11 Nov

DIY Squad: Before & After Chair

During the summer I managed to score the deal of the century. My pal, Roxy of Society Social fame was selling a couple of chairs from her showroom. They had been used in photo shoots and she was looking to free up some space so I was able to pick up a Darlington chair for a song.

Here is what it looked like when I bought it home:


It was already designer friendly, but not at all what I needed for my space. I knew with a couple of quick tweaks and a trip to True Value, I could make it perfect for me.

Out with the mint green and in with this golden orange/yellow shade:


Before you go spray crazy make sure to give your piece of a furniture a quick run with some sand paper and then wipe off the dust and make sure your piece is dry before you start spraying.


My number one tip for spray painting is simply to make sure you have a light hand. I used to spray way too heavy and close,so I would always get bubbles. Jon saw me one day and noticed right away that my technique was off. Lots of light coats work the best and make sure to be around 9″ away from what you are spraying.


Once the coats were dry I let the chair cure for 48 hours and then sprayed on a high gloss coat to protect it even further.


While the top coat was curing I got to work on recovering the seat. The interesting thing about this seat cover is that originally this chair was only meant to have a caned bottom. The previous owner then had a piece of plywood cut to size, added foam and then simply screwed into the seat of the chair. Voila a padded seat vs. a caned seat.

Since the original fabric was in good shape I didn’t need to remove it but simply used my electric stapler to attach my new fabric. I like to staple down all of the sides first and place staples close to the edge for a tight fit.


After all the sides are down I tackle the corners.

You can either take the extra fabric in the corner and just fan it down and staple really well:

recover chair

Or follow these steps and get finished corners this way:

recover chair

Once you are done stapling the fabric, simply screw it back into place and enjoy it in it’s new home!

recover chair

Close up of fabric:

close up of fabric

The perfect chair for this office nook.

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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10 Nov

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we had fun plans for a dinner out to celebrate my mom’s birthday and take advantage of restaurant week! Of course when one makes plans something always happens and Hudson came down with a cold/flu and was sick for most of the weekend. So going out plans turned into everyone coming to my house for dinner so that Hudson could celebrate with Grandma, but stay in his PJ’s.

Saturday morning I went for a weekly weigh in at WW solo since the birthday girl decided she wanted a lazy morning in bed instead of getting weighed.  I reached my goal weight so a little celebration with Halloween candy was in order!


After a quick trip to the supermarket I made some yummy meatballs and sauce for my mom’s birthday dinner that night!


With meatballs done so early we had a little time to oh and ah at Asher will he practiced his latest trick before shower time.


Asher also rocked his first mohawk courtesy of his Dadddy.
{His Aunt Danay showing him a little love.}

Hudson had been sick since Thursday and by Saturday evening his fever had been gone since early in the morning, which was great. He loves birthday parties and had fun putting the candles on the cake with his Aunt Ximena. His type A momma was having a hard time dealing with him shoving all the candles in one place, but he had so much fun that I couldn’t fix a single one.


Hudson thinks it’s his job to blow out the candles during any birthday celebration. We were at a little kids party last weekend and the birthday wasn’t into the birthday singing and candle blowing out and started to cry. Don’t fret! Hudson ran out to try and “help” blow out the candles. He he he.


On Sunday we had lots of projects to tackle at home so in between doing laundry, blowing out the sprinklers, removing the AC’s from all of the windows and getting some design work done we enjoyed coloring on a massive roll of kraft paper we picked up at Home Depot.


I also took a million and one photos of Asher, because I can’t handle his cuteness.


Hudson hates getting his photo lately, which is really sad and I hope he gets over it soon. I did manage to snap a photo of him being super sweet with his brother without him realizing. :)


Before we wrapped up for the day I even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot for the blog!


Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!





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07 Nov

Friday Finds…


There is what caught my eye this week…

-Asher is almost 6 months old, which means we really should transition him from a little crib in our room to a normal sized crib aka Hudson’s old crib, which he currently still sleeps in. This all means that we need to figure out a big boy bed for Hudson and how to fit all of that in Hudson’s room which the boys will now share. Whew! Exhausting, right? I think I’m leaning towards doing something similar to this image above.

-Speaking of Hudson his 3rd birthday is coming up in December and I have been planning his party all week to get the invites out by early next week. So hard having a birthday during the holiday season. I think I found the perfect invite from etsy shop, Studio Bara Bom. Barbara the owner has been a dream to work with and is designing me something custom for only $24!

-Love these new Christmas lights from Anthropologie.

-Everyone seems to be in holiday prep mode and wrapping up design projects in their home. I love this accent chair if you are in need of any for your home. Best part it’s currently 30% off!

-I like to take a break from diet on the weekends and this recipe looks like a must try. Hudson loves helping in the kitchen and with this no bake recipe I won’t have to worry about H getting to close to a hot stove/oven.

Happy Friday!

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06 Nov

Treat yo self: Extra Large Flannel Scarf

I’m normally not an old navy shopper. It’s not that I don’t like what they carry. I actually really like a lot of the styles that they have, but for some reason their clothes just don’t fit my body right and everything I try on is either a little too small or a little too large. I need half sizes in that store!

I popped in their a couple of weeks ago when I was searching for pieces to complete our Halloween costumes and I found the coziest plaid flannel blanket that was massive in size. It’s 29″ wide x 84″ long and it’s perfection. Plus it’s less than $20!


I picked it up in mint, but it is available in a couple more color choices.


Black Plaid Scarf:

Blue/Green Plaid Scarf:

Red Plaid:

I think it’s going to be a constant rotation during this upcoming winter season.

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05 Nov

Cheeky Home Paper Goods

cheeky home

I love a pretty paper plate. I’m always picking up a set or two, because as a blogger I know they will come in handy. Whether I use them for a styled post or simply to dress up a snack so it looks nicer on instagram I have a cabinet full of them in my kitchen.

I love that I stumbled upon Cheeky Home the other day via instagram. Cheeky Home is a paper goods company that produces paper plates, bowls, napkins and cups. Now it’s amazing enough that they have an array of pattern filled paper goods, but the best part is that there is a social message behind the company. With every purchase you make they will donate a meal. They are on track to donate 10 million meals this year.

Want to pick up some pretty plates of your own and feel good while you do so? Pick some up here.

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04 Nov


This past summer I was at someone’s house and was amazing when I saw how they were charging their phone. They simply had a USB cord coming out of a USB port on their electric outlet! Genius! How did I not have this?

I had forgotten about it until a recent trip to Home Depot were we walking by this wall:


In mentioning the outlet to Jon he told me it would literally take minutes to do and it was then that I knew I could have my very own USB port/outlet. We ended up going with this USB charger and outlet combo by Leviton.

Here is how you can easily tackle it yourself.

Step 1: Go to breaker box and turn off the power to that outlet.

Step 2: Remove from wall.


Step 3: Make sure to note what color wire goes to what color screw on the outlet you are removing so that you know the proper way to re-attach the wires on the new outlet.

In this photo you can see our old outlet where the green screw goes to the ground cable which has no jacket and the silver screw goes to the white cable. On the opposite side there was a gold screw that went to our black wire.


Step 4: Once your wires are loose and you have noted what goes where you can now attach the wires to the new outlet.



Step 5: Take electrical tape and cover the screws where you just attached wires. It’s not necessary, but since those are live wires and Jon has always added a layer of electrical tape for extra protection.


Step 6: Then simply place back into box and attach cover plate. Note that you may need a new style cover plate so make sure to pick one up when you are purchasing outlet. They are in the same aisle and most are around $1.


It’s a much cleaner look and was a very budget friendly project that took around 5 mins to tackle. Win, win!





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03 Nov

Scenes from my weekend…

Hi All,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend full of lots of Halloween treats!

Even though the weather was colder and full of wind and rain this past weekend we did get to enjoy ourselves.

Halloween started out badly with a certain young man who decided that he didn’t want to wear a costume or any clothes at all for that matter. We knew Hudson wasn’t a big fan of costumes so we decided to make costumes out of normal clothing items, but he still wasn’t into it. Many tears and help me pleas we were finally ready for trick or treating.

{We dressed up as the incredibles and my sister had the day off and came home to get dressed up and go with us.}

Once we were all dressed up Hudson really got into it and loved running up to the doors, ringing bells and saying his sweet like Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween and Thank you!

trick or treating

The rest of our weekend was spent mostly indoors due to the bad weather.

We need a bit of relaxing and smiling.




Watching movies and folding laundry:

{As you can see around these parts pants are optional. He loves just hanging around in his undies.Asher thought it was silly that his Daddy was snapping his photo so he stopped watching the movie and kept looking at him.}

We made some waffles:


We ate some waffles:


Attended a birthday party!


Did a little shopping at Home Depot. Hudson may look miserable, but he was actually super excited about the cart Jon bought over to use and enjoyed riding to the register.


Went out to lunch and Asher enjoyed and loved having some soup.


Laid down a new rug in the man den.


Can’t wait to get this pillows on the sofa!

Happy Monday!

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31 Oct

Friday Finds…


Here is what caught my eye this week…

-How did I not know about these elephant cookies until now! I would have loved them for Hudson’s baby shower. I will need to pick them up for Asher’s 1st birthday!

-Wish I could get married again (to the same man of course) and use these invites! They remind me of the Beverly Hills Hotel and Troop Beverly Hills. In love with these beauties as well. Oh love these watercolor ones as well! Etsy shop, Paper Snaps is really hitting it out of the park.

-Saw this rug yesterday at Target and it is beautiful and oh so plush!

-Loving the new Gap Kids collection by Kate Spade and Jack Spade. I my hot dog loving son needs this scarf.

-I’m not a huge fan of room that is completely full of mid century modern pieces. Looks too much like the set of Mad Men to me, but I do enjoy a touch or two and this chandelier is perfection and won’t break the bank.

Happy Halloween!

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30 Oct

Treat Yo Self: Boden Activewear

I must admit that I’m not one for activewear, because let’s be honest I don’t really work out. I have always wanted to be one of those people that loves to run or hit their favorite class at the gym, but the closest I get to that is taken the occasional yoga class. Due to all this I don’t have any activewear in my closet. Ask me for a t-shirt and I will give you a blank look, because I seriously don’t have one.

When Boden contacted me to let me know that they were coming out with a new activewear line and that they wanted me to test it out I jumped at the chance.

I decided to try out their run faster sweatshirt, run faster tee, and run faster cropped leggings.

Hudson loves to race on our block, which meant we tested out the outfit with a little race or two or three. The kid loves to race.

boden activewear

We then stretched a bit, rolled around in the grass and chased each other around a tree. Hudson was loving this photo shoot!

boden activewear

Loved that the pieces were mainly solid, but then had little pops of pattern.

boden activewear

boden activewear

Since I don’t ever wear activewear this new look did get a lot of comments from the people in my life. Everyone wanted to know why I was wearing it. Ha ha, but after they got over the shock they mentioned how much they liked it.

boden activewear

I really enjoyed the new pieces and being it them actually made me want to be more active and go work out since I was already dressed and ready. Plus it was cute enough to wear all day and run my errands and still feel like I was put together. Totally a win in my book!




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29 Oct

Teil Duncan Prints!!!!


One of my favorite artists is Teil Duncan.Her work is just so beautiful. I love all of the colors she chooses and her beach scenes just take me on a little virtual vacation when I look at them.

I already have two of her prints in my home and I’m hoping one day to splurge on an original! Until then though the prints will have today and this week I got an email that 8 prints have been released and will be available until the end of December!

Here are some of my favorites from this release:

Clear Water Print:

Pink Bull:


Figure in White & Green:


I already have two beach prints so I’m actually leaning towards picking up the pink bull, but then again that nude would look great in our master bedroom and of course the beach scene is still screaming my name.

Ah! What’s a girl to do?

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