22 May

Friday Finds…


The kick off of the summer is officially here! Memorial day here we come! We have all been so busy that I’m excited to take a little time this weekend and enjoy our holiday weekend.

-These kabobs look like so yummy and such a fun idea for any upcoming BBQ’s you may be having or attending.

-Anthropologie has some amazing things in it’s sale section and there is an extra 20% with the code GONEFISHING. My must haves are this dress, cover-up, cardigan, dress, and these shoes.Whew! There are some many good scores.

-I’m on a big palm leaf kick lately. How adorable is this romper, dinner party set up and pillow cover.

-How cool is this playroom? Look at that amazing view plus a ping pong table.

-Umm doughnut ice cream sandwiches?! Why oh why have I never thought of this before. Must make a point to try this out this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!



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21 May

Treat Yo Self: Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Nordstrom’s has always held a special place in my heart. It was my first official job right when I graduated High School and I really enjoyed my time there. I loved their detail to customer service and they really drilled that into their employees. Throughout my college years I always came back to work during all of my breaks. One of the biggest deals in Nordstrom has always been their Anniversary Sale, which customers literally book their vacations around. Their next biggest sale is their Half Yearly Sale which is officially on!

Here are some of my favorite deals from the sale:

Frenchi Scallop Top on sale for $19.20
french top

Ruffled Midi Dress on sale for $76.80
rufflied midi dress

CeCe Floral Drop Waist Dress on sale for $88.80

Chelsea28 Shir Dress on sale for $58.80

Textured Shell Jacket on sale for $52.80

Double Layer Floral Jumper on sale for $40.80
Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 10.36.51 PM

Kate Spade Tweed Dress on sale for $208.80

I even found a pair of cute orange peep toe pumps:

There are literally pages upon pages of goodies to pick from! Sale is on until May 31st! Make sure you treat yo self!

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20 May

I’m a cowboy…

Ok so I’m not really a cowboy. Actually I’m probably the complete opposite of one, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have a weekend away at Urban Cowboy BnB. Don’t you love when one click leads to another, which leads to another? Well that’s what happened to me the other day and I stumbled upon Urban Cowboy and now I’m obsessed.

Urban Cowboy is a bed and breakfast in Brooklyn, NY and it is housed in a 4 story townhouse complete with it’s own backyard and guest cabin! It’s Brooklyn hipster meets Adirondack rustic charm meets modern cowboy! Saying I’m obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how much I love this idea. Ever since my days of watching Lorelai on Glimore girls renovate the Dragonfly I have always had dreams of being an innkeeper as well. I’ve also always had dreams of living in a town that was actually like Stars Hollow, but that’s a post for another day. :)

Ok back to the Brooklyn oasis that is making my heart skip a beat. Even though I’m only a 30 min drive away from Brooklyn I would gladly pack my bags to spend a night or two here.

The main living area has a retractable garage door that opens up into the backyard:




Then there is the master bedroom:


Bedroom #2:


Bedroom #3:


Bedroom #4:


Plus the cabin in the backyard!




I don’t think I would ever go sightseeing in Brooklyn. I would just stay in the townhouse the entire time. You can either rent it by room or rent the whole thing!

Amazing! I need to gather up a group of friends to chip in with me and rent this cowboy oasis for a night.


Images via Urban Cowboy BnB

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19 May

Katie Kime Wallpaper & Fabrics

I’m a big fan of Katie Kimewe have a really similar design aesthetic and both enjoy elephants and the color orange. Basically this means we are meant to be BFF’s. I was just window shopping through her online shop and realized that her new wallpaper and fabric lines are now available online!

Here are some of my favorites:

Elephants March:


Brush Strokes:


Drawn Lines:


Geometric Lines:


Paint Daubs:

Paint Daubs Katie Kime

I think I need to get some samples and use them in my home. Check out all of the patterns here.

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18 May

Scenes from my weekend…

Another weekend that has come and gone way too quickly. I actually took today off though and extended my weekend a bit, because my sister in law, Jenn, is graduating from her masters program today! We are off to the city to celebrate in a little bit.

Here is a little recap of what we were up to this weekend…

Hudson has continued with his soccer classes and he is actually getting pretty good at it. They are now to the point where they are breaking up into team and playing mini games. So cute.

With his team members waiting to play:


Hudson did so well that we took him bowling. He has been begging to go for weeks, but the weather has been so nice we didn’t want to be indoors. This Saturday was really overcast and rainy so bowling we went!


Is there anything cuter than bowling shoes? This is the first time he got a rental pair and he was really excited.


Hudson likes to plan our activities on the weekend and on Sunday he requested the beach. The clouds had parted and it was 80 degrees so off we went.



We searched for fish in tidal pools:


Hudson had so much he ended up in his undies with friends that he found at the beach.


When we got home I had a bit of work today. So I played around with some wallpaper:


Went through paint swatches:


Put together some fabric schemes:


The day ended with us outside at 7 (with lots of daylight left) and Hudson and Jon washing the cars.


Ash and I relaxed on the lawn and read My Mom Snapsa totally adorable book I picked up on etsy.


Of course I ended the day in bed watching the finale of Mad Men. Thoughts?

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15 May

Friday Finds…

{Image via Camille Styles}

This week I…

-In love with this playroom reveal. I wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful.

-I never thought I would lust over a screen door, but the day has come. How amazing is the chippendale one? Ah I need to make this happen.

-I think I would wear this dress all summer long. It looks like a must have to me. The swing to it, the bow detail in the back, the stripes! Ah come to momma!

-Have heard really good things about Reconstructing Amelia. Can’t wait to pick it up. Has anyone read it?

-Nautical stripes plus leopard spots! Oh yes! How adorable are these espadrilles? The price tag isn’t so adorable though so they aren’t happening at all for me. Boo!

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14 May

Treat Yo Self: Hot Air Roller

The last couple of weeks my Thursdays have been occupied with the ORC, but now that it’s over we are back to my treat yo self posts! This week I wanted to share an obsession that I’ve been using for the last couple of months.

hot air roller

It’s a hot air roller and it’s changed the way I do my hair. A while ago I use to blow dry my hair and then go at it with a flat iron. I stopped that years ago when I wanted more body in my hair and I started blow drying my hair with a round brush. The round brush technique gave me the body I wanted, but it took forever! With Asher now on board I have very little time to get ready in the morning so I decided to try out this hot roller brush. It’s part round brush/part hair dryer and it makes doing my hair in the morning super quick and easy. Plus it’s only $25 so I figured it was worth a try.

Now all I need to do is either let my hair air dry to around 90% dry or quickly blow dry it without having to worry about a brush. Once I’m at 90% dry I section off my hair and then twirl my hair around the roller brush almost as if you were twirling spaghetti on a fork. Once it comes out you have a nice bouncy curl that I spray a teeny bit of hair spray on and that’s it. My hair is done and has body and takes around 15 mins at most.

I just cut my hair this weekend so I’m hoping it goes even faster now. Due to the crazy humid heat we have been having this week I have yet to try it out, but I will report back.

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13 May

DIY Caned Headboard

When I started designing my room for the ORC I knew right away that I wanted to swap out the headboard. In my dreams where I had an unlimited budget I really wanted this bed .Isn’t it amazing? I love it. Of course I had no where near that budget so I knew I would have to recreate it somehow.

Here is what we ended up with:

diy caned headboard

It was super easy to make and give me the look and vibe that was hoping to achieve at a fraction of the cost of my inspiration piece.

You will need the following supplies:
-6ft of 24″ wide caning (For Queen bed)
-15 ft of white trim for border (For Queen bed)
-Compound miter saw
– Staple gun/staples
– Spray bottle

Step 1: Your caning will come rolled up so you must lay it out and place some heavy items on top to straighten it out.

diy caning headboard

Step 2: Cut your trim to size with the compound miter saw or a miter saw. You will need to cut 4 pieces on a 45 degree angle. You need two 60″ long pieces and two 21 1/2″ long.

diy caned headboard


Step 3: Once your pieces are cut lay them out on top of the caning to mock it up and make sure it’s good to be pieced together.

diy caned headboard

Step 4: Use an epoxy to merge your corners.

diy caned headboard

Step 5: Let the epoxy set for 30 mins and then flip over your frame and staple your corners.

diy caned headboard

Step 6: Caning is a bit difficult to work with. Use a spray bottle with water in order to get your caning completely flat and ready to be stapled on the frame.

diy caned headboard

Step 7: With the weaving of the caning stapling it down can be a little difficult. You can’t really staple in a straight line. Best tip is to just go a bit wonky and move the direction of staples after every staple.

diy caned headboard

Step 8: Use a saw tooth hanger for mounting.

diy caned headboard

Once you are done you may have some gaps in the corners. If that’s the case just used some wood putty to fill the gaps. Let it dry then do a quick standing job and paint high gloss white.


diy caned headboard

Ready to make your own?

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12 May

Summer Essentials 101

Yesterday we all played hooky to celebrate Asher’s 1st birthday and went to the beach! The weather in NY finally has gotten warm so on went the shorts and flip-flops and off we went. I had big plans to read a book, but as a momma my time was spent digging tunnels, cleaning off sandy hands and feet and checking out sand fleas. :)

Here are some summer beach essentials I would love to use in between playing with seaweed.

summer essentials

No.1 Don’t we all want a cabana boy to bring us cold drinks and beach towels. How adorable is this bell!

No.2 Stay hydrated with this pretty tumbler.

No.3 Listen to some music with this Sunnylife beach sounds radio.

No.4 A straw tote to fill with your supplies.

No.5 I have heard so many good things about author Jojo Moyes. I can’t pick to this book up. Any other must have books I need to pick up for this summer?

No.6 If it’s summer one must have a cabana striped something. Why not a beach towel?

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11 May

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was completely jam packed! Our Saturday started with our soccer class like always and then this momma ran out to get a hair cut!

I did a pretty major chop!


When I got home from my haircut we literally had to get changed and head out to a communion and that was pretty much the rest of the day.

On Sunday we were hosting brunch to celebrate Mother’s day, my birthday and Asher’s birthday! Can you believe Asher is 1? That year flew by!

We ate yummy food:


Asher got a sweet new house for the backyard:

outdoor playhouse

He had a ball:


His favorite thing at the moment is playing with balls. So, in honor of his birthday I went a little nuts and ordered dozens upon dozens of beach balls to fill our trampoline with. He loved it!

I ordered from 48″ beach balls all the way to 6″.

happy ball

We all had a little fun playing with a crowd sign. They saw my post last Friday and sent me one as a little thank you. Everyone had fun playing with it.


Even the birthday boy got into the action:


We ate some birthday cake:


Opened some gifts! This birthday girl did pretty great for herself this year in the gift department.

How adorable and totally me is this purse!


Obsessed with this double druzy ring from Kendra Scott. It’s perfection. I don’t want to take it off.


My bedroom got a new upgrade with a pair of these preppy striped ginger jars.

orange striped ginger jar

I told ya a did really good this birthday. :) I got one more gift that I’m super excited to play with. A Silhouette Cameo! I will pretty much be monogramming everything from now on. Any tips from readers that already have one?

The day ended on a sweet note with s’mores!


It was a lovely celebration and I’m so thankful for our families that came over to help us celebrate and spoiled us so much. We love you all so much!

Today is Asher’s actual birthday so I’m off to celebrate with my little man.

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