29 Jun

Scenes from my weekend…

This past weekend was a bit boring, but also a bit blissful. We didn’t have any commitments! We have been going, going, going so it was nice to slow down for a bit.

We kicked off our weekend with a trip to a nearby fair that was going on. I met a fellow mom at the park a couple of weeks ago and we got along great so we exchanged numbers and decided to go to the fair together. Talk about nerves! Luckily Hudson and her daughter continued to get along famously and played like crazy with no fights! Plus to all of this is that her hubby was pretty much a perfect fit for Jon. They liked all of the same things and everyone had fun!


On Saturday after a rough night with a super cranky Asher I decided to stay in my PJ’s for most of the morning and just relax. Ha! It didn’t happen, because I had promised my mom a bunch of bouquets so I spent the morning with these beauties:


I’m a messy florist so pretty quickly my entire kitchen floor looked like this!


Afterwards I was left with 13 adorable mini bouquets all ready for my mom’s school graduation ceremony!


The rest of the day though was spent like this! It was rainy and gross so it was really the best way to spend the day.


On Sunday Jon had to head out east to pick up a sunfish! One of his co-workers was getting rid of it so Jon made the drive out to the Hamptons to pick up. So now he has a little project to work on with Hudson.



While Jon was out east we stayed in town and I sneaked out to a massage!


Best part about this spa is that it’s right across the street from one of my guilty pleasure shopping haunts called PayHalf. This store can have a lot of cheesy stuff, but you can always find some diamonds in the rough!

Adorable sun hat for $9, but it was too big for my head!


I spent the rest of the day at my parents house enjoying the day and waiting for Jon’s return. Aren’t my parents hydrangeas amazing?! I’m not going to lie I want to head over today with a pair of scissors!


When we got home the excitement of the sailboat was too much for Ash! We had emptied out the pool to clean and re-fill it the day before, but due to the rain it started to fill up again and this kid walked in and decided to splash around.


When everyone got to bed I was able to get some work done and started to pull fabrics for a client’s nursery design. I’m in love with this combo:


Happy Monday! Here is for a short work week! Jon has off on Friday so we are all super excited!

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26 Jun

Friday Finds…


-A home office with a sitting area complete with matching elephant consoles!!!! Swoon. Love this peek into Emily Procter’s home office.

-What a cute beach bag. So much chicer than the canvas boat bags I tote. Plus it can be monogrammed!

-This looks like the perfect dress to throw on when you are running out the door for a busy day! I think I’m going to head out today to try it on!

-Loving the husband and wife shared workspace. What a cool DIY desk.

-I love having pretty platters and this striped one just tops the cake. I would never treat myself to it, because it’s on the high side, but I wouldn’t hate it if it arrived at my doorstep as a just because gift. Hint, hint Jon.

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25 Jun

Treat Yo Self: Story Time

Before I had kids I use to read all of time. I was the girl that packed my honeymoon carry on with at least 7 books including one that was over 1,000 pages! There are literally photos of me carrying around Pillars of the Earth all over St. Lucia.

Now though it’s really hard to find time to read a book. I have a kindle with at least ten books I have yet to read, but I love the feel of a good old fashioned book in my hand and I have a stack of those as well. So this week I say we should treat ourselves to a little story time. I’m tired of bringing my book to the beach and never getting past page one.


Next up for me to read is Yes Please and I will be bringing it out to my backyard and laying on one of my favorite blankets and hopefully making it past chapter one. You can pick up your own blanket here.

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24 Jun

Canva: Graphic Design for Dummies

A couple of months ago I decided to join the board where Hudson goes to his little classes. It’s called the Parent Resource Centerand it’s a non-profit cooperative that relies on parent volunteer for it’s board. Hudson has been going there since he was really little so I wanted to help and contribute in some way. I went to a board meeting and loved all of the ladies and what they were doing so I joined! I’m now co-chair of House Arts which is handling a massive renovation they are going through. Can’t wait to share some before and after pictures and I’m also in charge of graphics!!!!

Now I love a good graphic and due to all of my years in blogging I think I have a good eye, but I’m not the most computer savvy person when it comes to producing designs. Typically I sketch everything out and then have my graphic design do her thing and make it something computer worthy. In order to get better at doing graphics myself I signed up for the graphic design class run by Emily of Jones Design Company.(*More on this when I’m done with the class*)

I also started working with Canva. Canva is like graphic design for dummies. It’s a website where you sign up (for free) and you now have access to a bunch of different templates for items like posters, invitations, postcards, facebook cover pages and even instagram photos. They have a bunch of different layouts you can use and lots of free backgrounds and copy layout. They also have design features you can pay for, but it’s really inexpensive like $1 a background. Once you do your design you can then save it as a pdf and get it printed where ever you like. Working on the board has been great, but they do need a lot of quick turn arounds for flyers, etc so using Canva has been a godsend. So easy to use!

I worked on a gift certificate with the program:

prc gift certificates

I also used it to make a flyer for a playgroup we are hosting:

Version 1:

prc playgroup

Version 2:


I even used it when putting together Jon’s Father’s Day gift!


I thought it was such a cool tool and helpful for bloggers! You can do so much with it. They even have a new infographics section under Blogging and e-books that I think would be great for making your own media kits.

P.S. All info on playgroup graphics are real so if you are a local mom come on over! I’m co-hosting the first one and love to meet fellow bloggers/readers.

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23 Jun

Styling Accessories from B&N

The weather has been getting hot, hot, hot which is nice, but not too great with Hudson and Asher. We have been making daily trips to our air conditioned kids library and recently I started added our local Barnes & Noble.They have a big Thomas the train table which keeps them busy.

The other day I had some extra time to wander around and I ended up in their home area which had so many cute finds! I tend to pick up little home accessories where ever I go. They are so useful for photo shoots and I like having my own stock of items at home.

The had a big array of lacquered boxes and decorative candles :


Loved these games.The packaging is amazing and inside the actual games were filled with orange dominoes and teal and orange backgammon!
games room

Artist Sujean Rim use to do all of the illustrations for Daily Candy. Daily Candy is no longer, but you still pick up pieces of her work at Barnes and Noble from totes to notecards and even mugs!

illustrated totes


They really had so many things to pick from. Lots of journals with pretty covers, pencil cases, bookends, etc. I’m going to have to make the a must stop location when I’m in need for styling accessories.

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22 Jun

Scenes from my weekend…

This weekend we didn’t go to our last soccer class instead we got to do something way better.

Early Saturday morning we ventured out to Fort Tryon Park:

fort tryon park

Because my sister, Ximena was getting proposed too!!!!

The proposal was going to be happening in this tunnel:

fort tryon park

In the tunnel Ximena and her lovely boyfriend, Steve would be met with a group of a Capella singers that would serenade them and then bam proposal!


While we hide outside of the tunnel to Congratulate them right away!


The ring: My sister wanted something really different so Steve went with a  vintage inspired rose gold setting and a champagne diamond as the center stone.

the ring

Afterwards we all got to go out to brunch at New Leaf restaurant in Fort Tryon:


Such a fun day! So excited to officially welcome Steve into our family and yay we have a wedding to plan!!!!

The new fiances went out to dinner that night and celebrated with some champagne and a fancy dinner at River Cafe:


Congrats Ximena and Steve! Thanks for including us in the proposal!

So, lovely readers of mine what are your favorite wedding blogs?

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19 Jun

Friday Finds…

{Project & Photo via LOVELY INDEED}

-How adorable is this DIY embroidered picnic blanket?! I think it’s a must for the summer!

-While I don’t have a trip planned to the South of France this summer I intend to pick up a pair of these sandals and pretend I’m there when I wear them. So, I pretty much won’t be taking them off this summer.

-I think the boys need these wooden plates for their meals. Love all of the animals, but of course the elephant is my favorite.

-Love these monogrammed clutches that are handmade from refugee women out vintage materials. So you get a pretty bag for a pretty cause.

-In love with artist Kerri Rosenthal’s drippy heart paintings.How amazing does it look in Sue’s foyer!!!

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18 Jun

Treat Yo Self: Go For Gold

I use to love going out to get a mani/pedi. When I was pregnant I always made it a priority because I loved the foot massage I use to get at my salon. Lately though with the two boys and my work load the trips to get my nails done are few and far between. Over the weekend I looked down while getting ready for the Baptism I realized my nails looked horrible. Between getting the house ready and us ready I never had time to get my nails done.

go for gold

I quickly grabbed my Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Go For Gold and it worked wonders. The gold had amazing coverage and I only needed one coat. The name of the polish was actually right and it really did dry within a min. I was shocked! I quickly polished my nails and then did my hair and nothing got messed up! Win, win! I’m going to pick up another couple of shades to test out.


go for gold I didn’t even have time to remove my old chipped nailpolish and the gold really helped cover up all of the uneven imperfections on my nails.

go for gold

Painted nails always make me feel more put together. Hurry out and treat yo self to a bottle or better yet sneak out of the house and get a real mani/pedi.

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17 Jun

Coco + Ollie

Have you seen the new brain child of branding guru Christine from Deluxe Modern Design? I have always loved her sense of style and have wanted to work with her, but the timing has never worked out for me. She books up quickly! Now though I can get a little dose of Christine’s style in my home with her latest venture, Coco + Ollie. Coco + Ollie is an art shop full of goodies that would be a welcomed addition to any gallery wall.

pops of art

They currently have 8 collections that are categorized by theme like The Pretty Collection:

the pretty collection

You can purchase a collection for $120 and it includes five 11″x14″ prints. Voila! Instant mini gallery wall!

You can also purchase individual prints for $28.

Here are some of my favorites:

Yellow Box:

yellow box print

Kitten Heels:

kitten heels

Pretty Gift Boxes:

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 8.09.38 AM

So many pretties! Best part? Custom prints! As a designer it can be frustrating to know what you want, but not be able to find it. Coco + Ollie is able to work with designers/decorators and help them produce custom pieces of art for clients. Woo-hoo!

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16 Jun

Asher’s Baptism

This past Sunday we celebrated Asher’s baptism. I decided to go with a bit of a Southern theme and we hosted a backyard BBQ afterwards for all of our guests.

ashers baptism

I got Asher the sweetest outfit for his big day and went with a monogrammed bubble.

monogrammed bubble

The mass was really nice and the deacon made sure to include Hudson in everything which worked out great. He loves helping!

asherbaptismHere we are with the lucky godparents:


Afterwards we headed to our house for the BBQ. We switch up the outdoor sectional and used the second set of cushion covers and then also reversed the outdoor rug.
outdoor patio

The dining tables were dressed up in these preppy plaid tableclothes.

plaid tablecloth

The centerpieces were colorful floral arrangements in orange beach pails complete with bandanas. I used a mix of coral peonies, blue hydrangeas, magenta carnations and orange spray roses.

floral arrangement

Close up of flowers:


I ordered in BBQ goodies and lunch consisted of BBQ ribs, brisket, mac and cheese, potato salad and corn bread. The biggest hit though was my chip bar. I purchased large glass jars and filled them with original, bbq and pita chips complete with mini paper bags and scoops.


I also tired to be as eco friendly as I could and reduce waste by using melamine plates and wooden utensils.

ashers baptism


baskin robbins

Fun was had by all. Hudson had a blast with all of his friends and I barely saw him. He didn’t want to be with mom when there were kids around. Asher spent most of his party in the pool and then passed out for the remaining party.

asherpoolA big thanks to my friend Liz from Elizabeth Kristin Photographyfor taking photos of the BBQ bash for me. We love you, Lizzie!



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