14 Aug

Friday Finds…


-Let’s all pretend for a moment that we have a beach house and we will be spending the weekend relaxing outside by our amazing fire pit with cute striped chairs! Loved all of the photos featured on J’adore Jcrew’s tumbler page.

-I would totally wear this checkered shirt at my beach house. Loving everything about it. I think it’s a must buy!

-While I’m sad summer is coming to an end I am excited about back to school shopping! Ok so I don’t go to school anymore, I love getting new office supplies and think these pens need to make it to my desk.

-Abstract wrapping paper that I would actually frame instead of use to wrap a GIFT!

-Ah! Finally a dress that I might actually fit into perfectly! If you have boob issues like me you must try out this new line that address our ample problems.

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13 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Boho Tassel Pillow

{My beloved tassel pillow and it’s elephant friend}

I haven met a tassel I didn’t love and this pillow does not disappoint! I’m beyond obsessed and actually quite mad at myself for not picking it up when I saw it. The tassels are large, full and most importantly, colorful! It would actually go perfectly well in a number of rooms in my house. Plus it’s only $29.99 for the cover and insert! Ah! I think I have now convinced myself I need to go back and get one…immediately. I love that you check your your stores availability online. For someone inpatient like me it really helps calms my nerves that there will be one when I get to the store. It looks like there are 2 in my closest location. You know where I will be today!

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12 Aug

Decorators Handbook: Rug Pads

With my design clients I have seen that flat weave rugs on the rise. Many times it’s the style that rugs come in when you are ordering something vintage from a different country where they also consider it a blanket!

I love the patterns on flat weave rugs, but I must say I tend to stay clear of them. In my experience flat weave rugs never stay in place. They move all over the place and bunch up which makes for quite a tripping hazard. I know there are rug pads, but I have never had much luck with and then after reading articles about how many are made with toxic materials I was over them.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Rug Pad USA telling me about their eco-friendly non slip rug pads for hardware floors. Since I had a beautiful flat weave rug just waiting to fancy up my office I decided to give it a go!

They sent me their premium rubber lock rug pad and it’s a game changer. I’m now a believer as to why it’s a must have.

colorful office

Here are my top reasons for why a rug pad is essential:

1. Safety: With two small boys and a dog there is a lot of running around my house. A rug pad prevents your rug from moving around or bunching. It also helps keep your rug in place when you are vacuuming.

pink and purple oriental rug

2. Cushioning: I never thought this was important before, but after testing out this new rug pad I love how soft it is! It’s so bouncy and plush. Extra perk is that it sound proofs your floor a bit, which is great for apartment dwellers.


3. Protection: Typically we place rugs over our precious hardwood floors. Having a rug pad gives you an extra layer of protection. We all get spills and liquids can do a lot of damage to hardwood. A rug pad will take the brunt of the spill.


4. Life Span: A rug pad helps prevent damage to your rug fibers. This will extend the life span of your rug. Bonus points if you are using a flat weave rug they can typically be used on both sides so you can flip it over to extend it’s life span even more.

5. Cleanliness: Take it from someone who goes to a lot of estate sales this is a big perk! So many times I will lift up a rug to check out the quality and I will be met with a cloud of dust and a coating of dusting on the floor. Gross! A rug pad will help with that build up of bacteria so less pet orders and no mildew growth.

pink and orange oriental rug

A special thanks to Rug Pad USA for sponsoring today’s post.They are now my go to source for rug pads for hardwood floors.Thanks for supporting the brands that make Effortless Style possible.

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11 Aug

Inexpensive Ceramic Floor Tiles

We have all seen the instagram hashtag #Ihavethisthingforfloors. As creative people we are always looking at everything for inspiration so why not look down and be inspired by the floor!

I mentioned a new favorite tile during my Friday finds post, but I realized there are so many good patterns this needed to become a full on post.

Merola Tile: Twenties Corner

Merola Tile: Twenties Diamond

Merola Tile: Twenties Petal

Twenties Vertex

Merola Tile: Twenties Circle

Merola Tile:Twenties Frame:

Merola Tile: Twenties Classic
Ah! I would love to set my feet on any one of these. Really thinking I need to jump on my laundry room remodel so I use one of these tiles.


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10 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was jam packed. We had 3 birthday parties to attend!

One of the birthday parties was a 60th birthday bash and I was in charge of making the centerpieces!

My friend wanted to stick with all creams and greenery. I lucked out at my wholesaler and came home with Queens Anne Lace, hydrangeas, mini white spray roses, Playa Blanca roses and lisianthus.

flower marketMy main centerpiece using my favorite scalloped bowl.I picked it up years ago and I use it all of the time. It’s suppose to be for food, but I mainly use it for flowers. It holds such a good amount of them and you can really make a statement with it.

floral centerpiecesFor the additional tables I went with a gold, black and white theme to with the overall theme of party. I wanted something a bit wild and organic, which lead to using Queen’s Anne Lace, which did not disappoint.

centerpiecesHere are some sneak peeks from the professional photographer:



On Saturday we also attended a 4 year olds birthday party. This one was at a little amusement park on the island and Hudson was in heaven!

Seriously where is the time going. I swear he was a newborn just a little bit ago and now he looks like a teenager!

FullSizeRender_1Asher was too little for the rides so he watched from the sidelines.

IMG_5076On the way out we walked past the arcade and we decided to pop in. Once I saw Skee-ball I knew exactly where I would be headed. It’s one of my favorite games. I always tell Jon I want one in our next house.

skee-ballOn Sunday we had our final birthday party! It was a laid back pool party complete with all sorts of snacks, ice cream cake and a tie dying station!

IMG_5149The perfect end to a summer weekend.


Monday has come too quickly once again. We are all exhausted. Let’s see how this Monday goes!

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07 Aug

Friday Finds…

{Interior Design by Becki Owens/Featured on Design Sponge}

-How stunning is that room! I’m loving the massive abstract art and the seating nook below it. Check out more of this gorgeous home here.

-It’s that time of year again! Design Darling is hosting their birthday sale and you can now get 20% off with the code: PARTYTIME. I’m finally going to pick up a pair of these adorable boxwood topiaries. I’m also toying with adding this chic stapler, safari cocktail napkins, elephant ice bucket, Greek key tray and tassel earrings.What can I say, I love a good sale. Sale ends Monday!

-Smitten with this toss pillow. Of course I love the design on it. I think it works for a kid’s room as well as a grown up space.

-Anyone on the market for a blog redesign or need branding work done? I love sharing beautiful designers work and my latest obsession is Rickety Robot.  Make sure you check out their portfolio.

-Loving these cheap and chic tiles from Home Depot. It’s inspiring me to get started on our laundry room remodel.


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06 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Society Social

This week I had a special treat. I was able to sneak off to the city while my parents watched the boys and met up with my old friend, Roxy from Society Social.We are complete spirit animals. We both love some bold colors, pattern play, vintage finds and design with a bit of a preppy twist to it.

I went to check out a chair I want for my living room and let’s face it I looked at the chair for like a min and was sold and then spent almost 2 hours just chatting away with Roxy.

The Society Social showroom is on Spring St in Soho. It is such a pretty area full of shopping and restaurants. I found the building quite easily and when walking around the floor looking for their suite I knew I had the place just by spying the door mat. Of course in true Society Social fashion it had Greek key accents.

society social

Upon entering the space you are met with this stunning foyer area:
society social{The beautiful wallpaper pattern was designed by Inslee who shares the studio with Roxy.}

A vintage brass R in honor of Roxy:
society socialThe vintage R sits atop one of the skirted table options they offer.

society social

A close up of the beautiful chair I was looking at for my home:
society social

All of the beautiful artwork on the wall is done by Inslee. You can pick up her calendar here and frame some for a steal!

society socialI love the lines of the Quinn sofa. It’s such a classic style, very roomy and has perfect details like the contrasting piping.

society social

There is also a conference table area made up of a Chrystie Street desk and Darlington chairs.
society social

Completing the tour is the Carroway sofa (Have you seen it online in orange with white piping! Swoon!) and the Chelsea wing chair:
society social

Let’s not forget the 5th wall! Isn’t the gold ceiling amazing!!!!

society social

If you are in Manhattan you must stop by and treat yo self to visit to the showroom to see the products in person and pick out a special custom piece for yourself.

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05 Aug

Make your own Terrarium

Over the weekend during our outing at Terrain I was searching for something to pick up  as a little memento. While I loved everything there I didn’t need anything so, I had pretty much decided that I would just be leaving with my memories. My sweet husband had other plans. He found an orange plant that reminded him of me and off he went picking up plants to make me a little terrarium at home. Isn’t that just the sweetest!

diy terrainiumOver a year ago we had picked up a vintage fish tank that was really sturdy with chrome framing throughout. We both loved it, but never had a use for it. In seeing all of the terrariums at Terrain, we got inspired, and knew right away that we had the perfect vessel for our own set up at home.

diy terraniumThis was a super easy project to complete. We tackled it in minutes and the boys got to help.

We first did a layer of river rocks. I always pick these up at my local Dollar Tree.

diy terrainium

Then I played around with the plants and came up with the perfect arrangement:
diy terrainium

The faux set up was really helpful, because it made me realize we had gotten a little over zealous with our plant purchases and we needed to take 2 out of the mix.

Then we simply placed the plants in one by one adding dirt around each to set it into place.

diy terrainium

Last step is to add water and you are finished!

diy terranium

Fingers crossed I don’t kill these plants! A terrarium is normally sealed, but there are also open air options. We went the open air route and picked out plants that all needed the same amount of sunshine. It was a simple project with objects we already had around the house.

Eventually these plants will grow beyond the means of this little tank and will have to be planted outdoors, but for now we get to enjoy them indoors. I love a little greenery in a room and now we get to have some live colorful plants in the mix.

terrainium{Perched on our dining room window sill}


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04 Aug

Tour of Terrain

After our weekend outing to Elephant’s Flea we popped over to Terrain. Terrain is a garden center at it’s core, but really it’s so much more! Along with a variety of plants this shop is filled with home goods for your house and yard.

I have wanted to go for years now! I was so happy to finally be able to step through their doors and my what a door it was:

terrainOnce you walk through the doors you are met with an assortment of plants and pots along with twinkly lights!

terrainFancy peat moss in one of the coolest refrigerators:

terrainThe shop is filled with one beautiful vignette after another. This one was full of goodies for a dinner al fresco. Lots of pretty tablecloths, napkins and plates.

terrainI loved these etched drink dispenser,organic lemonade and paper straws:
terrainPerfectly painted bistro tables and chairs:
terrainThroughout the store there are dispensers with all sorts of different drinks and little tasters:


terrainChic checkout area complete with a chalkboard sign full of upcoming events:

terrainBoxwoods galore!

terrainEtched mason jars:

terrainPlants, plants and more plants:

terrainThey provide custom centerpieces for purchase along with exterior landscaping design services.


terrainJust a little piece of their bath section:

terrainThe best part is that they also have a cafe. They have additional outdoor seating as well, but we were there on a busy Saturday so we ate right by the cafe.


The bread for the table came baked in a pot! So cute!


It was quite the shopping experience. I loved every section of the shop. We spent about 3 hours and everyone enjoyed it. The boys loved all of the plants and the big outdoor area, I was in design heaven and took an embarrassing amount of photos and the gardener in Jon was happy picking up new plants to bring home.

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03 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was jam packed and I’m not ready for it to be Monday.

On Saturday we headed to Yankee Stadium. If you know Jon and I even a little you know this is completely laughable because we are not sports fans at all. We had all gifted my Dad tickets to a soccer game though and we were off for a day at the stadium!

Asher is doing this thing now where he starts acting really bashful and then closes his eyes. It’s adorable, but clearly it didn’t help me when I was trying to snap this picture.


Selfie at the stadium:


The stands and field:

IMG_4745Everyone had a nice time and the boys actually behaved for most of it which was wonderful.

On Sunday we woke up super early! I mean 5:45am early! We were out the door by 6:45am and headed to Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market! I have always wanted to go, but it’s in CT we have never been. Last week I checked out how far it was and it was only about 1hr and 30 mins away so off we went!


Clearly I was excited!


Ah! It’s just like Flea Market Flip! Maybe we’ll bump into Lara Spencer:

IMG_4829There were rows upon rows of vendors which was great! Jon emptied out his truck and even bought straps in case we needed to use the roof. Here are some of the things we saw.

Lots of army chests/trunks:

elephants trunk

This guy had really cool salvaged mantles and other items, but he was super pricey!


Kind of regretting not picking these cups up. They reminded me of Oh Joy’s line for Target.


Loved these chairs, but they were already sold.


Obsessed with these orange wooden ammo boxes from WW1. My sister actually picked up those 4.


I thought this cubbie situation would be cool for my sister’s new apt, but they didn’t love it. So it stayed behind.


Loved these chairs, but had no need for them.


Letters galore!


Loved these cute caned bar stools, but they were too short for my kitchen island.


Lots of pretty pink, blue and green glass dishes:

IMG_4783We stopped at one of the food trucks and picked up some mini cinnamon/sugar donuts!

IMG_4796Rugs, rugs and more rugs!

IMG_4813My treasures! So, I was hoping to go home with a ton of furniture, but sadly it just wasn’t there. We got their at 8am so maybe a lot of the furniture was already gone? I don’t know. Jon and I were both talking that if we had been on Flea Market Flip that day we wouldn’t have found our 3 items to flip.

IMG_4814Overall the trip was really fun and the boys behaved. We told Hudson we were treasure hunting and he was into it because a lot of the booths had toys. He actually made a couple of purchases himself and even haggled! Proud mom! It was so hot and we were all melting by the end so we ended up leaving around noon.

I made one more pit stop in CT that was amazing! I will share that tomorrow!

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