weekend recap

Santa Baby: Great $20 gift find!

  1. Katie says:

    I hope they're in Nashville too! I may just have the perfect spot for 2!

  2. Maria says:

    wow, great find and steal, now Im off to find a big lots near me, thanks camila!

  3. my favorite and my best says:

    20 bucks??? that's crazy!!

    i can't wait to see the pics of you in your party dress!!!

  4. Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) says:

    GET OUT!BIG LOTS? I love those things but have been always been too cheap to buy one. I'm headed there now. Thanks for the the tip…yipee!

  5. Anna See says:

    Those stools are adorable. I say for $20 it's a must-have. Too bad I don't have a Big Lots around here.

  6. Risley and Dylan says:

    OMG! I think I want to go get one too! how cute!

  7. Hopeless Chest says:

    I saw the metallic one on Wysteria I think and if i had the money (for shipping, let alone the whole item) it would be mine by now.

  8. Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself says:

    $20?!?! I thought I was getting one for a steal when I bought my West Elm one on sale for a little over $100. My advice: buy two!


  9. Vitania says:

    I really like these too.. they are absolutely interesting in a space. And they come is so many shapes, styles and colours. I haven't picked any up yet either, but I think I am going to be on the hunt …

  10. Wanderings of a Wannabe says:

    wow! that is a steal. hope our big lots carries them. hope you had fun at your party!

  11. MyLittleHappyPlace says:

    I saw this post last night, and my sister and I hopped in the car and went straight to Big Lots – BINGO! Snagged a garden stool for each of us,and our Mom. Might attempt to paint mine, tho… Anyhoo…thanks for the Hot Tip!

    P.S. – Hope your shindig was fab!!

  12. stephanie says:

    No such luck at my Big Lots but I am going to have family look elsewhere. Thanks for the tip!!

  13. No.35style says:

    oh thanks for the heads up!

  14. Christen says:

    First of all, I am glad you are going back to get one. Who cares if they are all over the place? What makes it special is the way you will use it and the statement it makes in your space!

    And secondly, I cannot wait to see your party outfit! Please post pictures soon!

  15. carlee says:

    Thanks for the tip! Always have wanted one of these…the closest store isn't too far away from Boston!

  16. Chic Coles (Cole Design) says:

    My mom has a couple of those and she would die if she heard they were for sale somewhere for $20!

  17. Honeygo Beasley says:

    I want one!!! Thanks for the tip!

  18. thewelcomehome says:

    Ooh…I love Big Lots! There's one near my place at the beach and it is where I found most of my decor. It looks great and costs little so I don't have to obsess about what happens when we rent the house to our guests.

    If I were there now, I would by 2 of these! (I like things in pairs)

  19. Dumbwit Tellher says:

    Guilty as charged, I do have one out by the pool. At $20. you cannot go wrong, lucky girl!

  20. Cristin says:

    Love the Asian garden stool!


  21. paula says:

    $20 dollars! now that is what I like to hear:)

  22. Down and Out Chic says:

    definitely go back and snag one. they're too pretty not to!

  23. Janet says:

    ooo, I am an admirer of the garden stool too. I can't believe the deal at Big Lots. I have absolutely no place for one of these cuties, but I feel an uncontrollable need to visit Big Lots and buy a few, just because I don't want to "miss out". 😉

  24. journeychic says:

    I say, if you like it, go for it! Who cares if it's not unique if it makes you happy. I picked up a white one at HomeGoods over the summer for $40 and thought it was a good deal. At $20 it's a must!!

  25. beki says:

    NO WAY! I'll be at Big Lots this afternoon 🙂

  26. Emily A. Clark says:

    Aaaahhh!!! Need to go to Big Lots NOW! Great find.

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