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14 May

Treat Yo Self: Hot Air Roller

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://The last couple of weeks my Thursdays have been occupied with the ORC, but now that it’s over we are back to my treat yo self posts! This week I wanted to share an obsession that I’ve been using for … Continue reading
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19 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Floral Plates

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Whenever I head to my favorite fabric outlet I always pop into the near by Christmas Tree Shop.I love popping in to see what treasures I can find. Let’s be honest a lot of times it’s full of (dare I … Continue reading
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12 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Whenever I have any free time I enjoy taking yoga classes. I must admit it’s been quite some time since I have been able to take a class, but I’m looking forward to starting up again this Spring. Of course … Continue reading
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05 Mar

Treat Yo Self: Beach Cruiser

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://It’s snowing yet again. The winter started out pretty tame here in NY, but these past couple of weeks have been full of snow, snow and more snow. Don’t get me wrong it look likes like a winter wonderland outside … Continue reading
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26 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Satin Hands

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://This cold winter days are brutal on my hands. Between the chilly weather and the constant hand wash during cold and flu season my hands are super dry and even cracking a bit. Not so attractive! I’ve been trying out … Continue reading
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19 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Mini Orchids

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I do not have a green thumb at all. With two kids, a dog, work, and just plain old life I never remember to water anything and whatever plant comes into the house promptly goes into the trash. I do … Continue reading
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12 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Tory Burch Beauty

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://How stunning are these new eyeshadows from Tory Burch? The packaging is amazing. What pretty patterns! I think Tory needs to come out with a home decor fabric line. The eyeshadows look equally amazing. Normally I buy an eyeshadow palette … Continue reading
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05 Feb

Treat Yo Self: Hearts

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I know Valentine’s day is a silly holiday, but it’s one I can get behind. It’s all about love and who doesn’t love, love and need a little bit of it every day. When Jon and I were dating we … Continue reading
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29 Jan

Treat Yo Self: Tarte Clay Pot Liner

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Some women feel naked when they leave their house without their earrings on, but for me it’s all about eye liner. I feel completely exposed without my armor and I just needed to share one of my favorite liners. Years … Continue reading
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22 Jan

Treat Yo Self: Stylish Fireplace Screens

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://I went with a pretty clean lined and simple fireplace screen for my latest project because I had the new patterned tile that I didn’t want to compete with. During my fireplace screen hunt I did come upon some pretty … Continue reading
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