07 Apr

Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

We were lucky enough to have a wonderful weekend weather wise. I was able to go out without a coat all weekend! With Spring in the air and being in my third trimester had me in complete clean up and nesting mode! All of this means the weekend was spent with multiple trips to Home Depot and lots of hard work.

I got to start the weekend off by taking my new elephant TOMS. They were a Christmas gift and I’ve been itching to show off my little Ellies.


Once we were all dressed and ready we headed out to Home Depot:


We all got a nice treat when we walked in and were told a kids event was being hosted that day. Off we went to check it out and discovered a whole bunch of kids working away on bird feeders. Hudson and Jon got to work right away.


Once it was all built we got to go to the painting station and make it bright and colorful:


It was a really fun experience and we all enjoyed it. Hudson had a blast and came home with a finished bird feeder, cute Home Depot apron and a pin that showcased the project he finished.

When we got home we got work cleaning up outside:


I then cleaned up and organized my office:


Of course we also had a little fun and did some bouncing on our newly cleaned deck all prepped for stain:


On Sunday my nesting mode was still on high so, I took advantage of all of the energy and cleaned my white kitchen from top to bottom. Having a mostly all white kitchen is lovely, but it’s also a pain, because there is no hiding dirt. Everything shows and with two dogs and a toddler it was a mess. I spent hours in there cleaning every single surface.

While I did that Jon continued to work on our deck project:


During Hudson’s nap time I kept chugging along and enjoyed my newly cleaned and organized office and did a little work and enjoyed the sunshine.


Of course once Hudson woke up from his nap, my office became his office:


The day continued and Jon kept up with the deck outside and I kept up organizing all of my painting supplies, craft supplies and fabric closet. By the end of the day all I wanted to do was make some room on this doggy bed and get in a little rest.


Whew! What an exhausting weekend, but so happy to have the deck all stained and lots organized and cleaned inside the house.

Hope you all had a more restful weekend than we did.

Happy Monday!


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04 Apr

Friday Finds…


Here are some goodies that I ohh-ed and ahh-ed over this week:

-So happy with my mix of mini roses and ranunculus from Traders Joe. I got them last Friday and they are still going strong! So happy with their bold color. Totally helped get me in the mood for Spring. So excited for the warm weather that is coming this weekend.

-Warmer weather means getting back into ballet flats and no more socks! Love these new floral and striped beauties. I think they are a must buy!

-In love with these cabana striped curtain panels. My favorite is this cheery yellow and white combo, but their is also a black/white, navy/white, red/white and teal/white. Wouldn’t they look great in a beach house? Hmm where do I get one of those? ;)

-Wrapping up designing my home office. It took a big old pause when Hudson was born, but with the summer coming I’ve been trying to wrap it up so I can enjoy it. Doesn’t this rug scream, Camila! I think so!

-I have been making little tweak/additions into my house and I think my bedroom needs two of these pillows.The teal in the Greek key trim is the perfect shade to mix with my Hot House flower pillows.

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03 Apr

Treat Yo Self: GroopDealz

I have been getting GroopDealz emails for quite sometime now, but I had never pulled the trigger on buying anything. All of the deals seemed so good to be true and I was always afraid of the quality, but last week I finally decided to test it out.

Ivory/Bleu was running a sale with a set of 3 pillow covers. They had the patterned fabric on the front and back, invisible zippers and were only $21.99 plus $3.99 for shipping. Amazing, right? I found a patterned set I loved that included a pattern that reminded me of British Bouquet fabric by Caitlin Wilson.

Well the pillow covers arrived yesterday and I’m so happy I made my first purchase from GroopDealz.

Check them out in action:


Close up:

Perfect corners:

Invisible Zippers:

I’m a believer and now feel more comfortable in ordering from GroopDealz. In doing a little research it looks like all items that are sold on their site need to be shipped first to the company before it’s approved.

Now I’m totally regretting that I only picked up one set, but the nice thing with GroopDealz is that there are new sales everyday and pillows seem to be a hot item that gets repeated a lot so, I’m hoping to pick up some more in the future.

Not a member? Not a problem. It’s free to sign up and get daily emails and you can do so right here.

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02 Apr

DIY Color Edge Cutting Boards

Part of this weekend’s little photoshoot featured a couple of cutting boards that I used to feature how I eat my Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese.

Yesterday I shared how to make the Tribal cutting board and today’s DIY project is even easier and quicker!

Here is what you’ll need:

diy color edge cutting board
-Multi-surface craft paint
-Proppmatt Chopping Board
-Paint brushes
-Painters tape
-Poly Finish
-Sandpaper -220 grit

STEP 1: Painting the edge of the cutting board couldn’t be easier. It’s wide enough that you really don’t need to use painters tape to mark anything off. A steady hand should be all you need to add a dose of color to your board. I went with a preppy green called Scottish Highlands.


STEP 2: Along with a colorful edge I decided to add a pop of color to the circular opening towards the top of the cutting board. Here is where the painters tape will come in handy. Once it’s applied add your dose of color.


STEP 3: If you were a bit of a messy painter don’t fret. It’s easy to clean up any paint splatter with a little bit of sand paper. Just make sure you go with the grain of the wood and there will be no issues.

diy color edge cutting board

STEP 4: Let your paint cure and then apply your poly protective finish. Since the paint is on the edges it does not need to be food safe.

diy color edge cutting board

Then add food and enjoy!

diy color edge cutting board

Thanks to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this DIY post. If you enjoyed this project head over to Alpine Lace and learn more about their yummy cheeses and what ingredients people use to live a happy and healthy life.

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01 Apr

DIY Tribal Cutting Board

When I decided to take part in the Alpine Lace Life Ingredients Campaign I knew I wanted to tackle some fun and easy DIY projects to make it more enjoyable for my readers.

Since we were talking about cheese I immediately thought about cutting boards and voila my DIY posts were born. First up is a super easy post for a tribal cheeseboard. I saw this beauty from Furbish pop up on my instagram feed and I was inspired to make one myself.

I purchased a couple of these cutting boards from Ikea. At $2.99 they were a steal and the perfect size for individual cheese boards for guests or in my case a mini platter for Hudson.

Here is what you’ll need:

diy tribal cheese board
-Chopping Board
-Multi-Surface Craft Paint that can be used on wood
-Painters Tape
-Paint Brushes
-Salad Bowl Finish-protective finish that is food safe. Not pictured.

STEP 1: I just planned on painting the handle part of cutting board so that it wouldn’t be in area where food would be. Use your painters tape to mark off where you paint to end.


STEP 2: Put down a base coat. I decided to go with a white background color, but you can pick whatever you like.

diy tribal cheese board

STEP 3: Let base coat dry and check in on your fellow artist:


STEP 4: Now it’s time to have fun. Since you are going for a tribal look you don’t need perfection. I decided to go with a mix of stripes, dots, zig-zags and waves. All of it was free handed and stress free.

diy tribal cheese board

STEP 5: Let dry and let paint officially cure (time depends on the craft paint you use) before applying a protective finish. Since I just did the handle I could use any poly, but if you were painting more of the main food area then use a food save finish like this one.

STEP 6: Enjoy!

DIY Tribal Cheese Board

Now Hudson has a cute little platter for meal time. Love the idea of making a set of these to use during a wine/cheese night with guests. How cute would little individual platters be for guests!

Thanks to Alpine Lace for sponsoring this DIY post. If you enjoyed this project head over to Alpine Lace and learn more about their yummy cheeses and what ingredients people use to live a happy and healthy life.

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31 Mar

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was filled with rain, rain and more rain. So, instead of our normal mix of fun activities and some business we actually decided to simply enjoy our home and relax with the rain, some movies and of course yummy food. The perfect ingredients for a perfect weekend. In honor of Alpine Lace’s My Life Ingredients campaign I decided to share how Alpine Lace Swiss cheese helped fuel my weekend at home doing what I love to do best…hang out with my men.

As the only lady in my home I was lucky enough to be woken up with breakfast in bed this weekend!


This pregnancy I’ve been on a huge cheese kick, which is good because I haven’t really been loving any other sort of protein. So, my men made me a massive croissant egg sandwich complete with my latest cheese obsession, Alpine Lace reduced fat Swiss cheese.

Of course my breakfast in bed was not a solo affair after a couple of minutes this little man decided to join me.

{Hudson was of course more interested in playing with my flowers than actually helping me munch on my breakfast.}

You see little Hudson has been driving me nuts with eating lately. All he is interested in is fruit snacks and goldfish. Most meals are left untouched and he simply tells me, No, thank you, when I ask him to try the meal I put in front of him. It seems like it’s a normal 2 year old thing to do, but I keep blaming myself that he isn’t eating a well balanced meal. So, I’ve started to get creative with the way I display food for him in the hopes that he will give something a little nimble or two.

A paired a fun cutting board that I used as my plate, a paper kraft bag to fill with carrots (his favorite), grapes for something sweet and a little Swiss cheese and turkey sandwich.


I had a little victory when Hudson exclaimed, “Wow” when he saw the whole set up and actually ate a little bit of everything.

For dinner we all wanted something light so I rounded up some of my favorites: cheese roll-ups, turkey roll-ups, mixed nuts, grapes, strawberries and wheat crackers. Yum! I made things super easy by just using a large platter for all of the goodies and paper plates. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick and easy meal that doesn’t require a ton of prep work or clean up.


What ingredients fuel the ingredients that make up your perfect day? Do you love heading outdoors, cooking a meal for your family, heading to the movies or just hanging out with family and friends and laughing it up?

Head over here to share how you breakdown your day in order to have a happy and fulfilling life.

A big thanks to Alpine Lace for sponsoring today’s post and helping me show you the ingredients for a perfect day in my life.


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28 Mar

Friday Finds…


-Treated myself to a mani/pedi yesterday and fell in love with the purple shade I picked out. At first I thought it was a bit too bold, but I went with it and I have gotten nothing but compliments on it.

-Lately I have been dreaming about all things green. Ah a nice crisp green that reminds me of freshly cut grass and warmer days that are ahead. Isn’t this x-bench amazing. The shade of green and that white piping! Perfection.

-Counting down the days until a get my waist back. Can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Hopefully be the fall I will have lost the baby weight and can squeeze myself into this belt. So, darling.

-Looking to add a couple new stools to my kitchen island and these beauties have me toying with the idea of ditching my lucite and going with navy. Hmmm we shall see…

-Along with working on our backyard patio/deck the next home project on our list is to re-do our laundry room. It is in a sorry state so I have been gathering inspiration for it’s new look. Isn’t this laundry room stunning! The rest of the house is just as lovely and for the last couple of days I have been sucked down the rabbit hole and reading all of Dana’s posts.I think we need to become BFF’s.

Happy Friday!

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27 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Kickstarter

Today instead of featuring some product that I’m currently lusting after and would love to treat myself too I decided it to share two of my current favorite projects on Kickstarter.

I love the idea of Kickstarter. See something you believe in and want to see done or produced and you have the power to help make it happen and as a little thank you you typically get some sort of high five from the company running the kickstarter campaign. Win, win.

A while ago I got an email from Karin a co-founder of Crane & Canopy. I thought she was super sweet and loved the message behind her company. A bedding line that cuts out the middle man so that I can get stylish bedding that won’t have me saving my pennies for months. Perfection! I was so passionate about the idea and Karin’s love for it that we started talking and as you may know I now help them with blogger relations. Such a fun gig! I only wish I was located in California and get to go into the office and hang out with Karin and her hubby, Chris in person.

Crane & Canopy just launched a kickstarter campaign to get their baby into production. You must watch this video to get all of the details. In a nut shell they invited a new duvet that has clean lines, styling details and best of all makes it super easy for you to take her comforter and insert into a duvet cover without breaking a sweat and saying a few curse words.

Loved the video and getting to see a peek of Karin and think Chris did a great job in explaining it all! So, if you like to support small businesses I urge you to head over and pledge some $$$ to help them get to their goal. On a budget? Not a problem you pledge as little as $5.

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26 Mar


As we slowly get little tastes of Spring I’ve been itching to get our new patio in working order with a living and dining area. I have lots of favorite items and directions to go, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on anything yet.

One thing I do know is that I love the look of Tolix chairs used outdoors. They are metal so they should wear well, they are on the light side and they can be stacked once it comes time to put everything away for the colder months. Plus I can get cushions made to make them more comfy and add a pop of color/pattern. I think I’m sold!

A real 100% authentic Tolix chair is $275per chair. Not crazy if you are only picking up 1, but we are leaning towards getting a rather long dining table and I will need at least 8 chairs!

After doing a little digging here is what I came up with:

look for less tolix chair

Overstock to the rescue with their inspired Tolix chair that goes by the name Tabouret. A set of 4 is only $179.99 plus free shipping!

Now my only decision is color choice. They are available in white, brown and lemon.

Ah decisions, decisions. What is a girl to do…

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25 Mar

Upgraded Tie Dye: Shibori

You have probably started to notice a more grown up version of tie dye in home decor items spring up. I’ve run into it in bedding, napkins and especially pillows.

There is a Japanese version called Shibori. Shibori is the process of dyeing fabric by binding, stitching, folding and twisting of fabric. I used a bit of this technique when I made my own batik picnic blanket.

Yesterday while falling through the rabbit hole that is etsy I stumbled upon some shibori inspired pillows with pillows that had me super happy! Of course I had to share.

Shibori Chevron Pillow Cover: only $15!


Shibori Stripe Pillow Cover: only $15!


Shibori Diamond Pillow Cover: only $15!


Now the fabric used to make these pillow covers are machine made, which is why they are only inspired by Shibori. What I love about this is that the colors are bolder and the patterns are more detailed. Plus that $15 price tag is very appealing!

All of the pillows are available on etsy shop V Living,which is full of brightly colored goodies!

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