24 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Frieda and Nellie

From the ladies that bought you the new and improved friendship bracelets from our youth complete with vintage jewels I bring you their new collection of tassel earrings.

frieda and nellie tassel earringst 11.05.02 PM
{Coral Tassel Earrings}

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.06.10 PM
{Turquoise Tassel Earrings}

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.06.23 PM
{Neon Tassel Earrings}

frieda and nellie tassel earrings
{Crazy Quirky Carefree earrings}

Totally fun and completely unnecessary, but I would still love to treat myself to a pair! I already know and I’m obsessed with making tassels perhaps this is the makings of a DIY project.

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23 Jul

Fabric Find: Jamboree

I love a good solid colored fabric used in a room, but some times you want something with a little more oomph, but not too distracting. This is the reason why so many designers love Betwitx by Schumacher. The only problem is that because it’s to the trade it can be a bit on the pricier side. I wanted to find something a little more budget friendly, but with a similar vibe. Enter Jamboree by P Kaufmann.

It’s come in a rainbow variety of colors and retails for $24.50 a yard at upholstery weight!

jamboree fabric

jamboree fabric

So excited to try some of these. If you want to get your fix right away you can pick up ready made pillows in this pattern at Society Social.

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22 Jul

Caitlin McGauley Wallpaper

I fell in love with Caitlin McGauley’s illustrations years ago when she started working with LONNY

Her work is so beautiful and full of whimsey and color. Plus she is an elephant lover like me so it’s always fun to check out her elephant print. The version on her site is no longer available, but a new blue version is now available through Studio Four NYC.

elephant watercolor print

In following Caitlin’s instagram feed I saw another little project she is working on with Studio Four NYC. An amazing wallpaper line that will be debuting in early fall and I can’t wait to get my hands on some samples.

caitlin mcgauley wallpaper

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 11.01.29 PM

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 11.02.03 PM

Ah I don’t think I can wait till the fall to get my hands on the elephant wallpaper!

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21 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was a bit overcast which worked just fine with me, because the cold Hudson had been fighting all week finally hit me. Friday at 5pm I started feeling crappy and made sure I just to bed early.

On Saturday I decided to try and take it easy and stay in my pj’s and bed all day. I was looking forward of a day catching up on Lifetime movies, but my little guys wanted to hang out with me instead so my movie day turned into marathons of Wreak it Ralph and the Incredibles and looked like this instead:

{Hudson loves to grab my cheek when he is tired or cranky. So that’s how I got to lay in bed.}

While I recovered poor Jon was outside working away on a project for the backyard. I would have been stressed, but he still had a smile on his face. I always dream up something crazy and he always figures out how to get it done.

I did manage to get out of the house for a little, because I figured the fresh air would be good and I needed to stock up on tissues. I took Hudson into town with the stroller in the hopes that he would fall asleep, but what I got was an overactive 2.5 year old running up and down the aisles of CVS. I ended up having to pin him into the stroller to strap him in so he would stay put. Good times. After all that I decided to treat myself to a couple of beauty items. I’ll let you know how they turn out.


The evening ended with making some homemade pizza for dinner. Such an easy thing to do and it’s ready pretty quickly.


On Sunday I displayed my new doormat.It was love at first sight when I saw it, but it took me awhile to finally pull the trigger and order it. So happy I did, because it makes my entryway so cheerful.

design darling greek key jute doormat
{Details on my green door available here.}

While I did a little zhushing around the house Jon and Hudson went out for a haircut. Here is my little cutie that now looks even older to me.


The rest of the day I took advantage of still fighting my cold and taking it easy, by taking out my laptop and working away while this little one napped near by and my two other guys worked outside.


Happy Monday!

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18 Jul

Friday Finds…


I had to remind myself numerous times this week that, “It’s All Right”. With a very moody 2.5 year old along with a 2 month old that needs his momma and work that needs to get done this has been a very exhausting week as a working from home mom. I need to get myself a work space outside of the home so that I don’t have a little visitor every couple of mins that asks me, “What are you doing”. I have never been so excited to get to Friday.

Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

-I’ve been wanting to use my real camera more often instead of just my iphone. How pretty is this strap? Complete with a monogram! I’ve been known to drop a camera or two so a strap is definitely a must have for me.

-I have coolers on the brain this week and this DIY project to make your standard cooler a bit cooler is jaw dropping. Wish I had thought of it myself.

-A gold tattoo that is removable so it will come off once I’ve come to my senses. Perfect! Stamp me up.

-Aren’t these placemats so chic? Love the bow detail on them. Available in blackand greentoo!

-Note to self don’t toss out 90% of your shoes in a cleaning fit because your feet still aren’t back down to their normal size from baby #2 without having some replacements. In love with these sandals. Leopard plus a little accent of metal studs for a touch of rock and roll. Perfection plus they are only sale for less than $50! Wouldn’t want them to feel lonely in my closet so I think I will need these pom pom sandalsas well.

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17 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale

Since I live in the NYC area I am lucky enough to have been able to stand with masses and wait on line to enter the sought after Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale. It’s in Queens, NY and it’s full of Jonathan Adler goodies at crazy good deals.


This year I found out that they are going to be having a warehouse sale online so that everyone can score something fabulous. I love Jonathan Adler’s style and have little home decor accessories of his in every room in my house.

I can’t wait to see what will be available today. Here are some peeks at things I know will be on sale.

Bobo and Waves pillow: Originally $88 On Sale: $25.99

JA Bobo Waves Pillow was $88 now $25.99

Lena Lamp: Originally $595 On Sale: $356.99

JA Lena Lamp was $595 now $356.99

Pop Sugar Candle: Originally $38 On Sale $18.99

JA Pop Sugar Candle was $38 now $18.99

Siamese Cat: Originally $88 On Sale $23.99

JA Siamese Cat was $88 now $23.99

Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers: Originally $48 On Sale $27.99

JA Unicorn S&P was $48 now $27.99

Ready, set, shop! If you pick something up at sale head back and let me know what you snagged. :)

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16 Jul

Kids Outdoor Furniture

Maybe it’s just because I have kids now, but doesn’t everything look cuter when it’s mini. I’m not a fan of traditional kids furniture that can be a little cheesy, but in doing a little research I found some great chic and affordable options for the mini people in your life.

Since it’s summer time I decided to just round up outdoor furniture pieces.

kids outdoor furniture

No.1 I have this picnic table from Ikea and I love it. Hudson loves it and we constantly get compliments on because it looks like an adult table that has just been shrunk. Best part? It’s only $39.99.

No.2 It’s a sectional plus it has the striped cushions and umbrella! I love this and would actual love it to be supersized for me.

No.3 Love the mix of natural and painted wood on this collection from Target. A fun modern take on a classic style.

No.4 I have the adult version of these chairs on my own patio and I love them. Only issue with them is that they are typically not outdoor chairs so if you leave them out during rain the inner screws start to rust and you get bits of rust stain on the chair. Learned that the hard way.

No.5 A cozy bench for two. I can already envision Hudson and Ash sitting in it.

No.6 I think our 10 ft x 6 ft inflatable pool needs some pool side seating. This cabana lounge chair set up totally works with what we have going on in the backyard. Trying to figure out if it would fit anywhere.

No.7 Looks exactly like it’s adult counterpart. Available in the style featured above and this additional style.

Ah it must be fun to be little.


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15 Jul

It’s the coolest.

Last week Jon mentioned a kickstarter campaign that he thought was really cool, which he saw my cousins facebook wall all the way in Australia.

I watched the video and instantly fell in love with the coolest cooler. First off it was orange! You know that had me at the get go. Then it just kept getting better when I saw all of the cool features it had.


It has the following perks:

-A battery powered blender
-Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker
-USB Charger
-LED lid light
-Gear tie down
-Cooler Divider/Cutting board
-Extra wide easy rolling tires
-Integrated storage for plates and knives
-Bottle opener

Cool, right? The next day I decided we needed to pledge some money and be a part of it. When we saw the video there were 500 backers and Ryan had was a 1.5 million when his goal was $50,000. Within the next two days when we actually went online and pledged it had gone up to 1,500 bakers and was at 2.4 million.

Go over now and see what his numbers are. It’s crazy!

For those of you that hadn’t heard about it I needed to share this campaign.I feel like I am even more connected to it, because a long time blog reader and fellow blogger and pal, Loretta from Eco Happy Style is actually Ryan’s sister in law. Isn’t it a small, small, world out there. I was super happy to support her brother in laws coolest cooler.

Did you pledge as well?


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14 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

Thank you all for the sweet messages about Moo’s passing. Losing him was so hard, but it was so nice to know that others were thinking of him too. Of course our week continued to get a little hectic when Hudson came up with a 103 fever Friday evening. Crazy end to a crazy week. We rushed him to an urgent care center and it seems like it’s just some sort of virus that needs to pass.

Saturday was spent resting with our sick little guy.

Asher slept over at my parents house until Hudson’s fever broke. So on Saturday morning when Hudson’s fever was almost back to normal I ran out to get my littlest guy and made a pit stop at a new farmers market a couple of towns over.

The highlight of the market was Sugar Mountain Catering.
They had the cutest tricycle with a keg that dispensed artisan lemonades along with yummy treats like gluten free/vegan peanut butter chocolate cookies that were amazing! If you live on L.I. I would definitely try them out.


The rest of the day was spent at home so that Hudson could continue to recover. I managed to clean up a little and found this Leigh Viner print I forgot I had bought years ago.

leigh viner

I also finished a little chair project for my parent’s home office.


We ended the evening with Asher trying out his brothers old Bumbo chair.


Plus a little relaxing on the trampoline:

{Don’t worry we didn’t jump. Just laid on it to look up at the size and see planes fly by.}

On Sunday was much better so he headed out his daddy and some friends to go out fishing.


I ran out with Asher and headed to my parents to watch the last World Cup game and then picked up some goodies at Target. How cute are these Oh Joy for Target paper goods?


When the men arrived from their fishing trip we all got to hang out in the backyard and do a little BBQing for dinner.


Every meal should end on a sweet note and we got to enjoy these yummy cookies for dessert. The Jacque Torres chocolate chip cookies were particularly delicious.

The sweetest note to my weekend though was getting to hear Hudson tell me he loves me. He has been talking for a while now and saying lots of new words/sentences, but for some reason never wants to say I love you. Luckily since I was out of the house when it happened Jon got it on video.

Happy Monday! Let’s hope this week treats me better.


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11 Jul

Saying goodbye to Moo


This has been a very hard week. Last week Moo stopped eating. We figured it was due to the bad thunderstorms and 4th of July related fireworks which normally make him really anxious and typically he doesn’t eat.

After the holiday weekend though he still wasn’t eating. We tried everything, but he even turned his nose down to bacon. This is when we knew things were wrong and on Monday we rushed him to the vet. Turns out the poor little guy had tongue ulcers that the vet thought was related to bacteria on his teeth. We left him at the vet feeling good that all he needed was a teeth cleaning and antibiotics.

The next day his blood work came back and we found out he was in kidney failure. Not the news we wanted to hear. When we read up on the symptoms of kidney failure we saw that Moo had every single one of them and that the symptoms didn’t show up until 75-80 percent of the kidney was damaged.

He started treatment right away, but sadly things didn’t get any better and he just kept looking worse and worse and we had to make a really hard decision.

Moo was and will always be my first baby. During my college years Jon and  I worked at Nordstrom and on our lunch breaks we would go to the pet store in the same mall. I would fall in love with certain puppies, take them out to play and even name them. They would all end up getting sold.

One day this sweet little black and white shih tzu with a ton of spunk arrived at the store and I was smitten. I went every single day to see him and even named him Moo due to the cow print pattern he had on his belly. I was obsessed with him and sadly one day he was gone from the store. Little did I know that on Christmas morning he would pop out of a gift box from Jon. He was the best gift I have ever received.

He immediately became part of the family and became our little baby. Moo was with us during the years we dated, engagement, marriage, homeowner ship and the birth of our 2 sons.

He was always there for us providing loads of unconditional love. Hudson fell in love him as well and would always wake up looking for his Moo-Moo and making sure he was feed and of course got his dose of cuddles.

This was a very rough week indeed with the tears flowing and yesterday when we had to say our final goodbye was beyond heart breaking.


Moo, you will be missed.






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