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22 Sep

NYDC: The New Curators

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Today I am part of a big event at the NYDC. It’s called What’s New/What’s Next and my part of the event is being called The New Curators. Cool, right? Sounds so fancy. I may have to put that on … Continue reading
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14 Sep

Shop Girl: Eataly NYC

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://A couple of weeks ago I was waiting at a traffic light in Manhattan and saw a massive line of people waiting to get into a store. I had never heard anything about it and merely saw a sign that … Continue reading
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02 Sep

Inside the NYDC

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Like I mentioned in my post earlier today I will blogging live from the NYDC’sWhat’s New, What’s Next event taking place on Sept 22nd! It is open to all so pretty please stop by at 4pm on the 4th floor … Continue reading
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30 Apr

Design Crush: Trina Turk

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Good morning all!   While you are all sitting down at your desks with a warm cup of coffee or tea in hand  getting ready to settle in and make some damage on your google reader I’m at JURY DUTY! … Continue reading
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08 Apr

Shop Girl: MUJI

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://If you are ever in the NY area you must make a spot at MUJI. This store is known for it’s no frills and extra’s philosophy and while that may sound boring to some it is the complete opposite.   … Continue reading
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02 Apr

Shop Girl: B&J Fabrics

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Yesterday I spent a beautiful sunny day shopping in the fabric district. Now I’m not going to lie the fabric district is not in the nicest part of NYC. You have Port Authority, Times Square and Penn Station all sort … Continue reading
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26 Mar

Shop Girl: Arch Gate

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://While I was in the city this week I made a trip to Arch Gate. This store is only a couple of blocks away from my sister’s apt and I drive/walk past it all the time, but had never gone … Continue reading
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25 Mar

Warehouse Sale: Stark & Kravet

Continue reading ” rel=”nofollow”>http://Yesterday with my mom in tow I headed into the city to check out the warehouse sale. Our game plan was to find some fabulous fabrics and we figured being a pair would help us fight away the other ladies … Continue reading
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