15 Aug

Friday Finds…


{Image via Atlantic Pacific}

I know we are all wishing we in the photo above instead of working away. Here is what caught my eye this week so take a little break and check it out.

-All of those years of H.S. and college French will finally come in handy with this chic handbag.

-How adorable are these pretzel shaped earrings? Typically I only like to eat pretzels and not wear them, but these are just screaming my name!

-Stunning sconce at an amazing price point all the way from Greece. Gotta love Etsy!

-I started Weight Watchers last week to help me lose the baby weight. Things are going well, but all I can think about it is everything I shouldn’t eat. Check out my YUM board on Pinterest for loads of dessert that you should be eating. Make some and then tell me how good they are.

-Do you read Smitten Studio?If you don’t you must start. Sarah has such a beautiful eye and getting glimpses into the progress of her home is pure eye candy. Just look at her bathroom.

Happy Friday! Hope you all enjoy a little time in the sun this weekend.

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14 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Bello Pop

Etsy shop, Bello Pop has been making it rounds in the blog world due to it’s super chic matchboxes.


They are currently sold out, but I was happy to see that had a pretty array of prints available.

Here are my favorites:

Mondrian Love Print

Spots Print

Moons Print

I can’t decide which one should come live with me. Ah decisions are the worst!

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13 Aug

Fabric Scheming: Chintz meets Trellis

I really enjoyed sharing a fabric scheme a couple of weeks ago so I think it will become a more regular thing.

This next fabric mix is one of my favorites. It’s a little bit of grandma chic with a little bit of palm beach and it contains one of my favorite color combos; orange and pink!


Chintz fabric: Magnolia by GP&J Baker
Trellis fabric: Imperial Trellis II
Lattice Fabric: XU Garden
Embroidered Floral fabric:Montmartre
Mini gingham fabric: This was a score from a fabric outlet, but here is something similar.

Typically I like to vary scale when I’m mixing fabrics, but with this round up I did two large florals and two large trellis/lattice fabrics. One would think it doesn’t work, but it does due to the negative space in the fabrics. In the florals one has more white/cream background space showing which makes it possible to have two large florals work together. With the trellis/lattice fabrics one of the backgrounds is white and the other features main color in the background. This helps differentiate them and again make it work.

Don’t be scared to switch things up a little bit and go outside your comfort zone. This fabric scheme helps update traditional chintz and works with a wider age range of clients.

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12 Aug

Shop Girl: Birch Lane

Yesterday I got a new catalog in the mail. I always love finding new sources and love to spread the word even more when I find something I love. Birch Laneis the brainchild of the creators of Wayfair. It’a a place where customers can find traditional pieces that work in a number of design styles at affordable prices. In flipping thru the catalog it felt like a marriage between Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware with better pricing.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Parker Bed for only $799!

Dorset Pendant for $99.

Lisbon China Cabinet for $999.

Montgomery Slipcovered Sofa for $1399.

Grafton Side Chairs $318 for 2.

I’m happy to have stumbled upon it and will continue to check it out. According to my catalog you can use the code WELCOMEFALL for 20% off your first purchase until Sept 19th.

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11 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

Another summer weekend has come and gone. So sad that they are quickly disappearing. I feel like summer just started!

The weekend was exhausting! I didn’t have concrete plans for Saturday, but I was hoping to do something fun. We had to work on a project for an HGTV article we are working on, but it was suppose to only take 30 mins or so. Famous last words in this household because while Jon was digging up a hole in the backyard he cut into our sprinkler line!

{No Bueno!}

So, the rest of the day was spent with Jon fixing that oops and me wrangling the kids and taking care of some projects in the house like this massive amount of laundry.


I also played around a bit with our outdoor set up and laid out a new rug I got for Hudson’s little picnic table section.


I also added some new lanterns that I picked up at Target for the dining area. The outdoor section in Target is teeny tiny now because of back to school, but if you need some goodies these babies were 30% off!


The only thing that kept me cool outside during the heat was this misting fan. We have had it since last year but this was the first weekend using it and it was delightful.


Overall it was just a hectic day due to our little project snag. Luckily Jon was able to fix the issue and on Sunday we were able to have a little fun and attend a birthday party the boys were invited too and then headed out to the beach!




I can’t believe this little man turns 3 months old today!


Hudson was with us too, but you wouldn’t know by the pictures. He found a group of kids the second we got there and spent the entire time running around like a crazy boy and not wanting to stop at all for pictures.


And holding hands with a leggy brunette 8 year old. Oh boy I’m in trouble!


Happy Monday!

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08 Aug

Friday Finds…

Yay for Friday! Potty training a toddler while running my design business has been quite stressful this week. Add to that the fact that Asher deciding he no longer likes to nap and I’m one exhausted momma. Luckily Hudson has pretty much gotten it down and work and deadlines have also been accomplished.

Here are finds that caught my very tired eye this week:

{Darius Rucker’s Entry Way via Domaine}

-I honestly don’t know who Darius Rucker’s is but his home was featured on Domaine this week and it is stunning! I expect nothing less from designer Angie Hranowsky.

-The prettiest dog leash I have ever seen.

-Gift wrapping paper with my monogram?! Don’t mind if I do!

-Have you caught the new show Jersey Belle on Bravo? I had seen the commercials and wasn’t sure if I would like it. Saw it though and loved Jamie! Let another show that Jon will make fun of me for watching on Bravo.

-My girl, Mackenzie is celebrating her 25th birthday and like previous years she is offering up a massive sale in her shop! Use code BIRTHDAYBASH and get 25% off your order for anything in the shop. Already toying with picking up this ikat stationary,a hot pink cake stand,(totally necessity in life),striped candles for my dining room, striped straws, this leather tote with a bow accent on handle that I have been dreaming of owning since it showed up in new arrivals,and these adorable matches.


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07 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Laura Dro Designs

When you are a blogger your inbox is flooded daily with PR pitches. The majority of the emails we get are really not anything I would ever blog about, but once in a while you get a gem.

A couple of weeks I got yet another PR email, but this time I was actually interested because the company they were pitching was a one woman show, Laura Dro Designs that designs beautiful and colorful artwork that is sold as original works of arts, prints and even some monogrammed lucite trays.

Laura Dro Designs works is a visual treat for the eyes and I fell in love with many pieces. Laura was kind enough to let me review one of her items and once I spotted these elephants I knew I had to have it.




Amazing, right? It’s been a perfect tray for entertaining outdoors and when it’s not doing serving duties it lives on my vanity and holds my makeup. Love, love, love!


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06 Aug

PB Teen for Grown Ups

Lately PB Teen has been knocking it out of the park. I love so many of their pieces and think they can be used just as easily with adult rooms and not just for teens.

pb teen products

No.1: It’s cordless, has blackout lining and a poppy array of ribbon trim borders. Love these roman shades.

No.2: She’s got legs! Amazing customizable desk with two metallic options for legs. The gold option is even more stunning!

No.3: I could see this chandelier working in a number of different spaces. At that price point I wouldn’t even be shy with the spray paint and would happily give it a dose of color.

No.4: The classic greek key pattern on this reversible duvet would be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

No.5: Office chairs can be so ugly. Especially ones that have casters. This tufted option is the opposite of ugly and for neutral lovers everywhere it comes in light grey as well.

No.6: A daybed that work well in any guestroom.

No.7: The pink links bedding collection may be a bit too childish for an adult bedroom, but a sham or two would work perfectly in any bedroom. Lattice ribbon trim plus monogram make this toss pillow an amazing accent. Plus it’s only $32.50!

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05 Aug

Outdoor Furniture: Select Furnishings

The main project in the house this summer has been getting the deck up and running. Back in the fall we had a wood deck installed by professionals and then this summer we stained it, added a dining area,and picked out the perfect outdoor rug. It’s come along way from our before photos.

The key to finishing the deck was getting a seating area of some sort so that we could have a living room type set up outdoors as well. I thought this would have been easy seeing that it was the summer and all of the big box stores were selling furniture. The task was harder than expected. The budget friendly options were awful quality when we saw them in person and the good quality pieces were thousands of dollars. Neither option was appealing.

I’ve never been scared of ordering furniture online so I figured why not give it a try with the outdoor furniture. When I order furniture online I always make sure that they have some sort of showroom guarantee where you can have the furniture in your home for 30 days and test it out. If you hate it they will come pick up and typically there is little to no shipping fee for the return back.

My online hunt lead me to Select Furnishings. They had the best prices with amazing reviews.  The majority of the pieces on their site for $999 or less.

I checked out my measurements and decided that the London set would be perfect for our deck.

It took a week to arrive from California and it was really easy to set up.


The best part? It’s available in a variety colors like orange! I went with the orange, but you also get the natural/beige color as well. The cushions have piping, UV protection, which means they won’t fade and zippers so you can remove them and throw them in the wash!

We have already had a bunch of people over and the love it! It’s been so nice to enjoy it during the day and at night!


Because it’s a sectional it comes in 6 different pieces plus a coffee table. The perk of the individual pieces is that you can arrange the sectional in a bunch of different layouts that are shown on the site.The negative is that since it’s all separate pieces if you get up a bit quickly it moves around a bit. Not fun to an OCD person like me. The first day I spent a lot of time straightening every piece after people got up.

Jon came up with a great solution for our little problem….zip ties! We flipped the sections over and zip tied them together in the layout we liked. Now it’s all one solid piece so it’s moving and it’s really simple to remove it if we want to try a different layout. Plus with the weaving on the furniture you simply thread the zip ties thru existing openings and don’t have to make any holes.


Now I’m just waiting on a couple of toss pillows to arrive and need to wrap up an outdoor bar set up for the big reveal!

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04 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

I got to stare at this for most of the weekend:


Let’s be honest most of the weekend it was just naked butt checks. Yup we finally decided to tackle potty training. We wanted to train Hudson before Asher was born, but then Ash decided to come 4 weeks early and we never had the chance.

Life with a newborn has settled down a bit, which is what led us to take this weekend to try out potty training. Most of our weekend was spent at home filling Hudson with liquids and then running to the potty. Let’s just say it was a really messy weekend and I didn’t take pics of the process. It’s only been 2 days and he still isn’t a pro, but Sunday was much better than Saturday so I’m hopeful this week will go somewhat smoothly.

I did have a project to complete for a fun collaboration I’m working on (details soon) so I managed to sneak out for an hour to pick up supplies. During my sourcing trip I spotted some treasures at Century 21(The store not the real estate company).

The loads of sales throughout the stores especially in the home goods section.

Fretwork ottomans for only $60:

Storage ottomans in ikat for only $60:

I also popped into Jo-Annsand found some pretty trim that would look great on any plain jane curtain panels.


While the weekend was filled with a lot of rain we had a couple windows of no rain which allowed us to lay down our new outdoor rug.

{Details on outdoor sectional coming this week.}

I also went over to my parents to add some finishing touches for a project I was working on. Here is a little peek!


Of course no weekend recap is complete with a picture of my littlest man:


Isn’t he adorable? We can’t handle the cuteness. Plus he behaved like an angel this weekend sleeping throughout most of it while we dealt his big brother. Amazing.

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