17 Jul

Friday Finds…


-Ah! Am I right? We just finished refinancing our house in order to get a lower interest rate and I’ve been super bummed about all of the closing fees we had to pay again! Ah!!!!! Wouldn’t a billion dollars sound nice right about now?!

-Ashley from Ashley Brooke Designs has her house featured on  Rue and it’s so fun to take a peek inside. I must say though that I can’t get passed the front of her house. The curb appeal is amazing!

-Jon has been obsessed with the idea of raising chickens and if we are able to build them a coop like this one then I think I’m board. Guys, I’m jealous of a chickens house.

-I’m a big fan of actress Eva Amurri Martino. She has done some movies and TV Shows and many people must just know her because Susan Sarandon is her mother. I have been following her on instagram. She just seems like the perfect girl pal that anyone would love. She seems funny and loyal and really supportive of her friends/hubby/family. She is a new mom and has a 10 month old daughter named Marlow how is totally adorable so there is always lots of pretty picks and moments of “They’re Just Like Us” when she brings up parenting stuff. A couple of weeks ago she launched a blog, Happily Eva After. You must check it out! I’m pretty sure Asher and Marlow would make a perfect pair so must get him to LA.

-Loving these new colorblock pillows. The mix of velvet and canvas work perfectly. I think a pair of these cherry yellow ones would work great in my living room.

*I’m currently in Atlanta for Haven so if you are at the conference come say HELLO!


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16 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Metallic Geometric Stool

During one of my weekly trips to Target I decided to scroll past the outdoor section. Did I really need anything? No, but when has that ever stopped anyone at Target. I was drawn to all of the clearance signs, because outdoor was on it’s way out and Back to School items were starting to fill the shelves.

I was about to leave empty handed when this beauty stopped me in my tracks! It was originally $69.99 and currently on sale for $20!!! I picked two up and strapped them in my car seats like they were babies.

threshold cream and gold stool

Now of course they can go outdoors. I played around with on my lawn to see how I like it.

threshold cream and white stool

They can also live indoors and currently here is where they are residing.

threshold cream and gold certamic stool

I’m just baby-sitting them though, because I think they should really live in my sister’s new apt so until they close they will be staying with me.

I was just at Target again yesterday and they still had some so run and pick one or two or three up!


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15 Jul

Ice Cream Social

It’s been raining all week, which means lots of indoors time and I’ve been trying to entertain both boys all while still trying to get work done and then also prepare for our trip to Atlanta! Ah!

Yesterday Hudson decided he wanted blue ice cream due to some ice cream commercial he saw. Thanks TV! Luckily I had an ice cream maker I received for my bridal shower that I had never used so we were in business!

ice cream ingredients

My baby wants blue, my baby gets blue!

ice cream

Leave in the machine for 25 mins aka almost an hour and it still wasn’t set so it needed to go in our deep freezer overnight.


It’s all about presentation and luckily I’m always prepared. How adorable are these ceramic ice cream cones that I picked up at TJ MAXX?! I also picked up that sprinkles gift wrap while I was there.

ice cream social


ice cream social

Of course after I presented Hudson with it he told me it was green not blue and he didn’t want it. Ah! You can’t win them all. He eventually did try it and told me it was delicious. That kid likes to keep me on my toes.

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14 Jul


There was a time when I would literally polish my nails about every day. This was back in my freshman year of college when I had all of my classes scheduled in the morning and the rest of the day to myself. Ah! Imagine the bliss!

Now a days that doesn’t really happen anymore, but I do love to treat myself to a manicure on a monthly basis. This past weekend my sisters and I headed to try out Paintbox. Paintbox is a new manicure concept where you can go and get your nails done with one of their unique designs.






Linen bound binder with all of the designs and nail polish colors available:


Flipping thru the current summer designs:


Lovely exposed brick wall. Loved the mix of traditional and modern elements.



Concrete floors and tufted navy settees:


Amazing light fixture:


They zhushed up our drinks and gave us some sparkling wine:



paintboxAll finished!


Chic bathroom:



Mani cam!



It even shows you some examples of how should lay your hands:


Sisters shot!

paint box

Then you get a  copy sent to you!


Perfect manicure for the engagement party. I liked coordinating with the flowers I did.

paintboxIt’s a bit pricey, but it was a fun night out and more of an experience than just a normal manicure. I will  be back for a special occasion.

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13 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was a fun one! We got to celebrate my sister’s engagement with a surprise engagement party that her fiance threw! I had been trying to avoid my sister all week, because I was so scared I was going to put my foot in my mouth and say something about the party! All was well and no one messed up and she was surprised!

Here are some peeks of the day:

I was in charge of doing the flowers for the party. It was so much fun! I think I’m going to start offering this service to clients. I was able to go to my wholesaler and order a couple of different variety of English garden roses and they were perfection!

english garden floral arrangement

Here is a peek of the venue. My only complaint was that there were only fans and I was dying from the heat. It was a really humid day.

engagement party

Centerpieces for the tables:


I was also in charge of ordering the cake and making a candy buffet:

candy buffet

engagement party cake

The happy couple:



It was a blast, but I must say I’m exhausted and currently a little nervous for Haven! I have never spoken at a conference before and we leave on Thursday so the butterflies have started!!!!!

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10 Jul

Friday Finds…

Halcyon House

-After seeing the beautiful instagram feed of Australia hotel, Halcyon House I may or may not have started looking up flights and surprisingly it’s not as horrible as I thought it would be. Hmmm. Wheels are spinning.

-The most adorable lemonade stand I ever did see. So cute!

-Can not believe these beauties are currently not on my feet. They look like they are meant for me. Adore!

-Clearly I need to set it up with our etsy art shop. Did you read about this 19 year old yet?

-Currently obsessed with artwork by Hayley Mitchell of ART by HKM.

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09 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Floral Romper

I’m on the hunt for the perfect floral romper! I use to have one that was a handy me down from my sister, but then said sister asked to borrow it again and I have yet to see it’s return. (I’m talking to you, Daniela!)

Here is my favorite new contender:


I found a couple of other options that I think would also make a great treat yo self option:

-For Love and Lemons romper
-Gab & Kate Feelin Flowery romper
-West Coast Aloha romper
-Floral Print Surplice romper
-Fabulous Floral Print romper

What’s a girl to do?

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08 Jul

Etsy Spotlight: A Thing Created

Perhaps it my High School desire to go to F.I.T., but fashion illustrations always speak to me and the pieces from A Thing Created are just beautiful. Erisha is the Seattle based artist behind this etsy shop and her work is truly stunning.  She makes me envious of all of the girls in her prints. I just want to switch places with all of them for a little bit ok let’s face it when my day is crazy I want to switch with them period.

She has a fun collection of summer inspired pieces that would be the perfect addition for any gallery wall:

Places to Go:

Sun Hats & Palms:

Pineapple Swing:

Beachside Bestie:

Along with art prints she also carries notepads, trays, stationary and even wrapping paper!

I’m just a little obsessed with her work and you can be too! Use code SETSAIL to take 20% off all summer inspired items.

P.S. We are working together on a little project of my own that I can’t wait to share with you!!!

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07 Jul

Catskill Farms

The second we think about moving from our house my thoughts almost immediately go into making a bigger move. A move to a different part of NY where the prices are for house are much less and we could get so much more space!

I eventually end up searching for houses in the Catskills, Woodstock, Kingston area of New York. It literally makes me want to cry when I see all of the beautiful houses and the amazing prices! Sadly though Jon’s work is here on Long Island and he can’t telecommute at all so for now it is what it is.

A girl can dream though and my latest obsession has been Catskill Farms.Normally I look for old homes I can renovate, but Catskill Farms is a company where you can look at land and then look at their different styles of construction be it Farmhouse style or Cottage style and they will do all the work for you and present you with your new home! They also have mini cottages, barns and mid century ranches!

I’m loving this ranch they just sold!

catskill farms

This farmhouse is also screaming my name:

catskill farms

This is a combo of their farm style and barn style:

catskill farms

This farmhouse is amazing and a total forever home:

catskill farms

So many pretty houses! Who is moving with me!

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06 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend due to the 4th of July!

We started our Friday with a little excitement. I saw a house for sale about 3 blocks away from our current house but in the right school district! I made a call and we were able to get in and check it out!

Ideally one of my must haves was that our next house was either a dutch colonial or a center hall colonial and this is neither, but surprisingly it was one of the only houses that has felt like it could be home. It has good bones, lots of bedrooms and space, an old kitchen that I won’t feel bad about ripping it out completely and a pool! A pool was never our list, but it’s nice that this one has one. We shall see what happens. Fingers crossed that whatever is meant to be will be.


We spent most of our Friday painting away. We sell some paintings in my One Kings Lane market place store and we have sold out of paintings and needed to fill up the shop!

Out came the paint and the massive canvases. The paintings take a lot of layers so we had everything out in the backyard in the hopes that the nice weather would speed up the drying process. Everything out in the open though led to lots of little hands that also wanted to paint.


Luckily we had a kid’s easel that we had yet to open. Out it went and our little Picasso’s went to work.


Here is a peek at one of the finished paintings that Hudson thanked me for making and told me was beautiful. Ah he is such a sweet kid.


On Saturday we headed out east to spend the day at a family member’s beach house.

Asher enjoyed the beach:


We tried to take a group shot of most of the kids. It didn’t work. Note to self don’t try taking a photo on a boat where at any second one kid could have pushed another kid into the water. Ah! They were all fine, but every single parent was having a mini heart attack. Yes folks that’s Hudson trying to bite Asher.


Hudson enjoyed their dock thoroughly. He loved running out and checking on all of the little minnows in the water.


The little kids have started to out number the adults. Loved seeing this set up of mini Adirondack  chairs.


Me and my main guy. He actually let me take a photo! Ok he scrunched up his face like crazy, but he smiled for a photo. Progress!


Everyone had the best time with the slip and slide we bought. Best $20 we have spent. Why bring dessert or flowers when you can bring entertainment. :)


We got home around midnight and it’s safe to say we spent a lot of our Sunday in our PJ’s! We had a low key day playing in the backyard. The boys were thrilled that their Grandma and Pop pop came over to play and we got a little more work done.

Finished painting a desk that also headed to our One King Lanes shop:


Started another painting:


Plus I got to work on my presentation for Haven! Are any of you coming? I’m totally nervous! We should have a fun session so if you are attending come find me and say hello!


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