03 Sep

Backyard Deck Reveal!

For the longest time our backyard was mainly just grass and a little small area where we laid down some pavers so that we could set out a little plastic table/chairs during the summer. Not exactly ideal for entertaining.


For the past couple of years we have wanted to build a deck and enjoy the space, but something has always come up and before we know it the summer is over and we are indoors more and the deck project gets pushed aside.

This year we finally made sure to put the deck in our plans and actually hired it out.

In April we stained it.


Throughout the summer we picked out an outdoor table, added chairs,found outdoor cushions for the chairs, laid down the perfect outdoor rug and hunted down the best deal for an outdoor sectional.

Whew! Here is the final reveal…for now at least. We shall see what gets tweaked next summer.

We now have a seating area with a good amount of shade, a little kids area and a dining area.

Seating Area:

outdoor deck

select furnishings london set

Loving my new lucite tray from Laura Dro Designs.  I have been using it constantly since I got it.

outdoor deck

My plain jane toss pillows got zhushed up a bit, with a roll of Aztec ribbon and fabric glue.

outdoor deck

Love my serapa blanket:

serape blanket

A view from the top:


Kids area:

outdoor deck

Dining Area:

outdoor deck

outdoor deck

Love using my DIY Batik blanket as a tablecloth.
diy batik blanket

lido striped cushions

diy batik blanket

tolix benchI’m so happy with how it turned out. It was exactly how I envisioned it when I was designing it, which is always a nice thing. :)


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02 Sep

Scenes from my weekend…

Ah a tear. The holiday weekend is over and it’s back to the grind yet again.

We said goodbye to the summer with a stress free day at the beach.

Jon caught a fish and Hudson was a bit uncertain about it. :)


It did make him a bunch of friends though with lots of kids coming by to check it out:


Asher enjoyed some time in the sand.


He got some snuggles from his momma:


Plus his Auntie got in on some snuggles as well:


We dug lots of holes:


And finished off the day by doing a little more fishing:


Sunday we spent the day at a family BBQ.

I wore my favorite new dress from Tulle. I have gotten lots of compliments on it. My favorite part is the accents on the shoulders.


Hudson did not enjoy his time in the pool.


Ash and I stayed dry pool side and he napped a little bit.


I wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on him.


After the pool I found Hudson in a better mood and on a date with a pretty blonde.



The date continued throughout the day.


Later on they even went inside to watch a little Bubble Guppies and hold hands.

Jon has a big hit with the kids.


The BBQ lasted for most of the day so, we got home in the evening and everyone promptly passed out for the evening. On Monday I used my freebie day off to run some errands and take advantage of some of the great sales going on and even squeezed in a little photoshoot.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our backyard patio/deck reveal!




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29 Aug

Friday Finds…

{One day Hudson will get really mad at me for posting this, but for now lets just enjoy how cute it is!}

Now that summer is unofficially behind (he he) us I hope you all enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend for all of us in the states. I’m hoping to squeeze in some time at the beach, enjoy some of my favorite Italian ices, head to an old fashioned ice cream I’ve been wanting to check out and hit up a BBQ or two!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

-I just found out about online marketplace, Brickyard Buffalo.It’s a sort of flash site that brings you deals from companies that they have curated. It’s a mix of women’s items, children’s items and home.

-Love this weekender tote.It has an elephant pattern on the outside, orange liner on the inside and cane be monogrammed! It’s like it was made for me.

-I’m going to be a BBQ on Sunday and have been trying to decide what dessert I’m bringing with me. I think I’m going to go with one of my new favorites from this summer, Smore’s ice cream sandwiches.

-When Hudson was born I marked the occasion by purchasing a piece of art from artist, Linda Monfort.I figured that eventually it would become Hudson’s and something special that would stay in our family. I’m now on the hunt for a piece in honor of Asher’s birth. I just found artist, Jane Marie Edwards.Make sure you check her out.

-Love these petite initial earrings.I think I need an H and an A in honor of my boys.

Happy Friday! Hope you are able to step away from work and the computer to enjoy your weekend.


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28 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Polka Dot dishes

A couple of years ago I fell in love with set of Kate Spade everyday dishes.I found them at my local TJ MAXX and I was in love the second I found them. I even had blog friends from all over looking for them when I was missing a couple of pieces and due to a very sweet reader who purchased some for me at her local store I had a complete set for 8. That was almost 5 years ago! Now they are full of chips and sadly I think it’s time to say goodbye.

In my search for new everyday dishes I struck gold on overstock!

Isaac Mizrahi Dot Luxe in Teal:
isaac mizrahi polka dot dishware

Isaac Mizrahi Dot Luxe in Orange:
isaac mizrahi polka dot dishware

Isaac Mizrahi Dot Luxe in Navy:
isaac mizrahi polka dot dishware

The navy would look the best in my kitchen and dining room so that’s what I’m leaning towards, but it’s $15 more just for the color. So annoying! We shall see if I pull the trigger. :)

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27 Aug

Effortless Nutella Puff Pastry Pizza

Who doesn’t love Nutella? If you don’t then don’t me, because we can’t be friends anymore. I always have a jar or two of it at home. Earlier this summer I was at a wedding and one of the passed desserts was a Nutella pizza. It was amazing! Now I had seen lots of recipes in the past for Nutella pizza made with pizza dough, but this was flaky and when I searched for a recipe I couldn’t find one.

Last weekend I decided to try and tackle recreating it myself. By myself I totally mean I had my sister, Ximena figure it out while I was taking care of styling a photo shoot. That’s what sister’s are for, right? :)

Here is what you will need:

nutella puff pastry pizza

-Puff Pastry
-Mini marshmallows

Preheat oven to 350

Step 1: Puff pastry needs to thaw so make sure to either leave it in your refrigerator overnight and let it thaw out of the fridge/freezer for 40 mins before using it.

Step 2: Once your puff pastry sheet is thawed spray PAM on a baking sheet and place your puff pastry on it and in oven for 10 mins.

After ten minutes remove it and pierce it with a fork to flatten it a bit.

nutella puff pastry pizza

Step 3: Spread a layer of Nutella on your puff pastry layer. I found that the back of a spoon worked best to spread it out and not destroy the puff pastry.

nutella puff pastry pizza

Step 4: Place pizza back in oven for an additional 3 mins.

Step 5: Add a layer of mini marshmallows and change your oven to LO Broiler. Place back in oven for 2 mins or until marshmallows are golden brown.

nutella puff pastry pizza

Step 6: Enjoy and try to prevent yourself from eating the entire thing yourself!

nutella puff pastry pizza

nutella puff pastry pizza

nutella puff pastry pizza

nutella puff pastry pizza

I can’t even describe how yummy this is! It’s such an easy treat to make and perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend.


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26 Aug

DIY Duck Tape Tray

A couple of months ago I picked up a handful of colorful duck tape rolls from The Dollar Tree. I didn’t have a use for them at the moment, but the colors were so bright and happy that I figured one day I would put them to use.

diy duck tape tray

Over the weekend I was cleaning up one of my styling cabinets and found the tape and an empty frame. I knew right away that I could make a pretty tray with my finds. I popped out the glass of the frame and placed the backing where the glass would normally go with a little glue to give me a solid tray base. Of course before placing the backing in it’s place I simply added stripes of the duck tape. I even added duck tape to the sides of the frame to hide tabs that normally holds the glass/photo/backing into place.

I used a Ribba frame that has a nice almost 2″ width on it’s frame, which provides you with a good tray depth.

So simple!

diy duck tape tray

Close up:

diy duck tape tray

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25 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had an amazing weekend. I can’t believe that summer is practically over. Having a newborn at the beginning of the summer made the weeks just fly by and I just started to feel like summer had arrived.

We took a little long weekend and headed out east on Wednesday night. It was stressful getting all of my work done and packing everything up to head out that evening, but it was so nice to wake up and be at the beach already.

After getting the whole house at 6 am! (Hope you enjoyed the wake up call Ximena and Steve!) We had some breakfast and headed out to the beach.

Jon drove on with the boys:


I wanted to get a little exercise in so I chose to walk down and back up from the beach.


Jon got in a little snuggle time with Hudson and I got a little one on one time with Ash.


Our beautiful view:


After the beach we headed out Martha Clara Vineyards for the animals that they have on the vineyard.

Hudson had a blast feeding the animals and playing with all the little kids he could find.


With all the extra hands on deck I was able to get more one on one time with Ash, which was amazing.


We finished off our day with my youngest sister, Daniela and her boyfriend, Steve meeting up with us at the house and eating some yummy BBQ.

The next day was started bright and early as well with Hudson as our little alarm clock. Hudson requested animals again so we headed out to Long Island Animal Farmwhere we got to bottle feed a bunch of baby animals.

Hudson’s favorite part was the goat area where he proceeded to become a ranch hand and pick up every goat and put them in their house.


He wasn’t the only one that kept picking up goats. I have at least 10 shots of my sister with different baby goats.


We continued to fed lots of animals, have a picnic and enjoy all 3 of their playgrounds. Hudson was also in love with the baby barn area where he played with a bunch of baby Guinea pigs.


Here is the whole gang at the farm:


After the farm we did a little thrifting and I hit the jackpot in Riverhead.

thrift store

I fell in love with this sofa, but sadly it was $2,000 so I had to leave it behind.


We headed back home around dinner time and everyone passed out pretty quickly.

We had Sat/Sun back at home and went straight to work. I have two big DIY projects due this week so lots of photos needed to be taken.

Hudson always enjoys when the camera comes out. He loves all of my styling work and is always the first one to walk over and want to pick up a snack or too from whatever I have set up.


Asher got to join in the photo shoot madness too with his wrap:

It was a very filled couple of days and I’m thankful for my sister, Ximena and her boyfriend, Steve’s invitation to head out east. They treated us wonderfully and we really felt like we got to get away. Thanks again!

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22 Aug

Friday Finds…

absolutely beautiful things
{Image via Anna Spiro’s Instagram feed}

This week I was super excited to….

-Find out that Anna Spiro’s new book is available for pre-order! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. If you pre-order it you can even get it personalized.

-Speaking of personalizing did you see the beautiful custom monograms Emily McCarthy can create for you to be used on everything in your home from toss pillows to fabric and everything in between. Check out some examples here. I love monograms way too much. I really do think I was meant to be Southern.

-I was honored to be featured in a stylemakers article for Better Homes and Gardens and I just got word that it is live on their site. If you want to check out my tips along with many other designer tips head here:
Easy Upgrades for a Starter Home
Easy Upgrades for a Blah Space
My Favorite Space
Decorating with Kids
How to Mix Anything
Fake a High End Look
Fake a Bigger Small Space

Whew that’s a whole lot of advice.

-I’m working on a small tiling project for our fireplace hearth and found out that I can have orange grout! Amazing! Sign me up please!

-I love the color mint and was completely jealous over this desk makeover. I wish it was mine!

Happy Friday!

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21 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Printable Monograms

I thought I knew all of the sources out there for everything monogrammed, but apparently I was wrong. I was super excited to find out about Printable Monogram during the HGTV event I attended last week.

Printable Monogram is a site full of over 20 pages of pretty monograms that you can download and input your own monogram and then save the files to print at your hearts content for FREE!

Here is one of my favorites:

free-printable-monogram-botanical-flower-pink-orange copy-page-001

Head over and check out all of the rest. The print above can be used as artwork in an 8 x 10 frame, but they have other patterns that are notecards, stickers, fillers for lucite trays.

I have a feeling my whole office is going to be filled with the monograms by the time this week is over. :)

If you are having issues saving files from a pdf to a jpeg then make sure you use this site.

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20 Aug


My friends from Zevia contacted me again to help spread the word on a new contest they are currently running. Zevia wants to know what makes you an original. They wants to see what makes you shine in an original way. In my circle of family and friends I’m always know to shine in the way I always add little details to make things go from blah to special.

I was so excited when the rainbow pack of sodas that they sent me arrived at my house.


I very quickly gathered some supplies from my house and put together a very “me” set up that only took a matter of minutes to achieve yet packs a big punch.

Lately we have been hosting a lot of get togethers at our house. Instead of simply leaving drinks for guest in the refrigerator or stashed in a cooler I like to put them out on display. I picked up this cute raised planter box for less than $10 and I have been using it like crazy.


It was the perfect place to house my Zevia cans. Instead of leaving well enough alone I also used some striped craft tape to attach colorful straws to each can.


I always pick up trays when I find them for a deal. This bold blue beauty was only $4 at a thrift store. I love using trays when entertaining because it helps me have an additional drink station in another part of the room.


The craft tape was also used to dress up the straws. I simply folded a section of tape over the straw and then cut a little triangle out of the end. Voila!


Now it’s your turn to show Zevia how you shine. Once you snap of photo of your style make sure you share it with Zevia via instagram or twitter with the hashtag #zeviastyle. Just for sharing a photo and following them on instagram or twitter you will get a free 6 pack of Zevia! They are also giving away loads of prizes including a $100 Target gift card everyday from Aug 15th-Sept 5th for the best style pics.

*This post is sponsored by Zevia.Thank you for supporting the companies that help make this blog possible.


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