29 May

Friday Finds…

{Beach House design by Jenny Wolf Interiors featured on Lonny.}

-This weekend my lovely and amazing beach house client offered me a weekend at said beach house so I could check in on progress! Isn’t that just wonderful. We are off this evening to enjoy a weekend out east! In love with the beautiful beach house featured above. Hopefully our finished project will be just as good.

-How adorable is this floral romper? It looks like a summer must have and it’s less than $20! Ok so it’s only 10 cents less than $20, but still less!

-Now this is a boat shoe I can get on board with. Of course it’s designed by Rachel Zoe. She just gets it. They are bananas.

-I love it when One Kings Lane has crazy sales. They are currently running a great one on pillows. Love this beauty for my living room, but really there are so many amazing scores. The majority of them come with the feather insert, which makes it an even crazier deal.

-I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I got a certain pair of sandals. They are Ivanka Trump, super comfortable and go with everything. I found them online here.Hope that helps people hunting for them.

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28 May

Treat Yo Self: Garden Stools for $17!

Over the weekend we were at Home Depot and I spied an amazing score! 18″ ceramic garden stools for $16.88! The sign states that it’s for white ceramic garden stools, but it’s actually for all of the colors. I quickly picked up two of the aqua ones and even went back yesterday and picked up a white one for my mom. Hurry and pick one up yourself! They are in the gardening section.

18" ceramic garden stool

I’m not sure where they are going to live yet, but so far I have tried them out by our back door:

ceramic garden stool

As an end table on our outdoor sectional:

ceramic garden stool

I already have a ceramic stool in my living room, but I moved in an aqua one as well to see how I liked it.

ceramic garden stool

I’m leaning towards leaving them by our back door and getting some planters for them. We saw some mini pineapple trees over the weekend that would work perfectly in the space.

If you are in the need for a ceramic garden stool make sure to treat yo self!

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27 May

Swinging from the trees

The weather has been getting hot, hot, hot and we have been spending a lot of time outdoors. The boys love the trampoline and I love hanging out on the deck and using both the dining and living areas.

We have an old hammock frame that we “borrowed” from my parents and I’m on the hunt for a hammock. My top contender is this beauty from Anthropologie.

It’s the Canyon Fringe Hammock and it’s available in a bunch of different colors:






Of course I’m leaning towards the orange. We shall see. The hunt will continue for a couple more days before I make a final decision.

In my search I also found this pretty option, a striped option from etsy, a jacquard print option that looks heavenly plus this stripes and orange option!

Decisions, decisions.

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26 May

Scenes from my weekend…

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. We had a lot of fun during the unofficial kick off of the summer.

We started off our weekend with a date night! I can’t tell you the last time we went out on a date. We were even able to make plans with friends and go on a double date. Madness. Off we went to dinner and then to see Pitch Perfect 2! We tried a new to us theater that has recliners and I gotta tell you I don’t think I can go back to seeing movies in a normal theater.


Saturday morning we got to enjoy a special treat. My sister had just returned from a West Coast trip and was sweet enough to bring us back Voodoo Doughnuts from Portland. They were yummy and I ate way more than I want to admit.


On Saturday we were to a BBQ. It was fun to see the boys playing with other little kids. They both had a blast!


Asher loved moving and grooving around and even decided to play a little soccer of his own.


On Sunday we did a little gardening:


We all played in the trampoline. Filling it with beach balls was one of the best things we have done. Everyone loves playing in there and tossing balls around.


Sunday evening we went out to dinner at Oheka CastleĀ  to celebrate my sister in law, Jennifer, becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Oheka is a beautiful castle on the Gold Coast of Long Island. It’s mainly a wedding venue, but they have a restaurant as well so you can dine at the castle if you like. They are actually hosting a garden party this coming June 10th that looks like fun.

The estate is actually used in the TV show, Royal Pains.Nice house, right?

There is a courtyard inside where you can have a drink before your dinner.

oheka castle

There are lots of pretty spots where you can take a selfie or two!


The Long Island Sound is in the background here so it was a popular spot for photos:

Oh course we can’t just be fancy we had to monkey around a bit as well. :)

It was a lovely outing and I’m ready to book myself a room there for a staycation and pretend I live there for the day.

On Monday we rocked a bit of red, white and blue in honor of Memorial Day.


We met up with some friends and had lunch at Tocolo Cantina where the decor was beautiful and the food was yummy as well.


Afterwards we spent the rest of the day working on the garden. A trip to Home Depot was in order and we found pots of pink peonies for $18.

home depot pink peonies

The boys enjoyed this cool cart:


We dressed up the front door a bit.


I ended the evening snuggling with my little man. We both passed out in the early evening and had the best nap.

{Selfie check to see if he had fallen asleep. 5 mins later we were both out.}

Here’s to a short work week!

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22 May

Friday Finds…


The kick off of the summer is officially here! Memorial day here we come! We have all been so busy that I’m excited to take a little time this weekend and enjoy our holiday weekend.

-These kabobs look like so yummy and such a fun idea for any upcoming BBQ’s you may be having or attending.

-Anthropologie has some amazing things in it’s sale section and there is an extra 20% with the code GONEFISHING. My must haves are this dress, cover-up, cardigan, dress, and these shoes.Whew! There are some many good scores.

-I’m on a big palm leaf kick lately. How adorable is this romper, dinner party set up and pillow cover.

-How cool is this playroom? Look at that amazing view plus a ping pong table.

-Umm doughnut ice cream sandwiches?! Why oh why have I never thought of this before. Must make a point to try this out this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!



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21 May

Treat Yo Self: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Nordstrom’s has always held a special place in my heart. It was my first official job right when I graduated High School and I really enjoyed my time there. I loved their detail to customer service and they really drilled that into their employees. Throughout my college years I always came back to work during all of my breaks. One of the biggest deals in Nordstrom has always been their Anniversary Sale, which customers literally book their vacations around. Their next biggest sale is their Half Yearly Sale which is officially on!

Here are some of my favorite deals from the sale:

Frenchi Scallop Top on sale for $19.20
french top

Ruffled Midi Dress on sale for $76.80
rufflied midi dress

CeCe Floral Drop Waist Dress on sale for $88.80

Chelsea28 Shir Dress on sale for $58.80

Textured Shell Jacket on sale for $52.80

Double Layer Floral Jumper on sale for $40.80
Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 10.36.51 PM

Kate Spade Tweed Dress on sale for $208.80

I even found a pair of cute orange peep toe pumps:

There are literally pages upon pages of goodies to pick from! Sale is on until May 31st! Make sure you treat yo self!

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20 May

I’m a cowboy…

Ok so I’m not really a cowboy. Actually I’m probably the complete opposite of one, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have a weekend away at Urban Cowboy BnB. Don’t you love when one click leads to another, which leads to another? Well that’s what happened to me the other day and I stumbled upon Urban Cowboy and now I’m obsessed.

Urban Cowboy is a bed and breakfast in Brooklyn, NY and it is housed in a 4 story townhouse complete with it’s own backyard and guest cabin! It’s Brooklyn hipster meets Adirondack rustic charm meets modern cowboy! Saying I’m obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how much I love this idea. Ever since my days of watching Lorelai on Glimore girls renovate the Dragonfly I have always had dreams of being an innkeeper as well. I’ve also always had dreams of living in a town that was actually like Stars Hollow, but that’s a post for another day. :)

Ok back to the Brooklyn oasis that is making my heart skip a beat. Even though I’m only a 30 min drive away from Brooklyn I would gladly pack my bags to spend a night or two here.

The main living area has a retractable garage door that opens up into the backyard:




Then there is the master bedroom:


Bedroom #2:


Bedroom #3:


Bedroom #4:


Plus the cabin in the backyard!




I don’t think I would ever go sightseeing in Brooklyn. I would just stay in the townhouse the entire time. You can either rent it by room or rent the whole thing!

Amazing! I need to gather up a group of friends to chip in with me and rent this cowboy oasis for a night.


Images via Urban Cowboy BnB

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19 May

Katie Kime Wallpaper & Fabrics

I’m a big fan of Katie Kimewe have a really similar design aesthetic and both enjoy elephants and the color orange. Basically this means we are meant to be BFF’s. I was just window shopping through her online shop and realized that her new wallpaper and fabric lines are now available online!

Here are some of my favorites:

Elephants March:


Brush Strokes:


Drawn Lines:


Geometric Lines:


Paint Daubs:

Paint Daubs Katie Kime

I think I need to get some samples and use them in my home. Check out all of the patterns here.

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18 May

Scenes from my weekend…

Another weekend that has come and gone way too quickly. I actually took today off though and extended my weekend a bit, because my sister in law, Jenn, is graduating from her masters program today! We are off to the city to celebrate in a little bit.

Here is a little recap of what we were up to this weekend…

Hudson has continued with his soccer classes and he is actually getting pretty good at it. They are now to the point where they are breaking up into team and playing mini games. So cute.

With his team members waiting to play:


Hudson did so well that we took him bowling. He has been begging to go for weeks, but the weather has been so nice we didn’t want to be indoors. This Saturday was really overcast and rainy so bowling we went!


Is there anything cuter than bowling shoes? This is the first time he got a rental pair and he was really excited.


Hudson likes to plan our activities on the weekend and on Sunday he requested the beach. The clouds had parted and it was 80 degrees so off we went.



We searched for fish in tidal pools:


Hudson had so much he ended up in his undies with friends that he found at the beach.


When we got home I had a bit of work today. So I played around with some wallpaper:


Went through paint swatches:


Put together some fabric schemes:


The day ended with us outside at 7 (with lots of daylight left) and Hudson and Jon washing the cars.


Ash and I relaxed on the lawn and read My Mom Snapsa totally adorable book I picked up on etsy.


Of course I ended the day in bed watching the finale of Mad Men. Thoughts?

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15 May

Friday Finds…

{Image via Camille Styles}

This week I…

-In love with this playroom reveal. I wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful.

-I never thought I would lust over a screen door, but the day has come. How amazing is the chippendale one? Ah I need to make this happen.

-I think I would wear this dress all summer long. It looks like a must have to me. The swing to it, the bow detail in the back, the stripes! Ah come to momma!

-Have heard really good things about Reconstructing Amelia. Can’t wait to pick it up. Has anyone read it?

-Nautical stripes plus leopard spots! Oh yes! How adorable are these espadrilles? The price tag isn’t so adorable though so they aren’t happening at all for me. Boo!

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