28 Nov

Ready, Set, Shop!


Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Now that it’s over the holiday season is officially upon us. I like to get my shopping done early and for the past couple of years I have been doing most of it online. This year I found that so many online shops started their cyber Monday sales early! Here are some of my favorite shops and the deals they are currently running.

Sole Society is currently 30% off all SHOES! I think these leopard pumps are a must have! Sale ends 11/30.

Zhush is currently running a 25% off sale with promo code BFRIDAY25. Sale ends 12/1. They carry my very favorite Jonathan Adler vase. I have it in lilac and it’s one of my prized treasures.

Design Darling is running a 20% off sale with promo code MANYTHANKS. Sale ends 12/1. I would totally love to treat myself to one of these brushstrokes lamps!

Serena and Lily is currently offering. Love these striped stockings.I think I need a set of 4 for our fireplace. $50 off an order of $200 with code GETSTARTED. Sale ends 11/30.

Bauble Bar has some amazing $20 finds in their shop. My favorites are this asymetrical initial necklace and this opal signet collar necklace. There a couple other special $20 sale items sprinkled throughout the site. Everything else is on sale with a promo code. Use FRIDAY15 for 15% off 2 items, FRIDAY25 for 25% off 3 items and FRIDAY35 for 35% off 4 items! Sale ends tonight at midnight!!!

Anthropologie is running a 25% off everything with code HOLIDAY25 for today only!!!!!! I have never bought a bad gift from here. They are always crowd favorites and 25% is amazing! I always hit their sale section first and there are some great gems like these earrings, scarf, and jeweled belt.

Gap is always my go to store for baby and kids clothes. They have super adorable items and they wear really well. They are currently running 50% off with code BLKFRIDAY for today only! I love putting Asher in sweater one pieces and I think this striped number is a must have.

I have to shop for a lot of ladies in my life and Ann Taylor has really stepped up their game lately. Use code THANKS for 50% off everything for today only! Obsessed with this sequin striped sweater,jewel neck sweater,open bow back sweater,amazing dress that looks like it was made for me and an elephant charm bracelet I’m certain was in fact made for me. :)

C.WONDER is always a go to stop for me during the holidays. They always have amazing finds for Secret Santa or Dirty Santa in their Home & Gift section which is currently 40% off. In love with their buffalo check teapot, more please serving set, and elephant wine stopper,

Madewell always has stunningly chic and classic items. They are currently running a 25% off everything sale with promo code GIFTON that ends 11/30. I seriously want everything in their monogram shop and think this Je T’aime leather tray would be perfect for so many people in your life and at an amazing price point!

All of these sales helped me amass a quite extensive Dear Santa list and now I’m off to shop for all of my loved ones and hopefully get everything done before the first of December! Happy Shopping!


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27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!


This week Jon and I celebrated 15 years of being together! Isn’t that crazy?! How have we been together that long. What started out as a friendship because we had lockers near each other in high school has now turned into a marriage of almost 9 years and two sweet adorable boys. The funny thing is that when we officially got together 15 years ago we knew we were meant to be each others happily ever after. Today I’m so thankful for these crazy men in my life, my amazing family and friends and this wonderful blog community that has bought so much joy to my life. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying it with all of your loved ones!

Got more photos back from Liz and I just have to share!






If you are brave enough to tackle some family photos today here are some tips.




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26 Nov

Tips for taking the best family photos!

Thanksgiving day is this Thursday and I think it’s the perfect time to try and take a family photo. Everyone will be dressed up nice, the fall foliage would be an amazing backdrop and you will have family around to help snap a photo or two.

I was lucky enough to have my friend, Liz from Elizabeth Kristin Photography take our family photos and the blogger in me of course decided I needed her advice for a blog post to help others take the best photos.


1. When is the ideal time to take family photos for Christmas? IE the families favorite season, or during summer vacation or the fall due to the pretty leaves?

LIZ: I say the idea time is whenever you are ready! I have clients take their holiday pictures in the summer on the beach, and then some who wait until the fall!

CAMILA: Personally I love Christmas cards to have photos in a fall/winter setting, but I do enjoy a good winter beach shot. The beach looks so beautiful in the winter and it’s empty so it’s perfect for photos!

2. What is the best type of day/time of day to take photos outside?

LIZ: The best time of day to take pictures is generally 1-2 hours before sunset and after sunrise (if you want to wake up that early!) This is referred to as the “golden hour” in the photography world. The sun is lower in the sky, and is just gorgeous!! Mid day is not ideal. The sun being so high up in the sky causes harsher shadows across the face, and also causes squinting due to the brightness.


3. Any tricks for keeping your kids happy and smiling during the photo shoot? Ideally how long of a time frame should you book to get the perfect shot?

LIZ: I try to make silly faces, sing songs, and engage kids by asking them questions during the shoot. There are always some kids who are just not having it. I always advise parents to try to have their sessions after naptime, and not before! Generally speaking, my shoots last approximately an hour.

CAMILA: Personally I also thought it was really helpful when Liz was the one asking Hudson to smile and not me. When mom and dad were asking him to smile/laugh, etc we got lots of no! Hudson loved Liz’s silly nature and even when he was trying to fight smiling he would eventually get a case of the giggles.


4. What do you prefer candid’s or staged/portrait style?

LIZ: I prefer a combination of both. I’m definitely more drawn to candids and find the perfection in the imperfect. I definitely love “real life” and in the moment images- but also love shots of every one looking and smiling.

CAMILA: I love both as well, but my favorites tend to be candids. I will admit though that at times I have needed to stage a candid or two to get the shot I want.


5. Do you like props/themes for family photo shoots?

LIZ: I’m pretty simplistic in my style. Not too many props- just the occasional blanket, crate, or chair here and there. I prefer for the focus to be on the people in the picture, not the props.

CAMILA: If I had an unlimited budget I would love props! From vintage cars to bales of hay I would want it all. That being said I don’t have an unlimited budget and I think the best theme for a family shoot is just happy smiley people!


6. Favorite camera and lens?

LIZ: I shot with a Nikon d90 for many, many years- but once rented the Canon 5d mark iii, and I still long to shoot with it. Hmmmmm- its a tie for my favorite lens- between the 24-70 and the 70-200.


7. Any tips for outfits? How many patterns are too many. Do any patterns/colors read really bad in photos?

LIZ: PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DO NOT have everyone wear the same thing- i.e- white tops and jeans. Unless you want to look like you’re taking a corporate picture, please stay away from matchy-matchy. Complimentary colors are best. For example, I recently had a family photoshoot with my own family. We wore combinations of light grey, light pink, and cream.

CAMILA: I like for everyone to coordinate, but not match. For our own personal shoot I had a common theme of navy and cream and then Hudson’s plaid shirt had the addition of a pale pink, mint and hunter green. I then picked up the mint in my shirt and my necklace had all of the colors from Hudson’s shirt. It all worked perfectly, but everyone still looked different. To be completely honest I tend to dress us all like this a lot. Since I pick out the clothes for both Hudson and Asher we tend to coordinate on a weekly basis and on the weekends Jon always takes note of what we are all wearing and makes sure he doesn’t clash us. We don’t always do this, but it’s nice when it happens and we can snap a photo or two.


8. Since not everyone can afford a photographer or know how to use editing programs like photoshop what is your favorite instagram filter or pic monkey filter that people can use?

LIZ: Hrmmmm- I really love the VSCO cam app for the iphone. You can play with exposure, contrast, and they also have pre-set filters that are pretty cool.

CAMILA: I love instagram. You can follow me here. I tend to favor Valencia as my filter of choice.
minted preview
9. What is your favorite online printing source for holiday cards?

LIZ: Totally digging what Minted is offering this season. I’m doing my personal holiday cards through them.

CAMILA: I love Minted as well and really enjoy that you can upload your photo and see it on all of the card options at once! I also like tinyprints, Paperless Post now does printed cards, and Pinhole Press.

10. Should you come to your photographer with a list of must take shots. You know the million candid looking shots you pinned on pinterest and now want to recreate for yourself?

LIZ: I don’t think its a bad thing to have a list in your head of what you might want. Its always good to make sure that the photographer you hire meshes with your own personal style. So, if you do pin things on pinterest, try to figure out if they fit in a specific theme (candid/posed/etc), and find a photographer that compliments that style. Let your photographer take control after that!

CAMILA: Love Liz’s tip here. Pinterest is wonderful, but I think it also makes things harder. You see these beautiful shots and you want to recreate them exactly and sometimes that’s not possible. It’s a wonderful tool though that can help you find photographers with a style you like and explain to the photography why you booked and what you liked so that they can help you achieve a similar look/vibe to your photos.

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25 Nov


A couple of weeks ago when I snagged an opening my pal, Liz of Elizabeth Kristin Photography  had for a family photo shoot I knew right away that a tulle skirt needed to be involved. In a house full of boys where even our dog is a boy I always delight in situations where I get to be extra girly.

I didn’t have a chance to order a tulle skirt online because it wouldn’t have arrived on time and let’s face it with price tags in the $60-$100 range I was never going to order on. After a quick trip to Jo-Anns I left with 30 yards of tulle and $28 lighter in my wallet.

Here is what you’ll need to make all of your princess dreams come true!


-30 yards of tulle for extra fluffiness and 30″ length
-1/2″ non-roll elastic

Step 1: Your yardage will come folded in half and I found it easiest to deal with it by leaving it that way while I was measuring out the strips. I wanted my length to be 30″, which meant that I needed 60″ long strips of tulle. I simply took my 30 yards of fabric and measured out one length of 60″ and then folded the yardage into the 60″ base. Then I took my scissors and cut the edges to free my 60″ sections and because I left my yardage folded I needed to cut every other side/length as well. Once that was all free I cut 6″ wide sections out of 60″ length sections.

For the elastic simply take it and wrap it around your waist and cut to size.

Step 2: Now that your sections are done it’s time to attach them to your elastic. Simply take one section of tulle and fold it over so that it is now 30″ in length. Take the loop and place it behind the elastic.


Step 3: Take the bottom sections of the tulle and pull it over the elastic and through the loop.



Step 4: Repeat step 3 around all of your elastic. Then double knot your elastic. No sewing at all!


Front section of your skirt should look like this:


Back of skirt:


Overview of front & back:


It took me about an 1 hour and 20 mins to cut everything and then thread all of the tulle sections to the elastic. Not bad at all.

All finished!



When Hudson saw me wearing the skirt for these photos he was so sweet and called me a princess and asked me what I was doing. For the rest of the day he referred to me as princess instead of mommy.

The skirt looked so great in our family photos! Can’t wait to share them later this week!

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24 Nov

Steal a Moment

This weekend was full of boring chores. Nothing very excited so here is glimpse into an outing a had in the city a couple of weeks ago instead. I was able to jet into the city for the launch party of Seriously Distracted a new web series from POPSUGAR that was being hosted by fruitwater. The show stars the seriously funny Amy Sedaris and is a scripted comedy that follows the daily on goings of a PR firm.

I must admit that as I was writing this post I took a little break to catch the first episode that had just aired and I was hooked! I work by myself so it was nice to steal a moment with the ladies from Le Grande PR. Make sure you tune in on Tuesdays for new episodes.

Now back to my recap of the event.

The launch party was being hosted at 1 Oak  which is a beautiful nightclub in Chelsea.

I got to enjoy a nice leisurely train ride into the city and steal a moment for myself. After a day of squeezing in work with two little boys it was nice to have a little “me” time.

trainThe chic vibe of the venue started from the entrance. Normally I’m not a huge fan of neon signs, but this one just felt so appropriate and set the mood for a fun night.

1oakEvery fabulous event needs a step and repeat so we made sure to take a photo.

{The best part of this invite was getting to bring guests with me. Who doesn’t love a night out with their sisters!}

A signature drink also needed to be acquired. We all got a different one to do a little tasting at our table.


We got to drink our drinks, people watch, enjoy some yummy appetizers and take in the unique decor of the venue.

My favorite part of the decor had to be the wall of letters. It was filled with actual wooden letter cutouts that were layered throughout the entire wall. So cool! Plus the chevron floor done with two different stains of wood was pretty easy on the eyes as well. You can see more photos of the space here.


Since I was already out and in Manhattan I decided that a quick bite to eat was in order especially when I saw Artichoke Pizza was on the corner. If you live in the city or will be visiting anytime soon you must make sure to stop at one of their locations and have a slice or two. They have an artichoke pizza that makes me salivate by just thinking about it. We needed to try some other slices as well that night so we got a sampler and tried meatball pizza and vodka pizza as well. All 3 were our favorites!


Halfway through our meal I got the sweetest photo of my little men and immediately my pizza seemed a little less important and I just wanted to get on the next train to steal a moment with them before they headed to bed.


It’s always nice to get away for a little and be just Camila, but I must admit it’s even better to head back to reality and be the mommy, wife, sister, daughter, business owner, blogger, etc, etc, etc.

I know we are all busy and it’s important to remember to take a pause and steal a moment for ourselves. I love that it’s fruitwater’s new campaign, because whenever I see one of their bottles in my fridge I’m reminded to think of myself for a moment.

Follow fruitwater on Instagram at @fruitwaterbev and submit a photo showing the world how you make the most of your day by stealing a moment for yourself for your chance to win a $1,000 prize towards your next stolen moment! (Make sure to include #stealamomentsweeps and #fruitwater in your Instagram submission.)

This post was sponsored by fruitwater through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about fruitwater, all opinions are my own.

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21 Nov

Friday Finds…


This week …

-I got my hands on all of my photos from our family photo shoot. My sweet friend, Liz from Elizabeth Kristin Photography is amazing and I was literally teary eyed seeing all of the pics. Above is a sneak peek with Hudson looking oh so happy with us about all of the photos. Will share more photos next week!

-I can’t resist a good coat. I have a number of winter coats and I just keep feeding my addiction. How amazing is this new beauty I found. Hopefully Santa reads my blog.

-Adorable gift for your girlfriends for less than $15!

-I have always wanted to learn a magic trick. Nothing too fancy just something silly that would be fun to do at parties. Love these cute little magic trick boxes from World Market. The have a Magic drawer, Magic Guillotine, Magic X-ray vision, and Magic Handkerchief.

-Just picked up this cable knit pillow in raspberry.It looks so cozy, comes with the insert, is available in a wide array of colors and is only $29!

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20 Nov

Hammitt Handbag Giveaway

Before I had a house, buying handbags was my thing. I loved them ever since I was a little girl. I still remember this one little plastic handbag when I was around 7 that I would fill with “papers” aka those deposit slip forms from the bank that you can easily get your hands on while your parents are busy. :) I bought it everywhere with me and one day when we were at the park I left it on a bench to go on a swing and someone stole it! So sad! I still think about that lost bag. Since then my handbags are no longer plastic, but that little bag will never be forgotten.

As a home owner my splurges are now items for the house and not for myself. I still love handbags though so what’s a girl to do? Cross her fingers and toes that she wins one of these beauties from Hammitt Bags created for Sterns and Foster.

The bag  American made and handcrafted and is made out of buttery Italian leather with a luxurious suede interior and gold plated hardware. It retails for $760, but Sterns & Foster is currently giving away 20 handbags on their social media outlets.


Entering to win literally takes a matter of seconds. Head over hereif you would like to enter.

Abbreviated Rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited by law.
Open to legal US residents (incl. DC), 18 years or older (19 years old in AL and NE, 21 in MS) at start of Sweepstakes. Promotion consists of 4 separate Sweepstakes the first of which begins at 12:00 a.m. ET on 8/13/14, and the last of which ends on 12/14/14, at 11:59 p.m. ET. To enter, go to Stearns & Fosters facebook page, “like” the page, and complete and submit the registration form. 20 prize winners will receive a limited edition Hammitt® Handbag. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of each: $760. One winner will receive a Stearns & Foster® mattress set (ARV: $1499). Limit one (1) prize per person/per household. Odds of winning are based on the number of eligible entries received per sweepstakes. For complete rules and eligibility requirements, visit www.stearnsandfoster.com Sponsor: Tempur Sealy International, Inc.

This is a sponsored post by Tempur-Sealy and I’ve been compensated for my time in promoting this sweepstakes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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20 Nov

Treat Yo Self: PopSugar Must Have Box

I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages. The best ones are the ones I completely forgot I ordered. I tend to online shop for myself and clients and on occasion it’s like Christmas when a mystery box appears!

Of course what is even better than receiving a package I forgot I ordered is a receiving a package that is a complete mystery. I don’t love the idea of signing up for a monthly mystery box that only contains sample sizes of products so I have never tried out this service before. That is until PopSugar came out with their Must Have boxes that are filled with full sized goodies that have been curated from the editors of PopSugar.

pop sugar must have box

My November box arrived last week and I was pleasantly surprised with all of my items. It was filled with an assortment of items some that I had secretly wanted to treat myself to and some new items that I hadn’t tried out yet.

popsugar must have box

A monthly subscription is $39.95

All of the goodies in my box are worth a lot more.

Secret Recipes by Dominique Ansel retails for $35
Sorial Wallet on a Chain retails for $49
Ambergris Shea Butter Cream by K.Hall Simpatic retails for $22
Set of Thoughtful Heart Stationary by Tiny Prints retails for $15 plus a $25 gift card to Tiny Prints
Wine Glass Writer 3 pack retails for $9.95
G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn retails for $3.69

That’s $159.64 of product/gift cards for $39.95! I think it’s a great holiday gift.


Along with monthly subscriptions you can also pick up individual boxes for special occasions like a baby shower or bridesmaid gift.

Want to treat yo self or someone else to one?

From now until Dec 2nd use the code NOV14SELECT to save $10 on a 3 month subscription.

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


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19 Nov

#Kipling Holiday Tour

Back when I was in High School the hallways at school were cluttered with bags that had a little monkey key chain on them. I quickly found out that they were from a brand called, Kipling and I needed to get my hands on one. I was lucky enough to get a backpack due to super nice parents and luckily all was right with the world. Oh the things that are important when one is young. I hadn’t thought about that bag in the longest time until I got the opportunity this week to check out the new line up from Kipling.

Their metallic line up is screaming my name yet again and I think this bag is a necessity. Kipling is currently doing a Holiday Tour and will hosting a pop up shop in Soho that starts tomorrow. It runs from the 20th till the 22th. I will be there with Jon and the boys on Saturday to test drive the new bag I want and enjoy the live performance! Do you live in the area and want to shop as well? Make sure you RSVP here and I will see you there!


Thanks to Kipling for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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19 Nov


One of my favorite projects from my Home Depot Style Challenge reveal is the lucite menus that I made for the dinner.

diy lucite menu

It was such an easy project to tackle and I think it made the most impact. We picked up some 8″ x 11″ acrylic sheets available at Home Depot. They were around $4 a sheet. Then we took a razor and scored where we wanted to make the cut. Then we put it on a flat edge with the scored line on the edge and the remaining part of the sheet overhanging and snapped on the scored line and the piece will break in half.

Now that you have your sheets cut to size it’s time to make them pretty!

STEP 1: Take the sheets outside and spray one side of them with spraypaint.



STEP 2: Once the sheets are dry simply bring them inside and remove the protective film off the side you did not spraypaint.


STEP 3: If you want to be able to use the menus again then pick up dry erase markers to use on the lucite. I wanted my writing to look bold so I used paint pens instead.



All done!


It was such an easy project and super inexpensive!

If you want to get fancy you can even do some patterns like stripes or a Greek key border.

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