Eye Candy

  1. Things That Inspire says:

    I love that new header – it is fantastic!

    I do agree that a neutral background, especially on a blog that shows a variety of beautiful interior design pictures, works well.

  2. pve design says:

    Oh, thank-you for taking time to come so that we could meet and work face- to – face. 🙂
    I enjoyed meeting you and feel so excited to see how your interior design business will take shape! Your smile and approachable self will surely be huge, as for my dog – he says you are hired! He loved you and your sweet voice. Love my new vase, the tulips and the fresh fruit.

  3. Debra says:

    Awww~ How lucky can a girl get! Sounds like it was a productive lunch date. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Have a great weekend.

  4. Lauren says:

    love it!!! just so perfect for you!!

  5. Sweet Nothings says:

    I LOVE IT!!! we need a header desperately!

  6. Freckles Chick says:

    Patricia is just wonderful! I’ve seen how she works w/ bloggers and other design folk and she’s bursting w/ talent and class.

    I LOVE the new header!! Just perfect and so chic.

  7. MyLittleHappyPlace says:

    Darling new header! Think you’re well on your way to blog delirium (in a good way! 😉

    I too need to revamp my page, but keep finding the same blaaaah stuff – would you mind sharing the free template website?

    Have a great weekend!

  8. LindsB says:

    WOW!! That is beautiful! I cant wait to see your new header in full action on your blog, it really is amazing. Patricia does such amazing work, I love her!

    If you are going to design your cards around the wallpaper, which I adore, you should go that direction with your office too. Just a thought….I’m in a crazy creative mood today and was thinking about all the fun things I’d do with your office if it was mine, haha.

  9. Paloma {La Dolce Vita} says:

    I love the new header! It is beautiful.

  10. ...love Maegan says:

    it’s adorable! You can pull so many colors from it for backgrounds and fonts …I love it!

  11. Dagny @ Beautiful Living says:

    What a fantastic new header! Things are really happening now, huh?? 🙂 🙂

  12. Blueprint Bliss says:

    love the new header. how fun!

  13. vicki archer says:

    Can’t wait for the new look – your header will be perfect. I love changing things, it always gives me renewed energy, xv,

  14. annechovie says:

    Wow, love the charming blog header illustration! Beyond adorable – and can’t wait to see your font choice and finishing touches. Have a great wknd!

  15. Bonnie says:

    I just discovered your fabulous blog! The header drawing by Patricia is wonderful. it describes your blog so perfectly and the doggie is so cute. Can’t wait to see what new things you post!

  16. Porchlight Interiors says:

    Fabulous new header! Can’t wait to see it all finished! Tracey xx

  17. kay* says:

    that is such a great header! i’ve seen pve’s work on several blogs and really think in the future i’ll look into getting a watercolor of my own for me to hang in my apartment

  18. pve design says:

    thanks again, and I wanted to tell you to take a peek today…at my Sunday post.
    I am looking forward to posting your blog once it is all ready with the new header.
    thanks again!

  19. citysage says:

    Love the new header and can’t wait to see it in action! I know what you mean about wanting to switch things up but not quite knowing how–I have the same problem!

  20. Haven and Home says:

    I love it! So exciting, can’t wait to see the layout!

  21. Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie says:

    I love the header! So “you”! It’s happy and cute!

    I have spoken with Bryn of Newlywedisms briefly about revamping my blog (email her about it if you still need some direction, she is so great!)I am still trying to find my look as well and plan on using her skills once I have established what it is exactly that I want.

    Can’t wait to see the new look!

  22. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    Oh, it’s fabulous! Love the look of your blog, and Patricia did a beautiful job with the header.

  23. I *Heart* You says:

    whoa momma! i love it!!!

  24. Kylie says:

    Your new header seems so perfect for you, Camila!


  25. Allison aka Half of VAMH says:

    Nice work chica! The blog and header look amazing, I just realized I never emailed you back, mostly because I didnt know how to help but I still could’ve said that! Doh!

    Looks like you did figure it out — it looks GREAT!

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