12 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Whenever I have any free time I enjoy taking yoga classes. I must admit it’s been quite some time since I have been able to take a class, but I’m looking forward to starting up again this Spring. Of course along with trying to find a new class I’ve also been checking out yoga gear. How amazing are these new yoga mats from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats.

The designs are hand drawn by textile artist Sophie Leininger and are sustainably printed in California. I love all of the patterns, but I must say these are my two favorites:


Amethyst Traditional Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.
Southwest Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.

I think I’m leaning towards the Southwest pattern. We shall see!

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11 Mar

Ready Made vs. Assembly Required Sofas

In the past couple of months my parents have replaced both of their living room sofas. Out went the camel back sofas that I remember picking out with them years ago and in went some beautiful tufted sofas. We didn’t want a matching set of sofas so we ended up purchasing sofas from two different sources. One from overstock and one from Home Decorators. Here was our experience with both.

ready made vs. assembly required sofas

The first sofa we purchased was the Lakewood Tufted Sofa from Home Decorators.This was a Christmas gift for my parents and I ended up picking it up when it was 30% off, which was a steal, but then adding taxes and the large shipping price of $165 we ended up at around $1,000. I placed the order and had the sofa was  hand delivered within 10 days. It was delivered in one box and brought into my house. All we had to do was slip it out of the box and enjoy. Win, win.

lakewood tufted sofa

We all loved the tufting. I love how set in all of the tufts are. It really makes it look so fancy and high quality.

lakewood tufted sofa

All of the seams were perfect and overall it was a wonderful sofa at a great price point.

My Dads birthday is in the beginning of January and guess what my Mom
Dad decided would be an amazing gift? A new sofa to finish up the living room. So, out went the camelback loveseat and in went the Dune side tufted sofa from Overstock. We didn’t want a matching set so this sofa was perfect for our needs. It had similar lines and tufting, but the tufting was on the sides. We went with a neutral tan because we didn’t want to get something in a color like the first sofa and have it not be a perfect color match and have it look off. Best part about Overstock was the free shipping on a sofa!!! With my coupon code the sofa came up to $598! Worst part? Yup, that meant the sofa arrived in 2 boxes and had to be put together.

A spent around 2 hours taking everything out of the boxes and using an Alan key to put in what seemed like a million bolts. Was it easy to do? Pretty much. Was it annoying? YES! I did it all by myself except when I needed a little help aligning the sides. I’m not handy at all and I was able to do it. I thought Jon would be super proud that I tackled it on my own and he was, but he also mentioned that his drill had an Alan key bit and if he had known I was going to tackle it without him he would have mentioned that to me to make it faster. Whoops!

Overall we were happy with the quality of the sofa. It was like the picture and really pretty and comfy.

dune side tufted sofa

dune side tufted sofa
{ I wish the tufting was set in a little bit more like the Home Decorators sofa, but overall it’s still a really nice detail.}

My only complaint was the back side of the sofa. Due to the sofa being in pieces you needed to get to the underneath and sides of the sofa to attach bolts, which means you have velcro seams on the sides that lift up so that you can get in.

dune side tufted sofa

Along with the velcro at the bottom corners of the backside you also have the seams of the sides/arms on that are more predominant on the backside. Is it horrible? No, but I do notice it and think how much more I would like it if it could as one big piece.

dune side tufted sofaOverall everyone is super happy with them and the living room has a totally different look that didn’t break the bank. Would I buy a sofa again that needed to be assemble? Probably not. It wasn’t that much more to get something ready made. Time is precious and I could have used those 2 hours of assemble to tackle other things on my to-do list.



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10 Mar

Look for Less: Beaded Chandelier

beadedchandelier{The Empire chandelier in all it’s glory.}

For the longest time I have been in love with the beautiful chandeliers that Marjorie Skouras designs. They are stunning works of art in the form of beaded chandeliers and like works of art they are pricey!

I’m certain they are worth every penny, but I don’t think I will be getting one anywhere in the near future. I was so happy to have stumbled upon White Owl Company because they have a wonderful look for less for $369.99!!!!!


It’s a bit smaller than my favorite chandelier and a little different in the color story, but overall I think it’s an amazing look for less option. Plus with code WHITEOWLSAVE15 you can get $15 off your order until 3/16.

Not interested in new lighting? Don’t worry White Owl Company had a great array of rustic home decor items that I lost myself for quite some time going through all of their products.

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09 Mar

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was full of nothingness and not fun nothings, but nothings like having a mile long to-do list that we had to tackle over the weekend and not just relaxing at home.

We tackled some cleaning:

asheronroomna{Don’t worry this wasn’t turned on.}

I prepared some business cards for a networking event I have to go to this week.


I did a little client work. Loving this fabric scheme:


I also finalized some fabric picks for our basement:


I found the perfect Hollywood regency style lamp at a thrift shop. It has a couple of nicks in the finish so I will need to paint it. What colors shall I pick?


Target has the cutest office supplies in their dollar spot section. Picked up some goodies for myself during one of my errands.


My kitchen got a dose of pretty as well when I spied these set of 2 Turkish dish towels for $5 at Century21!


Gap Factory was hosting a crazy sale so I went to pick up some stuff for the boys and might have paused a bit in the women’s section and got some goodies myself like shoes on sale for $12.99!


I also picked up some dye to work on a DIY project I’ve been itching to try for the longest time. Any ideas?


When we were home after knocking out our to do list we were doing a lot of playing in the man den/playroom. As quickly as I clean it up they do this to do it. My eyes!


Best part of the weekend? Warmer temps and a little peek that perhaps Winter is on it’s way out!


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06 Mar

Friday Finds…


This week…

-I picked up the latest issue of Domino. The cover is beautiful and the inside is full of lots of great spreads. I was also inspired by title color to pick up Rise & Shine by Sinful Colors.

-Do you follow Grace from A Storied Style on instagram? You should. She shared her beautiful entry way this week and I’m obsessed with the wallpaper she used on the ceiling!

-Swoozies is having a a 20% off anniversary sale with code HAPPY14. I’m currently adding this glittered Kate Spade water bottle, rosy glow wrapping paper, adorable bunny server and this lap desk (which is so helpful when I work from bed at night)to my shopping cart. So many goodies!

-Obsessed with these petite square vases from Feathered. I think I could use one in every room of my house. Love them and only $8!

-Did you know that Serena and Lily came out with a paint line? Such pretty colors all edited by Serena herself and amazing names. Plus you can order them with a click of the mouse. No waiting online at a home improvement store.

-Crane & Canopy is running a massive giveaway for National Sleep Week. It runs till March 16th and entering takes sections. Interested? Enter here!


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05 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Beach Cruiser

It’s snowing yet again. The winter started out pretty tame here in NY, but these past couple of weeks have been full of snow, snow and more snow. Don’t get me wrong it look likes like a winter wonderland outside with everything covered in white, but we are all getting stir crazy inside. I’m constantly looking up winter getaways and thinking about activities we can do once it starts to get warm.

Activity number one on my list is getting a beach cruiser! I haven’t been on a bike in years, but my sister got one for Christmas and her retro looking bike got me itching for my own. Now I’m totally afraid I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike, but I’m willing to look like a fool while I get the hang of it again.

Here are some bikes that are my short list of favorites:

Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser in Pistachio for $89.
Huff Cranbrook in Orange Sherbet for $95.60.

huffy beach cruisers

Huffy Nel Lusso Cruiser in Gloss Blue for $128.57.
Huffy Deluxe Cruiser in Mint for $169.99.

So who is ready to go cruising with me?

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04 Mar

Effortless Entertaining: Brunch Style

This past weekend I hosted a little brunch at my house for some of the ladies in my life. It was part of a pampered chef party so we got to do a little eating and a little shopping at the same time. I hadn’t hosted a pampered chef party in almost 9 years and things have changed since then. Now instead of just a typical direct sales type party they do an interactive cooking demonstration so all of my guests to got to test out the products and make a meal and dessert.

effortless style brunch

I wanted to have some additional food for the guests so that they had something to snack on when they arrived. I originally was going to make everything from scratch, but then I realized I simply didn’t have the time with my little helpers around.

Here is what I did and it worked out wonderfully.

Little mini donuts dressed up on my white serving platters were sprinkled throughout the house.

effortless style brunch

I also took store bought crumb cake and removed it out of the packaging and cut it into pieces and placed it on another pretty platter. It’s all about how you display it.

crumb cake

I didn’t want to worry about having to keep eggs warm so for a main dish I did a yogurt parfait instead. I used a trifle bowl and layered Honey bunches of oats raspberry granola, strawberry yogurt, strawberries and blueberries. I used mason jars for serving and it was a big hit. People loved it and came back for seconds and the bowl was pretty much finished by the end of the party.

effortless style brunch

The biggest hit of the party though was the easiest thing to do. I picked up Danish Pancakes from Trader Joe’s. I simply had to put them on an ungreased cookie sheet for 10 mins at 450. After that I just finished them off with powdered sugar.


I also picked up some of Trader Joe’s fudge sauce and caramel sauce as dipping sauces for the Danish pancakes. I warmed them up for 30 seconds in the microwave in  their containers and then poured them into more of my white serving dishes.

effortless style brunch

All done!

effortless style brunch

People kept coming up to asking about the recipe. You know that’s always a good sign. I should have said they were a secret family recipe, but I let everyone in on my secret and many guests were stopping at Trader Joe’s on their way to pick up some of themselves.

It was an effortless brunch that everyone enjoyed. We ended up making lemon artichoke pasta with grilled chicken from Pampered Chef which was also a crowd favorite.




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03 Mar

Budget Boho Chic Finds

If you live in the NY/NJ area then you have hopefully heard of Century 21. No,not the real estate company, but a store full of amazing fashion finds and home goods. They are mainly know for their fashion items because they have a crazy good selection of high end designer pieces at great price points. Carrie from SATC even shopped there during a couple of episodes. What many people don’t know is that the home goods section is just as good. It’s a treasure trove of finds. It’s always one of my go to stops when I need styling items.

I was just there over the weekend and the Boho/Global trend is alive and well. Boho/Global has become somewhat of a timeless design style with most design lovers enjoying pieces that look well traveled and unique.

Take a peek at all of the goodies:

boho chic

boho chic 2

boho chic 3

boho chic 4

boho chic 8

boho chic 5

boho chic 6

Now a whole room filled with Boho/Global finds is a bit too much for my liking. I would feel like I was living in a catalog, but a couple of accents here or there and I can appreciate  the design style.

If you don’t have a Century 21 near you don’t fret, because I made sure to read labels and the majority of these goodies came from Karma Living.

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02 Mar

Beauty Sleep 101

Did you know today is the start of National Sleep Week? In honor of that I’m working with Crane & Canopy to spread the word and share some of tips for how I get my beauty sleep. As a busy working momma, sleep is something I could always enjoy more of, but with my schedule I’m lucky with the 7 hours I get at night even though they tend to be a bit interrupted. Here are some tips on how I ensure I fall asleep easily and get my beauty rest. After all my concealer can only help so much.

crane&canopy linden duvet set

Princess and the Pea: Making sure you have amazing bedding is super crucial. A cozy and soft bedding set that feels great is a must. So many times I’ve bought bedding home only to have it feel like cardboard even after a washing or two. My personal favorite bedding company is Crane & Canopy. Not only is their bedding soft and luxurious, but the patterns are stunning and their prices can’t be beat. Win, win. I have the Linden duvet in Monaco blue.
crane and canopy linden duvet set

Pillow Talk: As a decorator I’m all about accent pillows on a bed, but make sure that when it comes time for sleep you remove all of those and only use sleeping pillows. Remember pillows are a personal choice. One person may love a super soft pillow while others enjoy firm. It’s best to pick out your own pillow and if possible test them out in the store. My husband has been known to line them up in a store and lay his head on all of his picks. I recently picked up a pillow for the specific way I sleep (side and stomach sleeper) and it has made a world of difference to me. Extra tip: Pillows should be changed every 6 months.

crane and canopy linden

My cup of tea: A cup of caffeine free tea always helps me get into a sleepy mood. Part of it is having something warm that makes me woozy, but another part of it is simply the ritual of it. Grabbing my favorite mug, steeping my tea, enjoying a cookie with it. All of it signals bedtime to my body and gets me in the mood. My favorite tea of the moment is Chopra Relaxing Tea from Harney & Sons the cinnamon is delightful for winter and I love the tins it comes in.

crane and canopy linden duvet set

On my bookshelf: This should really read on my nightstand, because that is where I stack all of the books on my current reading list. Whenever I’m having a hard time falling asleep picking up a book helps relax me and gets my eyes tired and I drift off rather quickly. My current nightstand read is #GirlBoss. What is on your nightstand? I’m almost done and will need a new read.

crane & canopy linden duvet set

Unplug: I know this is a hard one for everyone, but it really is crucial to getting a good nights sleep. My cell phone is practically attached to my hand, but at bedtime I leave it charging in my kitchen so it’s not tempting to pick it up and check facebook or my emails. Yes, I do use my laptop in bed to get some work done, but I shut things down around 45 mins before I’m ready for sleep.

crane&canopy duvet set

Do you have any tips for getting the ultimate night of beauty sleep?

Want to get some other tips? Make sure you check out:

Tuesday-Natalie from Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers
Wednesday-Jess from Bows and Sequins
Thursday- Emily from Life with Emily
Friday- Jennifer from Haute off the Rack


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27 Feb

Friday Finds…


-Are you an Oreo family? In our house we simply adore them. They were Hudson’s favorite cookie and have quickly become Asher’s favorite. I love them all and always pick up limited editions favors to test them out. My current favorite other than the classic is their lemon/golden Oreo. Love this article from Huff Post where they tested out a bunch of different combos. Yum! Going to have to try some new combinations this weekend.

-How beautiful is this make up bag? I don’t think I would dare to ever put make up in it and get it dirty. It’s like a mini work of art.

-In love with these mugs. Such an easy DIY project that I think I could even tackle with Hudson.

-Wishing and hoping to plan an island getaway at some point this year. I need some time in the sun! In love with this cover up. Oh those tassels.

-I love finding gems on Pottery Barn Teen. How adorable are these scalloped shams? They look like a must have to me!

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