Oh no she didn’t

  1. Kwana says:

    That is an outfit and a half! I have to do a Top Design catch up day.

  2. Katie says:

    oh but some of the outfits on Project Runway make me gasp OHMYGOD. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Top Design yet…

  3. Elements of Style says:

    You beat me to the punch. Last night I was aghast at that hat. And the socks with the heels. BAD. BAD. BAD.

  4. Kaitlyn's Momma says:

    So can you please watch Project Runway so we can discuss?

  5. High-Heeled Foot in the door says:


    I was so shocked when she walked in. I don’t know how the contestants kept a straight face.


    Maybe Kelly should have borrowed some outfits from the Project Runway ladies.


    Great minds think a like. Good luck tomorrow getting everything finalized. I’ll be sending good luck vibes your way. Can’t wait to hear all about it.


    I watch PR first then TD. Tomorrow we can discuss.

  6. Lo says:

    I haven’t seen but a moment of Top Design but I happened to fall onto Eddie Ross’ blog! LOVE IT! I’ll have to start watching

  7. Carolina Eclectic says:

    My internet/cable was down yesterday, so I haven’t seen it yet…can’t wait. I’m not sure but maybe Kwana meant that it is half of an outfit;)
    BTW: Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

  8. Sarah's Fab Day says:

    The hat, atrocious!

  9. Carolina Eclectic says:

    I just saw it! LOL. She looked like a Wizard of Oz munchkin. On the other hand, India in her tuxedo jacket…flawless.

  10. Courtney says:

    when she rounded the corner, I gasped. I immediately said she looks like an Anne Geddes photo. Bad bad bad.

    I’m all for stretching fashion and people who are confident enough to wear whatever suits their fancy, but there also comes a time to know what’s just down right ridiculous.

  11. Carrie says:

    O M G! I am so glad somebody commented on this! I could not help but stare at whatever that was on her head let alone the socks. That KW kills me!

    Love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it!

  12. ...love Maegan says:

    ugh, I have like four episodes saved to watch ..maybe this weekend!

  13. Mrs. Limestone says:

    She is a bag of crazy bananas as far as Im concerned. I understand that good decorators are rarely good dressers and vice versa but she is taking that concept to a whole new level.

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