28 Aug

Friday Finds…

This week has been an exhausting one. I’m on the board of Hudson’s school and they are under going a massive renovation. Guess who is in charge of all marketing and branding and then part of the renovation and events team as well? This crazy lady! Oh did I also mention I’m Vice President of said board. I’m spent. Hudson has literally had to tell me to look at his eyeballs this week when I’m talking to him because I’ve been glued to my computer and fun. Ah! Worst Mom award…yup I would be a not so proud precipitant this week.

Anyway enough venting! Here are some of favorite finds this week when I wandered around the internet.

katie kime

This week…

-I’m wishing that a. I had a pool house b. It looked like this beauty designed by Katie Kime.

-I’m green with envy over this kelly green kitchen designed by Redo Your Home. Ah! Swoon! So pretty! Whenever we look at new(old) house I’m always the most excited about demoing the kitchen and planning out what I would do. Would I ever dare go so bold?

-Add a little vintage touch to your furniture with these amazing handles.

-I have so many friends that either just had a baby or are pregnant. I love finding unique gifts and this pillow cover is one of my latest gift ideas.

-The back to school nerd in me is loving this site.So many amazing finds!!!!

Happy Friday!

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27 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Minted

I have been a huge fan of Minted for many years now. I use them for stationary and prints all of the time! I was so excited when they launched a home division where they carry fabric, pillows, lampshades, curtains and table linens. I recently fell in love with Minted again when they wrapped up their, “Through the Lens” photography contest. They had over 5,000 submissions and selected 459 new photos that are now available for purchase.I went thru all of them and picked my top 5!

top 5 photographs from minted

No. 1 Hood River Boards: I love the beach so this surfboard photo immediately spoke to me. I love how you can’t really tell what they are until you look closely. The photo has this beachy undertone, but it’s not cheesy at all. Perfect for your summer home or honestly anywhere.

No. 2 Bubbles Out of Blue: I always look for a touch of whimsey in a piece of art. What’s more whimsical then bubbles? Adults and kids a like enjoy them. I think it would work perfectly in a kids space. I adore how this piece is very kid friendly, but doesn’t look kid friendly. I think any little ones would enjoy it in their space.

No. 3 Rooftops of Paris:I work with a lot of couples and a lot of times artwork is where they tend to disagree the most. City scenes are something most couples can agree on. They tend to be very neutral yet interesting. This piece is a perfect example of that. It doesn’t lean to feminine or masculine and it’s colors work well in so many space.

No. 4 Leader of the Pack:For my 25th birthday Jon surprised me with a trip to Egypt. It was an amazing trip and I got to ride on a camel! This piece reminds me of a happy member and I just love that camels face. It looks like he totally knows what you are thinking with his little smirk.

No. 5 California Dreams:Palm tree photos tend to be very popular in the blog world. I enjoy them, but this one is a tad bit different with the amusement park accent as the focus and it’s orange! So, of course I fell for it.

I actually picked up a piece for a project I’m working on and it arrived this week! So excited! Can’t wait to share it with you.



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26 Aug

DIY Cabins and Sheds and more!

I don’t know about you, but whenever my husband is busy on his ipad or phone it’s typically because he is on craigslist searching for one thing or another. Jon is normally on the free page seeing what sorts of stuff people are getting rid of that he can turn into a treasure. The other night though he was looking for sheds, because we are in need of a new one and he stumbled upon BZB Cabins and Outdoors. They are a company where you can by kits for cabins, sheds, saunas, pavilions, gazebos and even BBQ huts! You purchase the design and they send you all of the materials to build it and the plans. Most pieces can be finished in a handful of days!

In my dream house scenario I would have some sort of studio situation in the backyard that I could make into my office space. Jon always laughs when I’m searching for houses with that additional perk, because they are far and few between here, but now I can make it myself!

Pinecrest Cabin Kit:

Here it is build in someones land:
kit cabin

All dressed:
kit cabin

I’m in love! Time to start saving up my pennies to pick one up!

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25 Aug

Etsy Spotlight: El Hummingbird

A trip to Peru has been on my must travel to list for some time now. It looks like a beautiful country with lots to do especially getting to see all of the amazing artisan work that comes from there. How amazing are these Frazadas rugs?

Etsy shop, El Hummingbird sources these from the Andean mountains in Peru where it takes up to a month to produce one! They are made of sheep’s wool and then colored with natural dyes. They can be used as blankets, rugs, wall coverings, etc. I would use them to cover an ottoman!

Frazadas Andean Rugs:

Larger Frazadas Andean Rugs:


Ah! All of those pops of pink and bright colors!!!! I think my living room totally needs one!

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24 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

Guys! We had our first kid free weekend and while it was fun I sure did miss the boys!

Here is what we were up to!

We hit the road early Saturday morning!

It was the perfect opportunity to use my new Mahi leather duffle.I’m obsessed with it. It arrived so quickly and when they told me they could monogram it I was in heaven. Jon and I got his and her bags and we got compliments all weekend.

mahi duffleAfter 3 hours in the car we finally arrived in Atlantic City! I had never been before, but who can say no to a little gambling.

harrahsWhen we arrived we went to the pool. For reason in my head I thought the pool would be a nice relaxing time and I bought a new book with me and a stack of magazines I hadn’t gone thru. Umm so I was totally wrong. The Pool was actually more like a CLUB, with a cover and music so loud I thought my head was going to explode. Yes, I felt like a grandma in there. I stayed long enough to eat lunch, but then I needed to get out! I don’t think my ears have recovered yet.

Chic cabanas were pretty much the only thing I could stand at the pool.

pool cabanaWe decided to do a little gambling before getting ready for dinner. Go big or go home! Ah! Let’s just say we weren’t super lucky at the tables, but fun was had.

harrahsWe headed to dinner at The Borgota and had to take a little group shot in their beautiful lobby before hand.


We ate at Homestead and our meal was delicious! Then we did a little gambling! Can you spy the two photo bombers in the photo?


I finally went to bed at 12:45am because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was so sleepy! I was very excited to sleep in the next morning, but I guess my internal alarm clock didn’t get the memo and I was by 8am.

I had a super healthy breakfast!

{Not pictured: Bacon egg and cheese on a bagel that I also had! What? I was on vacation.}

The birthday boy still looking happy even though the tables weren’t too kind to him as well!
IMG_5820We took off after breakfast and made a little pit stop at Bass Pro Shops we don’t have one near us, so when Jon say it we had to go take a peek. At least Jon got lucky with the fishing. Haha.


Our last pit stop before heading back was a visit to Lucy the Elephant!I had never heard of Lucy before, but when I was researching must go places in A.C. she came up. She was built in 1881 as a street attraction and is older than the Statue of Liberty! She was moved two blocks down to a new location when her original stomping ground were sold to a developer. Since the 70’s she has been in her home. I was obsessed!


The gift shop was heaven! Elephants everywhere!

We waiting around to get a tour of Lucy and got to climb inside and check her out.


The view from above!


We had fun, but we were super anxious to get home and see our boys. Of course we had a long car ride back home full of traffic, traffic and more traffic! Ugh!


Happy Monday!


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21 Aug

Friday Finds…


-Bungalow 5 is always one of my to go places to source furniture from. Their booth at market is massive and they never disappoint. They had so many vignette’s throughout and this image above is one of my favorites. Their spaces were filled with blue and white ginger jars, lots of mirrored pieces, grass-cloth everywhere and chinoiserie artwork.

-How amazing do these doughnuts look!  Almost too pretty to eat…Let’s face it though I really do want to eat them.

-Have you guys heard of Packed Party? I learned about them a couple of months ago and I’m obsessed! They are a company that truly believes that there is a great sense of kindness and love in the act of gift giving and they want to help. They have curated packed parties that you can order for a friend that is having a birthday, just went thru a break up, just did something awesome or simply one that you miss. Along with these adorable packages they just came out with a doorstep necklace which is just the sweetest thing. You can customize this necklace to have an engraving of an address that is meaningful to you. I’m smitten with this company.

-If I had a country house I would totally do this two toned shiplap.Please tell me I’m not the only that looks up real estate listings trying to find that diamond in the rough house for next to nothing. I’m constantly looking up houses in update N.Y. trying to find the one!

-Adorable elephant findthat I’m pretty sure is a must have!

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19 Aug

Treat Yo Self: Diagonally Striped Pillows

Since summer is so close to being over it’s a great time to pick up some goodies for a steal! There are summer clearance sales everywhere you look. Over the weekend we were in Home Depot searching for lawn care items and I stumbled upon this:

home depot

Yes, it was a mess, but after a little searching I found these beauties!

home depotChic diagonally striped pillows for $9.30. I decided to pick them up and was surprised when I got to the register because they rang up at $6.30 a pillow!!!

They look right at home in my backyard:

diagonal striped pillowThe blue number reminds me of DIY striped coffee table that I have outside as well.

diagonally striped pillow

Typically I post my treat yo self finds on Thursday, but this deal was too good to wait that long! Run to your nearest Home Depot and pick some up!

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18 Aug


Yesterday I hit NY NOW a to the trade market full of home furnishings and gift items with Roxy from Society Social!
IMG_5427Our first stop was saying hello to our friend Bailey who runs Biscuit. I have known Bailey for years, but we have never had a chance to meet in person. It was great to finally meet and give her a squeeze. She is just as sweet in person and the entire Biscuit team was lovely.


biscuit bedding nynow

We continued walking the floor and found our next favorite find! Lacquered boxes, which I know are everywhere now, but these had a beautiful contrasting color border on them.

ny now

In our next stop I found elephants! Adorable! I believe you will be able to purchase them at Society Social in the near future.

ny now

We had fun talking with the folks at Guildery. Guildery is a company where you can purchase fabrics in the beautiful patterns they have created and put them in whatever colorway you like. They can also print any design you come up with.


ny now

My chic shopping partner checking out the feel of the fabric.


Then we took a little break at Mr. Brown to rest our feet and met up with Rae from Rae McConville Interiors and Justin from Justin Shaulis.


ny now

Rae had a lot of favorite Australian designers that she wanted to check out in person. This booth was one of our first stops together. We loved all of their rugs and pillows and I believe Ms. Roxy may be adding these as well to her shop. So stay tune if you see something you want to purchase.

ny now

Pehr is a brand I recently found during a visit to Terrain and their booth was lovely.

pehr ny now

pehr ny nowAugust Morgan had adorable elephant throws:

ny now
Lifeguard Press had a beautiful booth with amazing lighting that totally drew me in.

lifeguard pressThey had an amazing assortment of Kate Spade items:

lifeguard press

kate spade

kate spade

Of course I had to end my trip with another elephant find!


It was so much fun! I normally do market by myself so it was nice to have a group of people to walk around with. Loved hanging out with Roxy, Rae and Justin all day! Sadly we had to part ways when they went off for cocktails, because this momma needed to catch a train and get home and relieve the grandparents from their babysitting duties.

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17 Aug

World Market comes to NYC!

Whenever I’m traveling in the U.S. I always make sure to check if there is a World Market near by because I need to get a fix. Ordering online is wonderful, but getting to see all the products merchandised in the store is amazing! I run around like a kid in a candy store and fill it with little treasures that will fit in my suitcase.

Luckily in a couple of days I will only be a couple short days away from having a location a mere 30 min train ride away!

I was lucky enough to get invited to the press preview on Tuesday and they sent over some teaser photos.

Take a peek at the beautiful new Chelsea location.

A jaw dropping lighting department:


I spy elephant dishes!

WorldMarket07Rug section:


Chairs, chairs and more chairs:


Pillow talk:

worldmarketnycI can’t wait to roam the aisles. The official grand opening is on Thursday, August 20th.

Location: Chelsea (18th & 6th)

Cost Plus World Market

620 Sixth Avenue

New York

Store Hours: Open 7 days, 8am – 9pm


Thursday, August 20 – Sunday, August 23rd

FREE CUSTOM CANVAS TOTE BAG for the first 100 customers in store each day. 10 lucky customers will find a $50 World Market gift card in their tote each day!

4 pm – 7pm featuring students and alumni of The Julliard School

Join the World Market Explorer Rewards Program and earn TRIPLE CREDITS. See store associate for details.

Plus, SAVE AN EXTRA 20% on your next purchase. Offer valid 8/20 15– 8/23/15. Valid in Manhattan Store Only. Click herefor coupon.

I also got insider knowledge that Cost Plus World Market will be visiting 3 NY parks and plazas on Thursday, August 20th. Keep your eyes peeled when strolling around your favorite NYC park for Cost Plus World Market for surprises!!!

Pay attention to their social media channels on Thursday, August 20th for hints as to where they will hiding out.

@WorldMarket (Twitter)
@WorldMarket (Instagram)

*This is a sponsored collaboration with World Market. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands I truly love. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make Effortless Style possible.*



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17 Aug

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we headed out to Hampton Bays for a family BBQ. In true BBQ fashion the backyard was set up with gingham everywhere and other adorable BBQ touches throughout.

Bar set up complete with spiked lemonade and paper straws:

backyard bbq

Red wagon with potato chips and Cracker Jacks. Let’s just say this was the boys favorite part of the party. Self serve on their level! Amazing in their eyes.

backyard bbq

Bamboo plates and checkered hot dog baskets:

backyard bbq

Pickles on a stick!

backyard bbq

Little to-go containers with a variety of sides like cole slaw, macaroni salad, tomato and mozzarella plus Cuban corn. Yum!

backyard bbq

Hot dogs with all of the fixings. I made mine up with nacho cheese sauce and bacon bits! Go big or go home, right!

backyard bbq

Recipes at the hot dog station.


Hudson enjoyed the lawn games!

backyard bbq

Asher enjoyed his watermelon.


I enjoyed myself as well and treated myself to a coke! I try being soda free, but everyone once in a while I indulge!


Here’s how Jon enjoyed the BBQ after I called his shirt chambray instead of denim. He is a t-shirt sort of guy so, he wasn’t loving this shirt in the first place. After calling it a fancy name I’m not sure it will ever leave his closet again. Haha.


Thanks for the great BBQ, Melissa and Dan.

How was your weekend?


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