22 Apr

DIY Trimmed Napkins

*So sorry for the silence yesterday. I’m 7 weeks away from my due date and I’ve been getting super exhausted and overall uncomfortable again. Jon has been snapping many pictures like the one below these past few weeks.


Anyway back to more fun design stuff. Here is an easy DIY project that could dress up any place setting in minutes.

Here is what you will need:
diy trimmed napkins

-Cloth Napkins: You can pick these up at a number of locations, but I had luck picking up some inexpensive yet sturdy ones at Big Lots.
-Box pleat trim: It’s not online, but I picked this up at JoAnns.
-Fabri-tac glue
-Iron (Not shown)

STEP 1: When you are picking up your trim you need to keep your napkin dimensions in mind and decide if you want to trim all of the edges or just one edge in order to purchase the right amount of trim.

With your trim just go around your border with the fabric glue:

STEP 2: Make sure you press down on the trim afterwards to help set the glue:


STEP 3: I always like to also iron down the trim in order to ensure even more that it really sets and can handle going through the wash.

diy trimmed napkins

STEP 4: Set your table and enjoy!

Here is a napkin with only one side trimmed:

Here is a napkin with all sides trimmed:
all sides trimmed

Bon Appetit

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18 Apr

DIY Fretwork Mirrors

sofa area

From yesterday’s revealĀ  I have received a bunch of emails about the mirrors and where they can be purchased. Well, the short answer is that they can’t be purchased because they were a DIY project. The longer answer is the DIY steps that I will be going over in this post. It was actually a really easy project and really cost effective.

Close up of mirrors:

For this space we needed a set of 3 mirrors that was 30″ x 40″. When I sourced out framed mirrors with those measurements it was really difficult to find something with a clean and crisp frame. Next step then was getting a quote from a glass/mirror workroom I use and see how much it would be for them to make the mirrors for me and that was quoted at $1,000 for the set of 3! So, of course we decided we just make it ourselves and that worked out perfectly and came in around $275 for the set of 3!

Since we couldn’t find a framed mirror we liked we picked up framesless mirrors at Lowes.A 30″ x 40″ frameless mirror came in at $36.97.


Then I contacted my pal Danika from O’verlays and got a quote on their circle/square pattern. I can’t seem to find it online anymore, but this pattern is similar.


We ordered the O’verlays in 27″x 37″ so that we would have some spacing on the frameless mirror to add trim to it. We then applied the O’verlays to the mirror with the adhesive stickers they provide.

We then picked up some Azek trim, which is a PVC composite that is already white and matches the white in the O’verlays so there is no need to paint it if you want it all white. The perks of using it instead of wood trim is that it cuts out the priming and painting step and you won’t get any splintering of the trim during cutting.


We applied trim pieces onto the mirror with clear silicone.


The last step is how to now apply the mirror onto the wall. Frameless mirrors do not come with any hanging hardware so we needed to make it work on our own. We realized that the best way to hang the mirrors was with french cleats. Since frameless mirrors have no backings we had nothing to screw the french cleats into the backs of the mirror.

So, here is what we did:
hanging of fretwork mirrors

We took two pieces of wood in the measurements above and applied it with mirror mastic. Once it set we were able to attach the french cleat with screws. The bottom piece of wood was added to balance the top piece so that mirror would not lean once it was on the wall.

All done!


Happy Friday!

*If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section and I will respond there.




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17 Apr

The Reveal: Client’s Den

All week I have been sharing the process of a client’s den. We tackled the before shots on Tuesday and the design plan on Wednesday. Today I will share some of the photos I took of the space. The professional shots are still being editing, but I did manage to take photos myself and since I can’t wait any longer I will be sharing those today.

New carpeting went down, the oak paneling was removed and bright light gray paint went up on all the ways. The design plan had to be tweaked a bit, because the client’s decided they wanted to keep the pool table, which meant switching out the larger seating area to two smaller nooks that would still an ample amount of space around the pool table.

Here is the entry way before:

Here it is after:

Here is the before of the sofa area:

Here it is after:
sofa area

Close up of ottoman:
diy round ottoman
{ DIY instructions for a round ottoman on wheels available here.}

Here is the before of the TV area:

Here it is after:
tv area

Before of pool table area:

After of pool table area:
pool table

Lucite scoreboard area:
lucite scoreboard area

Small seating area to the right of pool table. We went with lucite pieces to keep things light visually and the pieces were actually also light in actual weight so that they could easily be moved out of the way if need be during pool playing.

seating area


To the right of the pool table we also added a small seating area at bar height so fellow pool watchers could sit and watch and have a little drink or snack.

seating area 2
{I would have loved to have had some sort of console or cabinet below the map artwork, but due to the pool table we needed to keep that space clear for playing.}

The end result was exactly what the clients wanted. A happy and chic space for their daughters to entertain. While I was originally sad that I couldn’t do the original seating area I had designed for the daughters to use to do their homework, etc at the end of the day it’s what the client wants, which meant working with the pool table.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a little DIY project we tackled in this space. Any idea what it is?

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16 Apr

The Design Plan: Client Den

Yesterday I shared the before shots of a project I recently got finished photos of and today I’ll be sharing the design plan.

To recap my clients had two teenage daughters and they wanted to re-do the basement den so that it would be a hangout of sorts for their girls and their friends. They wanted something bright and airy and of course fun! My clients daughters were big fans of Jonathan Adler’s design style and since I’m a fan as well it was a match made in heaven.

This was our inspiration shot:

{Living Room belonging to Suze Yalof Schwartz from Dwellers without Decorators}

The thing to remember with inspiration shots is that you shouldn’t just copy the space piece by piece. You should pay attention and see what you are drawn to and use that to help you build your own design plan for your space.

For these clients we all enjoyed the white lacquered furniture, the navy sofa, the paint color and the greek key pattern in the space.

Here is the plan I came up with:

style plan den

den style plan

den style plan

den style plan

Pretty, right? So what did we stay with and went out swapped out? Stay tuned tomorrow for a room reveal!

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15 Apr

The Before: Client Den

I was recently able to take some after shots of a project I finished last year. Sadly I had to run over to the clients house to get photo’s taken, because they are moving and the room was being disassembled that week! So sad! Clients often times become like family and I have become very close to this family and I’m sad to see them move away. Enough sadness though it’s time to share the project this week from beginning to end.

Here is a look at the before and what we had to work with:





The clients den is in their basement so we needed to deal with very little natural light and dated features like the oak wood paneling. The client has teenage girls and wanted the girls to have a space where they could invite friends over and hang out.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the design plan that was presented to clients.



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14 Apr

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was a big weekend for us! We decided it was time that Hudson went to his first movie. We had no idea how the activity was going to go and if we were going to make it through the entire movie, but we wanted to try it. Hudson recently got into watching Rio so, with Rio 2 opening this weekend we knew that was the flick to go to!

At 9:30am we headed out to the theater:


When we told Hudson what we were going to do he was super excited and started running in with his Daddy:


Of course we were the nutty parents into trying to get all sorts of photos of Hudson enjoying the movie. Don’t worry we only snapped pics before the previews began. He is caught red handed enjoying his movie popcorn.


He did pretty good for his first movie. He did try to run around a little bit towards the end and eventually passed out for the last 20 mins of the movie, but over all I was happy with how it went.


We spent the rest of the day outdoors enjoying the warm weather.

We went to a garden center and checked out some plants. How cool is this cactus coral plant:


We also hit a street fair near by that had some little lizards for sale that Hudson was very intrigued by.


We then headed home to build the outdoor table we picked out for the deck:


While the men built things I was planning out the rest of the backyard. We want to re-do our fire pit, add a raised vegetable garden and get Hudson some sort of play set so, we need to figure out what is going where.


Hudson decided he was having way too much fun on Saturday, which meant no nap! So, we kept going and decided to run a couple of errands and hit the shops. I had a good day at the local thrift shop. Check out my goodies:


We ended our day with a sweet treat at Red Mango. Yum!


On Sunday I put on my sparkly jewels and we headed out for a day in the sun!


We headed out to a day of Spring fun at Sands Point Preserve.It’s an old estate that was having a bubble show, animal petting, egg hunts, and crafts. Plus it’s on a beautiful stretch of land and right on the water with beach access.

{My guys in their matching shirts}

The bubble show was a hit! Lots of excitement and clapping for all of the tricks!


After the show we headed towards the grass and had a picnic lunch and a little coloring time too!


Hudson wasn’t into a group photo, but we did manage to get a shot where at least Jon and I look happy.


Fun was had by all! All this fun meant that Hudson didn’t nap again! So, off to the backyard we went again to do a little more work on the deck.

We ordered chairs for the deck and they will be here on Thursday! Until then though we took out our basic white plastic outdoor chairs to enjoy the space while we wait.


We also picked up this picnic table for Hudson and they decided to build it:


Then Hudson and I got to test it out…while holding hands of course. He kept telling us how cool it was. So, we think he likes it!


The weekend was very full and fun and it ended with some sweet swings on our hammock!


Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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11 Apr

Friday Finds…


Here is what I have been obsessed with this week:

-I’m beyond in love with coconut M&M’s.So yummy! I have eaten them in the past, but these Easter colored ones have me completely addicted. I don’t want to even tell you how quickly I can go through a bag these days.

-In love with the work of Ashley Le Quere. Her Into the Wild series is beyond adorable. Hudson would love all of them in his room! Most of her illustrations are available via Society 6.

-Stripes, colors and tassels! Sign me up! I need a set of these towels.

-Melanie Auld just gets me. Her jewelry is beyond beautiful and I honestly couldn’t find anything on her site that I didn’t want. Of course there were some stand outs like this double triangle ring, Pave double tear ring and this lovely in lavender jade. Ah luckily for me my birthday is coming up so hopefully my immediate family is reading today’s post. :)

-Did you check out Meredith Miller’s house tour on Glitter Guide? Striped walls, bold colors and animal prints galore. I think we are meant to be friends!

Happy Friday!

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11 Apr

Color Combo: Glitter & Magenta

Maybe it’s being surrounded by all men in my house, but lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to all things girly. I must admit I tend to have more pink in my house than a typical man would enjoy, but luckily Jon doesn’t mind. Of course that now has my wheels turning into how I can inject some more pops of it in my home without going overboard.

In doing a little online window shopping I found so many fun options that work in my home available at Hautelook. If you are like me you probably thought that they just sold clothing, but I was happily surprised to find out that they also have sales on home decor items.

glitter and magenta

The best part of all of these goodies is that the majority of them are below $50! The only item that is a tad higher is the throw at $69.

Some perks that you get from shopping with Hautelook is that there is free shipping with all orders over $100 and since Hautelook is owned by Nordstrom you can do returns to Nordstrom Rack!

If you are interested in any of the items featured above they are on sale until this coming Tuesday. Sign up here (it’s free) to get access to all of their sales!

Thanks to Hautelook for partnering with me on this post.

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10 Apr

DIY Vanity Tray

I don’t know about you, but I will never be one of those girls that can leave the house without her face on. Jon always tells me I look best that way, but he is my husband so he has to say such things. For me walking out the door with a little under eye concealer, blush and a swipe of mascara makes me ready to tackle the world.

Since having Hudson though I must admit that things have changed. In the beginning I spent so much time at home that most days were make-up free. Now though I’m back in the habit of putting on make-up, but Hudson thinks it’s a super fun activity and wants to join me. This means I’m constantly grabbing brushes, eye lash curlers, and bronzer away from him. I’m not going to lie sometimes he leaves the house with a bit of blush or eye shadow somewhere on his face.

In order to get things out of his way quicker I did a little DIY project and turned a thrift store tray into a chic vanity tray that can house all of my goodies and quickly be picked up and moved away from my friendly helper. This project literally took mins and cost less than $5!

Here is what you will need:

diy vanity tray

-Tray of some sort. I picked up this copper and wood paneling tray at my local thrift store for $3.99.
-Spray paint that can be used on metal.
-X-acto knife
-Contact paper -this flower find was from the Dollar Tree!

STEP 1: Spray paint copper base. The nice thing about this tray was that the base popped out, which made spray painting the copper ring so easy. If you have a standard tray don’t fret it’s just as easy. Since we will be cover the base of the tray with contact paper you don’t need to tape anything up when spraying.

diy vanity tray

STEP 2: Cover base in contact paper.

Remove backing:

Then simply smooth on the contact paper to the face of the base:
diy vanity tray

Once that is done flip the base over again and use your knife to trim the excess contact paper:
diy vanity tray

STEP 3: Pop your base back into place:

diy vanity tray

All done!

Now for the fun part! Adding all of your goodies. I have a huge stash of make up underneath my bathroom sink, but let’s face I never take any of it. So, for this tray I just stuck to items that get used on a daily bases.

I used containers I already had in the house like a little blue dish I picked up at a dollar store and my orange DIY glassy baby votive to hold all of my brushes.

diy vanity tray

Close up: I left my make up supplies in my make up bag so that Hudson won’t be tempted seeing it out in the open, but it would still be within reach and easy to pop in my handbag on the way out the door. The newest piece on my tray is the Bliss Fat Girl Slim lotion that goes with my Bliss Fat Girl Slim machine.This little jar of lotion and machine(not in photo)claims to help get rid of cellulite. I’m not going to lie at 7 months pregnant I have been feeling a bit heavy and self-conscious of the warmer weather and what oh what I’m going to where. Luckily I tend to just mainly be all belly so I’m hoping to test out this machine and see how it works on my legs. I will be sure to report back to all of you so that we can all be ready for swimsuit season!

diy vanity tray

* A big thanks to Bliss for sponsoring this DIY project and providing me with a machine to test out.

Have you every used any Bliss products?


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10 Apr

Treat Yo Self: Mexican Serapa Blanket

Perhaps it’s upcoming Cinco de Mayo that is already on my mind or my love of Mexican food, but when I stumbled upon this beautiful tablescape from a Santa Barbara Mexican themed wedding that was featured on 100 Layer Cake I was smitten.


How pretty are the cacti they used as their flower arrangements and I loved the use of Mexican serapas as table runners. You can see more pictures here.

Since I’ve been working on getting our deck ready for the warmer weather I was itching to pick up a blanket of my own to use as a tablecloth. I was lucky enough to find 55″ x 70″ blankets for only $19.99 with a ton of color options!

$20 Mexican Serapa Blankets

Check them out here!

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