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18 Feb

Vintage London Underground Posters

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://One of my favorite pieces from my gallery wall is one of the largest pieces. Good thing, right? It would be horrible to pick out a large piece of artwork and then second guess it, but I have had it … Continue reading
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14 Jan

Free Artwork Printables

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://The other day I was helping a friend round up some free artwork printable choices for her daughter’s room. Instead of just sending her link after link I decided to make a pinterest board for her and added a bunch … Continue reading
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29 Oct

Teil Duncan Prints!!!!

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://{DIY GRASSCLOTH CONSOLE DETAILS HERE} One of my favorite artists is Teil Duncan.Her work is just so beautiful. I love all of the colors she chooses and her beach scenes just take me on a little virtual vacation when I … Continue reading
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08 Oct

Artist Spotlight: Megan Carn

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A new to me artist that I just had to share is Megan Carn. Megan is an artist based out of South Caroline. She loves color and you can totally tell that from her pieces. They have a perfect amount … Continue reading
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30 Sep

Extra Large Wall Murals

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Extra large wall murals makes for a great focal point in a bedroom. Talk about a “wow” factor. I love the look of it and while many of the people that have done it in the past have found some … Continue reading
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14 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Bello Pop

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Etsy shop, Bello Pop has been making it rounds in the blog world due to it’s super chic matchboxes. They are currently sold out, but I was happy to see that had a pretty array of prints available. Here are … Continue reading
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11 Jun

DIY Extra Large Aerial Beach Photo in frame

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://In recent years beach photography has become very popular. Not just any shots of the beach, but aerial shots where you get to see the pretty water and a slew of colorful beach umbrellas. Photographer Gray Malin is known for … Continue reading
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30 Apr

Etsy Spotlight: Gwen Meyerson

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I have been in a beach house sort of mind frame lately. Perhaps it’s the impending summer or watching Somethings Gotta Give a little too many times, but I have started to decorate my imaginary house and one thing that … Continue reading
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29 Jan

Beverly Hills, what a thrill!

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://To most the Beverly Hills Hotel is iconic for their celeb rendezvous and banana leaf wallpaper. For me, it’s always been a place to remember, because my favorite ladies from Troop Beverly Hills went camping there when their outdoor camping … Continue reading
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14 Jan

From Photos to Color Sketches in seconds

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I always love seeing interior designers websites where they have drawings/renderings of their work. I love to draw, but I don’t have crazy skills were I could do anything near as good as Michelle Morel. Yesterday though I started playing … Continue reading
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