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14 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Bello Pop

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Etsy shop, Bello Pop has been making it rounds in the blog world due to it’s super chic matchboxes. They are currently sold out, but I was happy to see that had a pretty array of prints available. Here are … Continue reading
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11 Jun

DIY Extra Large Aerial Beach Photo in frame

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://In recent years beach photography has become very popular. Not just any shots of the beach, but aerial shots where you get to see the pretty water and a slew of colorful beach umbrellas. Photographer Gray Malin is known for … Continue reading
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30 Apr

Etsy Spotlight: Gwen Meyerson

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I have been in a beach house sort of mind frame lately. Perhaps it’s the impending summer or watching Somethings Gotta Give a little too many times, but I have started to decorate my imaginary house and one thing that … Continue reading
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29 Jan

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://To most the Beverly Hills Hotel is iconic for their celeb rendezvous and banana leaf wallpaper. For me, it’s always been a place to remember, because my favorite ladies from Troop Beverly Hills went camping there when their outdoor camping … Continue reading
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14 Jan

From Photos to Color Sketches in seconds

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I always love seeing interior designers websites where they have drawings/renderings of their work. I love to draw, but I don’t have crazy skills were I could do anything near as good as Michelle Morel. Yesterday though I started playing … Continue reading
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06 Nov

Teil Duncan Prints

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://One of my favorite parts of my newly grassclothed console is the Teil Duncan print that I picked up during a summer sale: {Easy how to style a console steps here.} I love Teil’s work and have been saving my … Continue reading
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03 Oct

Treat yo self: Gitte Brandt Paintings

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I pinned this image months ago because I fell in love with the zebra artwork above the bed. I loved it’s sense of whimsy, loved the color palette and loved that my H.S. French came in handy with the writing … Continue reading
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25 Sep

Hanging a gallery wall in seconds

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Everyone loves the idea of gallery walls. I’m pretty sure what everyone doesn’t love is the time it takes to hang them. I’ve done mock ups with wrapping paper in the past and then had to deal with levels, wall … Continue reading
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11 Jun

Etsy Spotlight: Elizabeth Mayville

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I have known artist Elizabeth Mayville for quite some time now. She runs her a shop on etsywhere she sells a whole slew of prints. I think her most popular in the blog world has to be prints from her … Continue reading
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30 Apr

DIY Custom Framing Alternative

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the people behind Signazon They are an online printing company that makes it easy for your print anything from business cards to outdoor signs and everything in between and to my … Continue reading
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