worthy.



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13 Apr

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend after our usual early Saturday morning soccer class I ran off to a bridal shower. It was sad to leave my men behind, but they ended up doing a lot of napping while I was gone so I didn’t miss out on any fun.

I fell in love with the cake at the shower! I was a big Barbie fan when I was little and while I have seen Barbie cakes in the past and normally thought they looked cheesy this one was beautifully made and tasted delicious!


I normally don’t get excited about the prizes given out at showers for Bridal game winners, but these ladies did a nice job on them. They had large mason jars that were filled with goodies. They had DIY pedicure jars, Items to keep your hands in shape jars and some filled with chocolate. I stepped up my game skills and won one during Bridal Bingo!


When I got home we ran out to pick up a piece of furniture from a thrift store that I had purchased on Friday for my ORC room. Here is a peek!

thrift store

We ended our day at a fair that was going on by our house. Hudson was too short for the majority of the rides, but he did want to stand by this one to hear everyone scream. He is a weird one. :)


Sunday morning started with typical craziness. In a matter of seconds I found both boys in the fridge trying to help themselves. Asher is literally inside the fridge!


We tackled a little photoshoot for the blog before we headed out for the day. Here are the styling remains.


I finally upgraded my phone! After months of my last phone slowly crapping out on me last week it stopped holding a charge. That was the final straw. Hello iphone 6 and my new pretty case.


We then headed out to our favorite lunch spot, Dianes. The weather was so nice we actually got to eat outside! Afterwards we headed to the beach to dig our toes into the sand.


We also got to play at the playground. Hudson and Asher loved sliding together.


I enjoyed a photo op with Asher while Hudson still continues to scream that he doesn’t want to be in any photos. Please tell me this is just a phase.


When we got home we did a little yard work. Both boys were awake so we needed to get creative. Jon carried Asher around on his back:


While I did a little painting:


Hudson enjoyed a little baby carrying actions as well.


The weekend ended with some light reading in bed once both boys had gone to sleep. Yay!


Happy Monday! Let the madness begin!

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10 Apr

Friday Finds…

washington heights office nook
{Secretary desk/bookcase is vintage, Rug is vintage from Esale Rugs,chair,and brass elephant knobs}

This week….

– I was excited and proud that the apartment I designed for my sister and her boyfriend was featured on The Everygirl. Rima Brindamour photographed the space and she is simply amazing.

-How adorable is this children’s bench? Ah I adore it and think it would look so great with our deck. Now if only the sunshine would come out for a little bit we could actually tackle building it. It’s been so cold in NY!

-Love this new take on initial necklaces.I think a need an H and a A for Mothers day! Hopefully the boys read my blog. ;)

-What a pretty color combo on this long cardigan. Looks like the perfect thing to wear while it’s still chilly out. It will keep me warm, but the colors will remind me of spring.

-I’ve been on a big hexagon kick lately and I think these wall blocks would be perfect in the boys room.

Happy Friday!

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09 Apr

ORC: Guest Room Week 2

Last week I decided to join the latest edition of One Room Challenge created by Linda from Calling it Home and fix up my parents now guest room previously my youngest sisters room.

I had been promising my mom that I would do it for months now and it was a surprise to her that I was finally doing it. She reads my blog so I never even got a chance to tell her in person before hand. Ha ha! Surprise! My mom is the best client, because she really gives me complete design control which is great, because I don’t really have a design plan yet!

I’ve just been going through things I have already picked up for that “maybe” client. You know when you see a good deal and you can’t pass it up. I do that a lot with fabric and home accessories so I nice stock pile of goodies I can pick through. With those items in mind I’m going with a mint, navy blue, and pink color story.

This week I decided to tackle a little painting job. The paint job in the room was still looking good and it was a pretty shade of blue/green that I picked out years ago. I wanted to add a dose of prep to the space so striping one wall seemed fitting.


orc accent wall

I wanted vertical stripes which meant a bit more taping, but I think it was worth it. It took me one afternoon to tackle and it completed changed the space.

Here is how I tackled it:

Step 1: For my size wall I needed to have two different sizes for the stripes to fill the space. This meant I would have 12″ white stripes and 13″ of the existing paint stripes. This worked out perfectly because I was able to use a 12″ ruler and 1″ painter tape to make my stripes.

I started on one end of the wall and made little marks at 12″ to know where I would be placing my tape.

orc accent wall 1

Step 2: Once my first line of tape was up I started to work on stripe #2. Stripe #2 was going to be painted so I needed to place my ruler after the frog tape.

orc accent wall 3

Step 3: For my 13″ stripes that were remaining blue I needed to start measuring at the end end of the frog tape and have my second piece of tape go inward towards the 13″ section.

orc accent wall 4

*If you are doing the same size stripes then the concept is the same. For the no paint stripes you need to make sure your two strips of frog tape are accounted as part of the no paint section so the frog tape goes inwards and part of the stripe. For the painted stripe you need your frogtape to go on the outsides of the stripes so the main painting area is the correct measurement. Basically don’t forget that your frogtape is part of your non painted stripe when laying out your stripes.

orc accent wall 8{Example of 12″ non painted stripe}

Step 4: I made sure to mark all of my no paint sections so that I wouldn’t get overzealous and make a mistake.

orc accent wall 5

Step 5: Make sure to smooth down all of your tape so that your paint doesn’t bleed.

orc accent wall 6Step 6: Take a paint brush and lighting coat the sides of the frog tape to seal the tape.

orc accent wall 7

orc accent wall 9

Step 7: Roll away and give each stripe 2 coats. With the second coat still wet remove your tape and you will get a nice crisp line.

orc accent wall 10

All done!

orc accent wall 11

What are you up to for week 2? Check out the other linking participants here.


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08 Apr

DIY Scarf Hanging Solution

One of my favorite parts of my master closet revamp is the unique hanging solution I came up for my scarves. Like the majority of the projects we tackle I thought of the idea and Jon figured out how to make it happen while walking the aisle of our local hardware store.

diy scarf hanging solution

Here is what it looks like without my bevy of scarves:

diy scarf hanging solution

It’s so simple to tackle. All you need is a couple of eye hooks and nylon rope, both can be found at your local hardware store.

Step 1: Measure the area where you want to place the hanger and add an extra 7″ to have enough for making your knot. Loop the end of your rope through the eye hook.

diy scarf hanger 1

Step 2: Twist the free end of the rope around the main part of the line.

diy scarf hanger 2

You will need to make 4 twists:

diy scarf hanger 3

Step 3: Now you need to take the free end of the rope and loop it through the original loop you made. This will be the opening in between the first twist and eye hook.

diy scarf hanger 4

Step 4: To finish it off you need to tighten the twists by pulling on the free end and the main part of the rope.

diy scarf hanger 5

diy scarf hanger 6

Here it is all finished and on the door. I did this with the eye hook already installed on the door.

diy scarf hanger 7

Now you can just loop your scarves:
diy scarf hangerI love it. It cost pennies to make, looks pretty on my door and keep everything so organized. It’s now super easy to see all of my inventory and grab one quickly on the way out.


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