In her shoes

IN HER SHOES: Haven and Home

  1. The Southern Lady says:

    What a great “Day in the Life”! A southern girl born and bred, I know what you mean about feeling your inner southern belle-it really is more of a quality than a birthright. You feel it, or you don’t.

    And trust me, I know plenty of southern girls who just don’t.

    As long as you embrace it whole-heartedly, that’s what counts 😉

    It looks like you and Marianne are in very busy-but extremely wonderful-fields of work. It must be so much fun to look at samples of this fabric, these pieces of furniture. Living vicariously through clients and helping them to inject their personality and love into their homes.

    How great for you to find such a calling!

    “In Her Shpes” is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to look forward to on Fridays (especially once the wee one is fast asleep).

    As always, thanks for sharing and best of luck as you continue on in your wonderful job.


  2. A Touch of Country says:

    thanks for letting me peak into your day! Sounds like you had a lot of work to do but still had fun.

    I’ll visit Marianne’s blog!

  3. Haven and Home says:

    Thanks Camila for featuring me! I was so touched you asked me to do this. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Blueprint Bliss says:

    Camila- LOVING this series. And so glad to see Marianne on here. She is a dear friend to me… She’s so great. When I read about how she checks her email several times a day- I realized that I was partly to blame for the many I send her! Have a great weekend! xo- Brooke

  5. The Beauty File says:

    You guys both rock!! I love your styles & your attitudes! Great featurette! Looking forward to more! I also wanted to tell you about my great appreciation for Old Westbury Gardens- from your other post…it's so gorgeous there & I try to make it there (it's ten mins away) at least once each summer- we take the dog on the "bring your dog day"!

  6. ms. less is always more says:

    Fun “day in the life”! I’m off to check out her blog now!

  7. Nikki says:

    This is a great series, and a great read. I enjoyed reading about another girl from AL.

  8. down and out chic says:

    oh very fun (much more interesting than blah office work!) i’m off to check out her blog.

  9. Sweet Nothings says:

    Camilla, I LOVE this series! and I love Marianne..shes a peach!!

    How fun! and this is the first time all week I’ve been able to hasnt been letting me !! 🙁

  10. pve design says:

    I love how we who work from home, remind ourselves to stay focused and on track. I think that is one of the biggest challenges when one works from home.
    Now – I love Haven and Home even more since I know she puts so much passion into her work.

  11. Fiona says:

    This was so cute! I remembered your friday series so I read it during my lunch break. This is NOT a good habit for me to get into, it could lead to much procrastinating!

  12. Kara says:

    SO cute, Camila and Marianne! I just love you guys!!!

  13. Pink Wallpaper says:

    marianne…i totally feel your pain about conflict…i HATE it when stuff goes wrong and i have to explain it to a client..
    camila, love that you have started this! fun friday read 🙂

  14. Rachel says:

    This is too cute!! And she’s in my neck of the woods!

  15. zoe says:

    What a fun read! Ill check her out!

  16. rightbank says:

    I love this series – keep ’em coming! And have a great weekend.

  17. Melissa says:

    Great series and I love the ladies you have featured thus far. It’s always to see what it’s like to be in other people’s shooes.

  18. Maria Killam says:

    Hey, I want to do a post like that! Love this one so much, how fun is that!!! I haven’t forgotten about your kitchen by the way 🙂

  19. Laura Casey Interiors says:

    Great post. Fun day! I hear you about spreading out and working on the floor!

  20. Blair says:

    Oh, she is so adorable! This was so fun to read.

  21. please sir says:

    Love this and seeing a glimpse into her life!

  22. paula says:

    Marianne is great! Absolutely loved this post.

  23. Brooke says:

    Camila, thank you for featuring Marianne in "Day in the Life!" She is a dear friend, and Im glad to see other people share in my awe of her. She is truly a gem & a great talent. North, South, East or West, she is the envy of all who know her! Thanks again, brooke
    ps. I can't believe those slippers are still around!

  24. The Beauty File says:

    Oh cool!! We are totally neighbors on the island! My hubby & I just moved into a house last year & are in the midst of redoing a bathroom…it's so much fun to decorate, but definitely overwhelming with the amount of teeny tiny decisions to make!!

  25. LindsB says:

    I love LOVE LOVE this new series you are doing- it is so great to get a little peak into the lives of designers. I love Marianne and her blog, she always posts such great things- always gets me thinking about my house, and yes also how I lived in the South where the weather is nice all the time.

    Great post Camila!!

  26. Jennifer says:

    Such a fun series, Camilla! Can’t wait to read who is next!

  27. Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie says:

    I love her blog and this was such great insight – I just adore this feature your doing and can’t wait to see who is next! 😉

  28. Wanderings of a Wannabe says:

    wow I loved reading this! i feel like you, marianne, and i need to have lunch…too bad we are wayyy far apart. i one day want to start my own business as well. unfortunately that day has not come yet…other than that, we pretty much have it all in common.

    keep up the great posts. you are such an inspiration for people like me 🙂

  29. No.35style says:

    this is such a fun series..she is a cute thing!

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