31 Jul

Friday Finds…

{Image via My Domaine}

-I adore Caitlin Wilson. We became friends years ago! I mean way back when she only had one kid and now she has 3! We share a mutual love for coral and navy, which is what started out friendship and of course adore some good color and pattern! Neutrals be banished! Along with her design clients and successful line of fabrics, pillows, furniture, rugs and wallpaper she recently had her own featured on My Domaine. Head over and check it out.

-Have you heard about Periscope? It’s a new app/social media medium and everyone was talking about it at the blogging conference I was recently at. Now I’m just starting to play around with SnapChat and I’ve literally had to have my sister give me numerous tutorials and I still don’t fully get it. So, the thought of having to learn something new is exhausting, but people are all a buzz about it and how addictive it can be. The app lets you do live video feed so your friends, followers, etc can hear you, see you and then ask you questions while you are live and you can respond right away. Hmmm. Any interest in this? Should I start an account?

-I have no idea what I would do with this Chippendale screen door insert, but I feel like I should pick one up and try and create some sort of project with it. Maybe a table of some sort? Hmm the wheels are turning.

-Obsessed with this cluttered gallery wall. Lately it feels like everyone has a gallery wall so I love seeing this little twist to it. Great inspiration!

-Guys, I was all set to get Hudson a beautiful day bed and then he went to Ikea and saw this! Ah I swear it’s the canopy thing that’s making him love it, but now he keeps asking about his big boy bed aka this pretty large and ugly piece! He is so excited though so now I need to brainstorm some ideas for how to make it less ugly! Has anyone seen any good IKEA Hacks on this piece.

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30 Jul

Treat Yo Self: ESale Rugs

Ah Thursday. My favorite day of the week, because I get to blog about what amazing find I would love to treat myself to! Wouldn’t it be nice if they just started magically appearing on my doorstep? (Wink, wink companies, product reviews are always welcomed.)

Today’s must have is a new find from a favorite shop of mine. I love ESale Rugs, because they offer a great variety of price points in the popular styles everyone these days seems to love. They have a massive amount of Persian, Oriental and Kilim rugs along with more contemporary styles like greek key borders. They carry authentic/vintage rugs and also mass produced rugs in the popular styles, but more affordable price points. They also are constantly having sales and offer free shipping and free returns!!! The free returns is a huge deal. Have you ever tired returning a rug? The price can be crazy!!! Most times I just end up keeping the rug that didn’t work, because shipping can be around $70!

They just came out with a new collection, Malmo and I’m smitten!

Malmo Rug:

Malmo Rug:

Malmo Rug:

The first rug looks like it would work perfectly in my space. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I should treat myself?

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29 Jul

Glass Slipper Chairs

If you have been reading this blog for even a little bit then you must know that I love having a little touch of lucite in my home. If you are long time reader then you know that Jon doesn’t share the same sentiment and it’s hard to sneak in lucite. He is okay with lucite trays, but doesn’t really get any lucite furniture. So one must get crafty when trying to convince the man that it’s a good idea. I think this new chair from World Market is a perfect marriage of the clean lines Jon likes and the pattern and lucite I like. The Randan Chair is a slipper chair,which means it’s seat is closer to the ground than a traditional chair. It’s available in a ton of patterns and colors. Plus they have versions in a variety of fabrics like textured linen, linen, micro fiber and velvet!

Here are some of my favorite styles:

Randen Chair in Candid Moment:

Randen Chair in Charcoal Safari:

Randen Chair in Linen Coral:
randenlinenchairSo, who else is ready to sneak one into their house?

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28 Jul

I want Kandy

{Interior Design by Andrew Howard Interior Design}

Isn’t that wallpaper swoon worthy?! Oh my! It’s everything I love. Pops of bold pattern and a unique pattern that gives off a bit of a boho chic vibe.

I was lucky enough to find the vendor information today and I had to share. It’s Kandy Tears from Paradise by Elitis.It is available in 4 different colorways and one is prettier than the next.

kandy tears from paradise

kandy tears from paradise wallpaper

kandy tears from paradise

kandy tears from paradise wallpaper

I must say the pink colorway is my personal favorite, but that black also looks amazing. Ah! I truly love them all. Now I just need a daring enough client to want to take the plunge with me.

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27 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

I got a jump start on my weekend this past week, because my sister had off Friday and we decided to go look at wedding venues. Off we went with our parents in tow and we viewed 7 places!!!

Houston Hall was our first stop. It’s a beer hall in Manhattan and had that rustic unique vibe my sister was looking for.

You can swap out the picnic benches for more traditional yet rustic chairs and string the rafters with twinkle lights.

houston hall beer hallThis is the main bar area. I loved the antiqued looking mirrors.

Houston Hall NYC

Houston Beer HallWe then headed over to Brooklyn and started out at an art gallery space that also rents its space out for events.The Invisible Dog was a diamond in the rough and really quite a raw space, but it was rustic and unique and also had an amazing outside garden that could be used for cocktail hour. I couldn’t get over the fact that they only had two bathrooms so in my eyes it was out.

the invisible dog

Afterwards we went to 26 Bridge, which looked amazing in photos, but sadly was a bit blah in person. We also went to The 1896, which was mainly a set where you could do photo shoots and film. It really wasn’t suited for a wedding so again it was out.

Metropolitan Building was a super cool looking space and looked amazing for photos, but I must say the booker there was pretty rude and indifferent and no one really felt like they wanted to host a wedding.

There were cool little spaces everywhere for pretty photos, but again I wasn’t feeling it for a wedding.


Of course at this point of the day with only 2 places left my phone decided it was at photo capacity and I couldn’t take any more photos. We also looked at Greenpoint loft, which was my absolute favorite. They had me at hello. I would have signed on the dotted line right away if it was my wedding. Our last stop was the Knockdown Center, which was an amazing space, but it was massive in size, but the center is more interested in being a community arts center instead of booking weddings so they weren’t that interested in us. Overall it was a fun day and I was happy to take photos and share it with you guys.

On Saturday we had a bad day. Turns out that Hudson has an allergy to penicillin. At least that is what they think he might have. My poor little man has been dealing with hives since Thursday. We to the Doctor’s that day and got put on steroids, but on Saturday he was much worse and his entire face was swollen. We went from urgent care that morning directly to the emergency room because the Doctor was worried his throat might close up.

Hudson was a brave little guy and he dealt really well with all of the tests and Doctors/Nurses.

IMG_4587Apparently with hives they can’t tell you exactly what caused it and he will have to go to an allergist, but they were able to give him some different meds and by the time we were released that afternoon his swelling had gone down quite a bit.

On Sunday Hudson was feeling much better so he went off with Jon to test out our new Sunfish:


While they were off doing that I went out with my sister search for some items for her new apt. She didn’t find anything at the first stop, but I left with a quite a haul:

An orange lamp, ginger jar, lucite ice bucket and a glass vase with a pin stripe detailing around it. I was in heaven.

IMG_4618We also popped into the Gap during our outings and I found the cutest little outfit for Asher.

IMG_4612When I got done with shopping I came home to see my two little crazies cruising around my parents front yard. Adorable!

IMG_0634What a jam packed weekend full of so many highs and lows. Ah! Hope you all had a less eventful weekend. Did you do anything fun?

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24 Jul

Friday Finds…

{Image via Lonny/Photographed by Laure Joliet}

-Loving this little girls room that designer Nicole Hollis recently had featured in Lonny. Love the cherry yellow, the whimsey of the pom pom trim on the roman shades and the use of the light blue on the ceiling! Ah! So perfect.

-Urban Outfitters has really stepped up their pillow game. I think this one is in the running for my favorite! I also really like these tassled pillows  along with this massive lumbar pillow.

-Smitten with this chic scone design. I’m working on a couple of bedrooms that require wall sconces for the bedrooms and I think this might be a front runner.

-Back in college I used to work at Nordstrom and always remember what a huge deal their anniversary sale was. Customers and sales people planned their summer vacations around it. I’ve been trying to stay away and not shop, but I just took a peek online and wow oh wow so many things I want. I’m going to have to pop in this weekend and try some stuff on.

-I love a good tassel and I think this double pom pom tassel needs to make it’s way to my handbag.


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23 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Marty Mason Home

During my travels in Atlanta I got to do a little window shopping and I was immediately drawn to the logo outside of Marty Mason Collection.Marty ventured into interior design by opening up high end consignment store in Atlanta called Savvy Snoot.The shops helped customers see how well pieces from different eras looked together and people got hooked on the collected look that we all try to achieve in our home. The Marty Mason Collection was born due to this and it’s a one stop shop where you can purchase new pieces that have been designed by Marty inspired from a variety of eras. They even a design bar where you can speak with your own mixologist and bring them your design questions and they can help you pick out pieces for your space.

I loved the shop. It was full of amazing furniture pieces in a great price point. Is it IKEA pricing? No way, but in the design world I found it pretty doable with a common price point being $1,600 for a sofa. You can find more expensive options at traditional retailers and here you get a custom design experience.

I’m a fan and now wish there was a showroom in NY!

















Amazing, right? I know I love color and pattern, but this shop that is mainly filled with neutral pieces just spoke to me. I loved all of the lines of the furniture and who can hate a metallic linen sofa!!! I was obsessed with it. Plus they have a ton of fabric options so if you are color happy like me you can make it happen. The best part of my shop experience is that I actually saw Marty in action helping customers out. It was refreshing to see him walking around and so excited about design. He now has 3 locations and a design firm and locations of the consignment shops so I really didn’t think he would still work the shop floor. It made me like the shop even more.


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22 Jul

World Market Finds

Whenever I’m traveling in the U.S. I’m always on the look out for shops that I love online, but aren’t lucky enough to have a brick and mortar in my state to visit. My favorite find is always World Market.When we were in Atlanta we walked over to a supermarket to pick up milk for Ash and voila in the same shopping center was World Market!

Woo-hoo! The best part is that since it’s full of home goods, snacks, toys, etc everyone in my brood has something to do in the shop.

I thought these accent chairs would work so well in small spaces:
world marketI love to pick up scarves on vacation. They are typically inexpensive, easy to pack and I’m reminded of my trip everytime I wear it.
world marketSuch a pretty array of shower curtains.I recently went bold with my shower curtain and I love it.
world marketI loved these chain of elephants. I have one in Hudson’s room and he loves it.
world marketThis weekender bag was calling my name. I wanted to pick it up so badly, but it was $50 and I didn’t really need it so I left it. Ah!
world marketPatterned yoga mat for only $24.99:
world marketRugs upon rugs. Not only do they carry mass produced rugs, but they also carry one of a kind finds as well.
world marketI’m on the hunt for a big boy bed for Hudson. He is in love with his crib and doesn’t want a new bed, but the time has come. Love a daybed option that would work as a sofa as well.
world marketThey have a really amazing lighting department. Their hanging lights are particularly drool worthy.

world marketI love these quilts they remind me of sets I use to see at Anthropologie.
world marketThey had amazing dining chair options as well. This prettywing back option complete with nailhead trim was a favorite of mine.

world marketThis chair had my heart skipping a beat as well. I love a good paisley and this one was perfection. Dining chair or desk chair it will work in both settings.

world market

I took way more photos, but I just had to share some of my favorites with you! Hopefully I will get a World Market in NY soon!



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21 Jul

From the magazine pages to your home

I was lucky enough to get asked to speak at Haven Conference this year. Excitement quickly turned to sheer terror, because I’m not a huge fan of public speaking. Originally I assumed I would be speaking about blogging, but it turns out they wanted me to talk about design instead. I love both so I was happy to talk about design, but of course more nerves kicked in because this is a conference full of designers that already know what they are doing so thinking of a unique topic was tough.

Luckily I didn’t have to come up with a topic on my own because I was set to speech with Sarah from Life on Virginia Street and Amy from The Blissful Bee. Together we decided that from our experience a lot of home owners tend to be nervous when decorating their own homes and many times they simply copy what they see from magazines or catalogs because after all it does look pretty, but it’s really not a reflection of their own style. We wanted to share some of our tips and insights on how to set away from that Pottery Barn catalog and make your home your own.

haven presentationHere is our inspiration shot from Pottery Barn. To me it seemed quintessential Pottery Barn with the slipcovered sectional, jute rug and rope detailing everywhere. Yes, it’s pretty, but for me it’s not my style at all. PB does have great pieces though so for this exercise we decided to keep the must keeps were the white sectional, coffee table, jute rug, blue accent chairs .

pottery barn inspiration

You guys know I love color so I decided to play that up and keep some what of a beachy vibe in the space. I went with a Palm Beach prep sort of vibe:


haven presentation

No.1: My personal style is way more color happy then this catalog page. Out would go those pillows and in would go a happy mix of emerald, navy and coral! Bright and preppy. Modern leaf pillow, navy striped pillow and Turkish toile.

No.2: I like the idea of the symmetry like the mirrors, but they are a bit too blah for me. I love abstract art so a pair of artwork flanking these French doors would be a no brainer.

No.3: I like using sisal or jute rugs, but typically when I use them they are just a base and I use it to layer a smaller more expensive rug on top. Since I’m buying a smaller size my expensive find will be a little bit more affordable.

No.4: We need a bit more coral in this space to help it become more of a player. Velvet coral lumbar pillows work perfectly on these PB chairs.

No.5: I like the nautical vibe of the space, but for me I’m a bit more Palm Beach nautical. I would do a chair rail in this space with beadboard and then use this lucky green as my paint color.

No.6: What’s more nautical and pretty than a bold stripe! I would flank the French doors with statement making panels. Only $40.99 a panel for blackout panels!!!!

Here are some style tips that I also shared with the class:

-Don’t buy a set! Try to purchase items for your room from different sources. My rooms always tend to be a mix of thrift store finds, to the trade, big box retailer and let’s face it something I grabbed from the neighbors trash.

-Just because you inherited a piece of furniture doesn’t mean you need to stick with that style. So your Aunt, Mom, etc knows you just bought a house and are low on funds so they give you their family room sofa that they were going to donate. Use it if you need, but remember it’s just one piece of your room. You don’t need to stick with that style. The best rooms have a little bit of everything. So, take that shabby chic slipcovered sofa and mix it up! Continue decorating your space knowing that piece is probably temporary and you are saving up for your dream piece. Don’t down grade everything to style within the style of an inherited piece you don’t love.

-Inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe you are drawn to the colors from a seashell or you love the inside lining of your purse. It doesn’t have to be big and sometimes it might not end up in the space, but it’s nice to have a jumping off point for either the vibe or color story you want in the space.

-Keep a mini floor plan with you at times. When I’m working on a room I carry around it’s measurements, a paint swatch of the wall color and fabric swatches. I like to hit a lot of estate sales and thrift stores so it’s always good to have those details on hand so you can make a quick purchase.
-Don’t be scared to semi-DIY. I can’t sew to save my life, but sometimes a curtain you pick can just be blah. Don’t be afraid to pick up some trim (I love a 3” wide grosgrain trim) and go to town with a glue gun and give it a color border. The grosgrain trim is thick and hides the glue lines so it looks custom made. When you use a satin trim you tend to see the glue marks afterwards!

-If you see something you love when shopping pick it up! You have no idea how many times I have regretted not getting something only to run out the next day to not find it anymore. Whether you know it or not you have a personal style and are natural drawn to certain things. What seem a bit kooky to you yet speaks to you is often the best purchase and becomes a special moment in the room that you always makes you happy.

Whew that’s a lot of info! Make sure you head over to Life on Virginia Street to see Liz’s take on the space and The Blissful Bee to see Amy’s take on the space. It was fun to see how differently we each personalized the space.

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20 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

This past weekend (Ok so really our travels started on Thursday) we headed out to Atlanta so that I could attend and speak at Haven Conference. We had a super early flight because we wanted to enjoy the most of Atlanta on my free day.

Hudson was big help at the airport. He carried his own backpack and was pretty good walking around and helping us.


Asher was a different story. Let’s just say this kid isn’t going to be a frequent flyer any time soon. There were lots of tears and fits on our short flight to Atlanta.

Once we arrived we picked up our rental car and headed out for breakfast. After a little googling we ended up at West Egg Cafe, which is known as one of Atlanta’s best breakfast spots.

west egg cafe

It did not disappoint. I ordered the fried egg sandwich and it was amazing! It had a tomato jam on it that really elevated the meal to another level.

fried egg sandwich from west egg cafe

After breakfast we walked around Westside Provisions District, which made me fall in love with Atlanta. It was a perfect mix of restaurants and shops all housed in an old meat packing factory. So there is exposed brick and large scale paned windows that just exude charm.

westside provisions

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Ann Mashburn’s shop which is amazing shop filled with clothing that is designed and produced by them and only available in their shops. They do not wholesale anything.

ann mashburn

Here is a peek inside:

ann mashburn

I loved everything they carried especially all of their dresses that featured a lot of bow details, which I adore.

After a little window shopping we drove over to the aquarium.This is the main reason my men decided to join me on my trip

georgia aquarium

We had a lot fun. Both Hudson and Asher and let’s face it Jon are obsessed with fish so they were in awe of everything!


I think Hudson took at least 100 shots of the whale sharks. My camera is just full of them.


Our day just continued because later that day I had a welcome party to attend for Haven, then dinner with the family and then finally time to sleep!


Friday was the official start of Haven and welcome speaker was Jon Acuff. To be honest I had no idea who he was, but after his speech I was ready to go out and buy all of his books.He just has this way about him that is very personable, funny and let’s face just plain old charming. He injected lots of humor and bits of his life into this speech and it all really worked. He knows a lot about blogging, social media, being happy in your career and how to connect with your audience. Big fan!

After his speech all of the classes started to I headed over to a session about publishing a book! After that you have a little free time during lunch so you can around and check out all of the sponsor booths and talk to brands you might be interested in working with. I work with Home Depot a lot, but have never meet any of the time before so I headed over there to say hello.

home depot haven

After that my session was quickly approaching my nerves were getting to me so I met up with my guys at the pool and tried to relax a little bit.

Then came session where we were in one of the larger sized rooms. I was both hoping no one would show up and that it would be packed at the same time. There were 7 other sessions going on at that time and we ended up with around 20 people, which was a nice size and calmed my nerves a bit.

haven conference

haven conference

Tomorrow I will share all about what I spoke about, because this post is getting pretty long.

After my session I just had enough to go back to my room and change and then head out to a special Home Depot dinner I got invited to.

home depot dinner

Saturday went pretty much the same as Friday with a variety of sessions to attend. I went out in the morning with my guys to do a little more site seeing and ended up at Sublime Doughnuts.

sublime doughnuts

They such a mix of unique flavors that I really wanted to buy a dozen, but I resisted and just got half a dozen and Jon and I proceeded to eat them all while the boys napped in the car!!!! It was worth it!

sublime doughnuts

After my part of the session I ran out to catch our flight. It was a fun couple of days where I learned a lot, hopefully taught others something and got to meet some new friends!

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