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They say it’s your birthday

  1. Dallas says:

    It's only my humble opinion and I give it to you with the highest intention of love & devotion…


    Hope that wasn't too harsh.

  2. LindsB says:

    Happpy birthday to Moo and to your Blog!!

    Don't change a single thing- love you and your blog just they way they are!!

  3. Dumbwit Tellher says:

    I agree, do not change a thing. I think as bloggers we all fear that we are not entertaining, or for me, throwing out some well needed humor. I worry about comments & worry about keeping up (which I have been lacking at due to new job) & inspiration. Thank goodness for our blogging buddies. I adore your doggy birthday party, although my dog caught a glimpse & is now pretty ticked at me for this pet parent has never done that..shame on me. Happy birthday to Moo & YOU!

  4. Miss Wendy says:

    I love that you threw a birthday party for your pup. That's just too cute.
    Keep the content the way it is. I love your blog and features. I have learned so much from you too.

  5. nkp says:

    He's adorable and what a lucky Moo to have such a sweet parent such as yourself. Happy Birthday to your pup and your blog!

  6. vanessa says:

    happy birthday to moo & your blog. i wouldn't change anything, i love the design aspect but i also love knowing a little something about the person behind the blog.

  7. Lauren says:

    hahahaha so cute!!!

    don't change anything- it's fresh, funny & stylish & that's whjy we love it (and you!!)


  8. Sarah - La Jeune Marie says:

    I second Dallas – I heart everything! Don't change at all.

    Also – I too missed my blogs birthday in July(?)… oh well! LOL

  9. Honeygo Beasley says:

    Of course, we loved the doggie birthday party! Happy birthday, Moo! I love the look of your blog and content, too. Happy 1st blogging anniversary and I am glad you enjoy sharing with us via your blog. I say let it evolve to what suits you and makes you happy.

    Much more happiness to come,
    Cindy and Chloe (woof)

  10. christina says:

    Happy Birthday to Moo! Looks like it was a great party. 🙂

    And Happy Birthday to your blog…just as close to perfection as it gets. Don't change anything!

  11. Carolyn says:

    Love your blog! I have one tiny comment..and maybe it's the way my screen is configured, but the turquoise blue is a little hard for me to read. Maybe not for anyone else though. Happy 1 year!

  12. Fahrenheit 350° says:

    I thought I was the only one who wrapped up and celebrated my furries birthdays! You go girl, and happy Sits!

  13. Magchunk says:

    Happy birthday to the blog and Moo!

    You're doing great, so I'd keep doing what you're doing.

  14. Magchunk says:

    Oh, I do have one suggestion/request. I'd love to be able to comment with the Name/URL option, as my blogger hosted blog is now defunct. Just an idea!

  15. Deliciously Organized says:

    Happy Birthday to you and your sweet pup! I agree with everyone, don't change a thing! it's perfect the way it is!

  16. highglossblue.blogspot says:

    MOO! LOVE THAT NAME- you're adorable!

  17. Stephanie Sabbe says:

    this is SO funny! Love the b-day party. I'll try and look on the selvage of the fabric. The store is here in Boston and WAY random. I think they get most of their stuff off the back of a boat from China.

    I love your blog too:)

  18. Hopeless Chest says:


  19. Chic Coles (Cole Design) says:

    So sweet. Happy Birthday to your little 1 year old.

  20. Sarah says:

    Fun, happy birthday to Moo.
    I like your blog. I am new to this world but loving it.

  21. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday all around!

  22. Daniela says:

    Aw Moo is so cute! Can't believe I missed his birthday!

    Thanks for sending the Dog birthday cake home with dad packaged as people food.

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a bite.

  23. Christen says:

    Happy Birthday, Moo!

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