High Point

Trend: Blue Heaven

  1. sarah says:

    Yea! I have had blue in my house for well over a year, maybe longer and still love it! Because of you I have added some orange in with it and love it even more! Glad it is still around!

  2. Your pictures are so much better than mine!!!! I will have to get them from you. That picture made me laugh, I really did blend in. Miss you!!!!

  3. Karena says:

    I have that peacock blue/teal on my office and entry walls! love it ! Thanks for sharing the great photos from High Point!

    Art by Karena

  4. Kristy Swain says:

    Thanks so much for posting pics! So glad that peacock blue was a trend again because I just used a lot of it in my master (which is revealed today). Love that color.

  5. Love all of your pictures! Makes me wish I was there. And love all of this blue, but I’m with you, we’ve been seeing it for a while now!

  6. Sweet Nothings-Danielle says:

    im loving some of the chairs.
    and as soon as I saw the bump I let out a little squeal at my desk!

  7. Kate Collins says:

    Love the images! It is funny that peacock blue is back in again…that was fast.

  8. Katie says:

    Love that lamp!

  9. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    How interesting about the blue! I do have some in one of my rooms….had it for years and never really thought of it as trendy. I guess it is now!!! Loving the leather chairs and lamp above.

    Looking forward to meeting you at Blogfest next month!
    ~ Elizabeth

  10. chic coles says:

    That peacock blue is so beautiful and you showed us so many great uses.Love the lamp.How cute is Marianne!

  11. I love all of this!!! I spy a sweet little baby bump! 🙂

  12. I drool and die over that leather blue ottoman! Oh my gosh!

    I am glad teal/peacock blue is still in, I have it all over our house (in reality and in plans) and we still love it!

  13. I love it all! So glad this trend is “new” again. My walls are Boca Raton blue, but we are moving in two weeks are I still want to incorporate plenty of blue in the new house. I can’t stop loving it!! abby

    p.s. I’m not sure what happened. I swore you were on my blogroll but you weren’t! I’ve fixed that now.

  14. lindsb says:

    Everyone just wants to copy my wall color haha

  15. You know I’m forever betrothed to Navy. But I do love this blue! I’m going to try to mix it with navy. Might work with a little Hermes orange thrown in.

  16. So I’ve had a quart of MS Plummage ready for a month…and an armoire waiting. Am I on trend, behind the trend, or too trendy?? who cares, right? my house isn’t being photographed for Elle Decor…and I love the color!!!

    thanks for all the inspiration!

  17. I already have teal (RL Reflecting Pool) in small areas all over my house. And I’m happy that I picked out the color way back in early 2009, before I ever read a design blog! ha

  18. beth says:

    I’m kind of thrilled to see this. We just moved into a home built in the mid 80s. I have a peacock blue slate floor in my entry way, and two rooms (study and dining room) currently sporting a tealy/peacock blue carpet along with carpet going up the stairs. While hardwood is in the future, we’re stuck w/ the blue carpet for now. I’m working on embracing it since it is in great condition and other projects need to be prioritized. If more things (lamps, etc.) pop up in this color, I can at least do a better job of living with it for a while. Great inspiration on ways to work it in and pretend it is something I love for now. It feels weird to have our out of date color be kind of on trend LOL. If you wore it the first time, can you wear it the 2nd time around LOL? That’s what my house should be asking I guess!

    • effortless says:

      Totally embrace the blue. I’m sure everything will fall into place once you start adding of your items. 🙂

  19. beth says:

    And I’ve actually kind of been loving *some* of the brass we have in our 80s house too. Peacock blue plus brass…maybe my mid 80s house is a trendsetter in disguise 😉

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