31 Oct

Friday Finds…


Here is what caught my eye this week…

-How did I not know about these elephant cookies until now! I would have loved them for Hudson’s baby shower. I will need to pick them up for Asher’s 1st birthday!

-Wish I could get married again (to the same man of course) and use these invites! They remind me of the Beverly Hills Hotel and Troop Beverly Hills. In love with these beauties as well. Oh love these watercolor ones as well! Etsy shop, Paper Snaps is really hitting it out of the park.

-Saw this rug yesterday at Target and it is beautiful and oh so plush!

-Loving the new Gap Kids collection by Kate Spade and Jack Spade. I my hot dog loving son needs this scarf.

-I’m not a huge fan of room that is completely full of mid century modern pieces. Looks too much like the set of Mad Men to me, but I do enjoy a touch or two and this chandelier is perfection and won’t break the bank.

Happy Halloween!

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30 Oct

Treat Yo Self: Boden Activewear

I must admit that I’m not one for activewear, because let’s be honest I don’t really work out. I have always wanted to be one of those people that loves to run or hit their favorite class at the gym, but the closest I get to that is taken the occasional yoga class. Due to all this I don’t have any activewear in my closet. Ask me for a t-shirt and I will give you a blank look, because I seriously don’t have one.

When Boden contacted me to let me know that they were coming out with a new activewear line and that they wanted me to test it out I jumped at the chance.

I decided to try out their run faster sweatshirt, run faster tee, and run faster cropped leggings.

Hudson loves to race on our block, which meant we tested out the outfit with a little race or two or three. The kid loves to race.

boden activewear

We then stretched a bit, rolled around in the grass and chased each other around a tree. Hudson was loving this photo shoot!

boden activewear

Loved that the pieces were mainly solid, but then had little pops of pattern.

boden activewear

boden activewear

Since I don’t ever wear activewear this new look did get a lot of comments from the people in my life. Everyone wanted to know why I was wearing it. Ha ha, but after they got over the shock they mentioned how much they liked it.

boden activewear

I really enjoyed the new pieces and being it them actually made me want to be more active and go work out since I was already dressed and ready. Plus it was cute enough to wear all day and run my errands and still feel like I was put together. Totally a win in my book!




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29 Oct

Teil Duncan Prints!!!!


One of my favorite artists is Teil Duncan.Her work is just so beautiful. I love all of the colors she chooses and her beach scenes just take me on a little virtual vacation when I look at them.

I already have two of her prints in my home and I’m hoping one day to splurge on an original! Until then though the prints will have today and this week I got an email that 8 prints have been released and will be available until the end of December!

Here are some of my favorites from this release:

Clear Water Print:

Pink Bull:


Figure in White & Green:


I already have two beach prints so I’m actually leaning towards picking up the pink bull, but then again that nude would look great in our master bedroom and of course the beach scene is still screaming my name.

Ah! What’s a girl to do?

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28 Oct

Budget Find: English Rolled Arm Sofa

An English rolled arm sofa is a designer favorite for many. The price tag though is not. If budget was no object I would pick one up from George Smith, but sadly I live in the real world where I need to pay attend to price tags.

In the last couple of years a couple more budget friendly options have arrived on the market, but I had never seen an option at less than $999 until now.

Ikea just came out with a new line called Stocksund and it pretty much answered my dreams!

english arm roll sofa

The collection features the following items:
No. 1: Footstool
No. 2:Bench
No. 3:Chair
No. 4: Sofa

Available in three different fabric options.

Originally I didn’t love that the pleating on the sides of the arm chair looked a little loose and I would have preferred them to be tighter, but then I saw that it was slipcovered and changed my mind. The ability to remove the covers and toss them in the wash when little hands get it messy is a dream!

Has anyone already picked one up for their home?

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27 Oct

Scenes from my weekend…

We got a bit of an early start on Halloween this weekend when we attended and volunteered at Hudson’s school for their annual Halloween party!

Hudson doesn’t love the idea of costumes so we needed to get a bit creative to attend the party. To keep things simple yet festive we all dressed up in Batman attire.


Hudson enjoyed himself with pumpkin bowling. It was such a cute set up. They had gourds with numbers on them set up as the pins and then a mini pumpkin you could roll down the lane.

pumpkin bowling

They also had a music group come and that was a big hit! Speaking about hits…this momma had to come up to the stage when the performers stopped because a certain Batman was pushing kids! Talk about embarrassing!


Ash had so much fun that he passed out on his Daddy’s shoulder.


That afternoon we headed out to a family photo shoot! You see one of my close friends is a photographer (Hi Liz!) and I weaseled myself a shoot when she had a cancellation.

As you can see everyone was super excited! Why oh why is it so difficult to get Hudson into a nice outfit. He kicked and screamed when he had to put on a button down shirt and sweater.

{This shot was us practicing to prepare Hudson that we needed to smile for the camera. As you can see it don’t go well.}

Asher was a little more excited about taking photos.


Here is a little peek into my outfit change during the shoot:


Can’t wait to share all of the official photos! I have already seen a couple and they came out great.

Afterwards we continued our day and headed to Home Depot to pick up supplies for another photo shoot!


Sunday was spent getting things ready for our photo shoot. We are part of the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge and this was shoot day!

I went a little baby breath happy with my floral centerpiece.


Here is a little peek at our tablescape:


In between getting that shoot set up I had to do another photo shoot, which I will share with you on Thursday! Of course I had a little time to take a little selfie with Asher.


It was a long and exhausting day! PJ time could not come quick enough. Hudson begs to differ. He was not a fan of wearing matching pajamas with his little brother.


Don’t worry we promptly switched him out to a different pair and all was well with the world again.

Happy Monday!


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24 Oct

Friday Finds…


This week I ….

-Found the most complimentary doormat that also quotes lines from Mean Girls.

-Reminded myself that you must not judge a house by it’s outside look. While we have been house hunting I’ve been itching to find something with character and a lot of the houses are all pretty blah from the outside. Love this transformation.

-Wished online shop, Leigh Deux existed when I was in collage. The shop has the prettiest collections for your dorm room. My dorm room days are over, but I totally need this bolster pillow, ottoman pouf, and headboard pillow.

-Toyed with chopping my hair again after seeing this pic.

-Became obsessed with this tulle skirt and my immense need for it for an upcoming family photo shoot this weekend. Of course I couldn’t get it here on time and the almost $100 price tag had me in sticker shock. What’s a girl to do? Make it herself! Picked up 30 yards of tulle and some elastic banding for $23 bucks and voila tulle skirt!

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23 Oct

Treat Yo Self: Spa Week!

Since I’m home with the boys for the majority of the day when Jon gets home I pass them off to him for a little so, that I can go wash the dishes. Jon always offer to do the dishes, but I always tell him that I need a little alone time and that I’m happy to do the dishes. He calls it a trip to the spa. I still call it doing the dishes. It’s now our little joke.

This week though I will be able to actually sneak away and go to the spa and not feel guilty about treating myself.

{ When I do spa treatments at home I make own face mask.}

It’s Spa Week! You need to sign up with an email address in order to get access to the deals and then you type in your state and zip code to find the spas near you that are offering $50 spa deals! All of the spas featured offer 3 deals for $50 each and most of them are 50 mins long with some being 60 mins. I’ve been going to spa week for a couple of years now and it’s the best. You get to try out new to you spas and even go to a fancier spa that you typically wouldn’t go to.

Spa Week runs until this Sunday (10/26) I’m looking forward to booking myself for a treatment or two or three since it would run me the same as one treatments somewhere when it’s not spa week!

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22 Oct

Bedroom Re-vamp: The Now

Years ago (back in 2009) while my little sister, Daniela was away on a business trip I took the opportunity to re-do her bedroom at my parents house from this:

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 10.39.05 PM
{Don’t you love the 80′s furniture in all it’s glory! }

With $500 I updated the room and made it more fitting for her. You can see the full reveal here, but here is a little peek:

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 10.42.50 PM
{Excuse the poor photography. This was during the very beginning of my blogging days in a room that wasn’t getting a lot of natural light hence the nightstand lights on.}

It’s been this way for years now and in that time my sister moved out to her first apt (see her budget friendly living room design here), moved to London for graduate school and then moved back home while searching for a job. Said job was found and she is currently still living there while she saves up $$$ for her next apt.

So, I decided it was time to give that bedroom a new updated look. I want to leave the paint color the same and work with a lot of the same pieces, but move things around a bit and go with a new color story for the space.

Here is my jumping off point:


The kantha throw was what started it all. I stumbled upon it at Century 21 and was a steal at $40. I couldn’t stop thinking about the pattern on it so, I went back the next day and bought it. I didn’t have a client that needed it and I didn’t need it in my own home so I decided it’s time to re-do Daneila’s room again and use this as my inspiration.

The fabric finds where steals from the Duralee Outlet and I was lucky enough to get a beautiful new patterned duvet from Crane & Canopy called Larkin. New lighting has arrived, a new dresser has been sourced, and I’m designing a new headboard as I type.

Can’t wait to get it all done and show you all the new look! Stay Tuned.



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21 Oct

This one goes out to the one I love…

Happy Birthday to the best partner a gal could have. He always jokes that I’m a cougar because I’m 6 months older than him, but today he finally catches up with me and turns 33.

The moment I met Jon I knew we were meant to be together. Once we officially started dating I knew he was the one I was going to marry. Dating turned into an engagement which turned into marriage and now we are a family of 4. All because he decided to tape me a copy of one of my favorite movies, Empire Records and seal the deal with a first kiss. We still argue over who kissed who, but I’m so thankful everyday that this man entered my life.

{Back when we still looked like babies and didn’t actually have any babies. :) }

So, allow me to gush and wish the happiest of birthdays to my love. He is always there to produce some crazy project I have thought of, take a million and one photos so I have the perfect shot for a post, travel to what seems like a million shops when I need something for a blog post and telling me I like pretty even when I look nutty and know I totally don’t.

He is an amazing husband and an even more amazing father. We are all lucky to have him in our lives.

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20 Oct

Scenes from my weekend…

Our weekend came a bit early when we got a surprise visit from my sister Ximena on Friday. Not only did she come over to have lunch with us and give the boys lots of kisses, but she bought me an amazing gift. She popped into a C.Wonder sample sale and picked up a lucite P for me!


After her visit Hudson and I did a little baking. He has loved helping me in the kitchen lately and baking cookies is one of his favorite things to do.


Saturday was one of the first weekends in while where we had nothing to do. We started to look for a fall activity to do, but once I realized how many activities around town we needed to do like the post office, ups, some returns at various shops I knew it was best to get it done all together.

Asher didn’t agree and screamed for most of our outings. He hates the car so having to stop at some many places was not appealing to him.


Most of our stops were pretty boring, but we did find a couple of gems while we were out like these art deco inspired notebooks for $1.50 at Michaels. I picked one up for Hudson. He loves to draw all over my notebooks so I knew he would love it.


The rest of our day was spent at home while I started to get into the Christmas spirit and work on a holiday style challenge for Home Depot.


For the challenge you get assigned a room, but I got a wild card, which meant I could pick whatever room I wanted. You shall see what I picked in a couple of weeks.

On Sunday we all got to sleep in a little bit. This little guy recently discovered how to roll over and he is now becoming a pro and flipping onto his belly.


After we got ready for the day we headed over to my parents house to drop off a chair I re-vamped for my mom’s office and take some photos. Full reveal will come in a couple of days.


Then we headed over to Jon’s parents house and I dropped a painting I worked on for their guest room. Need to take full reveal shots here as well, but we are not totally finished yet.


We then headed over to Oyster Bay/Bayville for two open houses. We hit a ton of traffic due to Oyster Fest, a big seaside festival. Both houses were a bust, but one did have a unique wall divider in the backyard made out of buoys that I loved.


We then headed back home and headed our favorite pizza joint, Frantonis and tried out some more of their specialty slices.


We finished off the weekend with a visit from my sister Daniela and her boyfriend Steve and a trip to the playground so that Hudson could play with them. He did not want to play with his momma at all, but was more than happy to run around and go down the slides with Daniela and Steve. So, I hung out with these two guys.


A perfect end to the weekend. Happy Monday!

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