07 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Laura Dro Designs

When you are a blogger your inbox is flooded daily with PR pitches. The majority of the emails we get are really not anything I would ever blog about, but once in a while you get a gem.

A couple of weeks I got yet another PR email, but this time I was actually interested because the company they were pitching was a one woman show, Laura Dro Designs that designs beautiful and colorful artwork that is sold as original works of arts, prints and even some monogrammed lucite trays.

Laura Dro Designs works is a visual treat for the eyes and I fell in love with many pieces. Laura was kind enough to let me review one of her items and once I spotted these elephants I knew I had to have it.




Amazing, right? It’s been a perfect tray for entertaining outdoors and when it’s not doing serving duties it lives on my vanity and holds my makeup. Love, love, love!


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06 Aug

PB Teen for Grown Ups

Lately PB Teen has been knocking it out of the park. I love so many of their pieces and think they can be used just as easily with adult rooms and not just for teens.

pb teen products

No.1: It’s cordless, has blackout lining and a poppy array of ribbon trim borders. Love these roman shades.

No.2: She’s got legs! Amazing customizable desk with two metallic options for legs. The gold option is even more stunning!

No.3: I could see this chandelier working in a number of different spaces. At that price point I wouldn’t even be shy with the spray paint and would happily give it a dose of color.

No.4: The classic greek key pattern on this reversible duvet would be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

No.5: Office chairs can be so ugly. Especially ones that have casters. This tufted option is the opposite of ugly and for neutral lovers everywhere it comes in light grey as well.

No.6: A daybed that work well in any guestroom.

No.7: The pink links bedding collection may be a bit too childish for an adult bedroom, but a sham or two would work perfectly in any bedroom. Lattice ribbon trim plus monogram make this toss pillow an amazing accent. Plus it’s only $32.50!

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05 Aug

Outdoor Furniture: Select Furnishings

The main project in the house this summer has been getting the deck up and running. Back in the fall we had a wood deck installed by professionals and then this summer we stained it, added a dining area,and picked out the perfect outdoor rug. It’s come along way from our before photos.

The key to finishing the deck was getting a seating area of some sort so that we could have a living room type set up outdoors as well. I thought this would have been easy seeing that it was the summer and all of the big box stores were selling furniture. The task was harder than expected. The budget friendly options were awful quality when we saw them in person and the good quality pieces were thousands of dollars. Neither option was appealing.

I’ve never been scared of ordering furniture online so I figured why not give it a try with the outdoor furniture. When I order furniture online I always make sure that they have some sort of showroom guarantee where you can have the furniture in your home for 30 days and test it out. If you hate it they will come pick up and typically there is little to no shipping fee for the return back.

My online hunt lead me to Select Furnishings. They had the best prices with amazing reviews.  The majority of the pieces on their site for $999 or less.

I checked out my measurements and decided that the London set would be perfect for our deck.

It took a week to arrive from California and it was really easy to set up.


The best part? It’s available in a variety colors like orange! I went with the orange, but you also get the natural/beige color as well. The cushions have piping, UV protection, which means they won’t fade and zippers so you can remove them and throw them in the wash!

We have already had a bunch of people over and the love it! It’s been so nice to enjoy it during the day and at night!


Because it’s a sectional it comes in 6 different pieces plus a coffee table. The perk of the individual pieces is that you can arrange the sectional in a bunch of different layouts that are shown on the site.The negative is that since it’s all separate pieces if you get up a bit quickly it moves around a bit. Not fun to an OCD person like me. The first day I spent a lot of time straightening every piece after people got up.

Jon came up with a great solution for our little problem….zip ties! We flipped the sections over and zip tied them together in the layout we liked. Now it’s all one solid piece so it’s moving and it’s really simple to remove it if we want to try a different layout. Plus with the weaving on the furniture you simply thread the zip ties thru existing openings and don’t have to make any holes.


Now I’m just waiting on a couple of toss pillows to arrive and need to wrap up an outdoor bar set up for the big reveal!

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04 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

I got to stare at this for most of the weekend:


Let’s be honest most of the weekend it was just naked butt checks. Yup we finally decided to tackle potty training. We wanted to train Hudson before Asher was born, but then Ash decided to come 4 weeks early and we never had the chance.

Life with a newborn has settled down a bit, which is what led us to take this weekend to try out potty training. Most of our weekend was spent at home filling Hudson with liquids and then running to the potty. Let’s just say it was a really messy weekend and I didn’t take pics of the process. It’s only been 2 days and he still isn’t a pro, but Sunday was much better than Saturday so I’m hopeful this week will go somewhat smoothly.

I did have a project to complete for a fun collaboration I’m working on (details soon) so I managed to sneak out for an hour to pick up supplies. During my sourcing trip I spotted some treasures at Century 21(The store not the real estate company).

The loads of sales throughout the stores especially in the home goods section.

Fretwork ottomans for only $60:

Storage ottomans in ikat for only $60:

I also popped into Jo-Annsand found some pretty trim that would look great on any plain jane curtain panels.


While the weekend was filled with a lot of rain we had a couple windows of no rain which allowed us to lay down our new outdoor rug.

{Details on outdoor sectional coming this week.}

I also went over to my parents to add some finishing touches for a project I was working on. Here is a little peek!


Of course no weekend recap is complete with a picture of my littlest man:


Isn’t he adorable? We can’t handle the cuteness. Plus he behaved like an angel this weekend sleeping throughout most of it while we dealt his big brother. Amazing.

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01 Aug

Friday Finds…


I’m cutting out a bit early this week and heading out to the beach to enjoy a little time in the sun with my boys.

Before I start my weekend here are some of my favorite finds from the week.

-Ikea is getting rid of their Expedit bookcase and everyone is pretty mad about it. I think every decor blogger has one in their home. Find out why they are getting rid of it and what will replace it here.

-In love with this baby t-shirt idea. I think Asher needs one so I can see what his future holds. What a fun baby shower gift!

-I love pom poms and I love pineapples, bam I need these shorts in my life.

-A print featuring my all time favorite movie and my all time favorite movie line. Where oh where can I put this in my house.

-Great article in Elle Decor featuring things people learned when they worked with a decorator. All of the clients had amazing points and show how worth it is to work with a decorator.

Happy Friday.

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31 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Dohars

One of my favorite baby gifts to give to new parents are dohars from Mela & Roam. Dohars are thin blankets that are constructed of 3 layers of mulmul cotton. There is a pattern that is hand stamped on the middle layer so it peeks through the top and bottom layer. Each dohar is completed with contrasting banding. It’s super soft and light and gets even softer the more you wash it. It’s the perfect blanket for swaddling and I just saw that they have even larger sizes so, you now have the option of getting a twin, queen or king sized dohar.

mela & roam indian dohar

Baby Dohars are available here.
Twin, Queen and King Dohars are available here.

The best part about Mela & Roam is that not all of their inventory is online so you can always email them (sales@melaandroam.com) with requests on colors/pattern and see what else they have in stock that hasn’t made it online yet. That’s how I picked up one for Asher. Pictures to come soon!

Here are some other shops that offer dohars if you want some more design options:
-Good Earth
-Moon River
-Feroza Designs

Trust me they are a perfect addition to any space especially during the hot summer months.

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30 Jul

Fabric Scheming: Apriot, Cream & Teal

One of my favorite parts of designing is getting to work with fabrics. I love all of the choices that are out there. It’s really fun to layer different patterns together and make it all work. It’s one of the best parts of my job.

Here is a current scheme I just finished up.


Floral print: Potalla by Alan Campbell*
Greek key print: Towers in Onyx Grey and Natural
Ikat: Jember by Kravet*
Chevron/Animal print: ZiZi by China Seas*

While some might see the mix and nothing nothing matches it doesn’t need to. Each of the fabrics have something that tie them together to each other. In this case little pops of blue throughout most of the mix make it all work. A variation in pattern scale also help make it all work together without looking matchy/matchy.

Can’t wait to see it come to life!

*To the trade fabrics are only available through designers/decorators. If you would like to place an order for any of these fabrics email me at camila@effortless-style.com



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29 Jul

Top 5 favorites from Kirkland’s

I don’t have a Kirkland’s location near me, but I do try to check in online every couple of weeks to see what’s new. There tends to be a lot of stuff that is not very “me”, but after doing a little online browsing I always find a couple of gems.

Here are my current top 5 favorites:

kirkland's home decor

No.1: 4″ depth, linen fabric, nail head trim and unique shape make this headboard a total score in my book.

No.2: I don’t have a country house, but if I did I would totally want this ottoman in it.

No.3: I love a little glam in a space which is made me pick this mercury lamp. Make it a bit edgier by switching out the lampshade.

No.4: 50″ long mirrors sound perfect to flank a bed with. Love the geometric pattern and reclaimed framing.

No.5: A pair of these chests would work perfectly as nightstands. Love the quatrefoil shape over the mirrored finish.

Do you have any favorites I must know about?

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28 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

Our weekend started on the early side this week, because we had a wedding to attend. It was nice to get out and go on a little date, but we did miss the boys and wished we were with them too.


My family was invited to this wedding as well and my sister was in the bridal party so me, Ximena and my mom got some good shots with my sister’s boyfriend while she was off doing bridesmaid duties.


The bride and groom were both really close friends of my sister that I have known for a very long time. The wedding was held where Jon and I were married so we were excited to attend as guests and not the bride and groom.

The tables were beautiful!


Along with the amazing centerpieces that were suspended from the ceiling. I kept joking that I wanted to take it home with me at the end of the night.


We had a wonderful time and spent most of the night on the dance floor, which is always the tell of a great wedding.

On Saturday we rested up and then hit the road in the afternoon to head out east for lunch, a client meeting and then flying a drone at my clients private beach. Nice, right? Of course having the mom brain that I now have I left my fabric samples for said meeting at my house!!! Whoops.

It wasn’t a wasted trip though because I got to see progress on the beach house and then we all headed to the beach for some drone flying.


While the men played with the drone we relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the view.


We also took some shots on an abandoned boat.



The day ended with all of the men skipping stones into the water. Such a sweet shot.


When we got home Jon was super sweet and set up a fire pit on our deck so that we could test out our new outdoor furniture once the boys went to bed.


After he came up to get me I had fallen asleep in bed with Ash. Poor guy had to go back downstairs and get rid of the fire, because he felt bad waking me up.

Sunday we were all wiped from Saturday’s trip out east, which meant breakfast in bed for all.


{Hudson decided the box our breakfast came in was perfect as a hat and decided to wear it instead of eating french toast.}

After a morning in bed lazying around we spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house and catching up laundry. Not exciting stuff for photos. I asked Ash to smile for a photo and caught this sweet face.


I asked Hudson to smile and say cheese for his photo and this is what I got:

{He wasn’t happy. He told me, “No cheese, momma” and refused to smile.}

The day ended with me making my favorite chocolate chip banana bread.







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25 Jul

Friday Finds


I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately. Faced with having to lose 20 pounds of baby weight that doesn’t seem to want to come off while breast feeding I decided to tweak things yesterday. Off I went with a photo of Penelope Cruz to get some caramel highlights. I’m happy with the results and had to send Jon a selfie right after it was done. :) So, do I look 20 pounds lighter? ;)

Ok enough about me here are my favorite finds of the week:

-Sweet elephant necklace for less than $3! Craziness. I need one or two.

-Love these safari pillows. The are done so beautifully with watercolors. I couldn’t pick a favorite I think I need all three to start my own animal menagerie.

-How chic is the decor at Sonny’s Soda Shoppe? They had me at the pink and white cabana stripes.

-Loving this lemonade beverage station. Need to remember this for the next party I plan.

-How pretty is the floral pattern on these shorts? Wish it came in yardage too.

Happy Friday!




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