30 Jan

Friday Finds…

Today is my sweet, amazing, intelligent and beautiful sister’s 30th birthday! Happy Birthday Ximena! Not only is she a wonderful sister, but I’m happy to call her my best friend as well along with being an excellent aunt who my little boys obsess over. We love you Aunt Mena!


Here is what caught my eye this week:

-Tonight I’m off to kick my heels and celebrate my sister! How adorable are these bow shoes? A more budget friendly option available here.

-In love with this before and after. What a fun take on a standard flush mount that graces so many houses.

-What a stunning pendant light fixture that can go in any sort of room not just a kids space. You can typically find gems when you shop at kids retailers.

-How chic is this gold & white coffeemaker? In love it and the price point. What a score!

-I’m not normally too impressed with door mats, but this one made me actually want to pick one up!

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29 Jan

Treat Yo Self: Tarte Clay Pot Liner

Some women feel naked when they leave their house without their earrings on, but for me it’s all about eye liner. I feel completely exposed without my armor and I just needed to share one of my favorite liners. Years ago I use to always use a gel pencil, but that would give me a thick line, which was nice for night time, but not always ideal for day time. I wanted to get a thinner line, but liquid scared me. Enter Tarte’s clay pot liner and their double ended liner brush.

tarte clay pot liner

I’ve been using it for a little over a year and it’s become my daily eye liner and the little pot lasts a long time because a little goes a long way. Before the holidays I picked up a new pot in brown and the new to me angled brush. I’m obsessed with the brush. The angle on it makes getting a thin or thick line so easy! It just glides on. No doing any crazy sort of crazy tugs on your eye to get a straight line.

tarte clay pot liner

tarte clay pot liner

tarte clay pot liner

Jon got a little zoom happy when I asked him to do a full shot. :)

tarte clay pot eye liner

Also featured: Benefit’s They’re Real, Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye concealor and Nars Blush/Bronzer duo.

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28 Jan

Effortless: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

My sister is turning the big 30 this Friday and there will be a big bash! The party is being hosted at a champagne lounge and they will be in charge of the passed appetizers, but I’m in charge of desserts. I’m going with a black, white and gold theme for my dessert table and worked on some chocolate covered pretzels during our snow day.

effortless chocolate covered pretzels

I know that chocolate covered pretzels are normally effortless to do, but I have always had a hard time with the chocolate. I can never fully melt it with a double boiler and when I use the microwave an extra second can burn it. So I tested out a new method I heard about and it worked! I dusted off the slow cooker that I have had for 10 years and opened it for the first time! You simply need to add  mason jars filled chocolate wafers and then fill it half way with water and set it to high. The cover needs to stay off.

slowcookerformeltingchocolateIt look about an hour to fully melt, but after that it was full steam ahead.


Once the chocolate is melted you simply turn your slow cooker to keep warm or low and now you can dip your pretzels and keep the chocolate at a good consistency.

I filled the mason jars with one bag each of wafers so they were filled pretty high. It made it really easily to simply place my pretzel rod in and swirl around to coat it evenly. If I wanted extra coating I simply used a spoon to extend the coating.


Then you just decorate away! I used gold sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and brownie crunch.

chocolatecoveredpretzelrodsSo happy they are all finished! The slow cooker made things go so smoothly. (pun intended)

closeupofchocolatecoveredpretzelsHappy munching!

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27 Jan

Sweethaus Cupcake Cafe

This weekend I was able to step back into time to the most amazing bakery/cafe. I’ve you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I’m a bit of bakery snob. I love testing out new shops and trying out an array of their goodies to see if they are any good. I have spent a many weekends on bakery crawls hitting different shops throughout the 5 boroughs.

This past weekend I ventured into Sweethaus. Sweethaus is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is known as a cupcake cafe, but really they are so much more.
They have the most beautiful vintage meets retro meets modern design style with Jonathan Adler sconces blending perfectly with reclaimed windows complete with chipped paint that they use on their displays. I was in heaven.

The outside is perfectly painted a beautiful mix of aqua and mint with grey and white accents and brass hardware.




Upon entering you are immediately meet with their cupcake display. So many options to pick from, but I as a coconut fan I had to try their chocolate coconut which was to die for!


sweethausIt was so delicious that after my mom ate her chocolate coconut cupcake and left some frosting behind on her plate I literally picked up the plate and licked the frosting off. I got a lot of looks from my family members, but I had to do it.


Along with cupcakes they also have a cafe menu featuring a soup of the day, panini’s, and salads along with a couple of other picks.

sweethausThey also have an extensive drink menu behind the counter and a refrigerator filled with vintage looking soda pop and water.

It was a chilly day so I went with some hot chocolate complete with a homemade marshmallow.


After I had my cupcake and spinach croissant and artichoke dip and hot chocolate (phew that’s a lot) I travel down the beautiful patterned tile.


Past the frosting room:

sweethausAnd the exposed kitchen so that you can see all of the goodies being made.


To the most amazing part of this cafe! The most stunning pick and mix candy station I have ever laid my eyes on. Hudson was in heaven and frankly everyone else was too. The candy jars just go on and on and actually turn the corner to another section of goodies.


They had a huge variety of gummy candies, chocolate covered everything and vintage candies. Everything was housed in vintage inspired glass jars that sat on reclaimed wood shelves. The little labels below each jar had to be one of my favorite details.


They also have a smaller section of packaged candies that looked amazing as well.


To say I was in heaven in an understatement. I’m already trying to figure out what sort of party I can host there since you can rent out the space for a private event after business hours or even host a kids birthday party.

I made sure to take a little bit of Sweethaus back home with me, but I will be back! Probably sooner than later.


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26 Jan

Scenes from my weekend…

With a massive snow storm on the horizon it has been a bit nutty around town with supermarkets clearing out their shelves and everyone filling up at the gas stations. I tend not to freak out that much due to snow so our weekend was a bit normal.

We started out our Saturday at soccer, then enjoyed our typical bagel breakfast and then got to meet with someone to figure out some mortgage/house stuff. Fun times. :)

After that Jon and I got to run some errands kids free. Asher ended up passing out at my parents house and Hudson wanted to stay and play so off we went on our own.

We hit up Home Depot for some project supplies and I spied this laminatethat looked so pretty it stopped me in my tracks. It has a perfect rustic yet chic vibe to it and the price can’t be beat at .79 a sq ft.


I had heard that JCP was having a crazy clearance sale and I always do well there for the boys clothes so we headed there next. It was blissful. I got to go through all of the racks and not have to worry about a thing. Plus we picked up a bunch of cute things for them.

We got a little crazy and decided to go wander around the mall a bit, because it had been a while since we had been in there. We had fun, but I started to feel guilty that I didn’t have the boys with us. Especially once we saw the new Lego store! Hudson is obsessed with the movie.


Of course we had to go in and buy some for Hudson. Once I found the double double couch set I knew that was the one.

We ended our exciting Saturday ;) with a trip to a new to me food truck called, The Big Cheese. They specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches.


I ended up trying out there grilled cheese stuffed with macaroni and cheese. I order a small and it was massive!


It was delicious and if you live in Nassau County, Long Island I recommend trying it out. I can’t imagine having it on a daily or weekly basis, but as an occasional treat it is well worth the splurge.

On Sunday I got to enjoy a little time catching up some design books:


While this little man had a Sunday snooze:


After a lazy morning at home we headed out to Brooklyn with my parents and meet up with my sisters and their respective boyfriends that are both named Steve. I’m convinced Hudson thinks all males in their 20’s need to be named Steve. :) We tried out a new cupcake shop and then headed out for a late lunch.


When we got home I got some work done while my guys watched Bolt and played with Legos.  Along with design work I also needed to do some research for my sister’s 30th birthday! She turns 30 on the 30th so it’s quite the big deal. For the big bash I’m in charge of desserts and have also decided to bring a couple little decor accents for the dessert table. Number one on my list is some glittery champagne bottles. I’m off to the craft store tomorrow to pick up supplies and will report back with how it goes. I didn’t want to waste a bottle of champagne for this project so I picked some inexpensive apple cider at Trader Joes.


Ah why oh why do the weekends go by so fast?

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23 Jan

Friday Finds…

I have had a bit of a crap week on the mommy front this week. Hudson has entered his 3’s with quite a bang. People have always talked about the terrible two’s but no one ever mentions the three’s. Oh boy. Now that he can talk more it’s a whole lot of sass and for some reason he is now super jealous of Asher when he was totally fine with him before. Perhaps it’s because Asher is mobile now? I don’t know. Any advice is welcomed, because I spent most of my day asking him if his ears are broken. He always answers back, “No momma my ears feel good.” I guess my sarcasm is lost on him. ;)


Here is what caught my eye this week:

-Daydreaming that I can have 5 mins in this beautiful entry way to just sit on one of those chairs and flip through a stack of magazines that are currently sitting on my nightstand unopened.

-What a stunning bathing suit. I’m in love. I think it’s a definite must buy and let’s add a winter get away to the mix as well so we can test it out in the sun. Ah a girl can dream.

-How adorable is this spotty clutch? Love the canvas and leather mix and the little tassel.

-I have been wearing UGGS on a daily basis these past couple of weeks and I’m itching to get my naked ankles out on display again. I can’t wait to wear these babies.

-I saw this ring in a tumblr photo months ago and I could never find a source for it until this week. So happy to have found it and then I saw the price tag! So, it’s not happening anytime soon, but at least I know where it is whenever the time comes.


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22 Jan

Treat Yo Self: Stylish Fireplace Screens

I went with a pretty clean lined and simple fireplace screen for my latest project because I had the new patterned tile that I didn’t want to compete with. During my fireplace screen hunt I did come upon some pretty patterned options that I just needed to share.

stylish fireplace screens

No.1: Geometric Fireplace Screen for $238 plus free shipping. Looks surprisingly similar to this one that retails for $815!

No.2: Lexington Single Panel Fireplace Screen for $395.

No.3: Chadwick Fireplace Screen for $149.

No.4:Woodland Fireplace Screen for $119.

No.5: Diamond Fireplace Screen for $198.

No.6: Gold Mesh Fireplace Screen for $230.

Any good ones that I missed?

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21 Jan

Colored Grout


Yesterday I revealed my new fireplace hearth.  My favorite part of the transformation has to be the orange grout! I toyed with the decision about whether or not to go bold with the grout and actually picked up a taupe option at first. Jon knew I kept thinking about the orange and he gave me the little nudge I needed to make it happen. So the taupe got returned and I did a little research of colored grout.

The number one suggestion out there for colored grout was Grout Shield.


I picked up a bottle for $20 that covers up to 250 sq ft. The best part was that they can color it any color under the sun. Seriously you just tell them what color you want from any of the paint vendors out there and they will match it. I went with electric orange by Benjamin Moore.

Instructions for how to apply it are here.

grout shield

It was a little time consuming because you have to apply it with a paintbrush, but I found it to be sort of soothing since you kind of zone out while you do it. Not sure I would do a whole bathroom with it, but for small tile jobs it’s amazing. Best part is that I can re stain it whenever we decide to sell our house in case potential home owners aren’t in love with orange like me.


The tile is available here. It’s currently sold out, but this is a smaller tile, but the same pattern. I also really liked this pattern, but went with the cheaper chicken. :)

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20 Jan

Before & After: Fireplace Hearth

When we first moved into the house, one of the things I disliked immediately was the fireplace hearth tile.

It was a terracotta color with dark gray grout, and it was all scratched up due to a fire screen being moved around. Even though it was a red/orange shade it was somewhat neutral because it blended pretty well with our hardwood floors. This meant that the tiles stayed as is since we moved in.


When I got asked to be part of True Value DIY Squad I knew right away that one of the projects I needed to tackle was the tile!

Here is how we tackled it:

Step 1: Use a masonry chisel and hammer to chip out the old tile:

Step 2: We then used the chisel to knock down the high peeks in the cement under the tile to have a flat surface to lay our new tile that better compliments the room.

Step 3: In order to figure out where we needed to make our cuts we laid down our tile before we applied any of the thin set mortar.The best way to do this is start laying down your tile in the middle and then work your way out to the sides.


Step 4: Make cuts on tile. We used a tile wet saw and it worked really well.

Step 5: Apply a layer of thin set mortar with a trowel.

Make sure you load up your trowel with mortar. You need to have a heavy hand with it.

After you have applied it use the tooth side and even out the mortar.


Step 6: Now you are ready to lay your tile. Remember to start at the center and then work your way out to the ends. Let it dry overnight.


Step 7: Now it’s time to grout. We used bright white grout and a grout float to apply it.


Use your grout floater that has been loaded with grout to fill in all of the spacing between the tiles. Tackle the tiles from all different angles to make sure that your grout really gets into the teeny tiny spaces.


Once you are done, wipe away the excess grout with a grout sponge.


Let set/dry overnight.

Now you could just be finished at this point, but I wanted to make it a little more Camila friendly and decided to make my grout pop by staining in orange! *More details on stain to follow.

Step 8: Apply the stain with a paint brush. You can also use a nozzle cap, but I found that to be really messy, because you don’t have a lot of control with the flow. Using a paintbrush was much easier.


Now it’s still going to get a little messy, but it’s easy to remove the paint. A shammy cloth will wipe away all of the excess paint.

Messy grout:

Wipe with a light hand so you don’t remove paint from the grout and just the tile:

All clean:

It was time consuming, but a really easy DIY project and what an impact! I love it and if it’s ever an issue later on down the line when we sell the house I can just seal it white again to appeal to more buyers.

It took a weekend to tackle and I’m so happy we finally did it. I can’t believe it took us so long to do it when it was pretty budget friendly and was super easy on the DIY scale.





We are really happy with how it turned and have gotten nothing but compliments for rocking the orange.

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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19 Jan

Scenes from my weekend…

This Saturday we started out with another soccer class. It’s always a mad dash to get us all dressed and ready and out the door by 8:45am, but we did it!

It’s still adorable to watch Hudson throughout the class, but it’s class 3 and the stage mom in me can not be stopped. I was better this time around and only interjected when Hudson was touching a kids face so I will call that parenting not stage mom-ing. :)


After class we have been heading out to breakfast at our local bagel shop. Hudson loves going up to the counter and ordering his food.


The rest of the day was spent working on projects for the DIY Squad.

One of the first projects was tackling my closet, which meant taking everything out of the closet. It wasn’t pretty.


We needed to do a little wood work, but really it was an easy project anyone could tackle without power tools. I’m in love with the finished project and keeping hanging out in it. Can’t wait for the project to go live.


The closet took most of the day, but I did take a couple of breaks and did a little framing project with this DIY artwork for my sister’s apt. Details coming soon!


On Sunday it was a gloomy day full of crazy winds and insane amounts of rainfall. We decided to just hang out at home I tackled household stuff like cleaning and laundry. No fun photos of this. :)

During all of my cleaning/organizing I went through my fabric stash and found some pretty choices that work with the new/old sofa I picked up last weekend. It’s going to stay in our bedroom so I’m switching things up a little bit with my accent pillows on my bed.


I also managed to devour some leftover cake from Ladybird bakery that my sister left at my house. So yummy, but I’m going to hurt my sister if I gain weight this week.


We ended out weekend with Asher showing off. He started officially crawling last week and this week he decided he can stand up on his own and now his little fuzzy head just keeps popping up everywhere. So cute.


Another weekend that has come to an end. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have today off from work. Around here Jon has to go into work so it’s normal week for us.

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