30 Jul

Fabric Scheming: Apriot, Cream & Teal

One of my favorite parts of designing is getting to work with fabrics. I love all of the choices that are out there. It’s really fun to layer different patterns together and make it all work. It’s one of the best parts of my job.

Here is a current scheme I just finished up.


Floral print: Potalla by Alan Campbell*
Greek key print: Towers in Onyx Grey and Natural
Ikat: Jember by Kravet*
Chevron/Animal print: ZiZi by China Seas*

While some might see the mix and nothing nothing matches it doesn’t need to. Each of the fabrics have something that tie them together to each other. In this case little pops of blue throughout most of the mix make it all work. A variation in pattern scale also help make it all work together without looking matchy/matchy.

Can’t wait to see it come to life!

*To the trade fabrics are only available through designers/decorators. If you would like to place an order for any of these fabrics email me at camila@effortless-style.com



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29 Jul

Top 5 favorites from Kirkland’s

I don’t have a Kirkland’s location near me, but I do try to check in online every couple of weeks to see what’s new. There tends to be a lot of stuff that is not very “me”, but after doing a little online browsing I always find a couple of gems.

Here are my current top 5 favorites:

kirkland's home decor

No.1: 4″ depth, linen fabric, nail head trim and unique shape make this headboard a total score in my book.

No.2: I don’t have a country house, but if I did I would totally want this ottoman in it.

No.3: I love a little glam in a space which is made me pick this mercury lamp. Make it a bit edgier by switching out the lampshade.

No.4: 50″ long mirrors sound perfect to flank a bed with. Love the geometric pattern and reclaimed framing.

No.5: A pair of these chests would work perfectly as nightstands. Love the quatrefoil shape over the mirrored finish.

Do you have any favorites I must know about?

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28 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

Our weekend started on the early side this week, because we had a wedding to attend. It was nice to get out and go on a little date, but we did miss the boys and wished we were with them too.


My family was invited to this wedding as well and my sister was in the bridal party so me, Ximena and my mom got some good shots with my sister’s boyfriend while she was off doing bridesmaid duties.


The bride and groom were both really close friends of my sister that I have known for a very long time. The wedding was held where Jon and I were married so we were excited to attend as guests and not the bride and groom.

The tables were beautiful!


Along with the amazing centerpieces that were suspended from the ceiling. I kept joking that I wanted to take it home with me at the end of the night.


We had a wonderful time and spent most of the night on the dance floor, which is always the tell of a great wedding.

On Saturday we rested up and then hit the road in the afternoon to head out east for lunch, a client meeting and then flying a drone at my clients private beach. Nice, right? Of course having the mom brain that I now have I left my fabric samples for said meeting at my house!!! Whoops.

It wasn’t a wasted trip though because I got to see progress on the beach house and then we all headed to the beach for some drone flying.


While the men played with the drone we relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the view.


We also took some shots on an abandoned boat.



The day ended with all of the men skipping stones into the water. Such a sweet shot.


When we got home Jon was super sweet and set up a fire pit on our deck so that we could test out our new outdoor furniture once the boys went to bed.


After he came up to get me I had fallen asleep in bed with Ash. Poor guy had to go back downstairs and get rid of the fire, because he felt bad waking me up.

Sunday we were all wiped from Saturday’s trip out east, which meant breakfast in bed for all.


{Hudson decided the box our breakfast came in was perfect as a hat and decided to wear it instead of eating french toast.}

After a morning in bed lazying around we spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house and catching up laundry. Not exciting stuff for photos. I asked Ash to smile for a photo and caught this sweet face.


I asked Hudson to smile and say cheese for his photo and this is what I got:

{He wasn’t happy. He told me, “No cheese, momma” and refused to smile.}

The day ended with me making my favorite chocolate chip banana bread.







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25 Jul

Friday Finds


I’ve been feeling a bit blah lately. Faced with having to lose 20 pounds of baby weight that doesn’t seem to want to come off while breast feeding I decided to tweak things yesterday. Off I went with a photo of Penelope Cruz to get some caramel highlights. I’m happy with the results and had to send Jon a selfie right after it was done. :) So, do I look 20 pounds lighter? ;)

Ok enough about me here are my favorite finds of the week:

-Sweet elephant necklace for less than $3! Craziness. I need one or two.

-Love these safari pillows. The are done so beautifully with watercolors. I couldn’t pick a favorite I think I need all three to start my own animal menagerie.

-How chic is the decor at Sonny’s Soda Shoppe? They had me at the pink and white cabana stripes.

-Loving this lemonade beverage station. Need to remember this for the next party I plan.

-How pretty is the floral pattern on these shorts? Wish it came in yardage too.

Happy Friday!




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24 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Frieda and Nellie

From the ladies that bought you the new and improved friendship bracelets from our youth complete with vintage jewels I bring you their new collection of tassel earrings.

frieda and nellie tassel earringst 11.05.02 PM
{Coral Tassel Earrings}

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.06.10 PM
{Turquoise Tassel Earrings}

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.06.23 PM
{Neon Tassel Earrings}

frieda and nellie tassel earrings
{Crazy Quirky Carefree earrings}

Totally fun and completely unnecessary, but I would still love to treat myself to a pair! I already know and I’m obsessed with making tassels perhaps this is the makings of a DIY project.

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23 Jul

Fabric Find: Jamboree

I love a good solid colored fabric used in a room, but some times you want something with a little more oomph, but not too distracting. This is the reason why so many designers love Betwitx by Schumacher. The only problem is that because it’s to the trade it can be a bit on the pricier side. I wanted to find something a little more budget friendly, but with a similar vibe. Enter Jamboree by P Kaufmann.

It’s come in a rainbow variety of colors and retails for $24.50 a yard at upholstery weight!

jamboree fabric

jamboree fabric

So excited to try some of these. If you want to get your fix right away you can pick up ready made pillows in this pattern at Society Social.

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22 Jul

Caitlin McGauley Wallpaper

I fell in love with Caitlin McGauley’s illustrations years ago when she started working with LONNY

Her work is so beautiful and full of whimsey and color. Plus she is an elephant lover like me so it’s always fun to check out her elephant print. The version on her site is no longer available, but a new blue version is now available through Studio Four NYC.

elephant watercolor print

In following Caitlin’s instagram feed I saw another little project she is working on with Studio Four NYC. An amazing wallpaper line that will be debuting in early fall and I can’t wait to get my hands on some samples.

caitlin mcgauley wallpaper

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 11.01.29 PM

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 11.02.03 PM

Ah I don’t think I can wait till the fall to get my hands on the elephant wallpaper!

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21 Jul

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend was a bit overcast which worked just fine with me, because the cold Hudson had been fighting all week finally hit me. Friday at 5pm I started feeling crappy and made sure I just to bed early.

On Saturday I decided to try and take it easy and stay in my pj’s and bed all day. I was looking forward of a day catching up on Lifetime movies, but my little guys wanted to hang out with me instead so my movie day turned into marathons of Wreak it Ralph and the Incredibles and looked like this instead:

{Hudson loves to grab my cheek when he is tired or cranky. So that’s how I got to lay in bed.}

While I recovered poor Jon was outside working away on a project for the backyard. I would have been stressed, but he still had a smile on his face. I always dream up something crazy and he always figures out how to get it done.

I did manage to get out of the house for a little, because I figured the fresh air would be good and I needed to stock up on tissues. I took Hudson into town with the stroller in the hopes that he would fall asleep, but what I got was an overactive 2.5 year old running up and down the aisles of CVS. I ended up having to pin him into the stroller to strap him in so he would stay put. Good times. After all that I decided to treat myself to a couple of beauty items. I’ll let you know how they turn out.


The evening ended with making some homemade pizza for dinner. Such an easy thing to do and it’s ready pretty quickly.


On Sunday I displayed my new doormat.It was love at first sight when I saw it, but it took me awhile to finally pull the trigger and order it. So happy I did, because it makes my entryway so cheerful.

design darling greek key jute doormat
{Details on my green door available here.}

While I did a little zhushing around the house Jon and Hudson went out for a haircut. Here is my little cutie that now looks even older to me.


The rest of the day I took advantage of still fighting my cold and taking it easy, by taking out my laptop and working away while this little one napped near by and my two other guys worked outside.


Happy Monday!

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18 Jul

Friday Finds…


I had to remind myself numerous times this week that, “It’s All Right”. With a very moody 2.5 year old along with a 2 month old that needs his momma and work that needs to get done this has been a very exhausting week as a working from home mom. I need to get myself a work space outside of the home so that I don’t have a little visitor every couple of mins that asks me, “What are you doing”. I have never been so excited to get to Friday.

Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

-I’ve been wanting to use my real camera more often instead of just my iphone. How pretty is this strap? Complete with a monogram! I’ve been known to drop a camera or two so a strap is definitely a must have for me.

-I have coolers on the brain this week and this DIY project to make your standard cooler a bit cooler is jaw dropping. Wish I had thought of it myself.

-A gold tattoo that is removable so it will come off once I’ve come to my senses. Perfect! Stamp me up.

-Aren’t these placemats so chic? Love the bow detail on them. Available in blackand greentoo!

-Note to self don’t toss out 90% of your shoes in a cleaning fit because your feet still aren’t back down to their normal size from baby #2 without having some replacements. In love with these sandals. Leopard plus a little accent of metal studs for a touch of rock and roll. Perfection plus they are only sale for less than $50! Wouldn’t want them to feel lonely in my closet so I think I will need these pom pom sandalsas well.

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17 Jul

Treat Yo Self: Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale

Since I live in the NYC area I am lucky enough to have been able to stand with masses and wait on line to enter the sought after Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale. It’s in Queens, NY and it’s full of Jonathan Adler goodies at crazy good deals.


This year I found out that they are going to be having a warehouse sale online so that everyone can score something fabulous. I love Jonathan Adler’s style and have little home decor accessories of his in every room in my house.

I can’t wait to see what will be available today. Here are some peeks at things I know will be on sale.

Bobo and Waves pillow: Originally $88 On Sale: $25.99

JA Bobo Waves Pillow was $88 now $25.99

Lena Lamp: Originally $595 On Sale: $356.99

JA Lena Lamp was $595 now $356.99

Pop Sugar Candle: Originally $38 On Sale $18.99

JA Pop Sugar Candle was $38 now $18.99

Siamese Cat: Originally $88 On Sale $23.99

JA Siamese Cat was $88 now $23.99

Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers: Originally $48 On Sale $27.99

JA Unicorn S&P was $48 now $27.99

Ready, set, shop! If you pick something up at sale head back and let me know what you snagged. :)

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