I want this, window treatments

I’ll be your best friend if…..

  1. Kate says:

    Did you try calling S&L? Sometimes they have things in their catalog that they don't officially list – and they'll sell it to you for…not a bargain

  2. down and out chic says:

    haha, you don’t have to talk me into being your friend, but i’m sorry, i can’t help you. i’ll keep my eyes peeled though.

  3. Sarah's Fab Day says:

    If we didn’t live on opposite coasts I have a feeling we would get along famously!

  4. Lauren says:

    Hahahaha I SO wish I knew who made them!!! Too cute!!!

    ps- na na na na na na na na na na guess who’s back? shady’s back! hee hee

  5. Rachel James says:

    ok I admit it, the Bachelorette/ Bachelor is my secret addiction. I am still upset that Deanna broke Jesse’s heart!
    The shades are great, any workroom could probably copy them if you send them the pic….

  6. Blair says:

    Oh, those shades are beautiful! Sorry I don’t know. I have a soft spot for the bachelorette too:) My girlfriends and I are getting together for a viewing soiree tonight.

  7. Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie says:

    I do love those shades but I am of absolutely no help – but can we be besties anyways?? 🙂

  8. Susan says:

    Here you go…

    A very quick google search showed these possibilities:
    (in “Jefferson Linen”).


    By the way, you did a great job blogging for Lauren and your gift ideas were FANTASTIC!

  9. Kate says:

    I’ve been planning to make some and the directions that seem to be the simplest to me are the ones that include Roman Shade Tube Tape… like this http://www.wrights.com/wrights/class/homedec/romanshade/romanshade.htmBut the scallopped border is way beyond my sewing skills.

  10. KJZW says:

    I love those shades, you’re funny, you decorate, and you make DESSERT…. I gotta find out who made those shades, hahah

  11. Joi says:

    I’m of no help…but I think we’d be great friends IRL. I too hole useless celeb knowledge and adore the word “snarky”! : )

  12. Maria Killam says:

    Just find a drapery workroom (and make sure they don’t fire you like my workroom fired me this week–just for demanding that they treat me like a customer) in your area and show them this picture! Or am I missing something here? Hmmm. . . I probably am because this advice seemed too easy. Darn, aren’t I already your best friend anyways 🙂

  13. High-Heeled Foot in the door says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for all the help and advice and don’t worry I already consider you all BFFs so if you want brownies sent your way just email your address. I swear I’ll send some!!!!

    I’m going to go to a workroom and see how much they would be to make. I was searching for a pattern in the hopes that my MIL could help me make them and that would probably save me some pennies, but a workroom might not be too bad.

  14. LindsB says:

    love these, I wish I knew so I could be your BFF.

    Let us know if you get them made so we can all copy you!

  15. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Wish I knew as well… 🙂 Let us know if you find them! Or show us photos if you get them made!

  16. Gillian says:

    Please let me know how much a workroom costs for these (and what a workroom is…) because they are beautiful!

    Another want to be interior designer—

  17. pve design says:

    I think you could so easily have these made.
    I will search around…I have a friend who made shades- for her “made-in-the-shade” home.

  18. Haven and Home says:

    I would be your bestest without the list, although after reading that we were definitely meant to be friends! What can I say, I love bad TV, good desserts and the word snarky!

  19. Kate says:

    Camilla – did you ever find these shades???

  20. Shanna says:

    I think the best bet for you is just to make the edge into those lovely shapes. Or make them like Austrian balloon shades on the bottom edge. Whatever you prefer.

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