27 Feb

Friday Finds…


-Are you an Oreo family? In our house we simply adore them. They were Hudson’s favorite cookie and have quickly become Asher’s favorite. I love them all and always pick up limited editions favors to test them out. My current favorite other than the classic is their lemon/golden Oreo. Love this article from Huff Post where they tested out a bunch of different combos. Yum! Going to have to try some new combinations this weekend.

-How beautiful is this make up bag? I don’t think I would dare to ever put make up in it and get it dirty. It’s like a mini work of art.

-In love with these mugs. Such an easy DIY project that I think I could even tackle with Hudson.

-Wishing and hoping to plan an island getaway at some point this year. I need some time in the sun! In love with this cover up. Oh those tassels.

-I love finding gems on Pottery Barn Teen. How adorable are these scalloped shams? They look like a must have to me!

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26 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Satin Hands

This cold winter days are brutal on my hands. Between the chilly weather and the constant hand wash during cold and flu season my hands are super dry and even cracking a bit. Not so attractive! I’ve been trying out hand lotions left and right, but nothing seems to be doing the trick. That is until I remembered I had Satin Hands by Mary Kay.My mom had gifted it to me a while back and I had completely forgotten about it. I just started using it again this week and my hands are already feeling so much better! I urge you try it out yourself!

treat yo self

It’s super easy to use.

Step 1: Use the Satin Hands softner:


Step 2: Apply the hand scrub:


Step 3: Rinse everything off:


Step 4: Apply hand cream:


Then bliss and enjoy your baby soft hands!


Dress is available here.

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25 Feb

Wrapping Paper as Wall Paper

I was out shopping at HomeGoods yesterday and whenever I’m there I tend to go through all of the aisles, because you never know what you are going to need. I always pick up things from different sections, a plate here, a pillow there, etc.

On this trip I actually ended up coming home with rolls of wrapping paper. With no upcoming birthdays in sight I had no need for gift wrap paper, but the patterns were so pretty and the paper was really thick and only $3 for a 30″ wide by 12 foot long continuous section.


I picked up a couple of rolls of the pink and gold striped paper and hope to use it soon in a project like this colorful nook from A Thoughtful Place. Didn’t Courtney do a great job?

{Image via A Thoughtful Place}

Head over to your closest HomeGoods to pick up some rolls of your own. They had a lot of different gold and white patterned options, lots of polka dots and stripes too.

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24 Feb

Style Plan: Cozy Bedroom Nook

On these cold winter days I just want to cocoon myself inside my bedroom and come out in the Spring. Wouldn’t it be nice? Don’t think Hudson and Ash would appreciate it so my hibernation is only a dream, but here is a little cozy bedroom nook style plan that I put together.


No.1 I only recently hopped on the bengal bazaar train and I’m so happy I did. Love this jade green colorway.

No. 2 Tassels and an elephant? Win! Plus it’s a steal at $40.

No. 3 My pillows option work perfectly on my classic bedding pick from Crane & Canopy. Love the pop of coral and it’s super soft and cozy.

No. 4 Love this rug! The moody charcoal with pops of green and orange are a wonderful take on the typical Persian rug.

No. 5 I love putting mirrors on nightstands behind lamps. The light from the lamp just bounces beautiful off the mirror and it makes the space feel so glam.

No. 6 Maybe it’s all the 50 Shades of Grey talk, but I’m really into charcoal gray at the moment. Love the color and high gloss on this lamp.

No. 7 Adore this dresser.The curvy lines and the pop of color! Ah swoon.

No. 8 I would need this artwork to remind me of summer days during my hibernation.

Off to brave the snow yet again!


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23 Feb

Scenes from my weekend…

Ah another weekend has come on gone!

This weekend we had another early morning soccer class. This time someone else decided to get in on the action.


I tested out some new sparkly jewelry for my soccer outing. Love the pink iridescent nature of the stones.


The snow picked up again on Saturday so we spent most of the day at home hibernating. We ate grilled cheese:




Arranged flowers:


We also watched Monsters versus Aliens about a million times.

On Sunday we woke up and baked a cake to bring over my parents house since they were arriving home from their trip to Spain that afternoon.


I painted my nails gold in honor of the Oscars. My new go to gold shade is Go For Gold. It only takes one coat and it dries in minutes. So easy!


Continuing on my jewelry wearing kick I gave another necklace a spin. I have so many, but lately I always forget to put them on so I’m trying to make an effort to add them to outfits.


We went out to do a little shopping before our dinner plans. I was lucky enough to snag this cool chair for an amazing deal!


Dinner was at my parents house so that we could welcome them home from their trip. I bought over the meal and made a super yummy baked ziti of sorts with elbow pasta, three cheese tomato sauce from Trader Joes, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese.Lots of yummy cheese. It was delicious!


Tried taking a group shot of my men having dessert and this is what happened when I snapped the photo. Jon got distracted because Asher started crying and tried to grab his plate because he wanted more cake and Hudson, who hates photos covered his face. Ah priceless.


The evening ended up at home where I got to dig into one of my Valentine’s day gifts, Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro. It’s as good as it looks!


I was happy to be tucked into bed by 9pm and watched the Oscars. I was a little late to the viewing, but it was blissful to be wrapped up with everything so early and already in bed.

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20 Feb

Friday Finds…

{ Image via Burlap & Lace}

Here are this weeks finds that I can’t keep off my mind…

-How pretty is this entry way! I love all of it, but the abstract piece of art just speaks to me. Love that Shannon from Burlap and Lace made it herself!!! Bravo!

-I’m so over this cold weather. Spring where are you? I want to buy this dress and twirl around in the sunshine wearing it. I’m loving it.

-Obsessed with this rug. Seriously can’t get it off my mind and have been racking my brain trying to figure out where oh where I can use it. I need it in my life! It’s painted jute hence the crazy good price point. My parents have one in their house and it’s bright and perfect. I would highly recommend them for budget buys.

-Perused the shoe aisle at Target the other day and feel in love with these sandals.The cute tassels and the faux snake skin texture on them are calling my name. I want them in black and tan.

-Did you know that Groupon now has a coupon section where the coupons are actually active and work? Love this, because I do a lot of online shopping and always search for a coupon code. I’m going to spend this weekend gathering up some baby photos of Ash so I can make a little baby book from Shutterfly.Hudson has one that I did pretty quickly so I’m feeling like a bad momma that Ash is 9 months old and I don’t have one for him!

Happy Friday!

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19 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Mini Orchids

I do not have a green thumb at all. With two kids, a dog, work, and just plain old life I never remember to water anything and whatever plant comes into the house promptly goes into the trash. I do love having having something green in my home and while I adore fresh flowers I don’t always get a chance to pick them up on a weekly basis. Enter orchids! A potted flower that I can actually keep alive, because it only needs a little bit of water once a week and some sun.

I pick them up at Trader Joe’s and while I normally get the standard size I picked up a mini one for $6 a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

It fits perfectly in my DIY Glassy Baby votive. It’s still a favorite project of mine. So easy and inexpensive and I use them all of the time!


Close up:


Make sure you head on out and treat yo self to one!

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18 Feb

Vintage London Underground Posters

One of my favorite pieces from my gallery wall is one of the largest pieces. Good thing, right? It would be horrible to pick out a large piece of artwork and then second guess it, but I have had it up for years and every time I walk past it I still smile.

My little piece of London history on display:

london underground poster

In the early 20th century the London Underground (what is now called the tube) commissioned work from the best artists and designers in the country to produce designs for posters promoting their transportation.

3, 300 posters were produced and the London transport museum actually has copies of all of them. You can find reproductions of some of them available for purchase online. I found mine on ebay, you can also find some at All Posters.

A close second to the other poster I ended up picking was this one:


There are so many more to choose from! I love unique pieces of art for my home.


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17 Feb

OKL Finds

Like most of you my inbox gets packed with daily emails from flash sites. Typically they just get tossed unread unless I’m on the hunt for something, but I can never say no to a One Kings Lane email. I always find something or lots of somethings that work for a client or my own home. They are currently running a President’s Day sale and here is a little board I put together with some of my favorites.

okl finds

No.1 Amazing oversized mirror from Worlds Away for $279!
No.2 Pair your mirror with two classic scones that are $55 each.
No.3 A cozy tufted seating nook for $789.
No.4 The palest lilac make for stunning throw pillows. A set of 2 for $53 complete with inserts.
No.5 You know I love a little boho chic in my spaces so this coffee table is perfection. This beauty is 76% off and only $339.
No.6 Kid and animal friendly rug for $147!!!

Normally I don’t recommend picking up all of your pieces from one store, but at One Kings Lane they have such a great mix of vendors with unique finds that you can actually shop for all your pieces in one place and it looks like it’s items you collected and curated over time. Their buying team is on fire!

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just a big fan of OKL.

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16 Feb

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend I got to sneak away Friday night and enjoy a little concert. My lovely sister and her boyfriend were able to snag tickets to the NBA All Star concert where Bon Jovi was performing. I’ve loved Jon Bon Jovi longer than I’ve loved my own Jon so it’s pretty serious and was really excited to go!  :)


It was at Hammerstein ballroom which is standing only so it made it pretty easy to wiggle your way to the front of the stage. We were super close and Jon even got a high five!

No zoom needed because we were that close!

It was a late night out so we were super happy that Hudson didn’t have soccer the next morning.

Valentine’s day was low key, but wonderful. I got to spend the day with my favorite guys. I got the prettiest flowers.


The morning was spent just relaxing and enjoying a yummy pancake breakfast that my guys made for me. It was a snowy day, but we bundled up and headed out to lunch.

My handsome lunch dates:


The only way I could get a shot with Hudson was by taking a selfie and asking him to a duck face. This kid is super anti-photos lately so I will take what I can get.


Our outing continued with a little thrifting. We were near a shop I don’t always get to so I had to pop in. Like always some things were crazy high, but there were some budget finds.

This bamboo coffee table was $68. It was massive and I think it would look great painted a bright color or jet black.


This rocking chair had really pretty lines and the caning was in perfect condition and it was only $38!


This loveseat was on the high end coming in at $238, but it was Ethan Allen and in perfect condition. Plus the enlarged floral pattern is very on trend with what all of the fabric showrooms are currently featuring.

*All of these items are from St. Vincents in Huntington on Jericho Turnpike for all of my NY readers.


We even managed to go to an open house and check out a house that was completely renovated. We have always leaned towards having a house that was old and full of character that we could renovate to our needs, but the curb appeal on this house was so pretty that we had to check it out.


It was pretty, but the first floor was surprisingly really small and while it was nice to have already re-done we didn’t love all of the choices they made and it felt more like a hotel to us. It was also on a pretty main road so thanks, but no thanks.

The rest of the weekend was pretty cold out so we hibernated inside and did lots of baking.


A sweet way to end a sweet weekend.

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