16 Feb

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend I got to sneak away Friday night and enjoy a little concert. My lovely sister and her boyfriend were able to snag tickets to the NBA All Star concert where Bon Jovi was performing. I’ve loved Jon Bon Jovi longer than I’ve loved my own Jon so it’s pretty serious and was really excited to go!  :)


It was at Hammerstein ballroom which is standing only so it made it pretty easy to wiggle your way to the front of the stage. We were super close and Jon even got a high five!

No zoom needed because we were that close!

It was a late night out so we were super happy that Hudson didn’t have soccer the next morning.

Valentine’s day was low key, but wonderful. I got to spend the day with my favorite guys. I got the prettiest flowers.


The morning was spent just relaxing and enjoying a yummy pancake breakfast that my guys made for me. It was a snowy day, but we bundled up and headed out to lunch.

My handsome lunch dates:


The only way I could get a shot with Hudson was by taking a selfie and asking him to a duck face. This kid is super anti-photos lately so I will take what I can get.


Our outing continued with a little thrifting. We were near a shop I don’t always get to so I had to pop in. Like always some things were crazy high, but there were some budget finds.

This bamboo coffee table was $68. It was massive and I think it would look great painted a bright color or jet black.


This rocking chair had really pretty lines and the caning was in perfect condition and it was only $38!


This loveseat was on the high end coming in at $238, but it was Ethan Allen and in perfect condition. Plus the enlarged floral pattern is very on trend with what all of the fabric showrooms are currently featuring.

*All of these items are from St. Vincents in Huntington on Jericho Turnpike for all of my NY readers.


We even managed to go to an open house and check out a house that was completely renovated. We have always leaned towards having a house that was old and full of character that we could renovate to our needs, but the curb appeal on this house was so pretty that we had to check it out.


It was pretty, but the first floor was surprisingly really small and while it was nice to have already re-done we didn’t love all of the choices they made and it felt more like a hotel to us. It was also on a pretty main road so thanks, but no thanks.

The rest of the weekend was pretty cold out so we hibernated inside and did lots of baking.


A sweet way to end a sweet weekend.

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13 Feb

Friday Finds…

gem chocolates

Here are some gems that caught my eye this week:

-Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? How about these chocolate gems instead? I say go for the chocolates.

-Obsessed with this top.The lace, the pineapple design that you don’t see right away, and the way it flares at the bottom. Ah love!

-A petite pink elephant head mount? Don’t mind if I do. It seems like a necessity in my life. :)

-Some of the best towels I have are from Garnet Hill. Love these greek key towels.The look super plush, they can be monogrammed and are an extra 20% off with the code PREZSALE until Feb 16th.

-How sweet are these enamel frames?I think I need a pair of the orange ones with my sweet boys names on them. Since I’m already placing an order I might as well pick up one of thesetoo.

Happy Friday!

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12 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Tory Burch Beauty

How stunning are these new eyeshadows from Tory Burch? The packaging is amazing. What pretty patterns! I think Tory needs to come out with a home decor fabric line. The eyeshadows look equally amazing. Normally I buy an eyeshadow palette and end up with a couple of colors I don’t like/use, but in these sets they all look like winners.

Pas du Tout is a collection of warm neutrals with a mix of bronzes and pinks:
tory burch beauty

Cat’s Meow is a collection of taupes, deep grays and inky blues:

Catch is a collection of pinks, mauves and a pop of blue:

I can’t pick a favorite! I think I would get good use out of all of them.


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11 Feb

Pattern Play: Taupe meets Mint


Inspired by the colors in this stunning elephant from Ramble Market  I decided to play around with the colors and come up with a pretty fabric story you can use as a jumping off point for a room.

taupe meets mint

No.1 I have been seeing florals with gray/taupe backgrounds everywhere and this is one of my favorites.

No.2 You know I love a good stripe and this one is just amazing in my eyes and only $12.95 a yard!

No.3 I love a little dose of boho chic in a space and this beauty would work perfectly and is upholstery weight.

No.4 Still in love with chevron, but want an updated look on it? Go with a flamestitch instead like this one.

No.5 It’s always good to include a smaller scale pattern into the mix and this pattern reminds me of a Sister Parish pattern at a fraction of the cost.

Now go forward and continue designing. Love how inspiration can come from anywhere. With me it’s never weird that it came from an elephant. :)

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10 Feb

Tassel everything and anything

One of my favorite projects from my recent bathroom revampis my revamped roman shade. I had a plain jane white roman shade that I knew could be so much more. What’s a girl to do? Dye it a different shade, add trim of some sort?

This tassle shower curtainkept popping into my mind and since I already had a shower curtain I knew exactly what to do with the roman shade….tassels!


Here is what you need to make tassels:


Here is the how to:

1. Simply take your piece of cardboard and start wrapping your embroidery thread around it. I like to count how many loops I’m making so that I can make all of my tassels the same amount of thickness.


2.Tie a knot at the top end of your cardboard loop.


3. Cut the opposite end of the loop. Either while it’s still on the cardboard or after you slide it off.


4. With your tie knot on top fold over thread so that you have equal amounts of thread on each side of knot. Then tie a knot to make your tassel neck.


5. Then wrap your thread around until the desired width.


6.Then make another knot and you are finished with your tassel.


7. Use the top loop you made to thread your tassel unto your desired item. I used this tassel on a napkin, but it can really go anywhere.


All done!


They are so easy to make, but they are time consuming. Doing my little roman shade took around 3 hours. I love it though and it was literally just a couple of dollars to make so it was worth it.

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09 Feb

Bathroom Revamp

*No weekend recap post this week. I was under the weather so my weekend was spent in bed catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Not very photo worthy.*

When we first moved into our house back in 2007 I decided to go bold and paint the walls in our teeny tiny full bath black. I loved it for a while, but then black walls were everywhere and since then our bathroom has remained the same with all of it’s fixtures, but I have played around with paint and styles.

1st Bathroom look:


Currently I’m part of True Value’s DIY Squad and I decided to give our bathroom yet another revamp and make it a bit more colorful and happy!

Want to check out the new look? Head over and take a look.

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06 Feb

Friday Finds

floral plate

Random Friday thoughts and finds…

-Sometimes it’s worth it to pop into those random variety stores full of gift bags and .99 cent trinkets. Went in for tissue paper and came out with this fun floral platter. It’s massive and was only $3!

-Love this dress. The stripes plus the slight ruffle on the sleeves and only $36!

-Minted now carries fabric and the patterns available are just beautiful. Love all of the abstract patterns. This one has to be my favorite!

-How sparkly are these mint opal studs? I can’t stop thinking of them. I think they might just have to be a treat yo self purchase.

-I think this coin dish would look right at home on my console table.

-Fell in love with these agate scones! What an amazing DIY project.


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05 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Hearts

I know Valentine’s day is a silly holiday, but it’s one I can get behind. It’s all about love and who doesn’t love, love and need a little bit of it every day. When Jon and I were dating we use to go all out for Valentine’s day and each year was bigger than the next, but as the years go by the holiday has gotten smaller for us, but we still like to celebrate with some heart shaped treats. This year we need to mail some Valentine’s out to the boys Auntie’s and show them that their favorite guys are thinking of them. Here is a small round up of some of my favorite little gifts all featuring hearts!

heart finds

No. 1 I love conversation hearts. Really I only like the white ones. In the past Jon has picked out all the white ones for me as a Valentine’s day gift. He is totally a keeper. :) Love these crew socks.

No.2 I always have lose change floating around my purse. How adorable is this heart shaped pouch? Love it!

No.3 I love a little sparkle especially on my nails. Glitter polish is the easiest to apply when you are doing it yourself and all of that sparkle tends to hide chips. Win, win. This oneis complete with petite hearts.

No.4 Who doesn’t want to see the world through rose colored glasses?

No.5 A respectable home for make up so that it’s not floating around your bathroom or purse.

Off to make Valentine’s with the boys today! Happy Shopping!

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04 Feb

Effortless Raspberry Bars

Yesterday I had all intentions to make raspberry bars from scratch and photograph them for the blog and then I checked my cabinets and realized I was missing brown sugar and it was still snowy and icy out and the thought of heading out with two boys for brown sugar didn’t seem effortless. So I looked in my pantry aka a cabinet with all of my box mixes and found a mix of Krusteaz raspberry bars and realized this would truly be effortless. I did a tweak it a little bit to make it bit more like my recipe.

effortless raspberry bars

All you need for this mix is a stick of butter! Amazing. The flour mix ingredients was pretty much everything I was going to use so I left that as is and forked the mixture to get my base and crumb layer.

effortless raspberry bars

You need to place 2/3 cup of that mix in greased ban and make your base. Bake in oven at 350 for 15 mins.

Now their raspberry mix was full of some ingredients I didn’t love so I decided to use an all natural spread I had around. Mine was strawberry, but there is also a raspberry version.


Once the spread is on the base you can sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top. I decided to make an addition and add chocolate chips!


Before sprinkling my dish with the chocolate chips I coated them in flour. This helps prevent them from sinking into the mixture while baking.


Pop them in the oven for 30 mins and then voila yummy and totally effortless raspberry bars that you can pass off as home made. Shhh. It will be our little secret.

You can just cut them into squares, but in honor of upcoming Valentine’s day I used a heart cutter on them.

effortless raspberry bars

effortless raspberry bars

effortless raspberry bars

A perfectly sweet treat that I’m happy to report got gobbled up rather quickly at my house and I believe there is only heart left!

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03 Feb

Petal Pusher: Valentine’s Day flowers

As Valentine’s day quickly approaches I thought it would fun to showcase an easy flower arrangement you can tackle on your own that can either be used as a centerpiece or a bouquet.

I was at a wholesale florist last week and had a blast going through all of the massive refrigerators full of blooms. In another life I would have totally become a floral designer and when I do event styling through Effortless Style I tend to tackle all of the centerpieces on my own. Such fun!

Now that we are in February the price on roses are high and anything in the pink or red color stories are also on the rise. It is possible though to make an arrangement and not break the bank.


Carnations are your friend. I know some people hate them, because they are a cheap flower, but they can be really pretty. They come in bold colors and are really full. Bunch them up and they look amazing. Spray roses are also your friend and much cheaper than traditional roses during this Valentines day season.

I needed flowers for an event I was booked for so I bought a lot:


For an individual arrangement you would only need a 2 dozen carnations in different shades. I went with a hot pink and a pale pink. You would also need 1 dozen of the min spray roses and some sort of filler flower. I used wax flowers as my filler, but really you could use whatever is available in a neutral shade. You will have lots of extra flowers with the amounts listed above, but since you can really only buy flowers by the dozen at retailers there is no way around it. So either make a super large arrangement or lots of extras for friends.

I picked up these vases  for $1.59! Great size and shape and a nice weight.

When doing your own arrangement it’s all about the details. I use floral foam for all of my arrangements and need to hide that so instead of wrapping the base in leaves I spraypainted them like I did here. You can arrange the flowers in whatever style you like, but I tend to follow these steps.


diy floral arrangment

Now that looked pretty enough, but I decided to step things up by adding a pretty glittery word. I had a friend make up some words for me on glittery scrapbooking paper. She can do whatever you like. If you are interested email liz@elizabethkristinphotography.com for details.

diy floral arrangement

We all need a little heart on Valentine’s day!


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