12 May

Summer Essentials 101

Yesterday we all played hooky to celebrate Asher’s 1st birthday and went to the beach! The weather in NY finally has gotten warm so on went the shorts and flip-flops and off we went. I had big plans to read a book, but as a momma my time was spent digging tunnels, cleaning off sandy hands and feet and checking out sand fleas. :)

Here are some summer beach essentials I would love to use in between playing with seaweed.

summer essentials

No.1 Don’t we all want a cabana boy to bring us cold drinks and beach towels. How adorable is this bell!

No.2 Stay hydrated with this pretty tumbler.

No.3 Listen to some music with this Sunnylife beach sounds radio.

No.4 A straw tote to fill with your supplies.

No.5 I have heard so many good things about author Jojo Moyes. I can’t pick to this book up. Any other must have books I need to pick up for this summer?

No.6 If it’s summer one must have a cabana striped something. Why not a beach towel?

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11 May

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was completely jam packed! Our Saturday started with our soccer class like always and then this momma ran out to get a hair cut!

I did a pretty major chop!


When I got home from my haircut we literally had to get changed and head out to a communion and that was pretty much the rest of the day.

On Sunday we were hosting brunch to celebrate Mother’s day, my birthday and Asher’s birthday! Can you believe Asher is 1? That year flew by!

We ate yummy food:


Asher got a sweet new house for the backyard:

outdoor playhouse

He had a ball:


His favorite thing at the moment is playing with balls. So, in honor of his birthday I went a little nuts and ordered dozens upon dozens of beach balls to fill our trampoline with. He loved it!

I ordered from 48″ beach balls all the way to 6″.

happy ball

We all had a little fun playing with a crowd sign. They saw my post last Friday and sent me one as a little thank you. Everyone had fun playing with it.


Even the birthday boy got into the action:


We ate some birthday cake:


Opened some gifts! This birthday girl did pretty great for herself this year in the gift department.

How adorable and totally me is this purse!


Obsessed with this double druzy ring from Kendra Scott. It’s perfection. I don’t want to take it off.


My bedroom got a new upgrade with a pair of these preppy striped ginger jars.

orange striped ginger jar

I told ya a did really good this birthday. :) I got one more gift that I’m super excited to play with. A Silhouette Cameo! I will pretty much be monogramming everything from now on. Any tips from readers that already have one?

The day ended on a sweet note with s’mores!


It was a lovely celebration and I’m so thankful for our families that came over to help us celebrate and spoiled us so much. We love you all so much!

Today is Asher’s actual birthday so I’m off to celebrate with my little man.

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08 May

Friday Finds…

{Interior Design by Lindsay from Pursuit of Style/Photography by Kate Headley}

This week…

-My favorite One Room Challenge reveal has to be this stunning room from Lindsay from Pursuit of Style. Make sure you check it out! The artwork above the dresser is my favorite piece in the space.

-It’s my birthday on Sunday! Yes, I’m a Mother’s day baby! I think I need to treat myself to this cute dress as a birthday gift to myself. Love the peacock pattern on it. I also think I would like to let this topĀ  make it’s way into my shopping cart since I’m a mom too so that’s means another gift. ;)

-How adorable is this lemonade stand? I think the boys need this to set up shop this summer.

-Say it ain’t so! Why oh why did Fox do this!!!!!

-Still need a Mother’s day card? No worries, download ones of these beauties and you will be in business in no time.

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07 May


Can you believe that it’s week 6! It’s been a lot of fun doing the One Room Challenge that was created by Linda of Calling it Home, but I must admit I’m happy it’s over. I have been exhausted! I was running around doing projects till the last minute. Hopefully the reveal is worth the wait. If you want to see where we started check it out here.

As a little reminder to all I decided that I wanted to leave the paint color as is and give everything else a face lift!

When you walk in you are now met with this dreamy set up. Originally I wanted to have a gallery wall behind the bed, but I left printing my free printable artwork to the last minute and I had massive issues at Staples so alas I had to scrap it for now. I love it the way it is now, but we shall see if it stays as is.

mint, navy and coral bedroom

In love with the scalloped corners on my new bordeaux duvet cover from Land of Nod. Sometimes kids bedding works perfectly in an adult space and they are typically more price friendly!
land of nod duvet

The mirror just left as is and I picked up a new to me desk for $37 and then a new to me chair for $40 from local thrift stores.

mint and navy desk area

The desk top got a new look with striped wrapping paper from HomeGoods and some double sided tape. I’m still waiting on a glass top to arrive to protect the protect the paper.

striped desk

I’m not a pro with a sewing machine, but give me a staple and/or glue gun and I’m in business. I recovered this beauty myself.

leopard chair close up

The chandelier got a little revamp as well. I spray painted the beads pink and then used Rub n Buff patina rub to add a little green to the metal.
beaded chandelier

The striped nightstand lamps got some added chicness from these stunning Hillary Thomas finials.

striped lamp

Stripes plus floral chintz is just a perfect combo to me! More details on the caned headboard next week.

mint, navy and coral bedroom

I always was intrigued by Kelly Wearstler’s graffiti staircaseso in order to test it myself I decided to try it out first on an massive canvas and I love it.

oversized graffiti artwork

Love all of the peeks of my mom’s blue and white ginger jar collection. I want to slowly take away a jar one visit at a time.

leopard chair

The window got dressed with my amazing GP&BAKER floral chintz score. I love the little window seating area below.

mint, navy, coral chintz curtains

mint, navy and coral chintz curtains

Cool panoramic shot of the room via my iphone.

mint, navy and coral bedroom

Ah! It’s so serene and pretty. I’m going to make sure I get to stay in this guest room when I sleep over at my parents house. Granted I must disclose I live a 2 min drive away from my parents house so I never really have to sleep over, but I will nap there!

A big thanks to Lindafor hosting this challenge. Without her push I probably would have left this room as is for another couple of months. My mom thanks you as well. She is so happy with the new space!

Make sure you check out all of the other room reveals here!

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06 May

Ralph Lauren Paint at Home Depot

For the past couple of months all of my shelter magazines have been filled with Ralph Lauren paint ads, but sadly everytime I went to Home Depot to check it out it was never there! I always wondered when it was going to arrive in New York and this past weekend I finally found it!


So, what did I do? What any person in the design field would do I stood there for a good 15 mins and grabbed a swatch of every single paint card. I love having my own paint decks at home and if the line is ever discontinued then I will still have all of them and can get them color matched.


Here are some of my current favorites!

Cut Citrine-Jamaica Green-Signet Green-Palm Beach Pink-Camden Putty-Istanbul-Majolica-Pasha Pink-Jessel Blue

I think I’m going to have to go back to my archives of projects and recreate this paint deck for my new swatches.

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05 May

My favorite stock photos!

aeriel beach photo
{Photographed by Rima Brindamour}

One of the most asked questions I have gotten from this bedroom makeover is where oh where that aerial beach shot is from. Many think it’s a Gray Malin, but for this project I didn’t have the budget so for about $100 I bought a stock photo and framed it lucite. DIY steps here.

Since then I have gotten a lot of emails about my favorite stock photos so I figured a post was in order. Here is a round up of some beach inspired shots that I think would work wonderfully for a similar look.

Sun Reflections in a Pool:
sun reflections in a pool

The Background of Ocean Waves:
Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 7.42.21 AM

Sea Water Surface:
sea water surface

Beach Smile:
beach smile

Nazare Beach in Portugal:
Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 7.46.45 AM

Aerial view of Mediterranean Beach:
Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 7.47.51 AM

The Beach:
the beach

Aerial View of Beach of Teresitas:
palm trees

Aerial View of Beach in Tenerife:

aerial beach shot

Aerial View of Beach on the Baltic Sea:
aerial beach shot

Whew! I think that’s a good amount to keep you busy. If you want to tackle your own DIYthen simply download the photo in the supersize jpeg. It’s only $29 to download two photos and normally you can find some sort of coupon code floating around that will bring that down a little bit.

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04 May

Scenes from my weekend…

We rarely go out on a Friday night, because we are typically so wiped by the end of the week that we just want to go bed and watch Shark Tank. This past Friday though we had dinner plans with my sister and her boyfriend, Steve. Off we went to try out a restaurant called Traif.

We started the night with drinks at XIXA and it had the chicest decor!

xixa ny

We then had a bunch of different plates at Traif. If you are in the area I would highly recommend it. Their braised short rib sliders and baked muenster cheese were two of my favorite dishes.

The best part about going out on a Friday night was that it made our weekend feel an extra day longer. We must go out on Friday nights more often. Thanks for the invite Danay and Steve!

On Saturday we started at soccer bright and early!


Soccer was short lived because Hudson and another little boy collided and Hudson got a horrible bloody nose. All of us ended up with drops of his blood on us. Not a fun start to the day.

We continued our day with a trip to the Duralee Factory, because they are closing! They are moving all of the factories to North Caroline so the outlet is only going to be open a couple more weeks and then gone forever! So sad. I went to stock up on anything and everything that caught my eye.


After that we headed out to a farm for their baby animal day! The boys loved it!

My little butterfly:

Checking out chicks:

Then it was home to get the backyard ready for the warm weather.

On Sunday the boys spent most of the day outside playing:


While Jon and I tackled prepping items for the One Room Challenge and taking turns watching the boys.

IMG_0839Once all of the projects were finished we headed over to Grandma and Pop Pop’s where the boys did a little gardening:


While Jon and I installed everything we had worked on earlier in the day. Here is a little peek of one of the projects.


This one room challenge is no joke. We worked on it all day on Sunday and I still have quite a to do list to tackle before Thursdays reveal. Hopefully I will get everything done!

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01 May

Friday Finds…


This week I ….

-Freaked out that Asher is turning 1 on May 11th and I haven’t figured out his birthday party. We aren’t doing anything big. It will just be immediate family, but I still want it to be fun and for him to get excited. Pinterest is killing me. Who has the time to throw all of these parties. Isn’t this camping theme one amazing?

-In my party inspiration search I also stumbled upon crowd signs and thought they were a cute addition to a photo booth. I have never seen them before, but at only $40 I think I will have to order one for a future bash. Don’t worry I’m not going totally party nuts. Asher’s little party will not have a photo booth.

-How adorable is this jacket! It looks like the perfect addition for this Spring weather. I’m heading out today to try one on and see if I love it in person.

-This dress is just screaming my name! It’s also screaming please wear me on a beach vacation. Hmm do you think if I buy the dress the vacation will appear? ;)

-Mother’s day is just around the corner. I already have my gifts figured, but if you are still in need I think this pillow and set of throws(extra 20% off throws with code TREAT20) are something any Mom would love.

Happy Friday!


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30 Apr

ORC Guest Room: Week 5!

It totally panics me to have to type Week 5! I can’t believe we are almost at the finish line and I have so much to do. I will be busy working away this weekend trying to get everything done.

If you are new to the One Room Challenge it’s the brainchild of the lovely Linda fromCalling it Home.For the challenge you have 6 weeks to complete a room from start to finish! If you are just catching up here are all of the previous weeks.

The majority of my room has now been planned out and things have been ordered and I’m now in the waiting game stage. Fingers crossed everything arrives by this weekend so I can install the room. Of course since most of items have been purchased my budget is pretty much at zero! Of course it also means I haven’t gotten around to figuring out what I want to do on the walls. I was really into the idea of doing a massive gallery wall on the striped wall, but what am I do to for artwork? I went through my house and gathered some pieces that I just have sitting waiting for a home so that’s great. I still needed more which meant finding all sort of pretty free printables.

It took a little digging, but I’m liking what I have found so far:

free artwork printables

Free butterfly print from Domestic Fashionista
Free pink map from Measured by the Heart
FreeBe Amazing print from Eighteen25
Free Just Begin print from Paper Coterie
Free watercolor New York print from Chicfetti
Free gold pineapple from Oh So Lovely
Free Go Now and Live print from A Joyful Riot
Free watercolor feathers from Twin Dragonfly Designs
Free Essie bottles print from Chicfetti
Free Sometimes the Smallest Things print from Kayla Aimee

Now I just need a super cheap way to frame everything!

Follow along with everyone else at Calling it Home.

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29 Apr

Final Reveal with Gemvara

A couple of weeks ago I shared my stone reset with Gemvara journey with you.

For a little refresher Stone Reset by Gemvaraenables you to send them your old jewelry and have them reset them into a new setting you will love.

Here is what I sent them:


A couple of weeks ago I showed you what the old smoky quartz pendant turned into. You can see that reveal here.

Now it’s time to share with the rest turned into. The sapphire in the ring and the 4 round diamonds from the 2 additional rings turned into this!





stoneresetbygemvaraI’m in love! All of the jewels used here were from pieces that Jon gave me during our early dating years so they had a lot of sentimental meaning to me, but to be honest they hadn’t left my jewelry drawer in years. It’s so nice to see them in a new light.

If you are looking to get something similar for yourself my sapphire got reset into the Savannah ring and my 4 round diamonds got reset into the quartet necklace.

I know some people don’t love the idea of ordering jewelry online, but I have had nothing but the best experience from Gemvara. From the customer service to the beautiful packaging and the amazing quality of the jewelry it’s all been a class act. Plus they have a great return policy if you do have any issues so there is nothing to lose.

They have some beautiful options for Mother’s day and you still have time to order!

This post is part of a collaboration with Gemvara. All opinions are my own. Gemvara is a company I truly love and use. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Effortless Style possible.

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