12 Jan

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was full of puppies and thrifting! Two amazing things in my book. We started our weekend bright and early at soccer for Hudson.

I love how cute he looks stretching:


Asher and I had fun cheering him on! I also discovered that I’m a complete stage mom. So, need to work on this! We took video of Hudson doing an obstacle course to show our families and you literally hear me the entire time coaching him. I was just doing it to keep him on track since he tends to get distracted easily, but it so funny to hear me. Ah!


After soccer we did a little thrifting. I hadn’t been to a couple of stores in a while so it was nice to see what was out there. I walked into one and immediately made a purchase. How adorable is this floral sofa?


I also came home with a chair and a bar cabinet. So, it was a win, win!

In the afternoon we went over to Hudson’s godmother’s house and met her new puppy, Pepper!

She was so cute and teeny tiny. Hudson loved her. We had a not so proud moment when Hudson decided he needed to go potty and since we had been trying to get Pepper to go on a pad he pulled his pants down in the living room to do the same. Luckily we made it to the potty on time.

We ended our day on a sweet note with a late lunch out and then a trip to the new Chocolate Works that opened up by us.


On Sunday we started our day with breakfast in our matching pj’s. I’m hooked on the matching pj’s. :)

After a lazy morning where we caught up on episodes of Fixer Upper So jealous of the prices of houses in Waco, Texas. I want to buy them all. Houses in the suburbs of NYC are so expensive!

Then we headed out in the cold for a little more thrifting.

How adorable is this monkey hat?! I can’t. He is so cute.


I had driven by The Shops at Suite Pieces a number of times, but have never had the time to stop in. So, on Sunday I made a trip to check it out.


It’s a consignment shop so the prices are a bit higher than a thrift store and a lot of the pieces have already been refurbished, but over all it was a pretty shop full of treasures.




Afterwards we hit up a couple of other thrift shops but they were all misses. Since the boys were so good we popped into a pet store so that they could cuddle some puppies. Hudson was in heaven.


I must admit that after all of those stops I ended my Sunday with a  little nap with Asher. Such a nice way to spend the end of my weekend.




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09 Jan

Friday Finds…


This week we were back at work and it felt good!

-I loved playing around with some fabric pairings for a client and I’m newly obsessed with New Athos by Brunschwig & Fils. I used the blue colorway I while back during this project and used this colorway to recover my parents dining room chairs. Let’s just say I’m a fan of the pattern. :)

-Fell in love with this kitchen reveal. I have a lot of mint in my kitchen so it’s always fun to see other minty kitchens!

-In love with this rug (in pink) and since all rugs at Urban are currently 25 percent off and free shipping with an order over $50 I decided to treat myself! Love when I can pay with my paypal account. For some reason it always feels like free money to me since it’s not coming out of my bank account. :)

-A pair of these elephant mugs were one of the dirty Santa gifts that was fought over quite a bit this Christmas. I ran and picked one up for myself this week, because I couldn’t handle being elephant less.

-Trying to figure out how to squeeze Hudson and Asher into one room and I think this may be the solution.

Happy Friday all! I enjoyed my time off during the holidays, but I must say it’s been nice to get back to work. So many fun things on the horizon.


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08 Jan

Treat Yo Self: Ammo Boxes

Let’s add ammo boxes to the list of items I never thought I would blog about and then did! I was scouring ebay for vintage furniture yesterday and stumbled upon vintage ammo boxes that were re-purposed as storage chests and painted in bright colors!




I’m totally obsessed. I think a pair of these would work so well as a coffee table in our man den. All we would need to do is add some legs to them. For an $10 we could even get them personalized with the boys name.

Don’t see a color you like? Just convo them and ask for an ammo box in as is condition so you can paint it yourself or see what other colors they have that just haven’t been listed yet.

I’m sold! Pick some up here.

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07 Jan

The one that got away…

Thank you for all of your sweet messages on my little piece in the latest HGTV magazine.

I thought you would all like to see a peek at the moodboard that didn’t get picked. You see when they contacted me to do a design plan they asked me to do two. One for the parson desk and another for this 2 seat sofa from Crate & Barrel.

Here is what I came up with:


No.1 : I love large scale artwork above a sofa. Use any photo you may have and go big! I didn’t have anything in my DSLR that I wanted to use so I purchased a stock photo for $25. I Love using stock photography. I think it’s a source many people forget and for around $25 sometimes less you can purchase around 2 image downloads from a lot of stock photography sites. More details on this DIY project are coming up next week.

No.2 I love a cozy throw on a sofa. It’s nice to cuddle with and when you pick a pattern it adds a great dose of style to a space. My favorites are always from Happy Habitat! I’m obsessed! Wish I owned all of the patterns. The one featured above is Kilim in neutral..

No.3: Gold is perfect accent for a neutral color story. I love the texture of these pillows and they are amazing price.

No.4: You can never go wrong with a stripe in my book. Love these.

No.5: Up the designer edge with your sofa by trimming the bottom base of it with this trim and some fabric glue.

No.6: I would flank the artwork with these beautiful delicate sconces.

I actually fell in love with this moodboard and was hoping it would get picked since it was outside of my normal colorful work. Hopefully it will inspire someone that wants a neutral look with a twist.


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06 Jan

Page 48

It’s not everyday that one gets an email from an editor at a shelter magazine. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to get such an email pop up in my in box. The lovely editors at HGTV magazine were writing to see if I would be interested in working with them on a blogger piece for the Jan/Feb issue. After I picked up my jaw off the floor I promptly responded with a YES!


It was such a fun process and it was so fun to pick up a copy at the store over the weekend and open it up and show Hudson his momma!

hgtv magazine

For the article I was asked to style a parson desk on a budget.

I sent over a little moodboard:


There was a little back and forth in order to tweak it and make it more for the HGTV reader and then the team go to work on making my board a reality. Such fun!

So, if you are interested in checking it out it’s in the current HGTV issue and my project is on page 48. 3 other bloggers are featured with different items.

A big thanks to the team at HGTV! It was a honor to be asked and featured.

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05 Jan

Getting Schooled in Schoola

Typically I like to keep the boys dressers nice and organized:

Asher’s clothes normally looks like this in his sideboard turned dresser:


Hudson has two campaign style 2 drawer chests that normally look like this:


These past two weeks though things have gotten out of control, because with Christmas and Hudson’s birthday came lots of new clothing and both boys have actually transitioned sizes which meant all of Hudson’s 2t items needed to come out and all of Ash’s 6 month clothing needed the boot as well.

After a massive clean out this weekend we were left with two storage bags of what we wanted to keep.

DSC_0602Still a crazy amount of clothing, because every outfit bought out some sort of memory for me and couldn’t be thrown out. We hope to have another child some day so I wanted to save items in case our track record continues and we have another boy and was even thinking that perhaps my sisters would want the clothes some day. Hence massive amount of clothing that I didn’t want to toss.

I took a step back though and realized that I didn’t need to save all of this clothing and started to dwindle down my piles so that I could do something good with the boys clothing now not in the future.

Enter Schoola a company that turns your kids no longer used clothing into money for their school. With Schoola you can go online and request a bag. When you make your request you will receive a prepaid donation bag that you can fill with whatever clothes you would like to donate and leave it at your doorstep for your mail carrier to pick it up.

When the clothes arrive at Schoola they will photograph everything and place it on their site for sale. Now anyone from around the country can shop your donated goodies and 40% of the proceeds benefit schools in your area. That means that for every $5 you spend $2 of those dollars go to a school in your area. Such a win, win! You get to clean out your clutter and you do good as well! So many schools have lost funding and many art and music projects have been cut so every little bit helps to get these programs back up and running.

Our bag is ready to go! Can’t wait to see how quickly our goodies and picked up by new owners and I have been having fun doing a little shopping of my own.


I’m sure you are all like me and have been bite by the new year organization bug. Make sure you request a bag today. The more people that donate the more money your local schools will receive so, make sure you pass the bag and spread the word!

P.S. In the spring Schoola will be launching a women’s section so you will be able to donate your clothing as well.

Thanks to Schoolafor sponsoring this post and supporting this blog. Like always all opinions are my own.


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05 Jan

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was all about organization, moving and birthdays! What a combo, right? We are exhausted.

Saturday morning we knew we were going to have a bit of a crazy day so we made sure to enjoy a little snuggle with our boys in the morning.

How handsome is this guy? I can’t believe he will be 8 months old on the 11th!


We headed out at 9am for Hudson’s first soccer class! Thanks Aunt Mena, Uncle Steve and Auntie Day for the gift!

Hudson is such an active guy aka he can’t sit still and he loves to run everywhere that he was in heaven with a soccer class. It was so cute seeing him in action especially when they started out the class stretching.


After soccer we were off to help my sister move back into the city. Here I am during my enjoyable ride into the city. The U-haul left before we were able to put this faux bamboo mirror in it and it had to sit in the backseat with me and it was super heavy and my head was literally holding it up!


Daniela new bedroom doesn’t have window so that presented some design challenges but I was able to come up with a plan that helps make the space feel homey and bright. Here is a little peek of what we accomplished, but we still have a bunch to do before it’s finished.



The best of the apartment? It’s proximity to Levain Bakery! The cookies are so delicious that I couldn’t have even take a photo of them. They got gobbled up way too quickly.

Sunday was our day of organization and birthday parties! First up was an early morning 4th birthday party for one of Hudson’s pals. We were all invited and Ash had an amazing time seeing all of the kids and playing. Hudson disappeared into the jungle gym and wasn’t seen again until pizza time. :)


Our second birthday celebration of the day was right afterwards and it was for my sweet daddy aka Pop-pop for Hudson and Ash. We all had a great time celebrating, but I’m pretty sure Hudson was searching for a jungle gym at the restaurant.

The youngest and oldest men in my life enjoyed the cake!


In the afternoon we tackled some organizing at home. It was time to swap out the boys clothes and clear out everything that no longer fit. The clothes that were keeping went into storage bags.


The items of clothing that were still in great condition, but no longer wanted went into a different sort of bag:


More details about this in a later post today! Stay tuned!

While it was an exhausting weekend I feel like a lot of accomplished so I’m a happy lady!















Bags were filled with items that

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02 Jan

Kicking off 2015 on the right foot!

I’m happy to report that I rung in the new year…ASLEEP! I ended up catching a cold that the men in my life had been fighting and by 11pm last night I just couldn’t do it anymore. I curled up in bed and fell fast asleep. The beginning of a new year brings out a nesting vibe in me. I’m all about clearing out the junk, putting away all of the holiday decorations and getting myself organized for a new work year.

This past month I took on some additional work so now along with interior design clients, blogging, freelance writing & producing projects and consulting I’m also working with an ad agency as their social media director. Whew! It all goes hand in hand so I’m happy to spread my wings and do a little bit of everything, but with two little guys and working mainly from home I need to get myself organized in order to make deadlines and not get projects confused. Here is a round up of some essentials that I will be picking up to get myself organized and ready to tackle 2015.


No.1: I’m a big note writer. From shopping lists for my Target run or measurements for a clients room that needs a rug I’m always writing something down. I like being able to grab them and go and getting to slash a big line through something when it’s done is wonderful.

No.2: Love the idea of these GSD Master Lists. I like seeing everything I have going on all on one page. So, it would be great to utilize all six boxes and see deadlines for the day or week on one page.

Let’s face it they are elephant shaped paperclips.I would find something to do with them even it means rocking them as earrings. Just kidding…maybe. ;)

No.3: With so much going on it’s hard to feel like you are rocking it all of the time. As women I feel like we always feel bad that we aren’t doing more even though we are always going above and beyond what is expected. Love this cell phone case that will give me a little pep talk everytime I answer a call.

No.4: Obsessed with the pattern on this planner. While I use my cellphone a lot to keep me on track I still really enjoy putting pen to paper. So, every year I pick up a planner. I’m not saying it gets used every year, but regardless how pretty will this look on my desk?!

No.5: Le Pens are the chicest pens out there and I personally use the orange and lilacs ones in my office. Love this colorful mix!

I think I’m track for a great 2015!

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31 Dec

Here’s to 2015!

{Adorable mini champagne bottles covered in sprinkles!}

Can you believe that in a couple of hours we will be celebrating the launch of 2015? Craziness. It all goes way too fast. 2014 was full of lots of wonderful things, but around here things got kinda nutty towards the end with us saying goodbye to way too many family members and friends too soon. I’m happy for 2014 to be over and to start anew. Around here New Years Eve is the only holiday that we don’t have any family commitments. It’s nice to have one holiday that is just ours. We will be staying in, but I will still make sure to rock some sparkles, make a yummy meal for my little family and enjoy some time in front of the fireplace before the clock strikes 12. Hopefully I will be passed out by 12:05am, because this momma is tired. Bliss.

I hope you all enjoy your sendoff to 2014! Thanks for stopping by my little space of the internet and being just so lovely. I truly consider all of you my friends and wish you nothing but the best for the new year.


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30 Dec

Toy Storage

Before I had children I thought that when I did have children they would only play with organic wooden toys that were pleasing to this designers eye. Enter mommyhood and 2 little guys later and this is what our man den/playroom combo looks like on a daily basis:


Are there wooden organic toys? Yup, there are some that are sprinkled throughout all of the rest of the primary color story madness. That’s just one corner of the room and the sad part is that I had cleaned it up about 30 mins prior to the photo while Hudson protested, “Mommy, no clean.”

It didn’t use to be that bad, but with many generous friends and family members the boys toy supply has doubled due to Christmas. I have started to weed out the older toys that are no longer touched, but of course when I start to put those aside Hudson discovers them again and they become the new favorite toy.

We are still planning on donating quite a bit of toys, but something must be done for storage. My go to source for storage is Ikea. Note to all, I also claimed I would never shop  at Ikea after my newlywed years were behind me and we could afford real furniture. Ha ha I’m there at least once a month picking something up. :)

I have been doing some research and here is a small round up on storage solutions from Ikea that would work with toys.

toy storage from ikea

No.1: Kallaxis the new Expedit. I like that it’s available in some high gloss colored options, but I don’t love that you can’t move the shelves so the toys need to fit in those predetermined sizes and in order to hide the mess you need to either buy baskets or doors. Not sure if this will be a good fit for us.

No.2: Stuva is the style that Ikea markets especially for kids rooms, but there is just something about it I don’t love. Perhaps it’s the opening/pull on the drawer or it’s me, not them, but I don’t think we are meant to be. Of course the measurements work perfectly for us, but I don’t know if I can do it.

No.3: Akurum is a blogger favorite and used many times in floating cabinets DIY projects and the size would insure lots of storage, but I see Asher having his hand closed in by the cabinet door, and I don’t like the feet, which means floating them looks best and that means Hudson would totally try crawling underneath or jumping on top the magical floating cabinet.

No.4: Besta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this style would work best for us. I like that it comes in a variety of neutral shades and that the shelves can be moved and while doors are available it doesn’t look awful without them. Plus it’s only $59. I think we may have a winner.

We shall see what happens. Hoping to get this toy situation under control before the new year!

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